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Tekken stories

Modder recreates Kazuya Mishima's new moves from the recent Tekken 8 trailer in Tekken 7

We recently got to see Kazuya Mishima's gameplay during a recent Tekken 8 trailer. As expected, Kazuya's move set is getting changed up a little bit since being playable in Tekken 7.

Based on what we saw from this recent trailer, how would Kazuya play in Tekken 7 with these move set changes? It seems that RyzingSol, a modder, recently sought the answer to this question.

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Evo 2023 lineup

Update: The story has been updated with the full games lineup for Evo 2023.

After a pretty triumphant return to the big stage last year, the Evolution Championship Series is likely looking to make an even larger push for their next outing.

The Evo 2023 lineup reveal live stream is scheduled to go live tonight at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST to showcase every mainstage fighting game that's going to be present at the event as well as the surrounding information for attendees.

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Here are 10 interesting details about the Kazuya Mishima Tekken 8 trailer that you might've missed

Earlier today, Bandai Namco dropped the Kazuya Mishima Tekken 8 trailer. Although we're already well aware that Kazuya is one of the playable characters in Tekken 8, this new trailer provided a lot of insight about how Kazuya will feel and play in the upcoming fighting game.

In response to this new trailer dropping, HBGP released a video that outlines 10 details about the Kazuya Mishima trailer that many might not have noticed. A lot of interesting things are highlighted in the 1:21 video.

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Kazuya Mishima gameplay revealed in latest Tekken 8 trailer

Although Kazuya Mishima was basically the first character revealed for Tekken 8, we haven't really had too many opportunities to see his gameplay. However, Bandai Namco has recently released a new trailer featuring Kazuya's gameplay in Tekken 8 in a way that was similar to the Nina Williams Tekken 8 trailer.

As expected, Kazuya appears to have developed a few new tricks since his appearance in Tekken 7. Now that Heihachi Mishima has been dealt with, it seems that Kazuya now has his sights set on Jin Kazama.

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That awkward moment when you just lay on the ground and stare at the opponent because your plan horribly failed

The added dimension to 3D fighting games opens up a door to all sorts of shenanigans when 1 player is knocked down on the ground, and it sometimes leads to silly situations like this.

Tekken 7 player Ty recently shared a humorous experience in which he and the opponent laying on the ground just awkwardly stare at each other because there were some plans that went terribly awry.

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Lvl Up Expo 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with the event's final results.

It's really great to see that even more general events and conventions can draw a large amount of fighting game fans once again for some high levels of competition.

Lvl Up Expo is currently going down with many of the best FGC and Super Smash Bros. players in North America in attendance including TSM|Tweek, Kizzie Kay, Liquid|Hungrybox, Marss, Supernoon, VGBC|aMSa, Moist|Light, NYChrisG, Cosmos, CLG|VoiD, MVD, Lui$, Pro7otype, Justin Wong, and more.

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Justin Wong crafts tier list ranking all of his competitive fighting game mains from Storm to Menat and far beyond

There's maybe a handful of people in the world who can claim they have the competitive pedigree and results that Justin Wong has, and many of the characters he's mained over his career have become iconic in their own right too, for better or worse.

The fighting game legend recently crafted a new tier list to rank how strong he believes each of his main picks are / were from Marvel vs. Capcom to Street Fighter and far beyond.

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Click Burgundy's styling fighting game portraits are always a top-tier way to start the week

If any of you are in need of some extra energy to kick off your Monday, then you can borrow some from Click Burgundy because they seem to be overflowing with it.

We've covered the top tier Japanese artist a number of times on the website, but his recent fighting game portraits are among our favorite out of Click Burgundy over the years.

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Ten Tekken 8 details you missed in the latest trailer

The fighting game community got its biggest look at Tekken 8 yet last weekend week as Bandai Namco showed off both gameplay as well as the latest character trailer (featuring one of the franchise's long time favorites Nina Williams).

