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Marvel vs. Capcom Origins — 9/10
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How to get your PS3 stick to work for USF4 on PS4: Follow these steps released by Capcom, similar to Mortal Kombat X
Can Sony not do some kind of compatability patch?

Xian goes back to his old main, Dhalsim, and shows the power of Yoga Shangri La: Xian's Academy episode 11
I'm seriously considering using Dhalsim but he is very unorthodox in controlling which is a bit off putting.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 update (PS3/X360/Arcade) on August 8 removes Poison's while-rising glitch, Rolento's invisible wall jump, and more
Trials does need a big update and although it's only a trivial matter I would like to see an updated title screen but that's only a small aesthetic and really doesn't affect the game at all. On another note will the new costumes be available free to the loyal fans that brought the online update or is that just for the physical copy of the game?

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