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Past comments by CHMOD
Famitsu reviews Street Fighter X Tekken - 35/40 score for PS3 release
I think the story in this game will be something crazy nuts for sure, so they may very well be in there somewhere.

Aris apologizes, says previous statements do not represent how he feels
It's sad this all happened but I'm glad this situation is finally dying down and while I don't condone Aris's actions, I'm glad he at least tried to apologize for the incident. I simply want this issue to get resolved so we can all focus on the awesomeness that will be SFxT where Kuma shall reign supreme! The fighting game community is a good one and is full of people who do have good hearts, ...

Famitsu reviews Street Fighter X Tekken - 35/40 score for PS3 release
Question: so if I use a level 16 Power Gem to increase the AOE of Ryu's fireball will this force a longer cool down period before Ryu can cast his Arcane Brilliance again or is there a gem I can use to boost this stat, I know...I know...I can simply equip Ryu's Armor of GrakinHelm to + all his cast stats and thus mitigate cool down time, but where's the fun in that 8-|

Capcom potentially faces rigorous obstacles when re-releasing classics such as those encountered with Rival Schools
I played Rival Schools and Project Justice into the ground so if they release these I will diff purchase them, I just pray they leave the features from the original consoles in tact meaning no charging for additonal colors and the like. If they made these with HD graphics and left evernything else alone I would be sold 100%. I wonder if the PS1 additional content disc material was included with the Rival School release ...

Ono interested in Street Fighter crossover with Mortal Kombat
Yes....I'll finally get to see Chun li give head, awesome!!

Trailer shows Mega Man and Pac-Man confirmed for Sony Street Fighter X Tekken
SOOOOOOO, looks like there is nooo reason to get the 360 version if you have both consoles because, wow....360 users are gettin shafted something fierce. I personally want to get this on 360 because all my friends have 360s but what gives with all the PS3 exclusive characters which is now 4. WHAT GIVES CAPCOM/NAMCO WHY YOU NO LIKE US 360 PEOPLEZ?!?!?

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ryu and Magneto combos
Threads of Fate: A Chance Meeting, awesome song!!

Fanatiq talks MSS changes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, old cast combos, and more
#5 You know what would help-you learning your away around these characters instead of complaining about how Capcom should change this and change that. I don't know where you have been since vanilla MVC3's release but Mags and Sent aren't the major threats in the game, are they strong hell yes, but do they have anything giving them an unfair advantage, NO. Going forward I hope Capcom starts ignoring the incessant complaining about elements in ...

Banana Ken: SBO one of the worst tourney experiences of my life

Banana Ken: SBO one of the worst tourney experiences of my life
hahaha korean style drama in gaming