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New Jack-8 Tekken 8 gameplay trailer released

Bandai Namco returns with yet another new trailer for their upcoming major fighting game, Tekken 8. Now, fans can check out the full-fledged gameplay showcase for robotic combatant, Jack-8.

In this Tekken 8 Jack-8 gameplay trailer, fans are given a glimpse at what towering fighter is capable of here in the latest generation of fighting games.

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New Lily vs. E. Honda developer match footage released for Street Fighter 6

Although we've gotten to see the basics of how newcomers like Lily will function in Street Fighter 6, there's still a ton of the finer and more intricate details we don't know to bring their toolkits all together.

Capcom just released some brand new developer match footage for SF6 pitting Lily against E. Honda, which offers up a much better look at her various Condor specials and Windclad stock buffs as well as both characters' big Super Arts.

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Lars Alexandersson's gameplay revealed in newest Tekken 8 trailer

Lars Alexandersson is the latest character to have a gameplay trailer revealed for Tekken 8. While Lars is the illegitimate child of Heihachi Mishima and half-brother of Kazuya Mishima, he actually doesn't have the Devil Gene, though this is likely something that Kazuya and Jin inherited from Kazumi's side of the family.

Making his debut in Tekken 6, Lars has been an important character in the Tekken series throughout his short time. He was actually the main protagonist in Tekken 6 while being one of the main protagonists in Tekken 7.

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New King Tekken 8 gameplay trailer released

Bandai Namco has just unveiled another new trailer for their upcoming major fighting game, Tekken 8. A new, full-fledged gameplay showcase has been released, and this time we get to see King in action.

In this Tekken 8 King gameplay trailer, fans are shown what the wrestler is capable of here in the latest generation of fighting games.

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New Zangief vs. Marisa developer footage released for Street Fighter 6

We've technically seen all 18 characters for Street Fighter 6's launch roster in action, but that doesn't mean we've seen everything they can do.

Capcom just released some new match footage from the developers pitting Zangief against the equally massive Marisa in SF6 to show off more of their move sets.

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Marshall Law gameplay revealed in newest Tekken 8 trailer

A new trailer has dropped for Tekken 8. This video reveals the gameplay for Marshall Law.

Marshall Law is the father of Forest Law, a fighter that has been playable in previous Tekken titles. At this time, it's unknown if Tekken 8 will have both Marshall Law and Forest Law as playable fighters.

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Bedman? announced for Guilty Gear Strive, Asuka R. Kreuz seemingly teased

It was previously announced that Guilty Gear Strive's next DLC character would be delayed slightly until April, but we didn't know their identity until tonight.

Arc System Works revealed following the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals that Bedman? (aka Delilah) will be the 3rd DLC character to join the game's second season.

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New Paul Phoenix Tekken 8 gameplay trailer released

Bandai Namco has just released the latest trailer for their upcoming major fighting game, Tekken 8. Keeping with the motif of focusing on specific characters, this new showcase puts Paul Phoenix in the spotlight.

In this full-fledged gameplay trailer, fans are given a great example of what Paul can do in the 8th major installment in the franchise.

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Zangief has EX Double Lariat and anti-air Super Art revealed in new Street Fighter 6 footage

Zangief's moveset and tools have been tweaked and changed around quite a bit throughout Street Fighter's history, and it seems he'll be cooking up some new sauce for the next time we see him.

Capcom just released some new footage for the Russian grappler as he'll appear in Street Fighter 6, which reveals new ways for Zangief's lariat special to be used as well as his Super Art 1.

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Anila gameplay trailer shown for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

This weekend saw the 9th anniversary of Granblue Fantasy come to pass and as always a special broadcast with events, announcements and festivities was held along with it.

As was promised during last week's reveal, the full trailer for Anila was also shown at the event.

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Anila announced for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

Today, the CyGames Cup Special 2023 was happening and as promised, there was an announcement for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising at the event.

The first character revealed for the game's sequel was Anila, the sheep-themed Zodiac who was raised as a possibility, but not our main prediction in a speculation piece regarding the new character's identity.

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Mortal Kombat 12 leaked during earnings call, expected to launch this year

Though we've yet to get anything in the way of an official trailer or announcement from Ed Boon or his team at NetherRealm Studios, we got word today that Mortal Kombat 12 will be releasing some time this year.

The information came from today's Warner Bros. Discovery earnings call, where CEO and president of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, mentioned the game's title directly while listing off some of the games they have slated for 2023.

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Zangief, Lily, and Cammy trailers revealed for Street Fighter 6

Capcom just showed off the trailers for the final three launch roster characters for Street Fighter 6. This includes the mighty Zangief, the speedy Cammy, and the brand new Lili.

We get to see some gameplay for all three (the bear, the bird, and the bee) in the brand new trailer below.

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Nina Williams revealed for Tekken 8

In the middle of the Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray approached the stage. As promised, they had a surprise announcement ready to reveal for Tekken fans.

After a 35-minute trailer that explained many of Tekken 8's mechanics, another trailer appeared that revealed Nina Williams. Rather than sporting a wedding dress, she has a more casual look this time.

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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising announced as upcoming sequel to Granblue Fantasy: Versus coming in 2023

A sequel to Granblue Fantasy: Versus has been announced. The next game in the fighting game spinoff series is apparently being called Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising.

The newly revealed trailer begins by showing off gameplay featuring a fight between Gran and Katalina. It quickly becomes apparent that this truly is a sequel considering the usage of brand new moves.

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Sylvie Paula Paula and Najd announced for King of Fighters 15 Season 2, Shingo gameplay and release date revealed

SNK unveiled a brand new King of Fighters 15 trailer featuring new content reveals for Season 2. Sylvia Paula Paula and Najd have been officially announced to join the game's roster as DLC.

On top of new fighters, the first in line for Season 2 has been fully unveiled now. Shingo Yabuki gameplay and his release date have been revealed, and SNK has shared an updated content road map for the upcoming season.

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Street Fighter 6 beginner's guide: Best characters per skill level, move lists, and more

Updated on December 15, 2022: Street Fighter 6 boasts a roster of diverse characters each with their own playstyles and techniques that you can utilize in battle. But which one is best for you based on your current skill level and the type of fighters you typically enjoy playing?

With SF6's second closed beta test going live soon, players will be able to choose between playing Ryu, Chun-Li, Juri, Ken, Guile, Jamie, Kimberly, and Luke. We have put together a Street Fighter 6 beginner's guide that includes the useful tips you need to know to get started. Featured here you'll find who we think are the best characters to play in Street Fighter 6 based on your skill level and preferred playstyle, their move lists, useful attacks, and even some basic combos to get you started.

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