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Street Fighter 6 stories

What exactly makes JP a top 3 character in Street Fighter 6?

In a recent episode of Talk and Block Catalyst, DreamKing, and I spoke on the three arguably best characters in Street Fighter 6: Luke, Ken, and JP.

The idea here is to put these frustrating fighters under the microscope to help our audience fight them, but also to try to tease out the common threads that run through all three so as to better understand what tools tend to make characters the best in SF6. Below you'll find our discussion surrounding JP.

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Capcom updates top selling games of all time list, Street Fighter 5 bumped from top 10

For the past 5+ years, Capcom has pretty much been on a roll with some of their best selling and received video games ever, which hasn't slowed down yet.

The company just updated its growing list of platinum titles that have sold over 1 million copies, which lets us see how Capcom's fighting games have continued to grow as of September 30, 2023.

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Here's gameplay footage of Broski, Nemo, and Hikaru playing A.K.I. against Master ranked players in Street Fighter 6

A.K.I. is the newest combatant to join Street Fighter 6's roster, though many believe her to be one of the weaker characters in the game right now. Regardless, this hasn't stopped certain players from putting in some time into her.

Needless to say, gameplay footage of Street Fighter 6 is regularly being uploaded to The FGC Place on YouTube. Videos that showcase Broski, Nemo, and Hikaru Shiftne playing A.K.I. against Master ranked players have recently been added to the channel.

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Breaking down exactly why Ken is so damn good in Street Fighter 6

In our latest Talk and Block discussions Catalyst, DreamKing, and I are looking at what are likely the three best characters in Street Fighter 6 for two reasons: understand why they're each so good, and identify what threads run through them all.

This should, in theory, help us not only understand and fight against these characters with more efficacy, but also shed a little light on what tools (or combinations thereof) are most important in Street Fighter 6. This time we have Ken Masters under the microscope.

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Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6 discounted, included in buy 2 get 1 free early Black Friday deals

It's that time of year again for holiday shopping to begin, and the deals just keep starting earlier and earlier.

Amazon and Target are already beginning their Black Friday sales that includes some good discounts on Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1 and plenty more video games.

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Game breaking 'Fireball Meter Glitch' discovered in Street Fighter 6 that allows characters to postpone Burnout indefinitely

A game breaking glitch has been discovered in Street Fighter 6, which has seemingly been referred to as the "Fireball Meter Glitch." Essentially, this glitch allows a character to use a the last bit of their Drive Gauge for any action that costs Drive Gauge, and then avoid going into Burnout.

As it turns out, this glitch has already proven to be simple to replicate for JP, Dhalsim, Blanka, A.K.I., and Guile. There's no doubt that this is a game breaking glitch that Capcom will most certainly need to address in a future update.

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If you thought Jamie's infinite stun bug in Street Fighter 6 was impractical and training mode only, it's not

Last week, we here at EventHubs caught wind of a new bug in Street Fighter 6 that allows Jamie to stun an opponent in the corner and keep stunning them over and over again by performing a specific set of actions. While it may have looked to some like something you'd only ever see done in training mode or in a combo video, the fact of the matter is that setting up this bug is proving to be fairly practical.

Over the last few days, I've seen several clips of real matches where the Jamie bug was being utilized. New footage posted by DaFeetLee on X (formerly Twitter) does a great job of showing how Jamie players can definitely use this unintended behavior to their advantage right now.

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Even if she's not the strongest, A.K.I. can still checkmate you from 80% life in Street Fighter 6 as shown by Broski

There's been much said about A.K.I.'s strength in Street Fighter 6 or apparent lack thereof since her release, but we're seeing that her venomous bite is still far from harmless.

Veteran Street Fighter competitor Broski has been going in harder than basically anyone with the game's new poison user, and he's shown off some nasty combos / setups in actual matches that can checkmate opponents from as much as 80% of their life.

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Capcom admits Street Fighter 6 won't sell as much as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter but that's okay

Capcom continues to release more back to back to back hits than basically any time in their history, but not every new game they put out can smash all the previous records across the board.

In its most recent quarterly earning report, Capcom pretty much admitted that Street Fighter 6 just doesn't have the selling power that their other biggest franchises like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter have, but that's okay.

