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Past comments by ButterKnife
Creator of the BlazBlue series Mori Toshimichi announces departure from Arc System Works after nearly 20 years
I have a phd in the plot of Blazblue, and when you've studied it as much as I have, you start to see that it has a lot of unhealthy work environments. Abusive bosses (Kokonoe), insane bosses (Jin), sexual harassment bosses (Kagura), manipulative and straight up evil bosses (Hazama), employees driven to insanity (Arakune and Tsubaki), willing slaves (Tager and Valk), employees who spend all their time being yelled at (Noel). The only friends you ...

For some reason, Capcom thinks it's a good idea to give Dhalsim even more crazy fireball attacks in Street Fighter 6
Not enough info yet. But I'm sure if Dhalsim starts seeing too much success, he'll be nerfed. Capcom is pretty careful about making weirdo playstyles too strong.

Reuben Langdon 'sad' to no longer be voicing Ken in Street Fighter 6 but says he 'must be himself no matter what'
No matter what the topic, if you unironically use the word "sheeple" then you need to reevaluate your life.

Street Fighter 6 introduces new rival character Bosch but will he be playable?
Soul Calibur 3 and 4 had a special slot on the select screen for characters who had unique models and voices but reused movesets. It's where you would go to select people like Amy, Arthur, Hwang, designs from guest artists, etc. Bosch might fall into that category or he might just be a generic create-a-character you can rebuild on your own. Either way, he's not a real character.

Ken's Game Face expressions in Street Fighter 6
I like this face. He looks more like SF2 and less like the generic anime pretty boy he became in Alpha. I feel like in SF4 and SF5, Ken suffered from them trying to design a face that was both soft AND hard. With Ryu, they just always go for the hard face and never have a problem, but people had differing expectations of what Ken should be. I'm glad they settled on one.

Jamie shown to perform a dance while humming his theme as his taunt against opponents in Street Fighter 6
How is this taunt going to sound if he's not in sync with that one specific part of his theme? Humming his own theme over another character's is a flex.

The first Season 1 Pass character for Them's Fightin' Herds is Texas and he's a real load of bull...
Definitely not. Save the conspiracy theories for a big greedy company like WB. Not for a small studio that had to struggle through a cease and desist. Anyway, all this game needs is more character diversity. Even if I don't use him, it'll be nice to have more opponents.

Juri's Street Fighter 6 costume is her Super Street Fighter 4 outfit just tweaked for a new era, says game's director
Viper is not a very popular character. Especially for a female character. All you have to do is look through the Eventhubs articles about fanart or cosplay and compare how much she comes up with other characters. In terms of gameplay, she was one of the least used characters in both SFIV and MvC3. Capcom doesn't see her as a priority and that's totally understandable. She's at least in a zone where it's possible you ...

Juri's Street Fighter 6 costume is her Super Street Fighter 4 outfit just tweaked for a new era, says game's director
I don't think that's the reason they left out Viper or any other characters. SFV was many things, but it certainly wasn't scared to throw in people with mechanics that don't mesh with the rest of the game. All of Viper's craziness exists in Rashid. Viper was probably left out because she's just not as popular as they were hoping she'd be.

Evo 2022 results
MvC3 was great. Never thought a team with Ghost Rider and Arthur would be in grand finals.