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How big did Fahkumram actually wind up being in Tekken 7? Screenshots from his two trailers as well as gameplay give us an answer

When Fahkumram was first revealed for Tekken 7 back in early December and while fans were certainly impressed and excited for the Muay Thai fighter to join the roster, they were simultaneously distracted by some contradicting visuals.

Fahkumram's intro sequence sees him emerge from a kind of military-grade containment box after being airlifted into the Cave of Enlightenment via helicopter. Upon doing so the newcomer towers a full head over Craig Marduk, who looks up as the shadow of his foe completely covers him in shade. Cut to a few seconds later in the trailer, and it looks as though Fahkumram is nowhere near as large as that sequence suggested.

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'I don't understand the purpose of these patch notes... the buffs and nerfs that are needed aren't being done' - Arslan Ash on Tekken 7 patch

VS|Arslan Ash is widely considered to be one of the best Tekken 7 competitors in the world. Needless to say, his knowledge of the game is nothing to scoff at.

Recently, Arslan Ash voiced his concerns regarding the version 3.30 patch notes. Overall, Arslan Ash dislikes the approach the balance team has been taking up until this point.

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Fahkumram and new Cave of Enlightenment stage now available in Tekken 7

Update: Fahkumram is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Tekken 7 as part of the game's third season pass. He can also be purchased separately for $5.99 while his new stage 'Cave of Enlightenment' can be purchased for $2.99. Original story follows.

Fahkumram will become available as a DLC fighter in Tekken 7 tomorrow, March 24. He's the final challenger that's part of the Season Pass 3 package. For $24.99, players will gain access to Zafina, Leroy, Ganryu, and the frame data display along with Fahkumram and the Cave of Enlightenment stage.

Before his releases, there are a few things that might be worth understanding. Perhaps most importantly, how exactly do you pronounce his name?

Based on the trailer, it should sound like "Fa-kum-rom." It almost sounds like the word "fulcrum" with "rom" added at the end. You'll want to be careful pronouncing this fighter's name correctly as it could come across as an insult to someone's relative if misheard or misspoken... as the meme suggests.

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Patch notes for Tekken 7 version 3.30 released alongside new screenshots of Fahkumram

Exciting news for Tekken 7 lovers as Bandai Namco has released patch notes for the game's version 3.30 update, which is coming on March 24 along with Fahkumram.

The developers have also included a handful of new screenshots of the aforementioned incoming DLC fighter, a few of which see him in alternate attire from what we saw in his initial trailer.

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Fahkumram releasing in Tekken 7 on March 24, new gameplay trailer revealed

A new trailer has dropped that has revealed gameplay for Fahkumram, the next DLC fighter for Tekken 7. At the end of the trailer, it was revealed that he'll be released on March 24, 2020 (in Southeast Asia).

Fahkumram, a practitioner of Muay Thai, is a brand new fighter that's joining the Tekken series. At the beginning of the trailer, we see Fahkumram being dropped from a helicopter before he engages in battle.

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Bandai Namco reschedules three Tekken World Tour 2020 and Soul Calibur World Tour 2020 events due to coronavirus threat

This morning, Bandai Namco has announced that three events on their official tournament circuits are being rescheduled due to the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Early qualifying rounds for the Tekken World Tour 2020 and Soul Calibur World Tour 2020 will be moved to a later time and date.

Final Round, NorCal Regionals, and The Mixup have had their qualifying rounds for the Tekken World Tour and Soul Calibur World Tour, respectively, officially removed from the lineup. Bandai Namco issued a statement on the matter.

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EVO 2020's March registration rankings still has Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on top but Granblue Fantasy: Versus now sits at number 3

EVO 2020 is gearing up to be perhaps one of the event's biggest years ever with nine mainstage fighting games to bring in competitors from all over the world.

Now going into its second month of registration, EVO organizer Joey 'Mr. Wizard' Cuellar has provided an update to show which games currently have the highest number of entrants at the start of March — spoiler: it's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate again.

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Tekken Pro Championship Japan vs Korea 2020 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Much like last year, we're getting another installment of the Tekken Pro Championship Japan vs. Korea this year, taking place in Tokyo, Japan.

Players participating are THY|Chikurin, ROX|Knee, UYU|LowHigh, Fate|Ulsan, ROX|Chanel, Yamasa|Nobi, Rangchu, Yamasa|Take, UYU|Double, COOASGAMES|Noroma, GG|Saint, UYU|Jeondding, MVP|Pekos, Illusion|CherryBerryMango, Liquid|Gen, YoujinBoy, ChiriChiri, Yamasa|Yuu, Ao, Karei, Hakaiou, Rest, Jyotaro and Meo-IL.

