Street Fighter 5 stories

Street Fighter 5's most recent season of DLC characters were the best batch to date, here's why

There've been a lot of snags in the road over the last four years when it comes to Street Fighter 5's DLC characters. Delays, lack of communication, poor character balance, and underwhelming releases have made it sometimes difficult to appreciate Street Fighter 5 as a service.

There have certainly been some strong wins in the DLC department as well, but I'd argue that Season 4 was actually the strongest overall season for DLC.

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Which Street Fighter 5 characters are the most underrated right now? EventHubs round table discussion

On this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast, MajinTenshinhan, DreamKing, Catalyst, and I all shared our personal lists revealing the three characters we each think are most underrated in Street Fighter 5.

We realize there are those who may not want to devote the time to listening through an entire podcast to get these opinions and so we're offering them in a textual format below.

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UltraDavid shares his most current Street Fighter 5 Season 5 tier list

Few figures in the fighting game community have spent more time analyzing and observing titles like Street Fighter 5 than commentator David "UltraDavid" Graham.

David's intellectual approach has earned him a good bit of trust from community members and so it's with a strong sense of excitement we examine the SF5 tier list he recently put together on UltraChenTV.

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I gave up fiber internet and switched to cable just so I could play Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition online comfortably

The quest for a legitimate and comfortable experience playing Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition online has led me through a string of equipment upgrades and mindset changes. After trying virtually everything in my power to achieve what has felt like a fool's prospect, the final frontier was to switch my internet service provider (ISP), Frontier, for Charter Spectrum.

That's right, I gave up fiber internet for a cable internet connection, and it may surprise you to hear that my experience online has actually improved. Normally, I'd be as shocked as you are right now, but given what I've experienced and learned about my previous ISP, an improvement was pretty darn likely.

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Three side switches, a back dash, and more than half of Menat's life? You'll want to watch this Street Fighter 5 Seth combo more than once

The newest character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is still finding new ways of pulling out all the stops as Seth continues to impress with flashy combo sequences.

A lot of players have had a bit of extra time on their hands as of late, and we're starting to see more and more imaginative ways to quickly wipe away sizeable chunks of life bars. We recently came across a perfect example from ThisIsBattle, who has figured out a beatdown that keeps Menat juggled up in the air for nearly 10 hits.

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Who are the top three most underrated Street Fighter 5 characters?

We welcome on two guests this week as both DreamKing and MajinTenshinhan join to add their thoughts to ours as we examine who the most underrated characters in Street Fighter 5 are right now.

This turned out to be a good bit harder than it initially seemed, and part of that is because the community is missing a major part of the SF5 assessment puzzle right now due to the lack of major tournaments and professional examples.

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Curious how an Ultimate Grand Master Ryu uses Thrust Strike during Street Fighter 5 matches? Check out Justfog duking it out with Abigail and Zangief

In Season 5, Ryu's new V-Skill 2 โ€” the Thrust Strike โ€” was often the butt of a joke within the Street Fighter community. Some would even refer to Ryu's V-Skill 2 as being the absolute worst V-Skill in the game.

It's certainly worth noting that Capcom did put in an effort to buff Ryu's Thrust Strike in the recent matchmaking update. These improvements have made it a little easier to use and can now be more reliably canceled into Ryu's V-Triggers.

Is Ryu's V-Skill 2 any good as a result of the buffs? Recently, SFV Fan uploaded match footage of Justfog making use of Ryu's V-Skill 2 against highly ranked Abigail and Zangief players.

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Menat's V-Trigger 1 still makes for the best combos in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

One of the biggest draws for Menat when she first released at the tail end of Street Fighter 5 Season 2 was her V-Trigger 1. Summoning six energy orbs around her, the fortune teller is able to fire them off whenever she chooses to create sticky situations for the opponent or get more damage.

It didn't take long for the community to use these orbs as a means of extending combos, and the extensive, hard-hitting sequences quickly became a staple of her toolset. Now, here in Champion Edition, Menat's V-Trigger 1 still makes for the best (and longest) combos in the game.

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Top 10 worst match ups in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition according to community votes

We regularly bring up the more overwhelming and underwhelming characters when it comes to general Street Fighter 5 tier discussions, but don't often enough seem to go enough particular detail to highlight and explore the game's most egregious mismatches.

