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Some other combos/Trix: Down Tilt -> Fair (Works well from 20-70%, easy combo for tidy damage) Down Throw -> Heel Slide -> Up Tilt (Only really usable from 15-25%, can lead into the next combo!) Up Tilt -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) (Like the UT->WT->WT combo, but Witch Twists are angled backward following the Up Tilt) Up Throw -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) (Works best ...

SSBU: King K. Rool - Left/Right Tilt Attack
This is a great move. I'd say use it in place of F-Smash; it's got belly super armor on the start-up, covers a huge range, and deals some hefty damage and knockback.

SSBU: Ness - Left/Right Smash Attack
This move has incredible damage and launching power. Keep in mind the bat has a tipper effect; hitting the opponent with the tip of the bat does considerably more damage and knock-back compared to the "sour spot" of the move.

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