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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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SSBU with characters: [u'Mario', u'Shulk']
I highly disagree with the people who say Mario vs. Shulk is an even matchup. Reason number 1 being Shulk outranges Mario SOOOOOOO hard and as a character that already struggles against disjoints this means its virtually impossible to get in against shulk. Shulk's bair is like as long or slightly longer than a PS2 platform. Speaking of that his nair also covers the entirety of a PS2 platform. Furthermore, his Up B is a ...

SSBU: Mario - Backward air attack
A strong out of shield option for Mario that can be used to start combos, set up for tech chases/jab locks or in some cases off stage capes. A possible combo that starts with bair at a percentage where it would put you into tumble would be: sh bair dash sh uair uair ff sh or fh fair(depending on weight you may need a short or full hop) with a mid screen position for the ...

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