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Tekken 7 sold more units in two months than Street Fighter 5 did in a year
Nice sensationalist headline EH, Yellow journalism FTW! If you want to compare the sales between SFV and T7 then wait to see how much T7 sells in one year, SF5 did 1,4 after 2 months, Teken 7 did 1,6. So it's not that big of a difference. Sales for games are front loaded as hell, they sell most of its total sales during launch. What if Tekken7 doesn't move alot of unit for the rest ...

Tekken 7's console sales have already exceeded 1.66 million
Lol all the fanboys here. Tekken's and SF's opening numbers aren't that far off, it's a less than 300k gap. If that's the difference betwen failure and massive success to you then i don't know what to say. Also most game sales are incredibly front loaded, they sell 90% of its total sales during launch, with some expections like GTA or Nintendo games. So i doubt Tekken 7 will have any better than average legs ...

Beautiful oil paintings of the EVO champ, commentator duos and Maximilian courtesy of the extremely talented P Diddle
Some of these look really funny lol. The SajamUrien one is the best.

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