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Street Fighter 6 stories

9-year-old wins Street Fighter 6 tournament set, getting mad respect from everyone including Lily's voice actor

The up and coming youth will always be the life blood that will keep the fighting game community going and growing though we typically don't see them in these streets this young now.

That may be changing, however, with kids like Cupcake, the reported 9-year-old, who won a set at a Street Fighter 6 local this past weekend, and it wasn't her first time joining in on the competition.

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New Street Fighter 6 clip suggests A.K.I. will be a charge character

Street Fighter 6 players may have gotten a taste of what A.K.I. looks like in action, but there's still plenty of questions as to how she'll function.

Capcom's development teams are going to be featured in the Japanese documentary show 100 Kame, which recently shared some behind-the-scenes footage for SF6 that may answer some important questions about the next DLC character.

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PR Balrog is juggling being a parent and winning Street Fighter 6 tournaments in the most adorable way possible

Though he's tried to retire from competition in the FGC, you just can't kill the competitive spirit that's within PR Balrog. However, it's important to note that his competitive drive isn't coming at the expense of being a good father to his child.

As it turns out, PR Balrog has been bringing his family out while he competes at the Guildhouse weekly tournament series. It would appear that he is the player to beat as he's been winning a number of Street Fighter 6 tournaments throughout the weekly series.

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Playing Jamie but ONLY allowed to win at MAX DRINKS in Street Fighter 6

We do a lot of analysis, discussion, and video essaying on our YouTube Channel, but thus far haven't explored much in the way of actually playing. That changes today.

Today's video sees me playing some Street Fighter 6, but with a stipulation or two. First off, I'm using Jamie, a character I'm widely unfamiliar with (I used him during the beta, but haven't touched him since) and I'm restricted to only being able to finish rounds if I've reached his four drink final form.

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Only The Best 5 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Only The Best 5 is happening this weekend in Naples, Italy.

Some of the notable players attending include KDF|CBM, THY|Chikurin, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, Liquid|Shadow20z, Falcons|Ghirlanda, Oplon|Skyll, LowHigh, Varrel|Pinya, FaZe|HK Jr., eF|Danielmado, GL|Tetsu, SYG|Jetstream, Tibetano, ShadyImpostor, SchiacciSempre, Jodd, Frogmaster|Yosh, Phantasma|Nivek, DSYRE|Geeck-O and more.

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Here's what it looks like when two Master E. Honda players share the same single brain cell in Street Fighter 6

Even in a fighting game with as many options as Street Fighter 6 has, sometimes two players can become completely in sync with each other.

During one of his recent streams, longtime pro RC|Haitani faced off in a mirror match against another Master-ranked E. Honda where they both became fully in tune with the same singular brain cell.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Asia East results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another online Capcom Pro Tour 2023 event is happening this weekend with this one focusing on the eastern Asia region.

Notable players participating include Gumout|NL, Talon|HotDog29, TwisMinds|OilKing, ZJZ, GamerBee, Leshar, Daimon, UMA327, KoreanWrestlingMan, Chris Wong, Yesports|Humanbomb, EGO|Armperor, Yoro, Burnoutfighter and more.

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Can you figure out what this Street Fighter 6 tier list is about that has Zangief at the top from iDom?

In this day and age, you can have a tier list for pretty much anything, but it's hard to difficult to think of one where Zangief would ever be at the top when it comes to the context of Street Fighter 6.

That's what left basically everyone scratching their head when former Capcom Cup champion XSET|iDom shared a new SF6 tier list without any context.

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AEW star Kenny Omega agrees to charity money match in Street Fighter 6 against MMA champion Demetrious Johnson

Kenny Omega has a long history with the Street Fighter franchise at this point both officially and as a fan / player, and it looks like a new challenger has arrived on his scene.

Current One and former UFC Flyweight MMA champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson recently challenged the AEW star to a charity money match in Street Fighter 6 at their big wrestling event next month.

