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Past comments by ArcShawdow
Batman Injustice: Gods Among Us Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
I assume if you played with the normal settings it would simply be Forward Back M

Injustice developer: People should give background interactions a chance before banning them in tournament play
I say leave them in. It's not a big deal. Regular stage interaction CAN be dodged. Stage transitions need to be done in a combo. If they give an option to skip the cutscene or shorten it to about 2-3 seconds they should be included. I know they don't take time off the actual timer but they do take real world time so yes they should be shortened.

5 or 6 characters still unannounced in Injustice: Gods Among Us - Filipino Champ calls out the Mortal Kombat community
@5 Well I don't know FChamp said he was playing Sinestro so I don't think those are the locked ones.

5 or 6 characters still unannounced in Injustice: Gods Among Us - Filipino Champ calls out the Mortal Kombat community
Come onnnn Static and Red Hood. I'd love those characters.

Fighting game cosplay gallery featuring Cammy, Psylocke, Chun-Li, Christie and more
Gosh that chun-li knows how to make my Kikosho...

Ed Boon: Huge character reveal and gameplay video tomorrow - Injustice: Gods Among Us
If they say it's Static this game will be pre-ordered the moment I see him. I want the game but doubt I'll buy release date.

Blackest Night DLC pack trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us - Which character didn't get a fair shake in battle arena?
@ 1 I don't understand your logic behind that. Do you know how many companies finish DLC and won't tell fans before the game is released? You are very much entitled to do as you please but you should not feel like you are getting "less content". You are getting the content they originally planned for you to get. These are just zombie outfits and not even worth caring about. I believe Capcom has spoiled ...

OMG Itz Andre leaves Console Combat team, comments on circumstances
I like how people complain about how Andre isn't noteworthy at all and yet everyone does know who he is for one reason or another. Please give the man his dues. They didn't say he was yipes or anything they just said he lost sponsorship. Anybody that actually watches the UMVC scene knows him so it is news.

Malibu Street Fighter comic book was hilariously bad
Omg... What is this sorcery!?!

Youmacon Battle Opera 2012, MLG Fall Championship and Master Series Europe tournament previews
@7 Yeah even in his hometown Krone has been MIA so I hope he actually got better somehow.