North West Majors 9 live streams and schedule

Northwest Majors 9 is taking place this weekend in Kent, Washington.

There were be several streams available, along with a lot of tournaments games being played.

You can find those streams below, along with a schedule.

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Tekken 7 has 'deep cleavage,' laxatives, pizza, a peeping Tom, and flatulence, according to the ESRB

It's pretty clear that the developers of the Tekken series love tossing humorous elements into their fighting games. Tekken 7, for example, will feature some of the goofiest equip-able items we've ever seen in a competitive fighter.

But it looks like this time around, Bandai Namco didn't limit the funny to just unlockables. According to the ESRB's summary of their Tekken 7 rating, we'll be seeing more outlandish things sprinkled across the rest of the game.

The ESRB notes that the game contains crude humor, mild blood, mild language, suggestive themes, violence, however, the specifics are the best part. Players can expect to see "deep cleavage" that sometimes gets zoomed in on, a scene involving laxatives and flatulence, and quite a bit more.

You can read the summary below.

Tekken 7's ESRB rating description image #1
Click images for larger versions

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With Tekken 7 getting additional guests characters, who are we hoping to see? DreamKing and MajinTenshinhan share their picks, let us know yours

It was recently announced that Tekken 7: Fated Retribution will be receiving additional guest characters post-launch.

While specifics on the two guest characters set to join Akuma in the King of Iron Fist Tournament are scarce, what we do know is that they will be from video games.

With that in mind, me and my eternal partner-in-crime Steven "DreamKing" Chavez decided to write up what characters we're hoping made the cut to join the Tekken franchise.

Although the banner already shows you our picks, continue below for our reasoning - and also, to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Tekken was originally called Rave War, Gon unlikely to ever return, playable fish and more - Did You Know Gaming sheds light on the series

Tekken is one of the most celebrated series in fighting game history, both commercially and critically, and during its 23-year history, a lot of things have happened, some more known than others.

Did You Know Gaming's latest video goes into detail on many of Tekken's lesser known intricacacies such as how the series' juggling originated, the extremely simple reason Tekken Force was introduced as a mode in Tekken 3, and one astoundingly bizarre character left out of Tekken 3's release, but still present in the game's data.

If you want a dose of Tekken knowledge injected, look no further than right below to check out the full video.

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'The world's most violent game of hacky sack...' - Honest Game Trailers hilariously rips into Tekken, and yes, they go in on SFxT...

It's almost too easy...

Smosh Games has put the world's most recognizable 3D fighter in its cross hairs, and brings us the Honest Trailer for the Tekken franchise.

"The 3D series that's quietly sold more than its more popular cousins, but still doesn't get invited to all the parties..." HGT goes in on everything from the characters (yes there's an obligatory Eddy Gordo jab) to the game's ridiculous story line.

Fans of the series will surely get a laugh out of the video, but fighting game players in general will absolutely be able to appreciate it as well.

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Tekken 7 will feature two more guest characters from other video game franchises after launch - other DLC plans also detailed

Bandai Namco announced today that Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, which is set to be released on on June 2nd, 2017, will be receiving additional guest characters besides Street Fighter's Akuma down the line.

Other DLC plans were also detailed, with the first batch, containing a brand new mode and over 50 costumes for the game's characters, set for a Summer 2017 release.

Continue below for the scarce details we currently know about the additional non-Tekken character DLC.

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Tekken 7 to not feature cross-play between consoles and PC after all - Harada explains that the problem can't be solved by 3rd party developers

We previously reported on Namco Bandai stating that cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC might be in the card, but unfortunately that does not seem to be happening after all.

Harada has explained on Twitter that the security policy for their P2P networking doesn't allow cross-play between three platforms, and that he has no desire to split the PC version.

You can find Harada's tweets on the matter below.

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Final Round 20 results ft NuckleDu, Tokido, SonicFox, Fuudo, Saint

Update: This story has been updated with final results. You can scope out our highlights for the final day of SF5 here.

Final Round 20 is upon us, and there's going to be absolute top-level action in multiple games, though the main story is of course the start of 2017's Capcom Pro Tour, for which Final Round is the first event, and a premier no less.

Games being played at the event besides Street Fighter 5 are Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Mortal Kombat XL, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Pokkén Tournament, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, King of Fighters 14, Capcom vs. SNK 2 and For Honor.

A huge number of top contenders are attending the event. Some of the big names you can expect to see include Liquid|NuckleDu, FOX|Tokido, FOX|SonicFox, GRPT|Fuudo, FOX|Saint, MJS|Haitani, FOX|Momochi, GGP|Kazunoko, BST|Daigo, FOX|JDCR, RZR|Xian, FOX|Scar, GRPT|MOV, FOX|Justin Wong, Circa|Anakin, EG|NYChrisG, CO|Go1, EG|Ricki Ortiz, BX3|Phenom, Noble|Dragon, SPY|Filipino Champ, EG|K-Brad, PG|Hayatei, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, HZRD|SpeedKicks, ITS|Princess Ling, Noble|iLuusions, Wolfkrone, Kkokkoma, PIE|Smug, ZW|OilKing, Circa|LPN, CO|Tanukana, 3|Alucard, RN|Alex Myers, DNL|Chris Tatarian, BxA|KoDee, MOUZ|Problem X, Flash, PR Balrog, MVG|Scatt, ITS|Lil Majin, Brenttiscool, Day, PG|RayRay, TS|Arturo Sanchez, LI Joe, CYG|Snake Eyez, FOX|ChocoBlanka, FS|Fatality, WFX|XSK Samurai, BJ Unchained and GS|Gllty.

