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Street Fighter X Tekken April 10 patch breakdown by Maximilian
Adding on to what #10 said, here are some of my own personal complaints with the game: >Gems Gems do not make mirror-matches more interesting, and they do not help novice-players excel over better players. The only things gems do is convolute and detract. I personally cannot stand the use of gems, which makes playing online very annoying. >Pandora A gameplay mechanic which is very poorly implemented, and hardly ever used in real matches due ...

Kyo King of Fighters 13 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Hehe... Moetaro!

Skullgirls moves listings for all playable characters
Skull Girls seems like a pretty legit fighting game, but it will definitely take a while to get comfortable with the characters and the combo system. It's great that there is a proper move-list available now, instead of completely playing in the dark. Also, I still wish the art style was a bit more... conservative. Every time I play Skull Girls I feel like I am in that scene in The Simpsons where Mr. Smithers ...

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