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New Dan Hibiki audio clip promises 'juicy info' and 'more Street Fighter 5 news' pointing to this week's big Winter Update reveal

It has now been six months since Capcom ran their Summer Update and we first learned that Street Fighter 5 would be getting a whole new season's worth of content starting with Dan Hibiki as a DLC character.

We're getting specific details this week about the first of four Season 5 content drops and Capcom has given us a special audio clip featuring Dan's SF5 voice actor to remind us to prepare for this Thursday at 9 am Pacific Standard Time.

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Iori's gameplay trailer revealed for King of Fighters 15

Iori's gameplay trailer has been revealed for King of Fighters 15. Up until now, the revealed characters for King of Fighters 15 were Benimaru, Shun'ei, Meitenkun, K', Leona, Mai and Kyo.

In other words, this trailer serves as our first confirmation that Iori is playable in King of Fighters 15. Since his debut in King of Fighters '95, Iori has been both an enemy and rival to Kyo Kusanagi, one of the main characters of the King of Fighters series.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Winter Update to showcase Dan, new battle mechanic and more next week

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players have been waiting to see more of what Season 5 will have to offer in terms of DLC characters and new features with the wait apparently coming to an end quite soon.

Capcom announced this morning they will be hosting a Winter Update to showcase Dan Hibiki, the new battle mechanic for Street Fighter 5 and more next week.

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Annie's gameplay revealed in new Skullgirls: 2nd Encore trailer, more DLC on the way

A trailer showcasing Annie's gameplay in Skullgirls: 2nd Encore has dropped. It was also revealed that another character will be joining after Annie of the Stars.

Annie of the Stars made her gaming debut in Skullgirls Mobile on August 14, 2020. She's planned to join Skullgirls: 2nd Encore's roster in early 2021.

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Benimaru gameplay trailer for King of Fighters 15 revealed

Benimaru Nikaido's gameplay trailer for King of Fighters 15 has been revealed. While Benimaru has already been revealed as a playable character in the upcoming SNK fighting game, this is our first real look at his gameplay.

Towards the end of the trailer, it was revealed that Benimaru is the last member of Team Hero. He'll be working together with Shun'ei and Meitenkun during the game's story mode.

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Meitenkun gameplay trailer for King of Fighters 15 revealed

Meitenkun has been revealed for King of Fighters 15. This is the first new character revealed for King of Fighters 15 since the reveal of the first trailer that featured Shun'ei, K', Leona, Mai, Kyo and Benimaru.

Of course, this is actually Meitenkun's second appearance in the King of Fighters series as he made his debut in King of Fighters 14. Along with Shun'ei, Meitenkun has been trained by Tung Fu Rue.

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Capcom Cup 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic, online season final to take its place

Capcom has been gearing up for the big finale of their Capcom Pro Tour for 2020 with the finals set to take place next month. While the last official stop on the tour typically takes place at the end of its tour year, this event was pushed into 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company took to Twitter this morning to announce that the event, which was revised to take place in limited capacity in the Dominican Republic on February 19 - 21, has been cancelled. An online season final will be held in its stead.

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Shun'ei gameplay trailer for King of Fighters 15 revealed

Shun'ei's King of Fighters 15 gameplay trailer has been dropped by SNK Official. Though Shun'ei has already been revealed along with K', Leona, Mai, Kyo, and Benimaru, this gives us our first real look at how he'll play.

This particular fighter is said to be a manipulator of illusions. During King of Fighters 15 gameplay, he's shown utilizing Hydrokinesis and Pyrokinesis with his right and left hands respectively.

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Blink and you'll miss how fast Broski's Dhalsim melts this Birdie's life bar

Street Fighter 5 is an offensive, rush down heavy game; Street Fighter 5 Dhalsim is an offensive, rush down heavy character... especially in the hands of Broski.

While facing off against a Birdie player online, the UK Sim player pulled off yet another one of his more and more frequent jaw-dropping beat downs. While all the fire, teleports, and slick links are great, we were impressed simply by how insanely fast Birdie's life bar goes from two thirds full to totally empty.

