Past comments by Bayopuffer
Some other combos/Trix: Down Tilt -> Fair (Works well from 20-70%, easy combo for tidy damage) Down Throw -> Heel Slide -> Up Tilt (Only really usable from 15-25%, can lead into the next combo!) Up Tilt -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) (Like the UT->WT->WT combo, but Witch Twists are angled backward following the Up Tilt) Up Throw -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) (Works best ...

SSBU: King K. Rool - Left/Right Tilt Attack
This is a great move. I'd say use it in place of F-Smash; it's got belly super armor on the start-up, covers a huge range, and deals some hefty damage and knockback.

SSBU: Ness - Left/Right Smash Attack
This move has incredible damage and launching power. Keep in mind the bat has a tipper effect; hitting the opponent with the tip of the bat does considerably more damage and knock-back compared to the "sour spot" of the move.

Peach / Daisy
While crouching, press the jump button to instantly hover. This allows you to use your amazing air attacks near the ground, and opens up many movement and combo options.

SSBU: Bayonetta - Down air attack
A jump right into dair is a very quick and powerful option. Jump right into dair is a near instantaneous move that can start killing around 80-90%. Simply slide from your jump button to your standard button.

SSBU with characters: [u'Bayonetta', u'Snake']
Bayonetta is bad against Snake mostly because of Snake's grenades. A good Snake player can throw grenades and hitboxes out like crazy, which makes it very difficult for Bayonetta to approach. This video demonstrates this:

Here are a few combos you need to know for Bayonetta. **Heel Slide (bullet art extension) -> Witch Twist -> ABK -> ABK -> Bair/Nair** This combo is a great damage dealer at low percents. It can easily work on most of the cast from 0-20%. For heavyweights, you might want to wait until they're around 15-25% before using this combo. This can easily deal 40% to an opponent. **Heel Slide (BAE) -> Witch Twist-> ...

SSBU: Ness - Up Smash Attack
Ness' Up Smash is much better in Ultimate. Unlike Sm4sh, this move actually kills at reasonable percents, usually around 100%. Combined with the move's wide range, this is a very useful and powerful attack.

SSBU: Ness - Down Smash Attack
Ness' down smash has gotten a very interesting improvement in Ultimate. When charging the attack, Ness' yo-yo has a charging hitbox. Not only that, but it can dangle off the stage. This means by standing close to the edge and facing away, down-smash can be used to edge-guard the ledge. A very nice tool. The actual attack is still pretty good, but you'll want to stick with other attacks on the stage more.

Ok, so Bayonetta got hit quite hard in Ultimate. Unsurprising. I'm not the most experienced with Bayonetta nor am I ready to give a comprehensive guide, so I'll stick with some basic facts you need to know if you're wanting to play Bayonetta in Smash Ultimate. 1.) Witch Time sucks. I cover this in my tip for Witch Time, but long story short it's power depends on the opponent's %, as well as freshness. It's ...