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Past comments by CHMOD
Marn vs. NerdJosh FT10 Marvel vs Capcom 3 set

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 menu walkthrough by SmexyMillz
ZOMG IS STORM DUMB!?!?! She only has two bars under intelligence so I'm wondering.

Reasoning behind Marvel vs. Capcom 3's alternate color schemes
#26 Thanks man, yeah I found his Wiki and he's a dude. Actually his story is kinda interesting if anyone is interested: imma go back to playing Phoenix Wright on my phone while I wait for Feb 15 to come.

Reasoning behind Marvel vs. Capcom 3's alternate color schemes
#4 I think Shuma is a girl, a really freakin ugly girl, I think.....yeah if well...its a girl she's totally not winning the MILF of the year award, that goes to Haggar

100% Thor reset setup in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
THAT'S SUPER TURBO GRADE DAMAGE!! Gotta go dust off my blocking skills brb

GameSpot details Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Shadow Mode DLC
At #63 I don't agree but I respect your opinion on the matter, as for the CVS3 you'll be waiting a loooooooong time before that sees the light of day, not saying it wouldn't be a good idea but the game doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being green lit until the next Darkstalkers, Tekken x SF, MVC3 AE (we know its coming) are released.

GameSpot details Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Shadow Mode DLC
To everyone who runs Eventhubs I'm sorry but I'm going to have file a suit against your site because every time I check it you guys constantly deliver awesome news, so much so that my awesome fuse may have shorted out and other things are now comparatively not as awesome anymore as a result therefore I request you guys please keep the awesome coming less my awesome fuse may completely burnout, also my pants exploded ...

Updated: Hsien-Ko, Sentinel in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
For those mad about Sentinel being in the game, stating he adds nothing to the world, you very little ground to base this on, considering that 1: we haven't even seen actual gameplay of him 2: we don't know how his story in relation to the other characters yet. When Capcom adds these characters in the game they try to appeal to would be fans of the game as well as the loyal fans, namely ...

Evil Ryu & Oni Akuma in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, new trailer
I hope they are playable, yeah it's more shotos but whatcha gonna do, they will most likely be soft band characters for casual play and hard band for tourney play. Hopefully they have very unique moves and aren't speed ups of their normal counter parts

Dual stick mod video tutorial, how to install a TEasy
Awesome, got a weekend project now