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Street Fighter X Tekken mega roundup: Paul combos, 815 damage setup and much more

We get things kicked off again with a character that's flying pretty low on many people's radar, Paul, as Persona explores some of what this character can do.
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Players comment on who the top 4 characters are in Street Fighter X Tekken during week one

Players comment on who the top 4 characters are in Street Fighter X Tekken during week one It's very early in Street Fighter X Tekken's lifespan, with the game officially being out for less than a week, but Mike Ross asked people via Twitter who they thought the top 4 characters were so far, and some notable names in the community responded.

Here's a quick rundown.

Flash Metroid: Juri, Zangief, Nina and Lili.

ReNiC: Ryu, Rufus, Rolento and Cammy.

CEO|Jebailey: Dhalsim. Rufus, Ryu and Zangief.

So what do you think? There's a few repeat names coming up, do you think this is accurate so far? Also, who's your top 4 at this early stage of Street Fighter X Tekken's life span?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Street Fighter X Tekken music compilation including rivals, cross assault, in-game menus, character select, credits and more

TheDSGamer has been dutifully uploading all of the music included in Street Fighter X Tekken to his channel. He has collected all the rival themes, boss themes, menu themes and much more. Hit the jump to listen to some more selected music from the game.

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Mago and Tokido take Street Fighter X Tekken online with assistant producer Ayano on Topanga TV

MCZ|Tokido and MCZ|Mago invited Street Fighter X Tekken's assistant producer Ayano to come and play with them on Topanga TV. They mostly play online but also dabble in Scramble Mode partway throughout the show.

Footage captured by ssf4evo. Hit the jump to see all the videos.

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Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: Ken and Law juggle combos, Pitstop 109 8-bit theme, Kazuya combos and more

Snoooootch has uploaded the second part of his Fun with Street Fighter X Tekken combo video featuring Ken and Law. Snoooootch does a great job of showing of some very interesting juggles using dash cancels, overheads and more.
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Street Fighter X Tekken compilation of prologues, endings, Pandora transformations and taunts

RajmanGamingHD compiled Street Fighter X Tekken's various intros and endings into two clips, one for each side of the cast members. This is a good way to see the game's various story arcs without having to play through arcade mode multiple times.
Also, after the jump you'll find a clip showing Pandora transformations and taunts.

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Cross Assault day 7 recap by Maximilian

The story behind the seventh day of Cross Assault was posted by Maximilian. This examines the state of the show right before the finals where the last four players moved on for the main event at Final Round.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 X DLC rumor debunked, responses to SFxT & Cross Assault criticism, PC stuff

There's been a rumor about a DLC update to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that's been floating around, which both Christian Svensson and Seth Killian recently debunked. Svensson also wades into some of the criticism Capcom received recently for on disc DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken and some of the things that happened during Cross Assault.

Plus, Christian comments on who the PC developer for Street Fighter X Tekken is, why they're using Game for Windows Live and more stuff. Hit the jump for everything.

Is this picture showing new DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with 8 new characters coming legit?

Svensson: Just got back from GDC so I'll make this short: that is completely fake.

Seth Killian: Sorry guys, <3 Photoshop, but no UMVC3x coming from Capcom.

Every new announcement you make, or every new bit of leaked information that comes out has more and more people falling out of good faith with the company. What are you planning to do to fix this disastrous situation with Street Fighter X Tekken? — Mavrickindigo

Svensson: This feels like a loaded question but I'll bite.

We're going to continue to make games and offer services and content that people want.

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Street Fighter X Tekken - The Online Warrior: downloadable content, rage of the fighting game community

Maximilian uploaded episode 2 of his Street Fighter X Tekken: The Online Warrior. In this episode Max discusses such topics as the recent controversy involving the 12 downloadable fighters while battling more opponents online.

Cross Counter with Gootecks and Mike Ross: The Excellent Return?!

The Cross Counter team is back with a new episode of Cross Counter. In this installment, Gootecks and Mike Ross talk a bit about Street Fighter X Tekken and try their luck at battling opponents online.

Eurogamer compares the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Street Fighter X Tekken in terms of video quality, framerate and more

Eurogamer compares the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Street Fighter X Tekken in terms of video quality, framerate and more Eurogamer posted a very extensive article where they talk about the differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.

If you are interested in details such as anti-aliasing and how the current generation of consoles handles controller inputs during crazy moments such as Scramble Mode take a look at the story at the link which also includes videos. A clip of the story is below for your perusal.