The half hour long showcase housed a ton of exciting new information, but also featured quite a few less conspicuous points of interest that you very well may have missed. That's where YouTuber Hi! Buff Gigas Please? and their latest video come in.

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Tekken 8's Nina Williams compared side-by-side with her Tekken 7 counterpart

Bandai Namco is leaping into the next generation of fighting games with their upcoming 3D title, Tekken 8. The company recently gave fans a full breakdown of the game's new Heat system, as well as revealed fan-favorite and staple of the series, Nina Williams.

Nina (and the Tekken series in general) has had quite the glow up here in Tekken 8, and YouTuber YellowMotion recently took the time to compare some of the shots from the new trailer with Nina's previous iteration to see how much things have changed for the new generation.

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Tekken 8 developers have made it so that characters can be played reasonably well by only using Heat Engagers

During the recent 35 minute "trailer" for Tekken 8, Katsuhiro Harada and Kohei Ikeda of Bandai Namco discussed the mechanics behind Tekken 8's new "Heat System." Characters can unlock access to their Heat Energy through either a Heat Burst or Heat Engager.

According to the Tekken 8 developers, characters in Tekken 8 will have access to several moves that will behave as Heat Engagers. On average, a character will have around five moves with this Heat Engager property.

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Fighting EX Layer developer Arika assisting in Tekken 8's online netcode and new Tekken 7 update

Arika's work with fighting games dates back almost 30 years to the Street Fighter EX series, and now they've got another massive franchise they're bringing their expertise to.

During the Tekken 8 showcase this past weekend, Producer Michael Murray announced the Fighting EX Layer developers are going to be assisting Bandai Namco with the new game as well as an update in the works for Tekken 7.

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Here's a breakdown of Tekken 8's new Heat System and other new mechanics plus EventHubs' reactions

Just before the Nina Williams trailer for Tekken 8, another "trailer" debuted that had Katsuhiro Harada and Kohei Ikeda (Tekken Project Game Director) discussing Tekken 8's new mechanics for around 35 minutes.

The Rage system that's been part of the Tekken series since Tekken 6 has returned in Tekken 8. Through the Rage System, Rage Arts can be accessed once again, but the Rage Drive has been replaced by the new Heat System.

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Closed Alpha Test for Tekken 8 coming soon, starting at Evo Japan 2023

On top of the Nina Williams announcement and gameplay breakdown shown off today, there was more exciting Tekken 8 news about when some lucky players are going to try the new game out for the first time.

Bandai Namco revealed during the Tekken World Tour Finals they are planning to host Closed Alpha Test sessions for Tekken 8 quite soon, starting at Evo Japan 2023.

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Tekken World Tour 2023 announced beginning in March, features only offline events

With the conclusion of the Tekken World Tour Finals today, Bandai Namco came prepared to show off quite a bit about the future of Tekken 8 as well as how quickly the competition will start all over again.

The Tekken World Tour is back for 2023, presumably the last year for Tekken 7, with a return to offline events only starting next month.

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Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The finals of the 2022 circuit for the Tekken World Tour are finally upon us and they're taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Players who will be participating in the finals are DRX|Knee, FATE|Arslan Ash, Ashes|Atif Butt, RB|Anakin, GyoGun|Ao, Yamasa|Nobi, JoKa, LNC|Joey Fury, Yeonarang, K-Wiss, PBE|AK, Ghirlanda, Tejan, DivineExorcist4, DE|Raef, HDG|Noel, Shin Akuma, Yagami, Unknown.EXE, Skywalker, and GG|Callym Beukes, as well as three additional spots open through the Last Chance Qualifier.

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Nina Williams revealed for Tekken 8

In the middle of the Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray approached the stage. As promised, they had a surprise announcement ready to reveal for Tekken fans.

After a 35-minute trailer that explained many of Tekken 8's mechanics, another trailer appeared that revealed Nina Williams. Rather than sporting a wedding dress, she has a more casual look this time.

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