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More fighting game events have been cancelled, postponed or changed due to growing Coronavirus concerns

Yesterday, we learned the final two SNK World Championship events in Japan are now indefinitely postponed due to growing concerns about the spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19), and now there's more FGC tournaments changing up their plans in the name of player / attendee safety.

At least three other fighting game-related events scheduled for this week and beyond have either been cancelled, postponed or face rule changes including the Tekken Pro Championship Japan-Korea Competition 2020, Comfest 2020 in Kuwait and Fighting Tuesday.

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Winter Brawl 3D 2020 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Winter Brawl 3D 2020 is happening this weekend in Essington, Pennsylvania.

Some of the notable players set to attend include JJJ, Linkorz, TCOL|SourPiggy, Princess Ling, Deus|Incendiate, KOA|Sandman, BC|LordKnight, UGS|BBoyDragon, ShinPaulo, JayGeorgeM20z, FredDistance20z, DragonNinja, UGS|LordXav1er and many more.

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DreamHack Anaheim 2020 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

DreamHack is venturing out to the west coast for the first time with DreamHack Anaheim for a bit three day event in you guessed it, Anaheim, California.

There's over 450 attendees signed up to compete in their fighting games this weekend with some of the best west coast / North American players in Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 duking it out including the likes of Radiance|Commander Jesse, CCG|Sherryjenix, Stupendous, Flaquito, FitFGC|DRDANNYPHAM, Larry Lurr, T1|ANTi, TLOC|Dakpo, KiraFlax, and many others.

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Tekken World Tour 2020 will see more than 30 events and hold finals in the United States; check out the new trailer and all the details right here

We just got a fairly big reveal for Tekken 7 here in 2020 as Katsuhiro Harada and a few friends revealed this year's Tekken World Tour schedule and specs.

The Tour is bigger than ever as it now boasts more than 30 events, 15 of which are Master, 17 of which are Challenger-status. EVO will also be returning to the Tour as this year's Master+ event, and the finals are to be held in New Orleans from December 12-13.

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Tekken World Tour 2020 live stream to reveal schedule and new updates at 6 p.m. PST

Tekken 7 is one of the hottest and fastest-growing fighting games around right now and is looking to continue its strong forward momentum here in 2020 as Bandai Namco prepares to unveil more specifics for this year's Tekken World Tour.

A live stream is to be hosted tonight by notable community figures MarkMan and Rip where we're expecting some news, a schedule reveal, and a few updates.

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One brave artist is creating an EVO 2020 character select screen featuring every single fighter across all nine of the event's titles

However great your passion for fighting games, there's a good chance you're not quite as devoted as Cody Shaw of Vancouver, British Columbia, who is already well past the trailhead on his new mountainous endeavor.

Shaw has pledged to create one massive character select screen that will feature every last character (DLC included as it comes) that could potentially pop up on the EVO 2020 main stage. We did some calculations, and the number starts at a whopping 130 with just Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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Tekken 7 surpasses 5 million copies sold, Katsuhiro Harada pledges to register to play at EVO 2020

Exciting news for Tekken fans as Bandai Namco's General Manager and Tekken 7 Director, Katsuhiro Harada, revealed late on Wednesday via Twitter that Tekken 7 has now sold over 5 million copies.

This benchmark was, in fact, surpassed sometime near the end of 2019, but Harada had actually missed this and is only relaying the news to us now.

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Tekken 7 update Version 3.21 is available now with its only goal being to nerf the crap out of Leroy Smith

Mr. Leroy Smith has essentially been the biggest topic of discussion in the Tekken 7 community since his release with many believing him to be too strong for his own good, which came to a head at EVO Japan last month where six of the top 8 finalists mained him.

Bandai Namco had promised an update for the game to re-balance Leroy, and now that update is here.

Tekken 7 update Version 3.21 is now available to download across all systems, and it's only mission objective is to whack Mr. Smith and his tools upside the head with the nerf bat.

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Humble Bundle's Lovers x Fighters sale features big discounts for the biggest fighting games and dating sims around

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and what better way to surprise your loved ones, friends or even yourself than with some cheap fighting games and dating sims while also giving a little to charity?

Humble Bundle is currently running their special Lovers x Fighters sale featuring the biggest titles from both of the thematically opposed genres from Dream Daddy to Mortal Kombat 11.

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