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King of Fighters 15 official reveal trailer released, Cham-Cham and Hibiki Takane revealed for Samurai Shodown

After being delayed from it's original scheduled release this morning, SNK has dropped the official King of Fighters 15 trailer for the fighting game world to see. You can view it below after the jump.

Though fans were understandably disappointed to find they wouldn't be getting the trailer they hoped for quite yet, hope was encouraged as still images of the incoming KOF entry started to circulate on social media.

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The King of Fighters 15 and Samurai Shodown announcements postponed by SNK

A large portion of the fighting game community were getting pumped up to finally see what The King of Fighters 15 is going to look like after years of waiting, but it appears as though everyone will need to hold that anticipation a while longer still.

SNK announced today that they have postponed the announcements for KOF15 and Samurai Shodown Season 3, which were originally scheduled to take place this evening.

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Anji Mito gameplay trailer released for Guilty Gear Strive

It's time to ring in the new year and with it comes Anji Mito's birthday on January 1 which of course makes this the perfect time to do a little celebrating in the world of Guilty Gear.

Arc System Works certainly agreed considering they've now released the gameplay trailer for Anji as he'll appear in Guilty Gear Strive with all of the abs and fans that you could hope for in these festivities.

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Update: Dungeon Fighter Duel announced as new fighting game developed by Arc System Works

Update: Neople's parent company, Nexon, has now released their official press release for the announcement of Dungeon Fighter Duel which reveals some additional details about the upcoming project. You can read the full release added to the original story below.

Arc System Works was already looking quite busy in 2021 where they're set to support Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Granblue Fantasy: Versus, but it looks like they've added even more to their plate.

During the Dungeon and Fighter Universe Festival in South Korea, Neople announced a new Arc System Works-developed fighting game called Dungeon and Fighter Duel / Dungeon Fighter Duel / DNF Duel.

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Super Baby 2 Trailer released for Dragon Ball FighterZ, character will be out on January 15 — Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta revealed as next character

During the night or early this morning depending on where in the world you happen to be situated, the last installment of the Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championships was being played, more specifically the Japanese portion of the event.

As we'd been promised by Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki, this event also treated us to our first gameplay look at the next upcoming character, Super Baby 2, although we found out about him and some of his abilities earlier this week.

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Capcom Cup 2020 scheduled for February 2021 in the Dominican Republic, Dan Hibiki to be released in Street Fighter 5 in February

During today's Street Fighter League stream we were told the date and location of this year's Capcom Cup: February 19-21 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It's at that place and time where the top 20 Street Fighter 5 competitors in the world will meet to battle for the title of Capcom Cup Champion.

This wasn't the only bit of enticing information dropped during the stream, however, as Street Fighter 5 Producer, Shuhei Matsumoto, announced that the first Season 5 DLC character, Dan Hibiki, would also be released in February of 2021.

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Sephiroth to release December 22 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but you can actually get him today and here's how

Super Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai, gave us his latest Smash Ultimate showcase today with an in-depth look at Sephiroth, the game's newest DLC character.

We already knew the Final Fantasy 7 villain would be en route some time here in December, but Sakurai clarified today that Sephiroth would be launching December 22. That said, there's actually a way you can start using him as early as today at 3 p.m. PT.

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Update: Dragon Ball FighterZ's next DLC character is Super Baby 2, first magazine scans revealed

Update: The two-page magazine scans showcasing Super Baby 2 have appeared online thanks to MigueL Games which are now added to the original story below.

The next DLC reveal for Dragon Ball FighterZ was originally supposed to release this weekend during the National Championship finals, but it appears as though word has gotten out early as to their identity and very unique set of skills.

According to the new Weekly Jump magazine in Japan, Dragon Ball GT's Super Baby 2 will be the fourth character of FighterZ Pass 3, and the magazine also included some interesting gameplay details.

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