Street Fighter X Tekken stories

No one draws Chun-Li quite like Akiman

No matter how many times different artists from around the globe draw the now-iconic characters from the Street Fighter universe, there's a certain touch that only Akira "Akiman" Yasuda can put on them.

That's probably because Akiman was the one to first put pen to paper when it came to the Street Fighter 2 World Warriors all the back in the early 1990's. Though he hasn't been with Capcom since 2003, he still cranks out gorgeous works of fighting game art as a freelance artist.

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EVO 2019 fighting game deals: Play Under Night In-Birth and Dragon Ball FighterZ for free plus discounts on Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat 11 and more

Day 2 at EVO 2019 is currently underway, and as per usual, EVO weekend is proving to be one of the best times of the year to pick up new fighting games for cheap across multiple platforms.

Each of the nine mainstage titles for EVO this year are included in these ongoing sales — except for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — so Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth, Soul Calibur 6 and even the more recently released Samurai Shodown and Mortal Kombat 11 are all cheaper to pick up for a few days. Some of them are even free to play.

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Steam's epic Summer Sale features huge savings on big fighting game titles like Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur 6, Dragon Ball FighterZ and dozens more

The biggest PC gaming sale of the year is finally upon us with the Steam Summer Sale which may prove to be one of the best times ever to pick up some fighting games for cheap.

There are over 50 different titles and their DLC currently discounted until July 9 including some of the largest titles of the past few years like Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur 6 and so much more.

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Katsuhiro Harada wants to release Tekken x Street Fighter but admits its 'harder to justify' after almost 10 years since the game's reveal

Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter were both revealed to the public all the way back in 2010 as collaborative projects between Capcom and Bandai Namco, but only the first of those games has ever made its way into the hands of players.

Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken's longtime producer and director, recently spoke to VGC to discuss his passion for the crossover project, its current state and the logistical issues the developers face in making Tekken x Street Fighter a reality in the current market.

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'Capcom's most glaring DLC-related mistake...' - Stumblebee details the rise and fall of Street Fighter X Tekken in this enticing FGC history lesson

While I was certainly playing fighting games with vehemence at the time, I really wasn't plugged into the hype and build up of Street Fighter X Tekken, a title that had the potential to cause the thriving revival of fighting games to surge into a supernova.

Two of the absolute biggest franchises in the genre were slated to meld together in the best possible way, and this was going to happen simultaneously with Street Fighter 4's incredible run. The excitement was through the roof, but new territory comes with new pitfalls.

Capcom began entering gaming's phase of capitalizing on DLC additions, but truly did not understand how to efficiently implement this new approach without "crossing the line" in terms of fan satisfaction and approval.

Stumblebee takes us on a historical journey circa 2011 when the unprecedented Street Fighter X Tekken was revealed, developed, released and tragically killed through a series of both great and not so great ideas.

With an incredible build up, players excitedly welcomed SFxT upon its March, 2012 release, but when hackers released the news that DLC content was already loaded onto the physical copies of the game players had already bought, things began to go south.

A few early gameplay issues also made early times rough for Cross Tekken, and too much negativity at once eventually tipped the scales beyond the point of no return.

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Faces, functions, on disc DLC and more, Curse Entertainment recounts the biggest fighting game faux pas over the last seven years

The fighting game community entered something of a golden age after 2009's release of Street Fighter 4 and a handful of subsequent successful titles, but it's been a real roller coaster of ups and downs since then.

There's no question that we've seen some incredible growth and development through franchises old and new, but one can only imagine where we could be if it weren't for some monumental missteps that have slowed and even buried games that had incredible potential.

Curse Entertainment has put together a video examining some of these issues so as to keep them at the forefront of our thoughts lest we make them again.

Some such mistakes were eventually corrected leaving just a few non-fatal scars as in the case of King of Fighters 14's initial visuals or Street Fighter 5's shoddy launch. Other titles were not so lucky, as Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite would never be able to recover from their respective failures despite some eventual corrections.

Not to be a total Debbie Downer, Curse also takes some time to highlight the successes of franchises like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, both of which have seen major successes in various avenues.

As the scene continues to expand to new heights on both the casual and competitive levels we hope to learn to better cross our "T's" and dot our "i's." Continue on to check out the video and let us know what you think after you're done.

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Harada - Tekken X Street Fighter still on hold part-way through development... seeing already made character models is still exciting

When the fighting game community learned about Street Fighter X Tekken back in 2011, this the prospect of a cross over between two the genre's most iconic franchises sent players into a frenzy of hope and hype.

This title was very much set in the Street Fighter world with a Tekken presence, but almost immediately fans began asking about the alternative, a Tekken world with a Street Fighter presence. Sure enough, there were already plans for such a game.

Street Fighter X Tekken finally hit shelves about a year later in 2012, and despite being (eventually) remembered as one of the FGC's more competitive titles of recent history, a few unforgivable sins saw SFxT kind of go by the wayside before its time.

