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Tekken stories

Frosty Faustings XV 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend we'll be seeing one of the first big offline majors of the year with the 2023 installment of Frosty Faustings and as always it'll be taking place in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Notable players participating include Razer|Umisho, ONi|NBNHMR, TSM|Leffen, Moist|Hotashi, Liquid|Riddles, Solstice, ScrawtVermillion, JIG|Kedako, KizzieKay, Slash, Lacid, Bean, Zane, Rise|Inzem, Nitro, ZomBmu, Intel|Razzo, EMGG|Justakid, Nezu, LostSoul, Seis Mx, Shuaboo, M&I|TempestNYC, DualKevin, LegendaryyPred, Zando, EMGG|Masoma, Wero Asamiya, Mystic, Buscar Luz, FAT|Jermanji, Lupro, STG|K-Top, Jyoung|Kuro, Foo, Monarch, Neokarsh, YARUCREW|Seth, Uri, THG|Ogyawn, TN|Yurikov, Crocs N' Socks, Moist|SaltOne, Diaphone, Proton|Coach Steve, Elyon, Callisto, Dtownsking, wG|ApolloKage, BassMage and many more.

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Tekken World Tour Finals and Last Chance Qualifier character usage stats

With Tekken 8 on the horizon, the Tekken World Tour Finals 2022 may very well be the last time that Tekken 7 will be featured at the event, and the players are all certainly fighting like it is.

Now that the first day of competition for the TWT Finals has come to an end, we've gathered up the full character usage breakdown for both the Last Chance Qualifier and main group stage.

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New Tekken 8 announcement likely inbound for this Sunday as game's director and producer say they have a 'surprise' in store

The big Tekken World Tour finals are taking place this weekend and the world's top competitors are preparing to slug it out in Amsterdam for the title of champ and a nice prize payout. While fans can guarantee they'll be seeing some good ass Tekken, it looks as though they might also be able to count on a new Tekken-related announcement slated for the event.

In anticipation of the finals, Tekken 7's (and Tekken 8's) director Katsuhiro Harada and producer Michael Murray took to Twitter today to tell fans that they should keep an eye on the event this Sunday. According to the developers, they have a surprise for us on finals day.

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Someone created an absolutely incredible Final Fantasy 7 Cloud mod for Tekken 7 and you need to see it right now

PC mods just continue to get better and better. Savvy fans have been pushing what is possible within the medium further than ever before as of late, and the one we're looking at today might be one of the best ever made.

Tekken 7 modder UMIN just released a new mod for the game that adds Final Fantasy 7's own Cloud Strife to the playable roster. From the presentation of the trailer to the detail in the character himself, this PC mod is absolutely incredible and is a must see.

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The top 10 PC fighting games at the start of 2023

The PC platform has been the fastest growing base for fighting game players for a few years now at least, and it's become the go-to place for many competitive scenes to set up shop.

With the somewhat transitory phase the FGC finds itself in at the moment, we've decided to take a look at the top 10 active fighting games currently available on Steam at the start of 2023.

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Maximilian reveals his own top 10 greatest fighting games of all time picks

IGN's recent list of their top 10 fighting games of all time obviously sparked a bunch of debate and questions for the publication's picks, so why not have the largest content creator in the FGC do his own?

After painstakingly narrowing down the choices, Maximilian Dood released a new video counting down what he believes to be the top 10 greatest fighting games to ever hit arcades / consoles.

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Top 10 most questionable guest character choices in fighting games

Over the past decade, the rise of guest characters in fighting games has been a source of both hype and contention for longtime fans, especially when the picks of who they bring in are not fighters who seem to immediately fit the series they're joining.

MrTopTenList recently did as his name suggests and released a new video going over the top 10 more questionable crossover and guest character choices in modern fighting games.

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Beach Laura, Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li, cell shaded Kazuya from Tekken 8... Cirenk's fighting game fan art is gorgeous

We've got a handful of wonderful pieces of fighting game fan art from Cirenk featuring characters from the Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Tekken franchises.

The roundup gallery kicks off with an image of Chun-Li in some unofficial Street Fighter 6 garb. There have been some images floating about of her in a fairly revealing blue dress, and though it's from a mod, it's certainly been getting attention from the internet nonetheless.

