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Tekken 7's patch to fix online stability is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Updated: The official Tekken 7 Twitter account has stated that the online stability patch is now live on Xbox One as well.

Earlier: Hot off the heels of yesterday's news, Tekken 7's patch to improve the online experience has gone live.

The 1.02 update comes in at a 723.8 MB file size, and is currently available on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. We can expect to see a similar patch on PC and Xbox One sometime next week.

You can check out a couple of images of the update on PS4 below.

Tekken 7's 1.02 patch image #1 Tekken 7's 1.02 patch image #2
Click images for larger versions

Hit the jump to check out the full patch notes.

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Tekken 7 receiving patches this week to address recent issues, matchmaking set to be fixed

Tekken 7 has been officially in the hands of the public since last week. The legendary 3D fighter was well received by fans, however, it came with some unfortunate matchmaking and connectivity issues online.

It looks as though we'll be seeing a fix very soon. According to the official, European Tekken website, patches will be released this week and next week to address some recent problems.

Firstly, the PC version of the game will see a patch today that improves security and updates Denuvo -- the anti-tamper technology and digital rights management found in modern games. Tekken 7's Denuvo protection was cracked just four days after release, setting the record for the fastest breach.

As for the game's online issues, PlayStation 4 users can expect to see online stability improved by the end of the week. The patch will address the matchmaking issues and will implement other bug fixes.

A similar patch is set to be released on Xbox One and PC sometime next week. Bandai Namco will share more details on these patches shortly.

Hit the jump to check out the official word on these fixes from the Tekken site.

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Random disappearances, mysterious black boxes, and more: Tekken 7's Rage Arts look crazy, but awesome without the cinematic camera

Tekken 7's Rage Arts are powerful finishing moves that involve each character performing an extravagant sequence of attacks. These moves are large and epic, but what would happen if the cinematic camera angles were removed?

Nelson's TAS and Game Archive sent us a video showing exactly what that might look like. This video contains each character's Rage Art (except the game's pre-order character, Eliza), shown from a stationary camera angle.

Though this brings about some odd behavior, the result is awesome. Check out Miguel's Rage Art which not only makes the opponent disappear from view for a bit, but creates these strange boxes on screen.

Click image for animated version

You can check out the full compilation after the jump.

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Tekken 7's graphics, frame-rate, and load times tested across all its platforms - Xbox One version has the least impressive graphics

Not too long ago, we found out that the PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7 has a higher input delay than the Xbox One version. There may be a benefit that the PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7 has over the Xbox One version, however.

According to DigitalFoundry, the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of Tekken 7 has better graphical fidelity than the Xbox One version. Not only that, but the load times are apparently the worst for the Xbox One version.

Luckily, all versions of the game is able to maintain a constant 60 frames per second during gameplay. This is certainly important in a fighting game.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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Twitch eSports Arena tournament series taking place at E3, top players to compete in Street Fighter 5, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7

E3 2017 is right around the corner, and for the first time ever the large gaming expo will be open to the public.

The show floor is guaranteed to be the main attraction, however, this year Twitch is putting together a special event outside of the venue. Sponsored by T-Mobile, the Twitch Esports Arena will be held at L.A. Live and will consist of fighting game tournaments throughout E3 week.

Top players will be joining in on the fun, competing in Street Fighter 5, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7. This event will be open to the public too, so if you'd like to stop by and catch it live, be sure to do so.

For those unable to attend, all of the action will be streamed over on Twitch eSports.

Below you will find the schedule for the Twitch eSports Arena tournaments.

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Rip's 10 Tekken 7 tips for newcomers, Aris' tips for choosing a character, seven reasons to like the game, combos and more; Tekken 7 roundup

The fighting game community is delving into Tekken 7 without any hesitation whatsoever, and we've been getting tips, analysis videos, combo highlights and more from an excited fan base.

We've rounded up a few of these videos to share with you today, and we're hoping to offer a little something for everyone.

If you're looking for combos, we have some slick showcases for Hworang and Shaheen, as well as links to where you'll find more. If you're wondering who to pick as your main fighter, Avoiding the Puddle's Aris has a few words of wisdom for you.

If you've played other fighting games, but are new to Tekken, then Level Up Your Game's Rip has ten tips for you.

We've also got seven reasons to like T7 from cammyplayer and the more intermediate lessons of how to deal with one of the game's most stressful situations: waking up from being knocked down.

You'll find it all below, so click the jump to get started.

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Tekken 7 move listings, tiers, and stats added to EventHubs

Our entire team has been hard at work getting the moves, tiers, and stats for our Tekken 7 section.

