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Ono's Chun-Li, Kayo Police's C. Viper and more - cosplay gallery from Street Fighter 25th anniversary Taiwan tournament
Woooow. I did not think Chun-li's winpose as it was animated in SFIV was actually possible. I never even dared to try it because I thought I'd fall and break my knees, lol!

Fighting game artwork gallery featuring various UDON artists and more
Rolento/Ibuki/Julia pic is incredibly dark. I agree that Ibuki is probably going to turn on Rolento, but I love his beatific expression. It's like he's trying to mentor her in being a cold-blooded psycho. "This is how it is when you're a soldier, you don't help your enemies get back up and tell them how fun the battle was, you finish them off! Go on, kid. It's easy, really."

Site redesign: Welcome to the new EventHubs
The new design is okay, what there is of it, but too much of the page is just empty white space now. Also, the buttons at the top need a real outline around them.

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