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SSB4: Roy - Neutral air attack
remember, don't just approach all willy-nilly, you have to space using the tip of the sword to make it very hard to punish. Roy's tip is not useless, it can stop approaches and space yourself to be in a position that you can't be punished upon landing

SSB4: Roy - Light Attack / Quick Combo
Roy's jab is one of his best moves it comes at frame 5 and tip knocks opponent away, while sweetspot is a great combo starter as while as combo extender

@AelvenX who hurt you man One of the most underrated character Imo i think Roy is the definition of a perfectly balanced character (at least for a high risk high reward character), and i use the word perfect VERY scarcely. Roy is combo food due to his fall speed, however, he can combo just as hard on any character. He has a below average recovery but he survives longer vertically and has tremendous power. Overall, ...

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