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Past comments by AceKombat
Kenny Omega returns to help make Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's character reveals on August 5
"Twinkletoes McFingerbang returns to help make Street Fighter 5: Outlaw Mudshow Edition's character reveals on August 5"

Who are the big winners and the big losers in Tekken 7's Season 2 balance patch? Let's look over the changes and what they mean for the meta
Big winner? Lars i12 is a natural combo that can deal 49 to 100ish damage. There is your winner. (#BuffLars living the dream)

Harada: Tekken 7's input lag was reduced by 2 frames, but people didn't notice; more reductions coming within the year
I guess the question is more of the translation side of things. Can't tell if he meant the input delay reduction response towards "the crowd" (hence the "you guys") who tested the Geese build that was expecting feedback about it, or if he's referring to everyone else playing the current version at home on release up to now (not the Geese build).

Lag and rollback can be caused by plugging in your phone and mashing buttons; Ace Kombat's side by side experiment yields interesting results
Is there a source? I've noticed on my end that it doesn't work since the Kolin update. It did worked for me just before that. I tried it after the Akuma update since I had the PSN+ trial activated then to test it out, and Alt+Tab "turn the tables" effect worked during that time. As of now (Kolin update), it didn't do much for me. I just assumed that I had to run a few ...

Lag and rollback can be caused by plugging in your phone and mashing buttons; Ace Kombat's side by side experiment yields interesting results
If you play on PC, a good sign that rollback is bound to happen is when stages act really odd. The PS4 can also get the same symptoms if a PC user is able to Alt+Tab... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (the goal is for the Alt+Tab to mess with the syncing by altering the frame rate consistency in that moment). So, once the Alt+Tab trick does tend to work, what happens on ...

'Please fix the server immediately' - Street Fighter community petitions for Capcom to fix SF5's online play, already have over 1,000 signatures Friendly reminder about SFV's current netcode since release.

Direct feed footage of Street Fighter 5's upcoming 'Frosty Boulevard' stage; here's another look at the game's newest costumes
If you go into the Youtube channel from the two themes on the page, it's already there. It's just not on the news-feed on this site.

Area is a genius inventor who's actually managed to surpass her father - CFN brings us yet another Street Fighter EX veteran
Her gameplay is actually unique in the EX series. Her design, however, is debatable.

She likes spiders almost as much as she likes breaking you; check out Juri's Street Fighter 5 stats and theme song Best advice about Juri's new theme.

Newly discovered proximity option select in Street Fighter 5 may give edge to fireball characters
This isn't new. Title is a bit misleading. Some Ken players have been doing this with V-Trigger for a good while. Same for super confirms as well along with other characters with a projectile.