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Is Street Fighter 6 already more balanced than the final versions of SF4 and SF5? EventHubs debates

We know better than to expect a new Street Fighter game to be balanced, but could it be that Capcom finally figured out the formula to level up in major ways? We pit Street Fighter 6 as it stands in its 3 month infancy against the likes of Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition to debate whether this is the most balanced SF entry to date.

While I'm already convinced that SF6 is more balanced than any and all of its predecessors, Catalyst and MajinTenshinhan aren't quite ready to agree wholesale, and thus we dig in and explore with some debate filled discussion.

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This Street Fighter 6 mod that transforms Kimberly into Mortal Kombat's Jade has no business being THIS good

There are some worries that Jade won't be part of the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1, and while we certainly do hope the green-clad assassin makes an eventual appearance (perhaps as DLC if she doesn't make the initial roster) we do have a little something to tide us over.

Enter FishBoy, a talented modder who has transformed Street Fighter 6's Kimberly Jackson into Jade from Mortal Kombat. Continue on for some awesome screen shots, and yes, there's a thicc version.

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Capcom releases A.K.I.'s Street Fighter 6 theme 'Poisonous Passion'

By the end of this month, players everywhere will be able to get their hands on the slippery, venomous 2nd DLC character set to join Street Fighter 6's playable cast. Pupil of Street Fighter 5's F.A.N.G, A.K.I. is slipping and sliding her way into battle with a poisonous touch.

This week, Capcom has been sharing various details and content surrounding the upcoming DLC character. Among the shared goodies for A.K.I., the company behind the long-running fighting game franchise has unveiled the fighter's official Street Fighter 6 theme, and you can listen to it in its entirety now.

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6 Street Fighter 6 mechanics the game doesn't teach you that you need to know

The fighting game community continues to unpack Street Fighter 6 and all that it offers. As we play more and more rounds, new interactions, techniques, and strategies are encountered, which allows us to further dig into what Capcom's latest fighting game is all about.

Pro player and content creator Brian_F has been studying the intricacies of Street Fighter 6 very closely, and in his latest video covers 6 mechanics that you can find and use in-game that the game itself doesn't teach you. You'll definitely want to check these out if you're aiming to improve in SF6.

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but one of Rashid's traditionally frustrating moves actually needs a buff in Street Fighter 6

Those of us who survived him in the Street Fighter 5 days had a good bit of trepidation as Rashid joined the roster of Street Fighter 6 as the game's first DLC character, and though he did have a game-breaking bug upon release, he was actually otherwise refreshingly balanced.

The turbulent and windy fighter proved to retain his high flying and fun abilities, but this time developers were sure to omit the obvious and widely unfair advantages he had in his previous design. That said, it seems perhaps that they erred a little too far on the side of caution, and gave him a maneuver that very clearly doesn't do its job properly.

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NuckleDu releases his match up chart for Guile in Street Fighter 6

SR|NuckleDu Dang has been kicking butt and taking everyone's names with Guile for basically over a decade now, and trajectory hasn't really changed for Street Fighter 6.

The former Capcom Cup champion recently just put together his match up chart for his boy Guile in SF6 now that we're three months into the game's competitive scene.

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Scrubquotes Street Fighter 6 players receive analysis treatment to see what made them so salty from Diaphone

The Scrubquotes Twitter page is a pretty magical place for fighting game fans to see the depths of salt and rage the genre can muster, but we're generally left without context as to what led up to the outbursts.

Diaphone has become one of the best content creators in the FGC, and he recently went back into his Scrubquotes investigations and analysis to see how and why some of the players featured there allowed the salt to get the better of them.

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Mike Ross won't play Honda, so Xian makes him fight the best E. Honda in Street Fighter 6

For those who may not know, Mike Ross became a beloved public figure in the fighting game community in no small part for two major reasons: his extremely charismatic personality and his extremely charismatic E. Honda play during the heights of Street Fighter 4.

Long time fans, including his Versus Vortex partner, 2013 Evo champ Xian, have been hoping to see Mike return to Honda here in Street Fighter 6, but he's thus far been using Lily as his main. Since he can't get Mike to play Honda, Xian decided in the latest episode of VV to pit him against his former main, and brings on whom he deems the top E. Honda player: Careka.

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