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Street Fighter 6 stories

Smug releases new tier list that rates every level 1 super currently in Street Fighter 6

It's been over three months since Street Fighter 6 has been released. Players are really starting to get a feel of the best characters and their options within the game.

While we've become most accustomed to seeing characters resort to their all-powerful level 3 super attacks, which come with exciting (if a little lengthy) animation sequences, the competitive community has been experiencing growing appreciation for the uses of level 1 supers. Enter Smug and his latest tier list, ordering the game's most basic supers in terms of their overall effectiveness.

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Desk travels through 30+ years of infinite combo history in 30+ different fighting games

Infinite combos aren't exactly healthy for a fighting game, but they do offer up a unique sense of novelty that comes from feeling like you're breaking all the rules and having the power to do so.

The one and only combo maestro, Desk, recently just released his latest project traveling through over 30 years of history for infinite combos and just as many different titles.

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Mike Ross and Xian run Street Fighter 6 sets against Alex Myers' 'low tier' Chun-Li in latest Versus Vortex episode

Mike Ross and Xian have been holding it down in Singapore for some time now. The two beloved top players have been sitting down on the couch to take on all manner of different challenges in Street Fighter 6 since it launched back in June, and their latest adventures can be found over on the Versus Vortex YouTube channel.

In their latest SF6 endeavor, Mike and Xian jump into a local battle with guest Alex Myers to see if they can best his Chun-Li and Ergobox controller. As you might expect, the matches here are hype and the interactions between these players are pure gold.

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F.A.N.G from Street Fighter 5 has been confirmed to be A.K.I.'s master in Street Fighter 6

Though A.K.I. is the first newcomer DLC character coming to Street Fighter 6 (on September 27), it felt like we already knew some details about A.K.I. Upon first seeing her and hearing her name, we're immediately made to think that she has some sort of connection to F.A.N.G from Street Fighter 5. While this shouldn't be too surprising for fans, A.K.I.'s connection to F.A.N.G has at last been fully confirmed thanks to the PlayStation Blog post about A.K.I. in Street Fighter 6.

"A new character to the Street Fighter series, A.K.I. snakes through life only to please her outstanding and phenomenal master F.A.N.G from Street Fighter 5," said the PlayStation Blog. "Under orders to dig into the remnants of Shadaloo, she finds herself infatuated with the powers that be."

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HiFight analyzes the Evo Moment Flashback match between Daigo and Justin Wong in Street Fighter 6

A recent match between BST|Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong in Street Fighter 6 online felt very similar to Evo Moment 37. Considering the history between these two, it felt like an extremely intense match was taking place, but it did not appear that anything was on the line aside from LP and MR.

As such, it appears that HiFight wanted to analyze the final moments of the match up. A video uploaded to HiFight's YouTube channel does just this.

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Hershuar's top tier Street Fighter 6 comics range from hilarious to sexy... and often both at the same time

We all certainly love us some talented fighting game artists in these parts, especially when they've got a good sense of humor too.

No one probably fits that bill better than the great Hershuar, who's been going in hard making top tier Street Fighter 6 comics and pieces that range from hilarious to sexy or maybe both at the same time.

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Every premium and free reward for the A.K.I. Arrives Fighting Pass for Street Fighter 6

Just a few days ago, Capcom did a surprise drop of A.K.I.'s gameplay for Street Fighter 6, and though she won't be here for quite some time still, players can start prepping for her now.

The A.K.I. Arrives Fighting Pass is now available in Street Fighter 6, and we've detailed everything included in both the free and premium versions to see if it's actually worth spending money or not on it this time around.

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Summer Jam 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Summer Jam is back for 2023 and is once more being held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Notable players participating include RB|Anakin, TUE|Genghis D0n, FaZe|HK Jr., Liquid|Shadow20z, FaZe|Joey Fury, C9|CuddleCore, XiT|JJBreeze, KingReyJr, GoH|Yurikov, PAG|Pachukof, RomeHimself, DEUS|Incendiate and more.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 South America West results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another online Capcom Pro Tour 2023 event is happening this weekend and this time it's South America West's turn.

Notable players participating include UB|Celfcool, HDG|Atma, MK|Darlan, Pikoro, HDG|Younghou, GhZ|Matharazo, Patada Veloz, UB|Dookie, MM|ioRoS, GS|Shaka22, NeroTheBoxer, UB|Salvatore and many more.

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Street Fighter 6's Director explains how A.K.I. was designed to be a 'white snake that carries poison'

Capcom recently released A.K.I.'s gameplay trailer, featuring our first real look at what A.K.I. can do. As expected, she's a poison user like F.A.N.G, though her playstyle and mannerisms appear to differ quite a bit compared to that of her master's.

