Fierce tackles, powerful punches and a whole lot of attitude - Real-life Tekken videos return as Eric Jacobus takes on Miguel's brawler style

Eric Jacobus, known for his YouTube videos where he emulates various fighting game (mostly Tekken) characters moves in real life is back, and this time he's emulating the hot-blooded spaniard Miguel Caballero Rojo.

As always, he pulls the moves off splendidly, and if you want proof, just check out this brief highlight here.

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Tekken comic book to be launched in conjunction with Tekken 7 release, set for release in May 2017, covers and preview pages released

The hype for Tekken 7 is big, which is to be expected with a game that fans have been waiting to get a home version of for almost two years, but Namco are aiming to deliver on that hype in spades.

One of the projects that's set to capitalize on the Tekken hype is a comic book series published by Titan Comics, set for May 2017. Some covers and preview pages were released alongside the announcement - you can see a few of them here.

Tekken 7 Comic Preview image #1 Tekken 7 Comic Preview image #2 Tekken 7 Comic Preview image #3

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Tekken 7 DLC to feature 'special characters', no classic characters to be added this way

Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of the Tekken series, has previously clarified that Tekken 7: Fated Retribution will not be adding any classic characters to the game post-launch, at least not as paid DLC.

What does this mean for DLC characters, though? Michael Murray, one of the game's designers, took to Twitter to answer this very question without giving too much away.

You can find his tweet below.

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Echo Fox adds Saint and JDCR of Tekken fame to their strong fighting game eSports team

Echo Fox has expanded their already strong fighting game eSports team this morning with the addition of two Tekken greats. Choi "Saint" Jinwoo and Kim "JDCR" Hyun-Jun have officially joined the Echo Fox roster.

Last month, Echo Fox made waves in the fighting game community by signing nine prominent individuals including champions such as Justin Wong, Tokido, Momochi, SonicFox, and more. The eSports organization now ventures into the realm of Tekken, bringing on last year's EVO champion and a competitive Tekken legend -- Saint and JDCR, respectively.

“When we expanded our fighting game team last month we did it knowing that it was only the first step towards becoming a dominating force in the fighting game community," owner of team Echo Fox, Rick Fox, told theScore esports.

"By signing the two of the best Tekken players in the world, Saint and JDCR, we’re moving closer to that goal. I’m pleased to welcome them both to the team.”

For more on Echo Fox's latest acquisition, be sure to check out theScore esports.

Source: theScore esports.

HORI to release special Tekken 7 fightsticks on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both PC compatible

Tekken 7 is seeing its official console release on June 2nd this year, and the fans couldn't be more pumped. But what's a new game release without a slick new peripheral alongside it?

Well, HORI has got you covered. The company announced that special Tekken 7 fightsticks will be available when the game officially drops later this year.

They will come in two styles: PlayStation 4/PC and Xbox One/PC. The PlayStation 4 version has a black casing and features artwork of Heihachi and Kazuya, while the Xbox One's fightstick is white and has Lucky Chloe, Alisa, and Asuka on the front.

Tekken 7 fightsticks image #1
Click images for larger versions

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How fast can a life bar disappear? Everything from 0.5 to 8 seconds depending on the game - LiangHuBBB compilation shows some truly terrifying moments

We've all had those rounds where just every single thing goes wrong - we block the crossup the wrong way, we guess wrong on wakeup, we make an execution error at the worst point in time... Well, imagine all of this happening in the very same round, and you pretty much have this video.

One of LiangHuBBB's latest, it shows just how fast you can be defeated in a variety of games. Some of these situations at the end are glitched, though which ones are specified in the video description, but the vast majority of them are regular situations from regular matches.

Check out a snippet from a Street Fighter 4 match featuring Gen and Seth below.

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When's Mahvel? Here are the upcoming 2017 fighting games our readers are most excited for

Updated: And the results are in! To see how our readers voted, be sure to hit the jump.

Earlier: We've got quite a few fighting games set to be released in 2017 from a variety of developers - and surely even more to be announced throughout the year, such as SNK's currently secret projects.

Even beyond the fighting games not yet released, there's a lot more content coming up for games like Street Fighter 5 and Killer Instinct, so it's a good time to be a fighting game enthusiast.

But, of the games set to be officially released next year, which one are you looking forward to the most? I thought we'd need an official poll to decide something of this magnitude, so you can find it down below.

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The Tekken 7 development team offers an inside look at biggest game the franchise has seen yet

The development team for Tekken 7 at Bandai Namco has granted IGN a stroll through their offices as they discuss and show off the bells and whistles of their latest addition to the 3D fighter franchise.

Using Unreal Engine, the team has been able to reach new heights in terms of graphics. The development process has been ongoing for quite some time, allowing Bandai Namco to tweak everything to the exact specifications.

From the way Kuma's fur moves to the seamless transitions between cinematics and gameplay, Tekken 7 will offer players an unrivaled experience.

Check out the video below to see what the dev team's central focuses lie.

