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Birdie and Cammy officially revealed for Street Fighter 5; first Beta slated Playstation 4 for July 23rd
Lord, thank you for bringing us Cammy. She looks beautiful and awesome! I'm going to pray for Ingrid and Karin and then I'm in love.

Kitana has always been my favorite character. I normally play 3D, mainly Tekken. Transitioning to 2D was hard. I like to combo so naturally I went between Assassin and Royal Storm. However, Mournful is actually a GREAT variation for Kitana with high damaging combos. Just thinking, try 2,1/ EX Glaive Throw (df+1EX) / f+4,3/ f+4,3/ 2,1/ Fan Lift (db1)/ db3. That should be somewhere between 30-33%. I have just started using this variation and it's ...

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