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Tekken stories

Wireless connections for Tekken 7 matches actually increased on console after the game added a Wi-Fi indicator

Fans pleaded with Bandai Namco to upgrade Tekken 7's online capabilities for years which was finally addressed in the Season 4 update late last year and also added a Wi-Fi indicator for players to better see what type of connection they were being paired with.

Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada stated around that time over half of fighting game players used wireless connections for their online play, and he updated that stat during the second Japanese Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable where he revealed that number changed a significant amount following the update — though maybe not in all of the ways you'd expect.

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Female Polish Prime Minister teased as a playable character for Tekken 7 Season 4

The female Prime Minister of Poland (in the Tekken universe) has been teased as a playable character for Tekken 7 Season 4. Check out the video tease after the jump.

This mysterious woman was seen leaving a vehicle while talking on a cell phone. On the other end of the phone, we can hear a man speaking an incomplete phrase that identifies the woman as the Prime Minister.

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Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable stream begins at 9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST

The second Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable stream is scheduled to begin tonight at 9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST. We're expecting a few reveals to be dropped during the big presentation.

Tonight's stream is being attended by Bandai Namco, Capcom, SNK, Arc System Works and Arika. Though Koei Tecmo was present for the first Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable, they will not have a presence tonight.

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Kanzukiryu's art is filled with detail, and the hidden subtleties are worth looking for

Today we're sharing some gorgeous fighting game art from Andres "Kanzukiryu" Blanco, a Chilean member of the fighting game community with a detailed art style that makes his images worth delving into.

Blanco has had his art featured in Udon Entertainment's comics on more than one occasion as his Rose and Menat made their way into the 2018 Summer Sports special while his Dhalsim and Twelve were shown in another Udon venture.

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The super impressive Tifa Lockhart and Midgar PC mods from Final Fantasy 7 are now available for Tekken 7 including voice swap, bonus iconic costumes

Tekken 7 already received a Final Fantasy guest character in FF15's Noctis Lucis Caelem, but fans have taken matters into their own hands to also include one more iconic fighter they've been asking about for years.

We previously reported on Wolfe_ow's impressive Tifa Lockhart PC mod from Final Fantasy 7, and now the character swap is available for download along with a bonus Midgar stage and costumes featuring her other iconic attire.

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Move over Mr. Ha-Duck-Ken, the Mishima family has arrived to take control of the bathtub

While Street Fighter is generally the fighting game franchise people think about regarding merchandise — like world-warrior branded Pocky — but Tekken seems to be stepping their collectible game up now too.

That push now includes some special bathing accessories dedicated to the Mishima family, as Numskull Designs have now released new rubber ducks in the image of two of the baddest dads in the genre.

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Rumor: Next Tekken 7 Season 4 character to be released March 2021, potentially has connection to Mishima Zaibatsu logo

Though Tekken 7 Season 4's roster will only release two additional characters in total to the roster, only Kunimitsu has been revealed and released so far. We will very likely receive information about Tekken 7's 51st character during the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable stream that is to take place on February 20, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. PST / February 21, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. EST.

However, a verified editor from Ars Technica reported on ResetEra that Tekken's public relations group is declaring that a new fighter will be added to Tekken 7 sometime in March. The same email notes that a hoodie containing the Mishima Zaibatsu logo and a "special item" with no further description somehow teases the next character.

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Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable stream coming Feb. 20 to feature Bandai Namco, Capcom, SNK, Arc System Works and Arika

It's been announced that Bandai Namco, Capcom, SNK, Arc System Works and Arika are once again collaborating for the second ever Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable stream.

According to Bandai Namco US, the presentation will be broadcasted on February 20, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. PST / February 21, 2021 at 12:00 a.m. EST at Bandai Namco US Twitch. Confirmed participants so far include Katsuhiro Harada & Naoya Yasuda of Bandai Namco, Shuhei Matsumoto & Takayuki Nakayama of Capcom and Yasuyuki Oda of SNK.

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Did the nerfs to Fahkumram go too far in the Season 4 patch for Tekken 7?

Just like with fellow Season 3 DLC character Leroy Smith, Fahkumram was the cause of many headaches for the Tekken 7 competitive community. Despite being a large fighter, Fahkumram had some very awkward hurtbox issues that made him extremely difficult to hit consistently.