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You too can dress like the King with official Tekken 3 clothing for the wrestler's iconic alternate design

Fighting game characters are generally recognized for their original or traditional designs, which are of course used on a bunch of merchandise, but sometimes those bonus costumes take on a life of their own and live on for decades.

That's certainly what King II brought to the table when he arrived in Tekken 3 with his iconic shirt and sweats into the ring as his alternate Player 2 costume, which you too can now officially own thanks to Prix.

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Hilarious meme showcases Courage the Cowardly Dog looking for a Tekken 7 match with horrifying results

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a cartoon series that aired on Cartoon Network from November 1999 until November 2002 — three years. During season 2, an episode titled "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City" aired which, at one point, had Courage picking up a package from a condemned apartment complex in a city.

Needless to say, the scene that had Courage opening doors in search of this package only to find horrifying scenes has become something of a meme even in recent times. Quique recently created a meme that showcased Courage looking for a match in Tekken 7.

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Nice Tekken 8 character select screen mockup created by fan with some very bold guest character predictions

Character select screens are an often overlooked artform in fighting games serving as a preview window into not just a title's roster, but also its energy and atmosphere from how it's designed.

Although there's been relatively little shown off for Tekken 8 thus far, one big fan in Mousa Kalouti recently put together a mockup of what the new game's character select screen could look like along with some bold guest character predictions.

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This Tekken 7 Kuma player pulls off the most impressive evasive maneuvers to narrowly dodge lasers I've ever seen in a real match

Tekken's resident bear characters, Kuma and Panda, use powerful swipes that are a bit on the slower side in combat, but pack a mean punch. Despite them literally being large, lumbering bears who fight in the King of the Iron Fist tournament, they can actually be pretty agile at times.

I don't think I've ever seen a better example of their great mobility than what is showcased in this Tekken 7 clip from SYN | Master of the Salmon. Seriously, watching Kuma narrowly escape the burn of Devil Jin's lasers not once, but twice, feels like a scene that came right out of an action movie.

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From Jun's Tekken return to Manon's arrival in Street Fighter 6, Click Burgundy's top tier portraits are a great way to kick off the new year

There's certainly no wrong time to enjoy the wide range of talents from the fighting game communities top fan artists, so why not carry their good vibes with us into the new year.

And we can think of no one better to ring in 2023 than the one and only Click Burgundy with their top tier fighting game portraits from across the genre.

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The Pakistani Tekken boom is even more incredible once you see how many hurdles their scene overcomes

RB|Arslan Ash shocked the competitive fighting game community by dominating the global Tekken 7 scene, and noted during a victory speech that the Pakistani scene he hailed from had many additional high caliber players waiting to get their shot. Indeed, a handful more top level competitors emerged from this traditionally quiet and innocuous part of the community, suddenly putting the Pakistani FGC on the worldwide radar.

It's been almost a year since we last heard from Gerald at Core-A Gaming, but he and his team are back with an exploration into Pakistan's Tekken scene, and, as the video puts it, the best word to describe it is "miraculous."

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Steam's Winter Sale and PlayStation's Holiday 2022 Sale saved the best fighting game deals of the year until the very end

Update: This story has been updated with the long list of Steam Winter Sale fighting game specials as well as PlayStation.

If you're still looking for last-minute digital Christmas presents or just need to get caught up on some fighting game releases, now seems to be the perfect time to do so.

PlayStation's Holiday Sale is now underway with many of the best deals on fighting games we've seen all year — including some titles that hardly ever get discounted.

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Every new fighting game release confirmed and likely coming in 2023

As this year finally starts to draw to a close, it's about time to look forward to the exciting new possibilities on the coming horizon.

2023 is looking like it will officially begin the next generation of fighting games with multiple juggernaut titles confirmed or very likely to release in that 365-day span.

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Tekken World Tour 2022: Pakistan Regional Finals results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The final qualifier outside of the Last Chance Qualifier for the 2022 Tekken World Tour will be taking place in one of the strongest regions for the game, namely Pakistan.

The players competing for two of those prestigious spots in the finals are Fate|Arslan Ash, Ashses|Atif Butt, Ashes|Qasim Meer, Fate|Khan, Arc, Heera Malik, Hammad and Ashes|Kashi Snake.

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