If you'd like to begin casting votes for your favorite characters, be sure to check out our Tekken 7 tiers. Let us know which matches you feel they do well in, which they don't, and which are fairly even.

You can also head over to our stats page, which will provide information such as character popularity, how many registered EH users play them, and more.

Lastly, we have our Tekken 7 moves. Note that only 31 out of 37 of the characters have their full movelist listed, in Japanese - just click the link that is below the character's banner to access them.

You can also hit the jump for quick links to each character's move list.

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Eliza has an infinite in Tekken 7

And you thought Dr. Doom's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 foot dives were annoying...

Tekken 7's vampiric beauty, Eliza, is scary not so much because of her fangs, but moreso because she's capable of an infinite combo thanks to her instant dive kick.

The input isn't new for fighting game players, it's just a reverse Tiger Knee motion, and the move itself is very reminiscent of Cammy's instant air Cannon Strike from Street Fighter.

A YouTuber by the name of theater10 has posted a video showing this tech in action. They explain that just-frame timing is required for each of the kicks, so this isn't the easiest of sequences to pull off.

An infinite is an infinite though, and we wouldn't be surprised to see this patched out in the near future, once developers get wind of it.

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Check out all of Tekken 7's stunning high resolution character artwork

Tekken 7 has been released to consoles and the PC since June 2nd. As a result, we're able to check out every character's artwork from the game.

We certainly do have to give Tekken 7 props for how good everything looks. The characters look stunning in high resolution.

All 38 characters have been included in the gallery. You can check all the images out below and after the jump.

Tekken 7 character art image #1 Tekken 7 character art image #2 Tekken 7 character art image #3 Tekken 7 character art image #4 Tekken 7 character art image #5 Tekken 7 character art image #6 Tekken 7 character art image #7 Tekken 7 character art image #8 Tekken 7 character art image #9

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Ryan Hart has two weeks to teach a noob to play Tekken 7 well enough to pass as a pro

With the recent release of Tekken 7, IGN has decided to have a bit of fun as they've challenged a professional player to teach the game to someone who doesn't know the first thing about Tekken.

After two weeks, the "noob" (by day known as Nino) will have to go in front of a panel of judges and try to fool them into thinking he's a Tekken pro.

We'd normally write this off as near impossible, but he does have Tekken champion Ryan Hart as a coach.

If this were, say, Street Fighter 5, we'd give Nino some decent odds at pulling the challenge off, but the intricacies and nuances that go into high level Tekken play are intimidating to say the least.

If anyone could help pull this off, it would be the highly intelligent Ryan Hart. The UK player does have his work cut out for him though, and we're not sure even he will be able to turn a noob into a passable player in just fourteen days.

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'In a pretty good time for fighting games... Tekken 7 will not be outdone' - IGN raves over Tekken 7, deems it 'the best the series has ever been'

The latest King of Iron Fist Tournament is now being fought all over the globe as fans of the Tekken series new and old have finally gotten their hands on the franchise's seventh installment.

Though there have been some reported issues with the online play, Tekken 7 got an absolutely stellar review from IGN one of the most recognizable teams in video game news, .

"No other fighting games master imparting a feeling of each fight growing organically, living and breathing like Tekken, and Tekken 7 is the best the series has ever been," says IGN's Darry Huskey.

If you're on the fence about reading or watching through a full review, here's 15 seconds of the character customization feature that will probably sell you on the game by itself:

Click images for animated versions

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Tekken 7 reportedly has about 7.2 frames of input lag on the PlayStation 4 Pro and 6.3 frames of input lag on the Xbox One

According to Noodalls, Tekken 7 apparently has about 120.5ms of delay after completing an input on the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is, on average, about 7.2 frames of input lag.

Meanwhile the Xbox One has, on average, 104.2 ms of delay. This is between 6.2 and 6.3 frames of input lag.

Click image for animated version

As of right now, the tournament standard for Tekken 7 is to for it to be played on the PlayStation 4, and not the Xbox One.

Noodalls and Avoiding the Puddle have both pointed out that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the PlayStation 3 only had about 5.7 frames of input lag.

What do you think of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Noodalls's Twitter, Avoiding the Puddle, Shoryuken thread where Noodalls compares input lag for fighting games, Desi Entertainment YouTube channel.

Sent in by: CAJones220

Tekken 7 experiencing online play connectivity issues, players reporting 'lost connection' error

Tekken 7 has seen its official release today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Long-time fans of the series are excited to get their hands on the latest in the legendary franchise, however, it seems that the game is currently experiencing some connectivity issues.

