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Street Fighter 6 stories

Here are the input lag test results for Street Fighter 6 across all platforms

Street Fighter 6 was finally released just a few days ago. As such, Nigel "Noodalls" Woodall, input lag test aficionado, has recently reported his findings about Street Fighter 6's input latency.

It would appear that Noodalls has spent quite a lot of time running thousands of tests across all platforms that Street Fighter 6 has been released on to get the most accurate results possible. According to Noodalls' interpretation of these results, it doesn't matter a great deal which platform you get Street Fighter 6 if you're buying for the new generation of consoles.

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Polls: How is your Street Fighter 6 launch experience?

The wait is finally over with Street Fighter 6 now in all of our hands, and there's so much to do with so little time.

Since SF6 has been out in the wild for a couple of days now, we're here to ask our readers about how their launch experience is going with the game so far.

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How much sauce does Zangief have in Street Fighter 6? Desk's new combo showcase has the grappler dripping with style

Zangief and most traditional grapplers in Street Fighter have never really been known for their extended combos, but the new game is changing that up quite a bit.

Desk is back with his latest Street Fighter 6 combo showcase for Zangief to show off all the sauce the pro wrestler can do with so much damage.

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DreamHack Dallas results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend we'll be seeing the latest DreamHack event taking place in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Notable players attending include Punk, RB|Anakin, AR|Wero Asamiya, TBH|Seis MX, Liquid|Hungrybox, END|Shine, Reynald, HB|Docta Afrikan E.X., Danke, Ranmasama, PAR|FlashMetroid, PerfectLegend, TUE|Jackie Tran and more.

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Capcom releases statement following 'very negative' reviews of Street Fighter 6's DLC packs

Most people seem to be quite enjoying their time with Street Fighter 6 so far, but there's a few aspects of the game that some apparently aren't very happy with.

Capcom has now released a statement seemingly addressing player complaints regarding SF6's DLC packs.

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Zangief plays the ultimate 'Uno Reverse Card' against other supers in Street Fighter 6 during these fan-made clips

When certain supers connect in Street Fighter 6, a cinematic plays out in which the initiating character deals a bunch of damage to the opposing fighter. Once this happens, players are unable to interact while the cinematic plays out. By this point, one party is guaranteed to receive a bunch of damage.

However, fans have spliced specific clips of character super arts together to form a hilarious reversal situation. The scenes play out normally at first with Jamie and Lily performing their level 3 (or Critical Art) supers against Zangief, but Zangief is the one that has the last laugh at the end of these clips.

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Slash N Dash Emirates Showdown results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Slash N Dash Emirates Showdown will be happening this weekend and as you might have guessed from the name it's taking place in the United Arab Emirates, more specifically in Dubai.

Notable players attending include Talon|Book, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, NASR|AngryBird, NASR|BigBird, BIG|Sephiblack, eF|DanielMado, Kkokkoma, Awais Honey, Asim, VS|WhiteAshX, Dragons|Raef, GTR, VS|Fruit and many more.

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JP, Zangief and some of the other Street Fighter 6 guys are looking pretty cursed in this beard remover mod

It seems that Hot Ryu finally showed Capcom that people like bearded fighters outside of Zangief, and we've got quite a few more now than we've ever had before.

With Street Fighter 6 officially being in the wild now, fan modders are starting to get to work, and there's already a mod for players who want to actually take the beards off of the dudes in the game.

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Desk brings the hype to Chun-Li with a 50-hit combo, taunt KOs and juggles you probably didn't know existed in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has only been available for a few days at this point, but Desk is already playing the game like he's had it for a month or more with everything he's figured out.

Chun-Li may not be near the top of people's ranks when it comes to most hype characters in SF6 though you may change your mind after seeing Desk's brand new combo showcase.

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Get the beat down on Dee Jay's tricky level 2 Super Art in Street Fighter 6 like it's a rhythm game

In just a matter of months, Dee Jay went from basically being a joke in the Street Fighter fanbase to one of the most interesting and technical characters of Street Fighter 6 that players seem to be quite enjoying.

