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Tekken stories

Why were Leroy and Fahkumram so ridiculous upon release in Tekken 7? King Jae provides a better look at these two newcomers to the series

Season 3 for Tekken 7 has marked some interesting times for the game's meta. Over a period of time, we saw the release of Zafina, Leroy, Ganryu, and Fahkumram.

Although Zafina and Ganryu are returning characters, Leroy and Fahkumram were actually making their debut appearances in the Tekken series upon their release. Needless to say, their sudden appearance had drastic effects on the meta due to their overall power levels.

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Celtic Throwdown 2020 Online early results, streams ft. Noka, Rixta, Deviance, LordVenom, Lythero, Xaeji, Gumius, Nevir, Mik, Stimoro and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 3 results.

The annual Irish fighting game event Celtic Throwdown is back on this year, though given the circumstances in 2020 it will be held online across several weeks.

Notable players set to compete in this first week are Oplon|Noka, Rixta, Deviance, LordVenom, Lythero, Xaeji, Gumius, Nevir, Mik, Stimoro, AS1|Nutrient and many more.

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Topanga League X Tekken 7 Season 2 early results, stream ft. Gen, Ao, Chikurin, Rangchu, Take, Jyotaro, Nobi, Double, Noroma, Karei, Yuu and more

Update: This story has been updated with full day 4 results.

The Topanga League is back with another Tekken 7 installment after the last one proved so successful.

Players participating in the finals stages of the league are Liquid|Gen, GyoGun|Ao, THY|Chikurin, BLCK|Rangchu, Yamasa|Take, EQNX|Jyotaro, Yamasa|Nobi, Double, COOASGAMES|Noroma, YOG|Karei, Yamasa|Yuu, ITO|Mikio, ITO|Chirichiri, YoujinBoy, GPG|Pekos, HYDE|Hakaiou, ITO|Macchan, Amiigo, EQNX|Masa and Zeugal.

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Two-time EVO champion JDCR creates excellent competitive beginner's guide for Tekken 7 in multi-part series

It's no secret in the fighting game community that Tekken is among the most daunting series to learn and play competitively with even the newest entry lacking tutorials to help ease players in beyond the basics.

Two-time EVO champion JDCR recently stepped up to create his own helpful five-part competitive beginner's guide for Tekken 7 which covers important topics like inputs, character selection, side-stepping, and the ins and outs of the game's combo system.

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Tekken Online Challenge Korea results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Tekken Online Challenge continues this week with probably one of the most contested regions for the game, namely South Korea.

Notable players participating include JDCR, ROX|Chanel, GG|Saint, Talon|Kkokkoma, UYU|JeonDDing, EQNX|Eyemusician, Mulgold, Rest, DoToRing, Breadman and many more.

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How to figure out your opponents in Tekken 7 and three tips to help you improve your game

We've been delving into how to even get started learning the intricacies of playing Tekken 7, and the lesson today concludes our beginner's trek. RB|Anakin wraps up his Class In Session series with episode 6, which explains how to properly figure out your opponent.

An important aspect of Tekken 7 (and fighting games in general) is being able to determine what kind of behavior your opponent is exhibiting. Anakin offers a couple of things you can look out for to start analyzing your foe.

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Something about Kid Kazuya beating the tar out of the adults in Tekken 7 is especially satisfying to watch; check out this mod and combo showcase

When fans first started into the story mode of Tekken 7 we quickly started hearing about an epic and surprising sequence wherein a young Heihachi throws an even younger Kazuya off of a mountain in what might be the most brutal display of hard love parenting in all of fighting games.

You actually control Kid Kazuya for a brief few moments as you engage in a moot attempt to defeat Heihachi, but modders have been able to take this small character model and place him into the main game. Pak Tekken has recently uploaded a video showcasing combo footage of Kid Kazuya taking all of the adults to task, and given the game's story happenings, this winds up being an especially satisfying watch.

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Tekken 7 player catches everyone by surprise with Geese Howard's unique Wall Jump attack to end a match, sending the crew into confusion and hysterics

Tekken 7 characters have a ton of moves that we don't often get to see in high-level play, but there's a select few that makes everyone lose it when they happen and actually work.

Norwegian Leo player Ueki recently shared a hilarious clip showing the ending of his match against King Jae's Geese Howard that made everyone involved absolutely lose it.

