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Fresh look at Super Street Fighter 4's alt. costumes
Lol Balrog's a pimp! how didn't anybody see that? I like that street fighter put such redickulous costumes. It can really destract a guy during a fight to be dressed in a cowboy outfit, especially when you are Ken.

Makoto Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Man, I have been playing street fighter three since the begining of the year now, and have fallen in love with makoto, but after playing a few games of street fighter Iv (about a week ago at a friends) I was a bit iffy about the way things were going, but from what I hear, it sounds pretty sweet ^-^d Hmm....anything about Makoto's Focus? I doubt Ill use it (no PS3 or Xbox 360 to ...

Dudley: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Strategy Guide and Moves
glad to know I am not alone. those 1 2 3 combo's I read about in this guide and the comments have really helped me out. thnx a plenty.

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