The Jamaican pop star's level 2 Super Art is also one of the most unique in SF6 since it doesn't really accomplish much if you don't know the right rhythm and buttons, but how do you fix that quickly?

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Nemo's priceless reaction to meeting his most hated Street Fighter character for the first time in Street Fighter 6

Fans that have been following the professional scene of Street Fighter 5 might already be aware of Nemo's friendly rivalry with Itazan. As such, Nemo has come to hate grappler characters like Zangief in Street Fighter as Itazan is known to be an accomplished Zangief (and Abigail) user.

Though we've had the opportunity to play through a number of betas for Street Fighter 6, we never had an opportunity to fight against Street Fighter 6's true grapplers until very recently. Needless to say, FGC Translated Alpha recently captured the moment in which Nemo was matched up against Zangief for the first time in the fresh new fighting game.

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Getting frustrated with Blanka's heavy Rolling Attack in Street Fighter 6? Here's how to beat it

Longtime Street Fighter fans probably won't be too surprised to hear this, but Blanka is sort of a "troll" character in Street Fighter 6. The character operates at his best when he's up against frustrated and confused opponents.

As it turns out, Blanka's heavy Rolling Attack has been causing players a lot of grief to how deceptively safe it is. In a recently video upload, Jmcrofts covers the best options for countering it.

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Marisa hilariously encourages her opponent to hit her when taunting in Street Fighter 6 and it totally absorbs the attack if you do

So, it's finally here, performing for yo—I mean, Street Fighter 6 is finally here! Players the whole world over are diving head first into Capcom's latest entry in the beloved Street Fighter franchise to learn anything and everything they can about it.

Among the sea of excellent combos, tech, and clips of match footage we've been seeing are some of the great little details that were slipped into the game for fans to find. One such great added touch comes in the form of Marisa's taunt, which sees her hilariously encourage the opponent to hit her. Just like many of her other moves, her taunt also has armor on it and can absorb attacks.

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How to get alternate costumes and outfits in Street Fighter 6

Is Street Fighter 6 the most beautiful Street Fighter game to date? We could pretty rapidly get into the weeds comparing the gorgeous sprite work of Street Fighter 3, so maybe we let bygones be bygones and just agree that the new more realistic graphics churned out by the RE Engine look absolutely gorgeous.

We've gotten to know the majority of the 18-character launch roster in their standard attire, but Capcom has released high quality screen shots of the group in their alternate outfits as well. We've rounded a gallery up for you to appreciate, and you can learn how to unlock them below.

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19 hits with Ryu? These are the coolest Street Fighter 6 combos you'll see today

Combo potential in Street Fighter 6 is already exciting as the Drive System offers players tons of various routes. If you simply want to do the most damage, you can, but maybe spending a little extra meter will put you in an especially advantageous follow up situation, or maybe your primary goal is to sap your foe's Drive Gauge.

Further still, maybe your primary goal is to come up with the coolest, most stylish beat downs possible without caring about spending all of your resources to do so. That's exactly what Desk did in his latest SF6 combo video, featuring franchise poster boy: Ryu.

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How to find every Master location in Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

The most expansive Street Fighter single player mode ever is finally here as we explore World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6. We've gone through and found the locations of all 17 unlockable Masters as well as the necessary steps to access them.

A handful of these are unavoidable and you should have little to no trouble encountering them, but others a little less intuitive and require you tackle side quests at particular times of day, for instance, in order to discover them.

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Capcom shows off unused Cammy designs for Street Fighter 6 that didn't make it past the concept art phase

All of the original world warriors from the Street Fighter 2 days received brand new designs for Street Fighter 6, but ended up with the most drastic changes of them all.

Capcom recently shared 10 different potential designs they looked at for Cammy in SF6 with some discussion from Director Takayuki Nakayama as to what they were looking to do with the fan-favorite character in the new game.

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