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Past comments by AdaWongLover5
Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition matchmaking update patch notes now available
Because it would make too much sense friend. -Fellow Zeku Player.

There's a particularly insidious side of lag that we should probably be considering more often
Banner is the best use of Ken's face since SFV launched. 10/10.

Two players have intense staredown during Samurai Shodown match for 30 seconds until commentators notice that it's actually a controller issue
Nothing better than commentators doing their jobs.

Potential hint that Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's 40th character is female dropped by Capcom Japan
If it is a female character then it's Decapre, no doubt in my mind. I'd love to be wrong here, but she's an asset they already have and a rework would be easier than a character from the ground up.

See Gill on Street Fighter 5's character select screen in this gallery of high resolution screen shots featuring the game's newest character
Heh heh "Gillery" I like that.

Two unknown characters were listed for Tekken 7's Season 3 pass — which important classic combatants are still missing from the cast?
Unpopular opinion but no joke Bruce and Baek are my favorite characters in the series so... fingers xed.

Bruce Campbell flat out says Evil Dead's Ash Williams is not a playable DLC character in Mortal Kombat 11
He's a damn good actor. Please realize this. He's in the effin game.

Spawn in Mortal Kombat 11 is being voiced by the same actor from the Todd McFarlane's Spawn animated HBO series
If Johnny Cage doesn't make a "They Live" joke about sunglasses I'll be very disappointed.

Sagat is receiving a Cyberbots-inspired Shade costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition coming in June
Just going to point this out and continue to not care until they release something of more substance. They put this outfit in the game, before a Sigma outfit for Sagat. I'm going to safely say that 87% of modern Capcom fans don't even know who this is.

Best and worst Super Smash Bros. Ultimate created stages: Avengers: Endgame Thanos, Sonic's movie design, strange Mr. Burns
I kinda love all of them. A beautifully creative showcase.