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Daigo: Ryu is not playable against top tiers, his concept is fundamentally denied in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
I don't necessarily think that you have to be a world class player to thoroughly examine and understand a game and what potential balance changes would inflict on the meta. People can totally analyze a game without being the best in the world. Literally every other competitive thing has had people make correct analysis on it without being a pro.

Is Street Fighter 5 the most mentally taxing AAA fighting game? Plus how to deal with online hate, Terminator breaks new ground for NRS and more
Although SFV isn't my most favorite game, I'll actually say that at the highest level, it is indeed extremely mentally taxing. I believe this mostly comes in part with how high level the absolute best players in this game have managed to become. Do I believe the game itself is the most mentally taxing? Probably not, I dont even know what I'd list here as certain games stress different aspects. I'll give my biased opinion ...

Capcom announces all new Street Fighter 5 league in Japan; will feature a 3 vs. 3 team format
I'll never understand why something like this or Topanga League won't ever be set up in the US for a state by state basis. The closest we have to this is stuff like King of New York (and I'm not even sure if that's still going on). I'd love for their to be a ranking system for each state, or at least the bare minimum of NY, NorCal, and SoCal having their own ranking or ...

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