As a result of SFxT's failure to hit benchmarks, (at least in part) Tekken X Street Fighter wound up staying in the production phase for longer than expected, and was eventually put on hold.

Despite the recent eruption in very successful fighting game titles, fans are not forgetting Tekken X Street Fighter. It seems as though every other time Tekken 7 Director, Katsuhiro Harada, is interviewed, the game comes up.

Such an occurrence happened just last month when Tekken Gamer sat down with him.

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Street Fighter is Capcom's third best-selling franchise behind Resident Evil and Monster Hunter with Marvel vs. Capcom sitting at seventh

Capcom's financial report for the latest quarter is now available to the public where we can get a better sense as to how the publisher's games have been selling and get an update to their all time numbers.

Monster Hunter World has become Capcom's best selling title of all time after only a few months on the market with over 8 million units sold taking the crown that once belonged to Street Fighter 2 on the SNES.

Resident Evil 7 also saw strong sales for the company selling 5.1 million units making it the company's fifth best selling title right behind the aforementioned Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 5 has sold over 2.1 million units as Capcom's 30th best seller and is close to surpassing games like the original Devil May Cry, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the remake of the original Resident Evil.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite still sits at 1 million units sold meaning it sold less than 100,000 copies in the first three months of 2018.

Let's take a closer look at Capcom's best selling franchises and see how well their fighting games have done.

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Bandai Namco are releasing more and more fighting games, so what's going on with Tekken X Street Fighter? Let's speculate based on previous statements

Originally announced alongside Street Fighter X Tekken way back in July 2010, we still haven't seen any footage whatsoever of the now mythical Tekken X Street Fighter.

Harada has explained the game's absence numerous times, with slight variations in reasons, and also given some updates on how the game itself has been progressing.

It only felt natural for Tekken X Street Fighter to fall a bit to the wayside back when Street Fighter X Tekken had a huge media controversy as well as posting lower sales than projected.

Besides this, fighting games fell off a bit, at least for the major publishers Capcom and Bandai Namco, with them stepping back a bit from their push of the genre.

That's not true today, though, at least not for Bandai Namco. Not only did they finally release Tekken 7 to much fanfare, with solid post-game support, but we also got the Bandai Namco-published Dragon Ball FighterZ at the start of the year, and Soul Calibur 6 has been announced for release before we head in to 2019.

Now that the company is back to full-fledged fighting game development while we're 8 years out from the original announcement with very little to show for it, let's have a look at what exactly we know about the title, as well as what's keeping Bandai Namco.

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He is simultaneously one of the most ferocious and goofiest characters in the entire series... check out our visual history of Blanka

Blanka first debuted in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter 2. At first glance, this was a ferocious green beast with orange hair that was capable of electrocuting and biting opponents.

Upon beating this fighter's arcade play through, players are treated to a bit of twist. We see a more... softer side of this creature when it is revealed by his mother that his name is actually Jimmy.

In more recent times, Blanka is often regarded as a bit of a troll character. I'm pretty sure there are more people dreading his inclusion in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition rather than those that are actually looking forward to it.

Still, Blanka has been seen in a way that showcases him as both feral and goofy. Considering that this is the combatant that is most often associated with Yoshinori Ono (the toy of Blanka), he is frequently looked at as silly now.

Considering that Blanka is coming out tomorrow on February 20, 2018, now is probably a good time to take another look at his visual history. This fighter has evolved quite a bit over the years.

And of course, I couldn't possibly leave out Blanka's plush costume. Check it out:

Blanka Visual History image #1 Blanka Visual History image #2 Blanka Visual History image #3 Blanka Visual History image #4 Blanka Visual History image #5 Blanka Visual History image #6
Click images for larger versions

What are Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's odds of getting a massive update like Street Fighter X Tekken?

As we all know, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was not included in the EVO lineup for 2018. This happened despite the fact that the game had only been released on September 19, 2017.

By this point, EVO 2017 had already come and gone. In other words, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has not had a chance to be on the main stage of EVO yet (didn't appear in EVO Japan due to a lack of popularity in that region). This might be a first for the series.

The tournament organizer, Mr. Wizard, explained that the game has been on a slippery slope as of late. He even outright said that the game just sort of fizzled out.

Despite this, Mark "MarkMan" Julio noted that it is hard to include a game that doesn't get support. He clarified that he wasn't talking about Capcom.

It's no secret that the game launched with a number of problems. The art style and roster, for example, remain to be common complaints among the community.

Could Capcom give an update to this title that fixes the issues? This scenario seems very similar to the one presented by Street Fighter X Tekken's launch. What are the odds of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite getting a patch that applies fixes similar to the version 2013 update for SFxT?

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Don't miss out on the Capcom Steam sale this weekend - up to 80% off

Capcom is having a special sale this weekend. It will last until August 21st (ends on Monday).

As you might expect, many of Capcom's fighting games are present in this sale. Games can be up to 80% off their normal price.