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Hooded figures, mysterious flashbacks and Heihachi crying? Awp Williams covers details you may have missed in the Tekken 7 Rage and Sorrow trailer

We recently got our first glimpse at the Tekken 7 story trailer titled "Rage and Sorrow."

This two minute tease shows a ton of quick sequences and images, leaving us with a mountainous hill of information to theorize about. Luckily for us, Awp Williams has already taken a crack at unpacking some of the hidden lore behind Rage and Sorrow.

Go with Awp step by step through the trailer as he offers his best guesses and theories on the various mysteries and ambiguities of Tekken 7's upcoming story.

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Have developers waited too long to release Tekken 7? Vesper questions if hype will hold out until summer 2017

You don't have to delve too deep into fighting game community conversation before you'll start hearing about how Street Fighter 5 was released prematurely.

This is a pitfall Tekken series producer, Katsuhiro Harada, has made special care to avoid. While attention to detail and fleshed out features will surely be appreciated by players, Bandai Namco may be stepping into a pitfall of their own by waiting too long.

After two years of play in Japanese arcades Tekken 7 finally received a Western release date: June 2nd. Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, (as it will be called upon release this summer) will offer some new content, but players very well may be feeling the title has lost the sparkle and sheen of a new release.

VesperArcade explores this idea in a recent video, and discusses the pluses and minuses of this approach.

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'After seeing releases from other companies, where things maybe weren't 100% at launch, we made the difficult decision to delay Tekken 7' says Harada

Earlier this week, we got the official release date for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, which, quite frankly, has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, the original release window said by Namco-Bandai which was "early 2017" didn't quite match up with the eventual final release date, which is June 2nd.

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada spoke to a group of media reporters at a press event in Tokyo to explain why this delay occured. You can see his words below.

Katsuhiro Harada: We were trying to do everything we could to make that date happen… maybe to scale down on the content in order to make the master release, but in the end we came to the decision that [after] seeing releases from other companies, as well as some of the past of our own, where maybe things weren’t working 100% at launch, or maybe it was missing some content, that’s the kind of thing we wanted to avoid with Tekken 7, so we made a very difficult decision of moving it to June to include all of the original content that we’d originally planned.

In addition to this, Harada shared some details on what we can expect from the game's story mode, which you can find below.

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Eliza revealed for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

During the EVO 2017 lineup reveal, Mark "Markman" Julio revealed that the vampiric Eliza will be joining the Tekken 7 cast via DLC.

We nabbed a few clips from her reveal trailer, which you can see below:

Click images for animated versions

You'll see the full trailer below.

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See which games EventHubs readers wanted in the EVO 2017 lineup

Update: Polls have closed and final results can be found in the story below.

Earlier: Later today, we're going to get the official unveiling of the EVO 2017 lineup.

There are a lot of games vying for main stage spots, and a bunch of new fighting games have been released or will be released in the period since EVO 2016, including BlazBlue: Central Fiction, King of Fighters 14 and Injustice 2.

To gauge your interest, we decided to put together two polls - one with which games you expect to see, and one with which games you hope to see. Each poll has 3 choices, so choose wisely.

First, you can vote right below for what games you personally want to see.

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Tekken 7 hits stores June 2nd, 2017 - new 'Rage and Sorrow' trailer released

Bandai Namco has released their latest trailer for Tekken 7. Entitled "Rage and Sorrow," we are given a closer look at the game's story mode and new gameplay footage.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the console release date, and the wait is over. Tekken 7 will be available for purchase starting June 2nd, 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Pre-ordering the game gives players access to Eliza as a bonus DLC fighter. Additionally, we'll be seeing retro Tekken 4 and Tekken 2 costumes for Jin, Xiaoyu, and King.

Tekken 7 screenshots image #1 Tekken 7 screenshots image #2 Tekken 7 screenshots image #3 Tekken 7 screenshots image #4 Tekken 7 screenshots image #5 Tekken 7 screenshots image #6 Tekken 7 screenshots image #7 Tekken 7 screenshots image #8 Tekken 7 screenshots image #9
Click images for larger versions

You can check out the trailer after the jump.

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Akuma's custom shower costume has us at a loss for words... Tekken 7: a serious game that doesn't always take itself too seriously

Tekken 7 is getting closer and closer to a console release, but its lack of accessibility outside of Japan has understandably placed it a bit under the radar for less than hardcore fans of the series.

We'd like to share with you just how exciting this game can be. Mr. Naps took on Goraebob in an incredibly exciting tournament set at the King of Iron Fist Tournament late last year, the latter choosing to use Akuma.

Not only does this set exemplify the game's intense and exciting play, but also shows off the custom costume feature potential. Akuma, a demonic fighter feared throughout multiple fighting game franchises, sports a shower costume complete with running shower head...

The grand stage for Tekken tournaments with two of the game's best clashing and one of fighting game's most fearesome characters... but also, bath time Raging Demon:

Click image for animated version

You can see their full set in the video below.

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