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Past comments by ArcShawdow
Super Smash Bros. is most definitely a fighting game, and it may have the most demanding execution of any modern fighter
Yeah reading through how you classify it as a platform/ fighting game is very silly as you really did the opposite. You explained why it was a fighter with platforming elements however. For it to be a platformer first, the characters would have to be traversing from place to play to an end goal. The goal is to knock the opponents out not make it to a goal so it is a fighter at heart ...

Seth Killian: Collusion rule has been used in the biggest tournament in the world for years and works fine - origin of collusion guideline explained
#4 pretty much got it right.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 hits North America PSN this Tuesday
Still got my original CD for PS2 so this doesn't benefit me but I'm glad others can experience it...even if they probably won't with no online feature...way to drop the ball capcom..

Stream Monster's Showdown poll results - round robin UMvC3 tournament with top east coast players
1, 3, 5 for me

Street Fighter 4 update balance change requests from Japan, part 6 - Ibuki, Makoto, T. Hawk, Oni, Hakan
Idk I understand Ibuki is a very strong character in the game but honestly when was the last time you seen an Ibuki win a tournament? Even on comeback comps and most videos I see, she starts off good then gets blown up as soon as she drops one combo. I don't think she needs any buffs at all but honestly I don't see a nerf being any good for her at all. However if ...

NYChrisG, Tom Brady, Sabin, Alukard, Dizzy and more - Injustice: Gods Among Us top 32 off-screen matches from UFGT9
It's AlucarD not Alukard. Two different players.

KaneBlueRiver: 'Chris G's team forces people to play honest', 'they lose because he eliminates randomness'
I agree with this. People honestly must not understand. If Chris G picks a team that means there is NO WAY (which there is ALWAYS a way)for him to get randomly put in a bad situation he is doing something right. If he does not want to deal with figuring you out he can put you in a situation where you have to play at his pace aka morridoom spamming. He does a lot of ...

Fanatiq: 'People were disappointed in me for playing League of Legends', speaks out about the difficulties in juggling multiple genres as a top player
LMAO I say Justin Wong should switch over and play COD competitively/ publicly state he plays the game. I think the FGC would commit suicide. How do you become upset with someone for liking other genres? I always wonder why I personally pushed myself away from things related to the FGC and then I remember how people think lol.

Basic gameplay guide for Injustice: Gods Among us added to EventHubs
@11 go to the archives and buy it

Wolfkrone's Street Fighter 4 C. Viper balance suggestions with video examples
While I can understand the complaint about the low forward and the FA everything else isn't even worth noting as a weakness since she's already a strong enough character as is.