Being that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite doesn't release until September 19, this is not a game that is on sale. You'll still be able to pre-order the game at full price.

Street Fighter 5 is listed as being 50% off. This brings its price to $19.99.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is also benefiting from the sale. Being that it is 40% off, its price drops to $14.99.

Meanwhile, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is 75% leaving it at $7.49. You can even purchase Street Fighter X Tekken with 80% of its price taken off, making it purchasable at $5.99.

Of course, there are also non-fighting games are sale if you are interested in those as well. Check them out here if you are interested.

Fans are still asking for Tekken X Street Fighter, and it's still not the right time for release - here's the latest on the elusive crossover fighter

Originally announced back in July of 2010, Tekken X Street Fighter is a fighting title that remains a mystery to this day.

The crossover title was part of a joint project between Capcom and Bandai Namco in which both companies were set to make their own versions of a game featuring characters from both franchises. Capcom's product, Street Fighter X Tekken, came first in early 2012, but Tekken X Street Fighter never saw the light of day.

Since its initial announcement, we have seen and heard very little about the game. Over the years, Bandai Namco has said that the timing just isn't right for the game to be released.

IGN recently caught up with Tekken Executive Producer Katsuhiro Harada and during that time had him field a fan question: Is Tekken X Street Fighter still in the works, or will Tekken 7 take its place by gradually adding more Street Fighter characters over time?

"Capcom is putting a lot of effort into building up Street Fighter 5," Harada started. "For us, we're looking straight towards the release of Tekken 7 and we just decided that it wasn't a very good idea to split both of those groups by adding a third title that covers both into the same timing.

"So it's more about the timing and waiting for the right chance for that."

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52-hit Kazuya/Heihachi restand combo, Lars and Raven get the perfect, and more: Here are five of the dirtiest Street Fighter X Tekken team beat-downs

Hate it or love it, Street Fighter X Tekken was a game that received a devoted competitive scene after all was said and done. While a lot of players were moving on to bigger and better things, the die-hard combatants were putting in work and pulling off some amazing things.

Today, we take a look back at five of the dirtiest team beat-downs, courtesy of YogaFlame24.

Featured on this list are players such as Tx BrayneStorm, PxG|Ice, RnK|Lucius, RnK|Ichigo, and more. From the 52-hit restand combo from Kazuya and Heihachi to a devastating Cross Assault barrage from the RnK clan, there's some juicy SFxT goodness to behold here.

For a quick clip, click the GIF below. To view the full highlight reel, be sure to hit that jump.

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter X Tekken brought together two legendary fighting game franchises with gorgeous character art for both sides

Street Fighter X Tekken's art, under the leadership of chief character artist Kazuma Teshigahara, really flourished in its attempt to bring out each character's personality in their own art.

The game also featured a huge roster, with as many as 50 playable characters in the game, 25 from each side. You can see some of the promotional artwork here.

Street Fighter X Tekken Art Gallery image #1 Street Fighter X Tekken Art Gallery image #2 Street Fighter X Tekken Art Gallery image #3 Street Fighter X Tekken Art Gallery image #4 Street Fighter X Tekken Art Gallery image #5

Continue below for the character artwork.

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New petition asks Capcom to bring back and remaster Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken -- the crossover fighter birthed by Capcom and Bandai Namco -- is an interesting case. The fighting title hit several road blocks in the form of controversy stemming from on-disc DLC to the complexities of the gem system.

As a result, overall interest waned, and the game survived only by way of a fairly small, die-hard community of competitors. By the end of it, the game was stabilized -- some would say it became a legitimate fighting title -- but it was too late to receive a widespread resurgence.

Despite the negative feedback, some fans still enjoy the game today, so much so that a petition was created to ask Capcom for a remastered re-release.

A player named Kelvin Smith is at the helm of this request, noting that this year marks the game's five year anniversary. Last year, we saw Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 re-released on current-gen consoles. So why not Street Fighter X Tekken?

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From Super Turbo to Tekken 7, Akuma has been in the shadows of a ridiculous number of fighting games; check out our visual history for the demon here

This was a daunting mountain to climb, but we've buckled down and tackled the visual history of Street Fighter's most popular villain: Akuma.

Since his debut in Street Fighter II, Akuma has made an appearance in almost every subsequent Street Fighter-related title. While this includes games like Puzzle Fighter and Namco vs. Capcom, we've chosen to stick to fighting games for this already massive history gallery.

The demonic fighter has become a staple of the Street Fighter series, rivaling even Ryu and Chun-Li in popularity. Our gallery covers appearances starting from Street Fighter II and going all the way to his Street Fighter 5 CFN image.

History of Akuma image #1 History of Akuma image #2 History of Akuma image #3 History of Akuma image #4 History of Akuma image #5 History of Akuma image #6 History of Akuma image #7 History of Akuma image #8 History of Akuma image #9
Click images for larger versions

You'll see our previous character visual histories below.

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