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Street Fighter 6 stories

The internet LOVES A.K.I. already; check out all this wonderful fan art for Street Fighter 6's newest character

She may not (or may) quite be waifu material, but A.K.I. has most definitely garnered positive attention in her duo of debuts as we recently got her teaser and full gameplay trailers. She's more than F.A.N.G (her predecessor in both story and gameplay design) 2.0, though she is very clearly connected to him. Perhaps it's the best parts of F.A.N.G fans are hoping to see as they approach the character with a pessimist outlook that A.K.I. will be a success where he wasn't so much.

Some of that point of view is represented in our fan art roundup gallery as we get to see Street Fighter 6's newcomer through the eyes and appreciations of talented artists, literally from around the globe.

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The greatest juggling act in Street Fighter 6 history

You'd think a character like Rashid, with his high-flying re-jump maneuvers and wind techniques, would be the one juggling opponents for days on end, but that's not what happened in the recent bout between NASR|BigBird and BLG|DingChunQui.

The round begins and DingChunQui's (DCQ) aggressive JP goes immediately on the offense; just 17 seconds later, he's scored himself a perfect having juggled BigBird's Rashid from one side of the stage to the other in a most vicious sequence you'll want to watch at least a few times.

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Street Fighter 6 match between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong is VERY Evo Moment 37-y

The most legendary match in all of competitive fighting games happened some 19 years ago when BST|Daigo Umehara brilliantly and perfectly countered his way out of near certain death against the might Justin Wong at EVO.

Evo Moment 37, as it's been deemed, has been the stuff of legends every since, often being recreated in other games and even referred to in fan art. Well, the two legends clashed in Street Fighter 6 recently, and wouldn't you know it, some very clear shades of the epic moment surfaced during their battle.

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Street Fighter 6 Director explains why A.K.I.'s hair looks so crazy

Street Fighter's newest comer, poison assassin A.K.I., is captivating at first glance. That said, her hair may or may not be a little on the weird side for some fans. Few would say it's a deal breaker on their quest to fix her into being the perfect waifu, but it does come across as perhaps a tad distracting.

There's very much a reason for her canopy-like locks, however, as Street Fighter 6 Director Nakayama Takayuki recently offered a quick explanation for the particular design on Twitter.

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Fan creates artwork featuring adorable interaction between A.K.I. and E. Honda, the official Street Fighter 6 Twitter recreates it in-game

Capcom pulled the curtain back on Street Fighter 6's next DLC character, A.K.I., earlier this week by releasing her full gameplay trailer. Fans quickly took notice of some of her interesting and unique animations, including her Sinister Slide which sees her slither across the ground on her back for a creepy stance maneuver that lets her follow up with various attacks.

Artist kaituburing used this low-to-the-ground slither as inspiration and an opportunity to put together an adorable piece of fan art that imagines what it might look like if E. Honda and A.K.I. locked eyes while the sumo headbutts over it. The artwork was so good, in fact, that the official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account actually recreated it in-game and shared it on social media.

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Street Fighter 6's latest update introduces A.K.I. Fighting Pass and improves Ranked Match's matchmaking

Capcom has just hit Street Fighter 6 with a new update that introduces some fresh content. Following the big gameplay reveal of A.K.I. earlier this week, the company behind the long-running fighting game franchise revealed a new Fighting Pass that allows players to unlock A.K.I.-themed items ahead of her late September release.

The latest update was put into place to bring the A.K.I. Fighting Pass into the mix, but much to the surprise of everyone Capcom also slipped in something that fans have been clamoring for. Street Fighter 6's new update includes Ranked Match matchmaking improvements as well, and we have the short, but sweet patch notes for you here today.

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Here's how A.K.I.'s poison mechanic works in Street Fighter 6

Capcom surprised fans with a spontaneous release of A.K.I.'s official gameplay trailer last night. The upcoming Street Fighter 6 DLC character showed off what she is capable of in the latest entry of the long-running fighting game franchise, taking some inspiration from her master, Street Fighter 5's F.A.N.G, but also very much demonstrating that she is her own unique contender.

Though the gameplay showcase was certainly telling, a PlayStation Blog entry that followed after its release further detailed what A.K.I. is capable of and answered some of our lingering questions. The most important question is: how does A.K.I.'s poison mechanic work in Street Fighter 6? Here's the breakdown.

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4K high-resolution screenshots of A.K.I. in action plus her second costume for Street Fighter 6

A.K.I. finally showed off how beautiful and sadistic she looks in motion last night in her gameplay trailer, but how good does she look when the action is stilled?

