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Too many Gokus? Cell too perfect? Jmcrofts lists his top five biggest problems with Dragon Ball FighterZ right now
I agree with these faults. Still the best fighter out, though, imo. Hence the success.

Alioune - Dragon Ball FighterZ is based on a rich system, Street Fighter 5 is not, here's what happens when that's the case
I read the title and just knew the gate to the salt mines would open. The comment section for these articles are gloden. Let the hate flow thru you.

Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference live stream set for 1 p.m. PDT; Gears of War, Halo 6 and maybe some fighting games en route?
Yo. Can a brotha get a new Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Plasma Sword, or Powers Stone? $h!t, I'll even take a new Red Earth. Something other than the same played-out garbage. Give me a reason to J down with you again, Cra-I mean, Capcom.

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