Combo Breaker 2017 results feat. NuckleDu, Kazunoko, Momochi, Mago, Smug, Snake Eyez

Updating with final results: We've added a plethora of Combo Breaker 2017 results into this story, you can find them all below.

Combo Breaker 2017 is a Capcom Pro Tour premier event taking place this weekend in St. Charles, Illinois. This is an absolutely stacked competition, and is bringing in competitors from multiple countries around the globe.

Notable Street Fighter 5 players scheduled to compete include Liquid|NuckleDu, GGP|Kazunoko, FOX|Momochi, Zowie|GamerBee, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Scarz|Sako, FOX|Justin Wong, Mago, Poongko, Smug, EG|NYChrisG, Rise|Marn, Mouz|Problem X, CO|Go1, GFuel|Verloren, EG|K-Brad, YouDeal|Yukadon, Circa|LPN, SPY|Filipino Champ, RB|Snake Eyez, Talon|Xiaobao, CO|Dogura, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Mouz|CCL, 801 Strider, F3|Alucard, Noble|Vagabond, Flash, Stupendous, WBG|CJ Truth, XSK Samurai, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, NS|Ludovic, Commander Jesse, among others.

Not only with the SF5 competition be hot, but Injustice 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is sure to be lit as well, and fans of other titles will have quite a bit to chose from in terms of what to watch.

You can find the live streams and scheduling information below.

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Tekken World Tour announced, over $200,000 in prize money up for grabs

Bandai Namco, in collaboration with Twitch, has announced a new tournament series entitled the "Tekken World Tour." This circuit will pit Tekken 7 players around the world against each other for a chance to compete in the World Tour finals.

This tournament series will feature both live and online events in which players can earn ranking points. Leaderboards will be maintained for the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific and will be region locked.

The top 5 players from each of the regional leaderboards will qualify for the 16-player World Finals. The 16th competitor spot is reserved for the EVO 2017 Tekken 7 winner, who will automatically qualify.

Bragging rights aren't the only thing on the line with the Tekken World Tour. Players will be competing for over $200,000 in prizes.

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Here are Tekken 7's minimum and recommended PC requirements

Have you been curious about Tekken 7's minimum and recommended requirements for the PC? This information was recently listed on Steam's page for the game.

The game will be releasing on June 2nd. If you plan on getting the game for the PC, it'd probably be a good idea to at least make sure your PC meets the specifications.

Hit the jump below to check out the requirements.

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New Tekken 7 videos show high quality footage in 60 FPS on PlayStation Pro, reveal new glimpses into story mode

A recent article on fightersgeneration has turned us on to two pretty interesting Tekken 7 videos.

The first of these is a new character episode trailer from Bandai Namco, which happens to show off a few scenes from the game's story. We nabbed a few of those for you to quickly view in the GIF here:

Click images for animated versions

The second of these is a cinematic intro video from YellowMotion, which shows off the game in the highest possible quality on PlayStation Pro.

Since this is through YouTube, compression is still a factor, and what we're seeing isn't quite as crisp as the real thing. Still, Tekken 7's visuals are looking absolutely top notch, and you can see them for yourself after the jump.

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Harada confirms a game tuning patch after the release of Tekken 7 for consoles

Despite Tekken 7 being available in Japan since March 18, 2015, the worldwide console release won't be coming until June 2, 2017. It's been a long wait, but we're nearly there now.

Harada was recently asked if there will be an update made to Tekken 7 after its console release. Harada had this to say:

Click image for Tweet

We already know that Tekken 7 will eventually have two additional DLC characters from other franchises later down the road so patching for the game is to be expected. It is nice to know that balance adjustments will be made as well.

Patching games after their release has essentially become standard practice in the video game industry. This allows the developers to continue work on a game without the pressure of deadlines.

Source: Harada's Twitter.

Tekken 7's latest story trailer gives us more Kazuya vs. Heihachi and some sweet Akuma action

Bandai Namco has released another traller for their upcoming title, Tekken 7. This time, we get another look at the game's story mode.

The trailer gives a bit more insight on some of the character's motivations, as well as more of Kazuya and Heihachi's epic battle. Additionally, Akuma makes several appearances throughout the video.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to view the full trailer.

Tekken 7 story screenshots image #1 Tekken 7 story screenshots image #2 Tekken 7 story screenshots image #3 Tekken 7 story screenshots image #4 Tekken 7 story screenshots image #5 Tekken 7 story screenshots image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Tekken 7 has gone gold, here's another look at the game's awesome collector's edition

Tekken 7 is ready to ship to the masses.

Late last week, Tekken Community Advisor Mark "MarkMan" Julio took to Twitter to share the news of the game going gold. "We live, breathe and bleed this game. It's finally ready for the world on June 2nd. Please pre-order & support #TeamTEKKEN!" MarkMan wrote.

Though the game is less than a month away from release now, there is still some time to pick up the awesome collector's edition. Below you will find some screenshots of the CE's contents, as well as more images of the retro costumes that are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 image #1 Tekken 7 image #7 Tekken 7 image #8 Tekken 7 image #9 Tekken 7 image #2 Tekken 7 image #3 Tekken 7 image #4 Tekken 7 image #5 Tekken 7 image #6

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Bandai Namco bans two players from UK Championship for alleged collusion

Namco Bandai has banned two players, District G|King Jae and District G|C-Krizzle, from the Tekken 7 UK Championship after concluding that the two were involved in collusion during their play at a Birmingham tournament on May 6th.

