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UFC legend Georges St-Pierre says he used real life fighting game-style frame data to gain an advantage on his opponents
Yep, agree with you that I always wondered why the heck GSP wrestled BJ... I guess now we know. And I hate to be a bastard, but I wonder how well they accounted for reach. BJ's reach is probably less than a lot of guys, so that might have helped him seem faster... since max extension is much faster with shorter arms. Still, very interesting GSP used that data to help determine strategy. Both great ...

Rose has a history of being boring yet powerful in past Street Fighter titles but how is her new glow up going to change what worked great before?
Good writeup

Here are all possible tarot cards Rose leaves behind during her victory animation screen for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
These cards really do look great. And interesting to see what meanings there might be. Tarot card trivia: Were and are just normal playing cards for card games in Germany, France, and Italy. Special decks eventually were made for divination. Weren't used for divination before 1700s, therefore not connected to, according to wikipedia, ancient Egypt, the Kabbalah, Indian Tantra, or the I Ching... despite what some might say.

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