Streaming is being handled by Capcom Fighters, Tekken, Bifuteki, Typo House Games, Funky P and Kombat Network.

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Tekken 7 adding some of the most goofy things you'll see in a fighting game - and I totally want them

Tekken 7 has some of the most ridiculous custom items available to players, and I badly want them.

These items include animations which activate as you fight with them equipped.

Although, if Akuma is able to use his shotgun during the course of the match, it might create a slightly unfair advantage...

Kidding aside, these items are just for visually enhancing your characters, but these are some of the most goofy, and yet still awesome, things I've seen in a fighting game.

Tekken 7 ridiculous custom items image #1 Tekken 7 ridiculous custom items image #2 Tekken 7 ridiculous custom items image #3 Tekken 7 ridiculous custom items image #4 Tekken 7 ridiculous custom items image #5 Tekken 7 ridiculous custom items image #6

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2017's Capcom Pro Tour season finally starts tomorrow with a big bang - Final Round is going to have a ton of amazing players, get a rundown here

It's been three months since Capcom Cup, and now it's finally time for the Pro Tour circuit to start up again. With a new set of rules, more characters and some big changes to the game's balance, all bets are off on what we're going to see.

Of course, Street Fighter 5 isn't the only game being played at the event. You can expect some top-level hype in several other games as well, including Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, in which Echo Fox's newly picked up Korean champions show up to battle it out against North America's finest.

Continue below for an in-depth rundown of what you can expect from Final Round 20 this weekend.

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More Tekken 7 fight sticks on the way from Mad Catz

With Tekken 7 right around the corner the selection in licensed fight sticks just got a bit bigger. Mad Catz' new line of Tekken 7 TE2+ sticks are due to arrive in June with the release of the new game.

Like other TE2+ sticks, these ones feature easy access to internal components and storage for extra tools and parts.

Two styles are available for PS4/PS3. A white and black color scheme with artwork featuring Kazumi Mishima and a red and black version featuring Heihachi and Jin.

Mad Catz Tekken 7 Fight Sticks image #1 Mad Catz Tekken 7 Fight Sticks image #2 Mad Catz Tekken 7 Fight Sticks image #3 Mad Catz Tekken 7 Fight Sticks image #4
Click images for larger versions

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Eddy Gordo officially revealed for Tekken 7, see his full trailer here

One of Tekken's most recognizable faces has made his way into the franchise's seventh numbered installment as Capoeira fighter Eddy Gordo was revealed earlier today.

A staple of the series since Tekken 3, Eddy rose to fame amongst casual players because of his relative ease to play. This often meant button mashing at an arcade cabinet while Eddy performed ridiculously cool sequences from his unique Capoeira style.

He'll be joining the cast of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution upon release on June 2, 2017. Here are some screen shots, and you'll catch the full trailer below.

Eddy Gordo Reveal image #1 Eddy Gordo Reveal image #2 Eddy Gordo Reveal image #3 Eddy Gordo Reveal image #4 Eddy Gordo Reveal image #5 Eddy Gordo Reveal image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Fierce tackles, powerful punches and a whole lot of attitude - Real-life Tekken videos return as Eric Jacobus takes on Miguel's brawler style

Eric Jacobus, known for his YouTube videos where he emulates various fighting game (mostly Tekken) characters moves in real life is back, and this time he's emulating the hot-blooded spaniard Miguel Caballero Rojo.

As always, he pulls the moves off splendidly, and if you want proof, just check out this brief highlight here.

Click image for animated version

Continue below for the full video.

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Tekken comic book to be launched in conjunction with Tekken 7 release, set for release in May 2017, covers and preview pages released

The hype for Tekken 7 is big, which is to be expected with a game that fans have been waiting to get a home version of for almost two years, but Namco are aiming to deliver on that hype in spades.

One of the projects that's set to capitalize on the Tekken hype is a comic book series published by Titan Comics, set for May 2017. Some covers and preview pages were released alongside the announcement - you can see a few of them here.

Tekken 7 Comic Preview image #1 Tekken 7 Comic Preview image #2 Tekken 7 Comic Preview image #3

Continue below for the rest of the images.

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Tekken 7 DLC to feature 'special characters', no classic characters to be added this way

Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of the Tekken series, has previously clarified that Tekken 7: Fated Retribution will not be adding any classic characters to the game post-launch, at least not as paid DLC.

What does this mean for DLC characters, though? Michael Murray, one of the game's designers, took to Twitter to answer this very question without giving too much away.

You can find his tweet below.

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