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Yang: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Strategy Guide and Moves
Rom has some really good SA3 combos you might want to ask about; try asking one of the IPW guys for a connection. As for some more command throw setups, c.Strong and neutral j.Fierce both tick into it very well. Another important combo to learn is close Strong, standing Short into EX Mantis Slash. It helps with the point blank high-low mixup game right after a teleport since his jabs and shorts are all low-parryable.

Super Street Fighter 4 moves and frame data app
Umm, frame data isn't copyrighted. However, graphics are, and what will most likely need to happen to avoid any sort of cease and desist order (C&D) is that all official artwork of SF characters be removed. After that, everything's good... I think. By the way, does this app also include special properties like Juggle Potential/Float State/Invincibility if you click on a move? I don't mind donating for hard work.

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