On the Xbox 360, Street Fighter x Tekken maintains a smooth 60FPS update throughout, outside of dropping a few single frames on occasion (usually accompanied by a sole torn frame). The frequency of these blips increases in scramble mode, where all four characters are permanently on-screen. However, we still get the perception of a faultless 60FPS presentation, with only the digital precision of frame-rate analysis telling us anything different - the odd dropped frame here and there simply can't be discerned by the human eye: the action is fluid and the controller response remains very crisp.

Perhaps top-tier players with god-like reflexes might notice the occasional dropped frame, but it's going to be a complete non-issue for the vast majority of players.

The only time we see a visible deviation in fluidity occurs when ending the round with a super move. Here, on the odd occasion, the frame-rate briefly gets chopped down by half for a few seconds as the rendering load increases and the engine switches to a v-synced 30FPS update (with some some mild tearing when the change occurs). Thankfully, as the player has no control over events when this happens, this has no impact on gameplay at all. The fact that this occurs mostly in scenes with very little movement means that the visible effects of the halved frame-rate are also significantly reduced.

Submitted by Rafael2487.

Information regarding Street Fighter X Tekken for the PlayStation Vita coming in April

Andriasang reported that Street Fighter X Tekken assistant producer Ayano released a new video talking about when to expect news for the Vita version of the game. He says to wait for April, which is also the time Ono said to wait for in regards to news about the DLC characters.

He says the version is in development so he can't show the game screen but he does demonstrate the touch controls in a perfect imitation of your average online player. This video was uploaded the day after the massive leak of characters, costumes and gems onto the internet so it's likely this trailer was actually shot before that time.

The news seems to all point to Captivate in April.
Submitted by Rafael2487.

Street Fighter X Tekken match replays featuring Alioune, Nemo, RF, Wildcat, Poongko, Haneyama and more

YogaFlame24 has been vigorously uploading Street Fighter X Tekken match footage featuring top players transitioning from SSF4AE 2012. Hit the jump to see all the videos and watch carefully as new strategies develop.

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Massive amount of Street Fighter X Tekken footage with Combofiend, Mike Ross, Gootecks and Clakey D

A really long Street Fighter X Tekken play session was held last night at the Comboratory with|Combofiend,|Mike Ross,|Gootecks, Clakey D and others all getting in some time behind the stick.

There's over 8 hours of footage here, so if you're hungry to see some of the better Street Fighter X Tekken players in the U.S. put in a ton of time, look no further.

Stamina rankings for Street Fighter X Tekken - moves for Cole, Kuro and Toro updated

Stamina rankings for Street Fighter X Tekken - moves for Cole, Kuro and Toro updated We've added stamina (defense) rankings into our Street Fighter X Tekken guide page. This is a breakdown of how much of a beating the game's 41 characters (currently) can take, including the PlayStation 3 exclusive fighters, Cole, Kuro and Toro.

Speaking of the PS3 exclusive characters, we've also updated their move listings and you can now find a full breakdown of their attacks.

More updates are on the way, so keep checking back in the future.

Updated: Results from Street Fighter X Tekken top player exhibition tournament

Updated: Results from Street Fighter X Tekken top player exhibition tournament Updated: The results from the tournament have been posted after the jump.

IGN Pro League will be streaming the Street Fighter X Tekken top player exhibition tournament at SXSW. The tournament is set to start at 1 p.m. / 4 p.m. EST.

The players for the tournament are:

1. EG|Justin Wong
2. TS|Sabin, Arturo Sanchez
3. RIP, Reepal Parbhoo
4. BT|Dieminion, Kevin Landon
5. ReNiC, Ty Mitchell
6. TS|NerdJosh, Josh Jodoin
7. LU|Alex Valle
8. Dr. SubZero, John Doberne

They have already set up the bracket over on Challonge.

Hit the jump to check out the stream.

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Desk's 101- Hit 'God Like' Combo in Street Fighter X Tekken

Desk has released a video today with a legitimate 99+ hit combo without the use of infinite meter.

This is the first intance of a non-scramble mode, non-infinite meter 99+ hit combo in SFxT that I'm aware of. It might look straight forward but it took a ton of experimenting and trial & error. For example, if chun does anything before the first, raw SBK in the first combo, it won't be possible to build the 4th bar for the 4th tag and get the combo to 99 hits. Also, when hitting 2 characters at the same time in the corner, push back is doubled, so no standard combos will work. That's why everything here takes place mid-screen.

Tip submitted by rafael2487.