The UK Championship is a series of five events (the Birmingham event being the fourth) of which the top three placers at each gain berth to the finals at MCM London Comic Con on May 26th. C-Krizzle had already qualified in a prior tournament, but teammate King Jae had yet to do so.

Below are two clips that have prompted viewers to question the validity of the set in question:

Click images for animated versions

Below you'll find Namco's full statement on the matter. We reached out to the players involved, and received a statement from King Jae, which you'll also find below.

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Here's what Tekken 7 looks like in Virtual Reality Mode

While we're not entirely sure fighting games are quite ready for virtual reality, (or perhaps the opposite?) Tekken 7 is taking making that leap in no small way.

The first decision that comes to mind when thinking of how to integrate VR into a fighting game likely concerns exactly what perspective the player will see through. As cool as it would be to see through the eyes of the fighter you're using, this just may not be all that practical.

Tekken 7 has chosen to give the player the eyes of a third party, perhaps a referee, that is an onlooker of the fight in front of them. It's as though you're standing in front of the fight, in the arena with the characters that you are controlling:

Click images for animated versions

DigitalFoundry shows off more of this mode, and reviews Tekken 7 in more general terms in their video below.

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Here's a look at Tekken 7's full player and character customization featuring Akuma

The Tekken series is known for having extensive customization options for character in its games. Luckily for fans, the tradition remains true in Bandai Namco's upcoming title, Tekken 7.

Zanar Aesthetics managed to capture footage (from the full game build) that shows how the customization works in the latest entry. The video gives a full run through of player customization -- including health bar borders, icons, etc. -- and character items for each of the different categories.

Akuma is used as the example in this footage, so we get a look at many of his customization options. Below are just a handful of screenshots to get you started.

Tekken 7 customization  image #1 Tekken 7 customization  image #2 Tekken 7 customization  image #3 Tekken 7 customization  image #4 Tekken 7 customization  image #5 Tekken 7 customization  image #6
Click images for larger versions

To see the full video, hit the jump.

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Here are the first 10 minutes of Tekken 7's Story Mode

The first 10 minutes of Tekken 7's Story Mode have popped up on YouTube, and the game is looking absolutely fantastic.

We're just a few days from the proposed June 2nd release date, but it seems some lucky fans have already gotten early access. The story kicks off with a flashback sequence of young Kazuya and Heihachi in a nice little father-son sparring session... to the death.

We then jump to an intense sequence as present day Heihachi takes on an entire military facility single handed, with Nina Williams and a whole mess of soldiers fighting back to stop him.

Here are a few stills from the video, and you can catch the whole thing after the jump.

Tekken 7 Story image #1 Tekken 7 Story image #2 Tekken 7 Story image #3 Tekken 7 Story image #4 Tekken 7 Story image #5 Tekken 7 Story image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Roger Jr. cut from Tekken 7 to avoid 'animal activist' backlash, Harada says

If you're like me and were hoping to see Roger Jr. make a return in Tekken 7, this news is going to put a damper on your day.

At a recent Tekken 7 preview event, Executive Producer Katsuhiro Harada explained to VG24/7 why the boxing roo was cut from the game's playable roster.

“There was a video of a man’s dog being headlocked by a kangaroo, and he punched it in the face”, Harada told VG24/7. “It turned into a big problem.

"People were complaining about him punching a kangaroo. It seems that in the last few years there’s a lot more animal activists – even though they probably wouldn’t play our game they would still hear about that, about a kangaroo in our game being punched, and would complain about it.”

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Nearly 5 minute modes trailer for Tekken 7 showcases features in Japanese, gameplay and cinematics montage

Updated: We've added a gameplay and cinematics montage, in English, into this story as well.

Bandai Namco dropped a new modes trailer for Tekken 7, almost entirely in Japanese. For those of you who understand the language, you can see a rundown of the major things the title will offer.

For the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the gameplay and hype setting, and a few moments that are in English.

We get to see a look at the game's story mode, including cut scenes, how the online mode will function and more.

Bandai Namco noted that a localized English version will be coming in the future.

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New costume accessories and outfits revealed for Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is adding a collection of new costume accessories for a bunch of the game's characters.

We've grabbed shots of quite a few of them for you to view here, with more waiting over at the Tekken Official Jp. page. Give the gallery a look through and let us know what you think.

Tekken 7 New image #1 Tekken 7 New image #2 Tekken 7 New image #3 Tekken 7 New image #4 Tekken 7 New image #5 Tekken 7 New image #6

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Tekken series Chief Producer asks fans for Tekken 7 guest character ideas on Twitter, some of the suggestions are... out there

Katsuhiro Harada, best known for being Chief Producer on the Tekken series, has taken to Twitter for some fan assistance.

Back in March we learned that Tekken 7 will be receiving two additional guest characters from other video game franchises -- one set for Winter 2017 and the other in the Spring of 2018. Harada wants to know which characters the fans would like to see.

The Tekken creator sent out a tweet yesterday evening prompting followers with the task of sharing their character ideas.

Harada's tweet image #1
Click images for larger versions

Here are some of the responses.

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