Following the trailer's debut, Street Fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama went over some interesting details regarding A.K.I. during the PlayStation Blog. Needless to say, it's explained why A.K.I. was designed with a pale complexion.

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The internet LOVES A.K.I. already; check out all this wonderful fan art for Street Fighter 6's newest character

She may not (or may) quite be waifu material, but A.K.I. has most definitely garnered positive attention in her duo of debuts as we recently got her teaser and full gameplay trailers. She's more than F.A.N.G (her predecessor in both story and gameplay design) 2.0, though she is very clearly connected to him. Perhaps it's the best parts of F.A.N.G fans are hoping to see as they approach the character with a pessimist outlook that A.K.I. will be a success where he wasn't so much.

Some of that point of view is represented in our fan art roundup gallery as we get to see Street Fighter 6's newcomer through the eyes and appreciations of talented artists, literally from around the globe.

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The greatest juggling act in Street Fighter 6 history

You'd think a character like Rashid, with his high-flying re-jump maneuvers and wind techniques, would be the one juggling opponents for days on end, but that's not what happened in the recent bout between NASR|BigBird and BLG|DingChunQui.

The round begins and DingChunQui's (DCQ) aggressive JP goes immediately on the offense; just 17 seconds later, he's scored himself a perfect having juggled BigBird's Rashid from one side of the stage to the other in a most vicious sequence you'll want to watch at least a few times.

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Street Fighter 6 match between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong is VERY Evo Moment 37-y

The most legendary match in all of competitive fighting games happened some 19 years ago when BST|Daigo Umehara brilliantly and perfectly countered his way out of near certain death against the might Justin Wong at EVO.

Evo Moment 37, as it's been deemed, has been the stuff of legends every since, often being recreated in other games and even referred to in fan art. Well, the two legends clashed in Street Fighter 6 recently, and wouldn't you know it, some very clear shades of the epic moment surfaced during their battle.

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Street Fighter 6 Director explains why A.K.I.'s hair looks so crazy

Street Fighter's newest comer, poison assassin A.K.I., is captivating at first glance. That said, her hair may or may not be a little on the weird side for some fans. Few would say it's a deal breaker on their quest to fix her into being the perfect waifu, but it does come across as perhaps a tad distracting.

There's very much a reason for her canopy-like locks, however, as Street Fighter 6 Director Nakayama Takayuki recently offered a quick explanation for the particular design on Twitter.

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Fan creates artwork featuring adorable interaction between A.K.I. and E. Honda, the official Street Fighter 6 Twitter recreates it in-game

Capcom pulled the curtain back on Street Fighter 6's next DLC character, A.K.I., earlier this week by releasing her full gameplay trailer. Fans quickly took notice of some of her interesting and unique animations, including her Sinister Slide which sees her slither across the ground on her back for a creepy stance maneuver that lets her follow up with various attacks.

Artist kaituburing used this low-to-the-ground slither as inspiration and an opportunity to put together an adorable piece of fan art that imagines what it might look like if E. Honda and A.K.I. locked eyes while the sumo headbutts over it. The artwork was so good, in fact, that the official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account actually recreated it in-game and shared it on social media.

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Street Fighter 6's latest update introduces A.K.I. Fighting Pass and improves Ranked Match's matchmaking

Capcom has just hit Street Fighter 6 with a new update that introduces some fresh content. Following the big gameplay reveal of A.K.I. earlier this week, the company behind the long-running fighting game franchise revealed a new Fighting Pass that allows players to unlock A.K.I.-themed items ahead of her late September release.

The latest update was put into place to bring the A.K.I. Fighting Pass into the mix, but much to the surprise of everyone Capcom also slipped in something that fans have been clamoring for. Street Fighter 6's new update includes Ranked Match matchmaking improvements as well, and we have the short, but sweet patch notes for you here today.

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Here's how A.K.I.'s poison mechanic works in Street Fighter 6

Capcom surprised fans with a spontaneous release of A.K.I.'s official gameplay trailer last night. The upcoming Street Fighter 6 DLC character showed off what she is capable of in the latest entry of the long-running fighting game franchise, taking some inspiration from her master, Street Fighter 5's F.A.N.G, but also very much demonstrating that she is her own unique contender.

Though the gameplay showcase was certainly telling, a PlayStation Blog entry that followed after its release further detailed what A.K.I. is capable of and answered some of our lingering questions. The most important question is: how does A.K.I.'s poison mechanic work in Street Fighter 6? Here's the breakdown.

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