Street Fighter X Tekken stories

Harada was told to wear sunglasses for four years by Capcom because he was supposed to be the 'bad guy' for Street Fighter X Tekken promotions

During the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable that took place last night, fighting game developers got together to outline some plans from Capcom, Bandai Namco, Arc System Works, SNK, Arika, and Koei Tecmo in regards to fighting games.

Among those representing Bandai Namco was Katsuhiro Harada, director and producer of the Tekken series. Funnily enough, Harada was wearing his iconic sunglasses at the roundtable even though he was streaming from his own home. At one point during the stream, Harada revealed that he began to wear sunglasses because Capcom had asked him to.

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Steam Summer Sale brings in the best fighting game discounts including Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for the first time and all EVO Online games

Fighting game players finding a home on the PC platform have grown exponentially over the past decade or so, and now they're in for a big seasonal treat for the next few weeks.

Steam is now running its annual Summer Sale starting today which includes some of the best deals for fighting games that we've seen in quite some time including the first notable discounts for Street Fighter 5: Champion Editon, all EVO Online titles and dozens more of the big names.

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We discuss why Street Fighter X Tekken tanked in many respects, plus Capcom secrets and unlikely fighting game lessons learned from Risk

Recent releases for new Capcom titles have been excellent... with the stark exception for its fighting game division. On this week's podcast, we blast back eight years into the past to reexamine the tumultuous tale that was Street Fighter X Tekken, knowing that the development company likely has a new major release somewhere on the horizon.

This is in no small part inspired by a recent research project posted by Matt McMuscles as he sheds light on some of the project's poorer decisions that we'd hope aren't repeated.

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What Happened Street Fighter x Tekken edition digs into the game's troubled development, gems and so much more from Matt McMuscles

Street Fighter x Tekken still has a dedicated and active playerbase eight years after release, but it remains one of the most divisive major fighting games of the past decade. How did that happen to what should have been a big slam dunk?

YouTube content creator Matt McMuscles just released his latest episode in his What Happened? series diving into the developmental missteps and issues faced by some of the gaming and movie industry's most infamous titles. This week it's Street Fighter x Tekken's turn to go under the microscope.

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Steam's massive Golden Week sale offers huge discounts for Japanese fighting games and their DLC to keep us busy in quarantine

With the month of May now finally upon us all, Japan is beginning their annual Golden Week celebrations which includes an absolute buttload of video game sales for those of us who don't even live in the country.

Steam's massive Golden Week Sale is now live and is offering some of the best discounts we've seen for Japanese fighting games on PC in quite some time — it's way bigger than the PlayStation holiday sale also still going on for the time being.

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Street Fighter X Tekken's online community is still very much alive holding regular tournaments with tons of tools for those looking to jump in

Street Fighter X Tekken just recently passed its eighth birthday since it first released at the start of March, and while it may not be at the forefront of the mainstream FGC any longer, the crossover fighting game still has a dedicated online following of those still looking to show off their perfect tag team combos.

SaltLevelsMax and the Street Fighter X Tekken Discord crew have been working hard for a long time to keep their community going and growing by running regular online tournaments, special contests and one of the best beginner guides / frame data bots that we've seen.

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Happy 8th birthday to Street Fighter X Tekken, which had some of the best cinematic trailers we've ever seen from a fighting game

Street Fighter X Tekken dropped eight years ago today on March 6, 2012. Though this title made a few transgressions that the general public deemed ultimately unforgivable, certain aspects are still held in high regard by fighting game fans.

Long "LPN" Nguyen is among those who still enjoy SFxT, and is celebrating its birthday by prompting his Twitter followers to take a fond look back on what are still some of the best cinematic cutscenes you can find in fighting titles.

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Humble Bundle's Lovers x Fighters sale features big discounts for the biggest fighting games and dating sims around

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and what better way to surprise your loved ones, friends or even yourself than with some cheap fighting games and dating sims while also giving a little to charity?

Humble Bundle is currently running their special Lovers x Fighters sale featuring the biggest titles from both of the thematically opposed genres from Dream Daddy to Mortal Kombat 11.

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The EventHubs crew ranks the best / worst fighting games of the 2010's from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Persona 4 Arena, Street Fighter 5 and beyond

As we come to the start of a brand new decade, it gives all of us the perfect time to reflect on the journey of the last 10 years and boy has it been a journey in the realm of fighting games and the FGC as a whole.

We'd previously asked the community what you all thought the best / most important fighting games of the 2010's were, and so now the EventHubs team members themselves have come together to rank their favorite fighters of the decade in our very own tier lists.