That's where you're in luck because we've got over two dozen 4K and high-resolution screenshots of A.K.I. in Street Fighter 6 including some that weren't featured in her video.

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New 'A.K.I. Arrives!' Fighting Pass coming to Street Fighter 6 later this week

There's still almost a month before A.K.I. herself drops in as the newest DLC character for Street Fighter 6, but there's about to be some new stuff to help tide fans over.

Right after releasing the trailer for the new character, Capcom revealed the next Fighting Pass themed around her is coming to SF6 later this week.

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A.K.I. gameplay debut trailer released for Street Fighter 6, releases September 27

Although everyone got to briefly see her at Evo 2023, it's already time to see Street Fighter 6's new DLC character in full action now.

Capcom just released the gameplay debut trailer for A.K.I. in SF6 alongside her release date coming next month.

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We probably already know the beginning of A.K.I.'s dark backstory in Street Fighter 6

Capcom showed off some wonderfully haunting first footage of A.K.I., Street Fighter 6's next brand new DLC character, at Evo this year. The toxic combatant moves like a snake and dons a dress that's made of thousands of black scales, and uses poison not unlike the similarly acronymically named (and poison-wielding) F.A.N.G from Street Fighter 5.

We've almost no information on A.K.I. yet, though Capcom very well may have given us the crucial beginnings of her dark backstory a full five years ago in 2018. One of their "side-readers" stories detailing some post-SF5 events surrounding F.A.N.G really sounds like it offers the inciting incident that turned A.K.I. on the initial path that led her into becoming the apparent monster she is in SF6.

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Daigo Umehara has changed his mind about JP and now believes him to be S tier in Street Fighter 6

During one of BST|Daigo Umehara's streams, he was asked if he's reevaluated any characters in Street Fighter 6 since Evo 2023 and Gamers8 2023. A translation of what was said has been provided by FGC Translated.

For context, Daigo lost to Bandits|MenaRD's Blanka and SNB|Yamaguchi's Dee Jay at Evo 2023, followed by Ibushigin|Kakeru's JP and SR|NuckleDu's Guile at Gamers8 2023. Daigo himself played as Ken throughout both events.

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Breaking level boundaries reveals Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub is located within an unexpected place

The Battle Hub has offered up some of the most fun I've had with playing Street Fighter 6 online, but I've often wondered where in the heck the arena is supposed to be located and what it is.

After breaking the level boundaries, modder Monkeygigabuster reportedly discovered the Battle Hub isn't just a level rendered in a void, but rather is located within something much larger and kinda unexpected.

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Luffy and the French FGC work together to craft new Street Fighter 6 tier list

Street Fighter 6 has reached the point where there's basically multiple big tournaments going on for the game every week now, so players and fans are getting a much broader picture of who's winning and what's doing well in the competitive scene.

Longtime SF pro BKROG|Luffy recently teamed up with some of the French FGC including MIH|Solidjin and Evans to craft a new tier list for SF6 now that the competitive season is fully underway.

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Snake Eyez beat arguably the best character in Street Fighter 6 with the worst character in the game and qualified for Capcom Cup

The Capcom Pro Tour 2023 US/Canada West ran its course this weekend, and this high-stakes online event brought in some of the best talent the region has to offer. Not only was there prize money to be earned from competing and placing high, but the player who took first would also secure their spot in the Capcom Cup 2023 finals.

Despite everything we have been seeing and everything we have learned over the last almost three months that Street Fighter 6 has been released, the story line that played out last night was one that almost no one expected. Darryl "Snake Eyez" Lewis, one of the fighting game community's long-running and legendary Zangief players, pulled off an absolute miracle by not only winning the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 US/Canada West with the character who is widely considered the worst in the game, but he did so by toppling arguably the best character in Street Fighter 6 right now.

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One of the best Modern Street Fighter 6 players tries Ken and walks away thinking he may be the strongest with the new controls

Street Fighter 6's added Modern control type hasn't made a massive splash on the high-end competitive meta for the most part, but there are a handful of players working hard to get results at the top levels.

Saishunkan|Shuto has seen some of the most success using Modern so far, and he recently decided to try out Modern Ken to see if he lives up to his Classic counterpart.

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Click Burgundy is back with even more beautiful fighting game portraits than before

There's no shortage of talented creators in the fighting game community, and that goes doubly so for the top tier artists we have in our midst.

Japan's Click Burgundy is one of our favorites we've been following for a long time, and after taking a bit of a break, their fighting game portraits are looking arguably better than before.

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