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Past comments by ArcShawdow
Street Fighter X Tekken gem stream archive, details transcript
I like how a few months ago all I seen was comments about "when are we going to see gems derp" because everybody was so worried. Now I'm seeing 'yawn we don't want to see this". I've never seen such a pack of spoiled babies than what I see on these SFxT videos.

Ono teases Juri and more for Street Fighter X Tekken
Only characters I care for to make it in now is Karin and Law. Everybody else for me is just a bonus add now. All the other characters I like have been revealed. I don't want Alisa in this game she is such a wasted character to me. Also no twins... I like them but if I know capcom they will be over the top over powered again if added. Alex...I just don't like him ...

Ono teases new feature for Street Fighter X Tekken in January
@ #32 true but this community seems to need something to complain about so let them. Odds are that 70% of the complainers will buy the game anyway and STILL complain. Just how this site seems to go. It would be great if it had a replay system that lets you upload to youtube. Didn't they have that for 3SO?

GameSpot: Fighting game training modes are lackluster
I believe that the review was accurate. I mean how do you expect a community to grow if nobody is there to teach them. Not everybody is tough skinned at everything which is why games like COD get so hyped up because all you do is point and shoot. You could spray your way to victory but you can't do that in a fighter or you'll get totaled very fast. I see people commenting like ...