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Sakurai: Mewtwo DLC release will not be delayed, it's pretty much done, we plan to release the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS character very soon
@KarbyP What program is being used in the banner (used in the banner, not to make the banner)

Ono wants to bring Street Fighter 5 to the PlayStation Vita
Man, let Salami rock, adds variety to input of comments...if Sergio wants to handle it, he'll handle it n Salami obviously has something to say so let the man speak

After four, long years Justin Wong finally returns to Cross Counter... and he brings with him, the one-button Gouken
The opening is sort of a reenactment of the little skit Hopsin did, Hop told people he gave up on HipHop n then like a week later he gave a response, wanna see?: N the Ken eagle thing...Ken the frikkin Eagle, y dont they get it, I thought it was obvious

All of the new Ultra Street Fighter 4 costumes revealed - Summer Vacation DLC outfits for everyone
Not really feelin how most of the characters couldnt even get a change in hairstyle Dat Oni looks nice as hell tho N wats with Capcom(occasionally) giving character costumes useless additions like the random knee patch on on of Guys pant legs that doesnt look good or how bout the random unstylish rip on Cody's etc.

Tekken 7 officially announced, trailer may show Kazuya's mom and Devil Jin

5th Ultra Street Fighter 4 character is female, says Ono - final fighter is not Retsu
maybe Ono means the character would be another additional aside from the 5th far Ive seen "final addition",not "the 5th character"

Comment voting system implemented on EventHubs, lets veteran users up or down vote comments from the community

Rumor: Tekken 7 possibly leaked, new arcade board in the works
N I hope they giv Hwoarang his military costume back from T4, that was my favorite, also make some people like Hwoarangs clothes fit, Hwoarangs customization clothes look too damn big for him n a little bit mor muscle wouldnt hurt, he looks pretty puny with a bird chest.. would like a lot of the T6 customization back, Feng Wei = LU *phuck!n* BU A bit off topic but I think a lot of people ...

Rumor: Tekken 7 possibly leaked, new arcade board in the works
YEESSS, THIS MADE MY DAY, JUST TO KNOW, TEKKEN IS ALWAYS A GAME I HAV GUARANTEED FUN...I wonder if TxSF will also be on PS4, last time I remember hearing Harada saying the were almost 10% n that was probably a year ago, they probably hav several character models n movesets made now..anywayz back to Tekken 7, I wonder what will be new in this one, theres always something n always improved graphics ...btw for ...

Seth can no longer special cancel into Tanden Engine, every characters' DP to have same number of invincible frames - rumored USF4 changes
Hmm, those Seth changes look pretty effed up, he already has low life so wouldn't the point be to boost his offensive options more wen decreasing overall character health...he wont hav the jumping hk cross-up he already doesnt hav the mk cross-up...the character changes, in general, are expected, Ayano did say it was gonna be a waay different game