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Kenny Omega returns to help make Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's character reveals on August 5
"Twinkletoes McFingerbang returns to help make Street Fighter 5: Outlaw Mudshow Edition's character reveals on August 5"

Who are the big winners and the big losers in Tekken 7's Season 2 balance patch? Let's look over the changes and what they mean for the meta
Big winner? Lars i12 is a natural combo that can deal 49 to 100ish damage. There is your winner. (#BuffLars living the dream)

Harada: Tekken 7's input lag was reduced by 2 frames, but people didn't notice; more reductions coming within the year
I guess the question is more of the translation side of things. Can't tell if he meant the input delay reduction response towards "the crowd" (hence the "you guys") who tested the Geese build that was expecting feedback about it, or if he's referring to everyone else playing the current version at home on release up to now (not the Geese build).

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