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You ever miss playing games like Street Fighter X Tekken and then you see a clip reminding you how goofy the game can be? Welcome to Scramble jab Pong

Street Fighter X Tekken for many fans marks the point at which Capcom's dip in fighting game launches began in earnest, and though the crossover title was updated to fix some of its glaring issues, it remains one of the more divisive games in the genre to date.

There's been some initiatives in the past year or so to try and drum up support for SFxT once again though a recent clip from MOV and Inaba playing the game shows off the goofier stuff found within — like ping ponging both opponents to death with jabs.

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Is now the right time for Tekken X Street Fighter? Harada doesn't think so, but he's asking fans if they still really want it

Tekken X Street Fighter was revealed to the world almost 10 years ago, and now in the final weeks of the decade, Bandai Namco has still never shown off any more of the game than their prototype Ryu design.

While he was watching the Game Awards stream earlier this week, Tekken Director Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter to give the tiniest of updates of the crossover title along with polling the audience to see if they're still waiting and wanting for Tekken X Street Fighter to come out.

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Update: What are the best and most impactful fighting games to release this decade?

Update: You can check out the final results of our poll below to see which games our readers believe to be the best / most impactful games of the 2010's.

December is upon us which means that there's only one month left in this entire decade that's been the biggest and most important eras in fighting game history. Today, the genre feels larger than ever before following the mostly quiet times of the 2000's before Street Fighter 4's release.

There's been so many fighting games that have come out in the last 10 years that many fans probably either forgot about or thought came out more than 10 years ago, so we've put together a giant poll to ask everyone what they think were the absolute best of the best and most impactful — from (Super) Street Fighter 4 all the way to Mortal Kombat 11 and Samurai Shodown.

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No one draws Chun-Li quite like Akiman

No matter how many times different artists from around the globe draw the now-iconic characters from the Street Fighter universe, there's a certain touch that only Akira "Akiman" Yasuda can put on them.

That's probably because Akiman was the one to first put pen to paper when it came to the Street Fighter 2 World Warriors all the back in the early 1990's. Though he hasn't been with Capcom since 2003, he still cranks out gorgeous works of fighting game art as a freelance artist.

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EVO 2019 fighting game deals: Play Under Night In-Birth and Dragon Ball FighterZ for free plus discounts on Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat 11 and more

Day 2 at EVO 2019 is currently underway, and as per usual, EVO weekend is proving to be one of the best times of the year to pick up new fighting games for cheap across multiple platforms.

Each of the nine mainstage titles for EVO this year are included in these ongoing sales — except for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — so Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth, Soul Calibur 6 and even the more recently released Samurai Shodown and Mortal Kombat 11 are all cheaper to pick up for a few days. Some of them are even free to play.

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Steam's epic Summer Sale features huge savings on big fighting game titles like Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur 6, Dragon Ball FighterZ and dozens more

The biggest PC gaming sale of the year is finally upon us with the Steam Summer Sale which may prove to be one of the best times ever to pick up some fighting games for cheap.

There are over 50 different titles and their DLC currently discounted until July 9 including some of the largest titles of the past few years like Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur 6 and so much more.

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Katsuhiro Harada wants to release Tekken x Street Fighter but admits its 'harder to justify' after almost 10 years since the game's reveal

Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter were both revealed to the public all the way back in 2010 as collaborative projects between Capcom and Bandai Namco, but only the first of those games has ever made its way into the hands of players.

Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken's longtime producer and director, recently spoke to VGC to discuss his passion for the crossover project, its current state and the logistical issues the developers face in making Tekken x Street Fighter a reality in the current market.

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'Capcom's most glaring DLC-related mistake...' - Stumblebee details the rise and fall of Street Fighter X Tekken in this enticing FGC history lesson

While I was certainly playing fighting games with vehemence at the time, I really wasn't plugged into the hype and build up of Street Fighter X Tekken, a title that had the potential to cause the thriving revival of fighting games to surge into a supernova.

Two of the absolute biggest franchises in the genre were slated to meld together in the best possible way, and this was going to happen simultaneously with Street Fighter 4's incredible run. The excitement was through the roof, but new territory comes with new pitfalls.

Capcom began entering gaming's phase of capitalizing on DLC additions, but truly did not understand how to efficiently implement this new approach without "crossing the line" in terms of fan satisfaction and approval.

Stumblebee takes us on a historical journey circa 2011 when the unprecedented Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed, developed, released and tragically killed through a series of both great and not so great ideas.

With an incredible build up, players excitedly welcomed SFxT upon its March, 2012 release, but when hackers released the news that DLC content was already loaded onto the physical copies of the game players had already bought, things began to go south.

A few early gameplay issues also made early times rough for Cross Tekken, and too much negativity at once eventually tipped the scales beyond the point of no return.

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