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Update: Louisiana fighting game player Krucial B passes away while attending Defend the North
The weight of his loss continues to grow heavy on my heart...i'm gonna miss him...he was a cool dude inside and out...

Which player is #1 in UMvC3? What does the future hold for the game? Find out what EventHubs thinks in our Round Table discussion

Prepare to be Wao'd as Mago and Naruo pick up Oni - Over 2 hours of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012 online matches
I'm surprised that Oni is even getting buffs...and with him being able to FADC his dp on block, people are gonna be all over him when USF4 drops...

Combofiend: 'Some people feel Vega's invincibility on EX Scarlet Terror might break the game' - more USF4 notes from Super Arcade stream
I really think people are overreacting on this whole ordeal...

Report: Unblockables are still in the location tests for Ultra Street Fighter 4
why is this a surprise? they even admitted that they were still in the game when they announced location tests over a month ago! Geez! wake up!

Poll: Is the delayed wake up mechanic a good addition for Street Fighter 4?
I think it's way too early to call whether or not something we have no idea of how it works to know if it's bad or not....i would have to see the pros and cons of it all....

Updated: Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double being added in USF4 - ComboFiend shows both systems in action, unblockables removed, confirms location tests
I wonder who all agrees with me in this...

Poll: Who do you think the fifth Ultra Street Fighter 4 character will be?
I think it'll be Ingrid....i mean think about it...she's a master psycho power and has never been in a street fighter game before....

Ultra Street Fighter 4's fifth character is 'very much related to Street Fighter'
giving my thoughts

EventHubs asks: With the Xbox One restrictions now removed, will you be purchasing the new Killer Instinct?
part1: part2: i don't think anything else needs to be said