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SSBU with characters: [u'Joker', u'Mega Man']
Kameme vs MKleo demonstrates what a bad matchup this is for joker 4-6 mega man wins

Galford can completely avoid traps in Samurai Shodown by making his dog walk over them
my dog approves of this he is sleeping next to me and let out a little woof when i clicked on this

SSBU with characters: [u'Ness', u'Rosalina']
Rosalina can stuff ness out pretty easy and ness can do some easy stuff against rosa but Rosa just steals PK thunder whenever ness is offstage so it's like 7-3 rosa probably

SSBU with characters: [u'Bowser Jr.', u'Peach / Daisy']
Sometimes when you vote and them go back to the matchup chart too fast it does not register. Go back to the votes and turn one of them back to what it was before and it will fix all of them most of the time. it helps to vote for more than 1 matchup at a time for this. idk why it does this but hope this helps

SSBU with characters: [u'Greninja', u'Incineroar']
Probably one of Incineroar's worst matchups which I think is funny because water is super effective on fire lol.

SSBU with characters: [u'Little Mac', u'Pac-Man']
This matchup is actually like worse than normal for little mac because Pac-Man can stay in the air for so much of a match and there is just nothing that little mac can do about it's probably like 7.5-2.5 Pac-Man

SSBU with characters: [u'Donkey Kong', u'Meta Knight']
Abadango vs shine illustrates why this matchup is meta knight favored pretty well. the big body is easy to combo and it is hard for DK to prevent a combo from getting started. while DK can kill meta knight pretty easily it is hard for him to win when he is constantly getting taken to the top blast zone or gimped. 6-4 meta knight favored in my opinion.