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SSBM with characters: [u'Captain Falcon', u'Pikachu']
This is Pikachu’s best high tier matchup, but it’s stoll even. Pikachu combos Falcon really hard, is is small enough to avoid most of his attack, has a projectile and up air. Even though Pikachu has a lot of advantages, Falcon still can combo Pikachu really hard and get a zero to death almost.

SSBB with characters: [u'Wario', u'Yoshi']
I’m confused. I thought Yoshi would be even with Wario because he can chain grab Wario and has quick air speed to compete with Wario in the air?

SSB4 with characters: [u'Bowser Jr.', u'Mario']
Mario’s best matchup easily. Mario combos junior really hard, Fireball gives junior a hard time, cape reflects mechakoopa and cannonballs, and Mario has a really easy time edgeguarding junior with flood and forward air. 7/3 in Mario favour

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