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EventHubs Podcast

EventHubs To Go

Love fighting games? Wish you could take them with you everywhere you go? Weekly FGC news, hot takes, future speculation, special guests, and plenty more await in the EventHubs Podcast.

Jon "Catalyst" Grey, President of EventHubs and veteran fighting game player of 28 years, and John "Velociraptor" Guerrero, a competitive player who has gone toe-to-toe in tournament with the best of them, keep the action going even after the final round KO with cheeky banter and insightful opinions about all things FGC! Take EventHubs with you on the go, and listen wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

Check back every week — and sometimes more often — for the latest pod. We're available on most podcasting services. Simply search for "EventHubs Podcast" and you can subscribe to be automatically notified whenever we upload a new episode.

You can message us on Twitter with any questions or feedback you have:
Jon "Catalyst" Grey.
John "Velociraptor" Guerrero.

Podcast intro music by Hasenfang.

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You can easily subscribe on YouTube to our show by pressing the "Subscribe" button here.

We've found that Apple device users can easily find our content by searching in iTunes. For Android users who haven't already found podcast software that they love, we highly recommend using Spotify.

It's as simple as downloading the app from Google Play, clicking the "Podcast" tab, searching for the "EventHubs Podcast" and hitting the subscribe button.