With the variety of character types and strengths there are going to be inevitable situations that see certain fighters struggle exceptionally hard as they face off against foes who can counter their every move. We feature an option for EventHubs users to vote on the matches they have ample experience with and can turn to those results for some kickstarter evidence to get the discussion underway.

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'I don't think even Sako knows this [about Kage]' โ€” Daigo is making some interesting discoveries about Kage in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

RB|Daigo Umehara has recently expressed his interest in taking Kage more seriously in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Although he was previously adamant that Guile would be his main character of choice during the fifth season, that could potentially change depending on his success with Kage.

FGC Translated has been highlighting and transcribing a number of clips that showcase Daigo putting in work with Kage. Thus far, Daigo's opinion of Kage appears to be very promising.

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Despite how annoyingly strong he's been, Rashid has had one of the worst online win rates in Street Fighter 5 for years

Armed with exceedingly strong normals, versatile specials, and excellent movement options, Rashid has been correctly viewed as one of the absolute strongest and overpowered characters in Street Fighter 5 for the last couple years.

He's been incredibly popular in latter tournament brackets and saw no less than six unique representations in Capcom Cup 2019. Indeed, this character has been long viewed by many through a lens that unequivocally defines him as overpowered, which is why it may come as something of a surprise to hear that he's got one of the worst online win rates of the roster, and this has been the case for a while now.

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Click Burgundy's fighting game art draws us back to the recent character announcements and big tournament happenings with top tier portraits

Click Burgundy is a Japanese artist we've featured here a good number of times already largely because of how fantastic all of their portraits turn out, especially those that are tied to the fighting game community and its happenings.

Previously, we'd talked about how their artwork often times ties into an announcement or big tournament win within the FGC, so here's some more slick portraits covering the recent fighters announced for games like Granblue Fantasy: Versus and Dragon Ball FighterZ on top of some general goodness of their great designs.

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First set of stats revealed for online character usage and match ups post Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's balance patch

The Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition matchmaking update provided enough buffs and nerfs to the cast to really shake up the meta. Being that this update occurred in March 2020, they obviously did not show up in the February 2020 online stats.

Although the balance adjustments were only in effect for seven days before the end of March, one can easily imagine how Street Fighter 5 would see increased activity among the players due to the changes.

With the March 2020 stats now available, some interesting developments have emerged. Let's take a closer look at how characters are behaving online.

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Capcom releases encouraging message about staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 is turning out to be a troubling time for many people. To help curve the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is being encouraged to stay home for the sake of social distancing.

Capcom has recently released an image of Chun-Li that's clearly intended to encourage the social distancing message. Attached to the Tweet with the "PlayApartTogether" and "StayHome" hashtags, the image says to "be courageous and stay strong, the world needs us right now."

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The top 10 most technical characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Updated: The poll has been closed and you can see how the votes turned out by hitting the jump.

Original story: Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition now comes equipped with a respectable 40-fighter roster with numerous playstyles to choose from. Couple these characters' foundations with the V-System and you have a wide spectrum of contenders ranging from the more entry-level side of things to those who take considerably longer to learn and master.

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Yoshinori Ono: A player's skill is important for enjoyable experiences... this factor is also the reason why some could also feel less enjoyment

Yoshinori Ono recently commented on how the Street Fighter 5 development team had to relearn the importance of hearing feedback from the community during an interview with US Gamer.

US Gamer also asked Ono a question regarding accessibility in fighting games. Of course, there's also a need for rewarding skill in fighting games.

"The fighting game scene has grown significantly, and some developers are responding by making their games more approachable - upcoming games like Guilty Gear Strive have highlighted accessibility," stated US Gamer. "How do you think Street Fighter fits into that, and do you think more could be done to get newcomers into the series without losing what makes SF great?"

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Saltmine League Season 6 #1 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Saltmine League is back again this week and kicking off its sixth season.

Notable players participating this week are Hurricane, Boltstrike, The4Philzz, Ryan Hart, ImStillDaDaddy, JeSTeRPoWeR, Rikemansbarnet, Afii, AfroSaiyan and more.

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