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Tekken game director says fart special move didn't make it into Tekken 7 because it would have pushed the game to a Mature rating

There are a lot of ridiculous and comical things that exist within the Tekken series, such as bears that put aside mauling you in exchange for punches, kicks, and butt slams. Said bears also used to have a special move with which they farted in the opponent's general direction, but that same move is not present in the latest entry, Tekken 7.

There's actually reason for this, and it wasn't a case of the developers simply thinking the move was unnecessary and omitting it. According to Tekken Chief Producer Katsuhiro Harada, Kuma's fart move was left out of Tekken 7 because it would have pushed the game into a Mature rating.

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High resolution Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur 6 images are so detailed you can plainly see pores, freckles, and more

The gaming world is getting ready for brand new chapters as we prepare for the coming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles that are sure to blow us away with graphical detail unlike what we've ever seen before, but Re:play gives us plenty of reason to remain impressed with current generation capabilities.

We're so used to seeing fighting game characters from Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur 6 flying by in medias res that we virtually always miss the incredible details included by the artists who designed them. That won't be the case today.

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Panda's dancing taunt can completely avoid Rage Art Supers in Tekken 7 by moving when time is supposed to be stopped

Panda's road through Tekken 7 sure is a wild one from being considered one of the weakest characters in the game to winning a world championship with BI|Rangchu — that even surprised Katsuhiro Harada — and now she appears to be blessed with a special / pretty funny piece of tech.

Japanese player Ortega recently shared an interesting discovery regarding Panda's signature dancing bear taunt which allows her to dodge certain Rage Art Supers in Tekken 7.

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Tekken Online Challenge Europe West results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend marks the start of this year's Tekken Online Challenge Open Tournament series with the first region being Europe West.

Notable players set to compete include DG|RooKang, EpPro|The Phantom, King Jae, ELF|Shirdel, TDB|ArtOfAce, Noble|K-Wiss and many more.

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This Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending saw four characters trying to prove they belong in the next game and none are playable in Tekken 7

The Tekken series is home to a library of interesting, funny, and exciting cinematic character endings. The most peculiar of the bunch tend to be the ones where Bandai Namco breaks the fourth wall, seeing fighters in-game reference the developers themselves or even seeing the game's chief producer in the game and interacting with the likes of The Walking Dead's Negan.

One that caught my attention recently is that of Wang's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending which sees him and three fellow senior fighters — Jinpachi, Dr. Bosconovitch, and Sebastian — sitting down for a meeting to try and figure out how they can stay relevant. Their goal is to prove their recognition for "the future of Tekken," which is clearly referring to the next game in the series (Tekken 7).

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What happened to Lili? Side by side character model comparison from Tekken 7 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 raises a few questions

Emilie De Rochefort, better known as Lili, has been a household name in Tekken ever since the franchise's fifth entry and while we're very happy to have seen her join the roster of Tekken 7, we have to talk about her design.

To be honest, we hadn't noticed much difference in the blonde haired beauty's appearance initially, but after a side by side character model comparison posted by Mukoj_in we're raising an eyebrow in Bandai Namco's direction.

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Tekken 7 player takes advantage of giant bear butt slam to hilariously avoid super attack for the win

Tekken 7 players tend to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the game's hitboxes depending on which characters they play as or against.

Some users can even take advantage of the fighting game's mostly-accurate hitboxes to narrowly avoid taking a hit to the face to follow with their own counter, and then you have what Korean player K2RO recently did which is just downright funny.

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You haven't fully appreciated the art of Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, or Soul Calibur 6 until you've seen these gorgeous high-res stills from Re:play

I've been looking at Street Fighter 5 virtually every single day since it dropped back in February of 2016, but seeing the absolutely gorgeous stills captured by Re:play helped me take notice of details I hadn't previously been aware of at all.

Using a free roaming camera, high definition captures, and a good bit of color correction, Re:play have taken characters from Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and other beautiful games and put them into lights that make us feel like we're meeting them for the first time.

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Tekken 7 producer says players should expect to see new information about Season 4 later this month

It's been slightly over one month since Tekken 7 fans first learned about what's going to be coming in the game's fourth season of content, and now there's a window into when we'll know even more.

Tekken producer Michael Murray took to Twitter this morning to give fans a small update about when to expect updates regarding Season 4 which is fairly soon.

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