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Street Fighter 6 stories

Forget the game-breaking glitches, here's a bunch of pointless and funny fighting game bugs including some new finds in old titles

Although fighting games are more technically polished than ever, there's still going to be some glitches that slip through the cracks although probably not quite like the arcade days.

Instead of all the more game-breaking or experience-ruining bugs out there, Jmcrofts just released his latest video detailing a bunch of pointless fighting game glitches to give you a laugh or make you scratch your head.

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Capcom says no thank you to the idea of Microsoft acquisition or making big purchases themselves

For the past handful of years, big developer / publisher acquisitions have been the name of the game for Microsoft and Sony from Bungie to Activision Blizzard itself and beyond.

Capcom has remained near the top of the list for those who may be feasibly up for grabs during that time, but it doesn't sound like they're interested.

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JAK puts together 'most accurate' Street Fighter 6 tier list but it's not about character strength

Tier lists attempt to take something subjective and turn it into a quantifiable, so they're not really supposed to be true or false.

That being said, however, Moist|JAK (previously known as Justakid) put together what he calls the "most accurate" tier list for Street Fighter 6 though it's not about character strength.

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The most popular Street Fighter 6 character picks from CEOtaku and Capcom Pro Tour Brazil

The tournament season for Street Fighter 6 has been up and running for a few months now, which has gotten to the point of giving fans sometimes multiple majors in the same week.

We got pretty lucky with that again this weekend with hundreds of players signed up to compete at CEOtaku 2023 and the Capcom Pro Tour Brazil events, and we've gone back now through the brackets to see which characters were showing up the most.

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CEOtaku 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

CEOtaku is back upon us again and taking place in Orlando, Florida.

Notable players participating include FLY|Punk, SR|NuckleDu, Solo|Verix, NBNHMR, ScrawtVermillion, FLY|TempestNYC, FLY|Nitro, ForeverKing, PAG|Monarch, Betadood, MR|Umisho, BC|Jonathan Tene, BeyondToxin, FF|ElvenShadow, JurassicOri, WoC|Coach Steve, Wavie, JPV|Axenstar, Defiant, Foxof42, Knights|2eZ, Moist|JAK, PAR|Eddventure, Zando, Neokarsh, FLY|Razzo, OD|Fullauto, PepperySplash, RB|ApologyMan, Bean, Supernoon, Moist|Hotashi, BC|LordKnight, PAR|FlashMetroid, ITT|Goatgloat and many more.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Brazil results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another online event for the Capcom Pro Tour this weekend and this one has its sights set on Brazil.

Players participating include DS|DidimoKOF, ShadesBR, Juninho-Ras, Keoma, Shodown|Jah_lexe, DMX|RonaldinhoBR, Shodown|ChuChu, NamikazeExTM, Comite|Mimam, NotPedro, HorusPaulin, GO|Dark-Ras and many more.

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Next Street Fighter 6 update to attempt cutting down on unintentional Super Art inputs

While playing Street Fighter 6 often feels pretty fluid and smooth, users have been complaining about the game's input buffer system messing up what they're trying to do since launch.

It seems like Capcom is going to try addressing some of those issues in the next update for SF6 coming this month with A.K.I.

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Update: More 'quality-of-life' improvements coming to Street Fighter 6

Update: Capcom has revealed a few more new quality-of-life improvements coming to Street Fighter 6 with A.K.I.'s update that fall outside of the training mode upgrades, which has been added to the story below.

Quality-of-life improvements will be coming to Street Fighter 6's training mode on September 27, 2023, and will release alongside A.K.I., on that same day.

Capcom will give players the ability to assign shortcuts without having to use the Function Button. This will speed up some of the processes players use when dialing in the settings in the game's many layered menus.

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'She's REALLY fast' - Justin Wong already got to play A.K.I. in Street Fighter 6, here are his takeaways

We're eagerly awaiting Street Fighter 6's newest character's release as A.K.I. will be joining the playable roster as DLC on September 27, but the mighty Justin Wong was fortunate enough to get some hands on time with her already.

