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Past comments by ArcShawdow
Cross Assault day 4 team top player challenge - Day 5 2v2 team challenge featuring Combofiend, Flash Metroid, Sabin, Ricky Ortiz and more
I can see rolento being an annoyance online already. I'm trying to pick apart his GP now.

Desk's Street Fighter X Tekken Team Combo Exhibition
@ 5 Maybe for you so don't expect everyone else to think that way. MvC3 had the same thing said about it and look, a year later and people are still playing it. Please stop acting like you know everything.

History of Poison: Video examines gender, origins and more
@9 So her look is why you seem to not like her? I don't know what to say about that but the fighting style of the character is why she is interesting. Had you have sat down and played with Karin you would understand. Now go be negative somewhere else. As for the video I'm glad this was cleared up for people. Of course people would yell she is female because they cant explain that ...

Updated: TwitchTV's high profile Street Fighter X Tekken match results
I swear I figured Jago would put up more of a fight than that. Well now the score is even. We need a steel cage match next. Mike "easy money" Ross VS. FC "hold that L" Jago

Updated: High profile Street Fighter X Tekken matches Saturday, sponsored by TwitchTV
@17 I don't think anybody think Jago is weak in a SF setting at all. It's just Ross is known to be one of the better players in SF4. People compare this game to SF4 because of the artwork. I'm more so just wanting to see the salt afterwards. I believe mike has a better chance at this than mvc because let's face it, Jago is a great player but this is a totally new ...

Updated: High profile Street Fighter X Tekken matches Saturday, sponsored by TwitchTV
Mike vs Jago! Let's go salt train!

150 new challenges, touch screen fatalities and Test Your Slice in Mortal Kombat for PS Vita
This is the only game I really want on the vita right now. I sold my PS3 copy but I'd love a portable version of the game especially if it still has story mode too.

Jin Street Fighter X Tekken Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
@3 We can tell you're an idiot. I don't even care if this message get's modded. You deserve it

Street Fighter X Tekken: "The Final Fighters" Rolento & Hugo Guide by FingerCramp and multi-character HD gameplay videos
Jeez so many people sucking hard with Asuka. I'm hoping it's just lack of practice and that Capcom didn't screw her character over.

Street Fighter X Tekken X The Line: Interview with Aris
@ 12 honestly it did sound like he said monkey.. The first time it sounded like Mike.. but now I'm not so sure.