Numerous players have reported a "lost connection" error when attempting to play the online mode. Apparently, players are struggling to get into any ranked matches.

I went ahead and tried my luck with the online to see if the reports were accurate, and unfortunately, they are. Heading over to the ranked match list, I was only able to squeak through and get one game after several "lost connection" messages sprouting up immediately after I selected an opponent.

After that, I couldn't even get any matches to pop up on the list.

You can see one of my attempts with the error message below.

Tekken 7 online error image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Here are my best Tekken 7 customizations

As mentioned in our Tekken 7 review, the latest in Bandai Namco's legendary 3D fighting franchise features a robust character customization mode. During my time with the game, I decided to have a little fun.

I have put together quite a few customizations now, and today I wanted to share the best ones (in my opinion, of course).

Tekken 7 allows players the ability to be seriously cool all the way to absolutely ridiculous with their creations, and I 100% took advantage of this.

There's just something so dumb about Akuma with a "heartbreaker" t-shirt, cowboy hat, and tiger face paint on... but it's so damn awesome. Personally, the spooky plague doctor Eliza is my favorite custom-character that I assembled.

Anyway, I have included a gallery of screenshots for you to check out. Below are just a handful to get you started, but be sure to hit the jump to see the rest.

DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #1 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #2 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #3 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #4 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #5 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #6 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #7 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #8 DreamKing's best Tekken 7 customizations image #9

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LI Joe's father may have just earned FGC parent of the year with yet another special surprise for his son

We've got a bit of a feelgood story we'd like to share with you in the middle of your work week.

Long Island Joe became America's first Street Fighter 5 hero when he became the sole representative of the stars and stripes in the top eight bracket of EVO 2016.

As if that weren't enough, Joe's father, Bill, made a surprise appearance at the Sunday finals to cheer his son on directly from the audience.

Though perhaps not in quite as grandiose a setting, Bill surprised his son yet again with an impromptu visit to Joe's work today, this time with a brand new game that isn't even technically out yet:

LI Dad image #1
Click images for larger versions

A big shout out to Bill Ciaramelli for warming hearts, making Wednesdays less arduous and being one of the best dads in the FGC.

Tekken 7 review

In the modern landscape of fighting games, excessive accessibility is a real concern amongst the competitive scene. Making a title that caters too largely to a casual crowd could lead to overly simplified mechanics, which would result in less depth and interest for hardcore players.

Though the opposite of this phenomenon is seldom seen in this day and age, it certainly exists, and it’s Tekken 7’s biggest flaw. A little over two years after its arcade release in Japan, Bandai Namco’s latest entry in their legendary fighting franchise has come to consoles, and though it’s bigger and badder than ever, it falls short in a handful of important areas.

Despite its age, Tekken 7 still looks great. The 3D fighting series has always provided highly detailed character models and gorgeous backdrops on which to do battle, and this installment keeps the tradition alive and well.

Matches have more of a cinematic feel to them due to the powerful Rage Arts – hard-hitting super moves that players can access when their health is low – and the slowdown that occurs when two attacks are set to land at nearly the same time and decide the match outcome.

These features make bouts even more epic and are a welcome addition to an already enjoyable experience. However, getting to a point where you can comfortably participate in said experience is a challenge.

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Combo Breaker 2017 results feat. NuckleDu, Kazunoko, Momochi, Mago, Smug, Snake Eyez

Updating with final results: We've added a plethora of Combo Breaker 2017 results into this story, you can find them all below.

Combo Breaker 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event taking place this weekend in St. Charles, Illinois. This is an absolutely stacked competition, and is bringing in competitors from multiple countries around the globe.

Notable Street Fighter 5 players scheduled to compete include Liquid|NuckleDu, GGP|Kazunoko, FOX|Momochi, Zowie|GamerBee, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Scarz|Sako, FOX|Justin Wong, Mago, Poongko, Smug, EG|NYChrisG, Rise|Marn, Mouz|Problem X, CO|Go1, GFuel|Verloren, EG|K-Brad, YouDeal|Yukadon, Circa|LPN, SPY|Filipino Champ, RB|Snake Eyez, Talon|Xiaobao, CO|Dogura, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Mouz|CCL, 801 Strider, F3|Alucard, Noble|Vagabond, Flash, Stupendous, WBG|CJ Truth, XSK Samurai, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, NS|Ludovic, Commander Jesse, among others.

Not only with the SF5 competition be hot, but Injustice 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is sure to be lit as well, and fans of other titles will have quite a bit to chose from in terms of what to watch.

You can find the live streams and scheduling information below.

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