The competitive fighting game legend has a full 16 minutes worth footage, thoughts, and reactions as he shares a ton of exciting new information on the poisonous newcomer.

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A.K.I.'s Street Fighter 6 character select screen animation is oozing with personality and poison

Street Fighter 6's second DLC character, A.K.I., is set for her official release next week. Leading up to her launch, Capcom is pulling back the curtain on everything A.K.I. this week, especially with the Tokyo Game Show 2023 video game expo currently going on.

We've seen new gameplay, character guides, and all kinds of things related to the newcomer as of late, and the official Street Fighter Twitter account recently added to the pile by sharing her character select screen animation. These animations before and after selecting the fighter have been amazing in Street Fighter 6 so far, and A.K.I.'s keeps that trend alive with hers.

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Third outfits for Cammy, Ken, Luke, and Lily revealed for Street Fighter 6

Capcom revealed Friday night third costumes for four Street Fighter 6 roster members.

Said characters are Ken Masters, Cammy, Lily, and Luke, and while we don't have in-game footage of them yet, we do get to see them detailed in concept art. Continue on to see all four.

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IDom endures an absolute onslaught of JP's zoning to score the longest perfect we've seen in Street Fighter 6 yet

One of Street Fighter 5's best players ever, iDom, has been a loyal Manon player in Street Fighter 6 since shortly after launch. As a grappler character who has to use a lot of patience to get in and bide their time to strike, facing a heavy zoning character like JP can be a war of attrition.

In a recent clip from iDom's stream, the top level competitor pulled off an incredible feat by using unreal patience and having an unbreakable mind. IDom managed to endure JP's incredibly oppressive full screen zoning for almost an entire round before scoring what has to be the longest perfect we have ever seen in Street Fighter 6.

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Chun-Li Exosuit revealed for Exoprimal - Street Fighter 6 collaboration

Season 2 of Capcom's dinosaur-ridden is slated for October and a recent trailer reveals new details, including a third Street Fighter 6 character skin to add to the upcoming Street Fighter collaboration.

We previously saw that both Ryu and Guile would be getting special Exosuits but this week's reveal showcases Chun-Li, The Strongest Woman in the World, amid the fray.

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7 minutes of brand new Street Fighter 6 A.K.I. gameplay sees her facing several different types of opponents

A.K.I. is Capcom's big talk of the town when it comes to Street Fighter 6 at Tokyo Game Show 2023. The newcomer is set for release next week acting as SF6's second DLC fighter, and this week we've been seeing a lot of new gameplay and information about her leading up to launch.

With A.K.I. being playable on the expo's show floor, GameSpot was able to capture footage of the new fighter. The publication has shared 7 brand new minutes of gameplay that show the newcomer taking on various different types of opponents.

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A.K.I.'s Street Fighter 6 default colors and game faces revealed

During their online program presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2023, Capcom provided new details on Street Fighter 6's upcoming DLC character, A.K.I. This new contender is joining the playable cast on September 27, and it appears there was still more to show us about her before her official launch.

The live stream provided new footage of A.K.I. in action, complete with her walk out and two of her fight intros. Most importantly, though, today we were given a look at all 10 of her default costume colors for the first time, as well as her game faces.

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Street Fighter 6 adding new 'Legend' rank in Master League Phase 2 beginning November 1, new training mode features inbound

Capcom showcased what all is coming to Street Fighter 6 here in the near future during their Capcom Online Program presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2023. While we didn't quite get a teaser for the game's next DLC character, Ed, the company behind the long-running fighting game franchise did reveal some hot new info.

Street Fighter 6 is gearing up to add A.K.I., the game's second DLC fighter, to the playable roster next week, but not long after that fans can look forward to even more content. Capcom announced that they will be adding a new highest rank to the game's online play, called Legend rank, as well as new training mode features.

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Capcom Online Program for Tokyo Game Show 2023 live stream

Update: The stream is now live.

The Tokyo Game Show 2023 is now officially underway, so it's time to see what the Japanese development scene are currently working on and willing to show off.

Capcom is joining in on the action again this year with their Special Online Program at TGS this morning for those of us in the West.

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