In one of King Jae's most recent "Teach Me Tekken 7" videos, he discusses the changes that Fahkumram received in Season 4 with Pokchop. Almost immediately, the two state how less effective the character's back dash is after the nerfs.

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Hwosie, Lucky Stephanie, Gina Williams, Chloe Smith, and more if you dare... Tekken 7 gender swap mods are a real trip

A modder by the name of "Hi! Buff Gigas Please?" has uploaded some of their recent Tekken 7 work as they've gender swapped a handful of roster members to imagine what the likes of "Nina Fury," "Hwosie," "Lucky Stephanie," and a few other fusions might look like in game.

What we're seeing in this showcase seems to be characters who have been given other fighters' move sets and then dressed to have very similar costumes to their counterparts. Pepper in some clever naming and you have yourself an entertaining exploration into some hypothetical Tekken 7 universes.

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Is Leroy still overpowered after Tekken 7's Season 4 patch? Professional competitor Dante weighs in

The first version of Leroy Smith was a cause for great concern for the competitive Tekken 7 community as the character was considerably overpowered upon release as a DLC character in Season 3. This has caused Leroy to receive nerfs throughout numerous updates, including the most recent Season 4 patch.

Is Leroy finally properly balanced in Tekken 7? RIZE|Dante recently made an appearance on King Jae's "Teach Me Tekken 7" series to discuss what was changed with Leroy going into Season 4.

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New Tekken 7 information likely coming later this month says producer, persistent fans are already spamming for Christie

Tekken 7 fired into its official season 4 back in early November of last year and added new attacks, improvements to online play, balance changes, and a new character. Since the launch of that update — and a quick follow up patch that hit two weeks later — we really haven't heard too much from Bandai Namco on the Tekken front.

Producer on the title, Michael Murray, took to Twitter last night to assure fans that the wait for new information on Tekken 7 is coming to an end soon. In fact, we can expect to hear something later this month.

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IceBlanka has an extra colorful take on fighting game favorites

Today we're showcasing the excellent artwork of one Ice Blanka, a Japanese Blanka fan who also happens to have a knack for drawing and a special appreciation for bright, vibrant colors.

Not every last image in today's gallery is as intense as Seth or Poison from the banner, but many of these definitely pop almost right off the page, er, screen at you.

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Frosty Faustings XIII results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend sees the long-standing Frosty Faustings back for another round, although this year will be an online event given the current ongoings in the world.

Players set to compete include EG|SonicFox, Disrupt|Shadow20z, RayRay, FF|ElvenShadow, Proton|Coach Steve, Dekillsage, Disrupt|Joonya20z, KBNova, BlackSnake, Knights|2eZ, Foo, Flocker, Fiestament, SkeletalMinion, Honnou, Marvelo, Mundank, Joey D, ShinBlade and many more.

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What's going to be the first true large-scale next gen fighting game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

The next generation of gaming consoles have technically been available for over two months now, even though no one can find a PlayStation5 or Xbox Series X, which means the next age of fighting games will soon be upon us.

Problem is, it doesn't look like there have been any big next gen-only fighters announced yet, but we can probably figure out who the most likely candidates for the first step into the new frontier are.

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Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockhart can soon be used in Tekken 7 as an impressive PC mod

Tekken 7 already has a Final Fantasy representative in FF15's Noctis Lucis Caelum though many players have voiced their want / interest in other characters who fight with more traditional hand-to-hand martial arts over weapons.

Top of the list for most is Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockhart, and that'll soon be kinda an actual option with Wolfe_ow currently working on an impressive looking PC mod to add her to the roster.

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Incredibly talented martial artist pulls off Tekken techniques in real life, gets well-deserved shout out from Tekken team

Seeing our favorite fighting game characters performing techniques that stretch the limits of human potential becomes routine and unremarkable almost instantly, but seeing a real life human flying through the air to perfectly perform said attacks will quickly make you sit right up and move to the edge of your seat.

Enter f808z, aka "Sam Da Flyin Hawaiian," who has been posting videos of himself as he pulls off very recognizable maneuvers straight out of the Tekken franchise as though he weren't restricted by the same rules of physics the rest of us tend to adhere to.

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