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6 Dragon Punches in one combo, Dee Jay hits 3 level 1 supers, and more in Desk's latest Street Fighter 6 video focusing on rare combos

Now that we've had Street Fighter 6 in our hands for about five months, lab monsters are starting to find more of the intricate bits of tech and combos to utilize in battle. We have now gone beyond standard character specific combo videos and are seeing harder and more elaborate set ups hit social media more consistently, and things are getting interesting.

Pushing that envelope probably farther than the average player will ever take it, Desk has created a new Street Fighter 6 video that puts a focus on "rare" combos. Essentially, these are highly intricate sequences that require very specific parameters to start and excellent execution to finish.

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Emergency ban imposed on new inescapable Sindel and Jax reset combo during Mortal Kombat 1 tournament

During the grand finals of a Mortal Kombat 1 event, R1p's Arena had to make a decision about what appeared to be a new Sindel reset combo. To be perfectly clear, the previous Sindel infinite involving Kameo Sub-Zero in the corner was actually patched out with the latest update. This was an entirely new sequence that involved Sindel that apparently first popped up during this tournament.

With any launch combo, Sindel has the ability to restand the opponent using her scream special, leaving the opponent still open to continue the combo. Following this, she can then end a combo using the "Karthweel" special. Finally, Jax is called at a specific time so that the player can begin a new combo while airborne.

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One of A.K.I.'s biggest believers has flipped and now says that she's trash in Street Fighter 6

A.K.I. is the newest combatant to join Street Fighter 6's roster. Unfortunately, early impressions from many of the pros painted her as being one of the weakest characters in Street Fighter 6. "Doesn't matter who plays A.K.I. or how you play A.K.I., she's undoubtedly in the bottom tier," said BST|Daigo late last month.

However, Diaphone was one of the players that held onto hope that A.K.I. still had some potential as a "respectable mid tier." In Diaphone's latest video, he admits that he has since flipped on this idea and is now saying that A.K.I. is "trash."

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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 France Offline results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The final offline premier for the Capcom Pro Tour is happening this weekend in Paris, France.

Notable players participating are plentiful, but for just a sample — this weekend you'll be able to see Bandits|MenaRD, BST|Fuudo, Yesports|Chris Wong, BST|Daigo, GyoGun|Moke, Talon|HotDog29, Kayne, SR|NuckleDu, 00|Phenom, Falcons|Mister Crimson, Mouz|Problem X, M80|EndingWalker, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, HB|Kawano, TwisMinds|OilKing, GyoGun|Mizuha, Falcons|Valmaster, BKR|Luffy, G8S|Pugera, Cuongster and many more.

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Thaiger Uppercut 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Thaiger Uppercut 2023 is coming back strong and happening this weekend in Bangkok, Thailand.

Notable players attending the event include RB|Arslan Ash, DRX|Knee, KDF|Ulsan, Fate|Atif, ZJZ, KDF|Meo-IL, KDF|CBM, Talon|Book, LowHigh, DRX|Chanel, Fate|Khan, SP|Mok, Samitto, Gank|Seo, Falcon|JoKa, Liquid|Shadow20z, K2, Koukou, Wade, Varrel|Pinya and many more.

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Korean artist King Duck loves drawing fighting game ladies and swapping or giving them new costumes

There's so many talented fighting game artists all around the world, and it's always a joy to find someone new we haven't put the spotlight on before.

South Korea's King Duck is one such fun artist who likes to focus their work on the ladies of mostly The King of Fighters and Street Fighter with a specialty for giving them new outfits to try on (and sometimes each other's).

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JP's having a big weekend at Thaiger Uppercut but he's technically not the most popular character at the Street Fighter 6 event

While many of the Street Fighter 6 pros are in France for the Capcom Pro Tour Premier event, that doesn't mean it's the only tournament of note for the game this weekend.

Many of the best players from Southeast Asia and beyond have gathered in Thailand for Thaiger Uppercut 2023 where we've gone through and put together character stats ahead of the finals.

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E. Honda player pulls off a clutch comeback while in burnout during Capcom Pro Tour 2023 France Offline

The Capcom Pro Tour 2023 France Offline is one of the big FGC tournaments happening this weekend. Over 400 players have signed up to compete in hopes of qualifying for the Capcom Cup finals.

At one point during the tournament, NassimClaw, an E. Honda user, found himself going up against GyoGun|Moke's Chun-Li. It ended up being an intense set that came down to its final game.

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