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Street Fighter 5 stories

Three tips for bettering your anti-air game no matter your skill level as a fighting game player

Anti-airs are one of the most crucial components to fighting game play as they affect the momentum and outcomes of rounds and matches with incredible gravity. When a foe takes to the air in a game like Street Fighter (games like Marvel vs. Capcom or Dragon Ball FighterZ are different beasts) you have an important opportunity to sway things in your favor.

Even blocking a jump in should be considered a fairly large failure, and so developing a pristine anti-air game is essential for those who want to see W's. Below are three bits of advice, (one for beginners, one for intermediates, and one for more advanced players) that can help you with this most crucial of fighting game facets.

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The karmic justice of an online Ken teabagging only to get hit with the Perfect one round later will never get old in Street Fighter 5

The art of teabagging in fighting games is a delicate one with more nuance than you'd expect, and there may be a pattern of online Ken players in Street Fighter 5 who don't quite get the subtleties needed to prevent it blowing up in their face.

England's ever-entertaining Broski recently shared a highlight from his recent stream where he dishes out the perfect plate of karma to one of those poor souls who needs to go back to art class.

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In case you weren't sure Cammy privilege was a thing in Street Fighter 5...

As tier lists from pro players and Capcom Pro Tour event results roll in here in Street Fighter 5's fifth season, Cammy is easily emerging as a top contender for strongest character on the roster.

She's won both of the CPT tournaments thus far, is often the matter of fact number one character for top competitors like RZR|Xian, and continues to get away with ridiculous sequences like the one recently shared by NVD|Phenom.

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Punk releases his Season 5 tier list for Street Fighter 5 with Blanka and Gill literally in the trashcan

Now that Street Fighter 5's fifth season of play has been available for almost three months, players are getting more comfortable sharing their thoughts on how this year is shaping up, and one of the best in the business is tossing his hat into the ring to post his opinions.

PG|Punk just released his Season 5 tier list for Champion Edition featuring both Rose and Dan along with some big shakeups from where the game was at last year.

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Zeku reactions lead to link into Critical Art while Kage keeps opponent guessing for days in HiFight's CPT2021 Central America West 1 highlights

The Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Central America West 1 ended up being an exciting Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament for players and spectators alike over the weekend.

Recently, HiFight released a video that highlights the top 5 moments from the CPT 2021 Central America West 1's top 16. As is typical with HiFight's videos, the video ends up being an excellent breakdown that provides an immense amount of details about what's happening as the action unfolds.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Central America West 1 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The 2021 round of the Capcom Pro Tour continues this week with the Central America West region.

Notable players participating include AAA|Kusanagi, SB|Doomsnake, RH|Zeromex7, Maximof, RAPTR5|Jazdero, MxGuss, TH|Aeon, Eight, Hokuto, GranTodakai, AAA|Sr. Aguilera and many more.

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Street Fighter's newest crossover is with Fist of the North Star... oh and there's another perfume lineup as well

Street Fighter is still probably Capcom's biggest property in terms of official crossovers and cross promotions which takes the world warriors on journeys far removed from the realm of fighting games.

The latest of them has appeared this week with a crossover event going on now in the Fist of the North Star Legends ReVive, and there's also a new line of Street Fighter fragrances on the way as well.

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Sagat during the Street Fighter Alpha series is a totally different take on what we know of the character in Street Fighter 4 and 5

Rose's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition prologue appeared to foreshadow some sort of return to the Street Fighter Alpha series. Somehow, Rose intends to impart knowledge that she has in Street Fighter 5 to herself during the era of Street Fighter Alpha, which takes place between Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2.

What could this mean? One possibility suggests that Street Fighter 6 will take place during Street Fighter Alpha 1-3. If true, certain elements of Street Fighter lore will be fleshed out more while other details could be changed entirely through retconning.

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Gill player believes he has checkmate to reach top 8 of Capcom Pro Tour qualifier but it's actually Abigail who is playing chess here

The Capcom Pro Tour is back in action this week with the Central American FGC showcasing what they've been cooking up for Street Fighter 5 Season 5, and it's been an entertaining ride so far.

One of the best moments of the big tournament's first day to see who qualifies for Capcom Cup surprisingly came from an Abigail player making an absolutely big brain play to flex on his opponent.

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Akira and Daigo's appearance in Street Fighter 5 creates a really weird wrinkle in the series' timeline

Akira Kazama was one of my personal most-wanted additions for Street Fighter 5's roster, so I was obviously ecstatic when she was revealed alongside Dan, Rose and Oro to be joining the game in Season 5.

Capcom finally decided to showcase a taste of Akira's new design last month in their Spring Update event, which was a treat to see in motion, though hers and her older brother Daigo's appearance in it seems to create an odd wrinkle in the timeline of Street Fighter as a whole.

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This week's Capcom Pro Tour event brought with it a wide variety of characters and Ken being the most popular while Season 5 DLC failed to land a hit

Japan's qualifying event kicking off the Capcom Pro Tour last month brought with it the appearance that Street Fighter 5's meta might be shifting to a slower, more neutral play pace, and now it's time for a much different region to showcase what they're bringing to the table in 2021.

Central America West just whittled its way down to top 8 after some fierce competition, which brings with it the perfect opportunity to dig further into the characters who made a big impact on the CPT tournament and those who failed to make any waves in the competition.

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Javits breaks 800 damage in a single combo for Rose in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

With the right resources and situation, Rose in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is capable of dishing out absurd amounts of damage. The big caveat here is that Rose needs the damage boos effect from her V-Skill 1 active and have her opponent in the corner.

Javits recently posted a clip that showcases Rose breaking 800 damage in a single combo. Part way through, the opponent gets stunned without any addition stun gauge to start with.

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Developer hints and other clues point to how Zeku may play an important role in Street Fighter 5's emerging time travel story line

Capcom hit us with something of a bombshell following the release of Rose as they seem to be going in a whole new direction with the Street Fighter 5's story soon. Since then, we've been scrounging around and looking for clues that may give us more insight into what's coming down the pike for SF5 (and quite possibly Street Fighter 6).

Calling back to a statement SF5 Director, Takayuki Nakayama, made late last year, our focus is now on Zeku. While we can't say for certain the exact role he'll play in all of this, there are most certainly a few bread crumbs making up a trail worth knowing as we delve further into Season 5.

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Capcom lifts competitive ban on Christina 'CeroBlast' Tran

Christina "CeroBlast" Tran has been officially un-banned from the Capcom Pro Tour after being uninvited to all 2020 CPT events last April.

The news came about today via Capcom Fighters Twitter as the creators of Street Fighter 5 released a statement explaining their decision to invite CeroBlast back to the Pro Tour.

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Street Fighter 5 Sagat meme becomes a horrifying reality thanks to modders

We've all seen the horrors of Street Fighter 2's Rainbow Edition. Those old clips of Ryu and Guile littering the entire screen with 100 projectiles is something no player ever wants to experience.

But sometimes fighting a powerful zoner can make you feel like you're facing such a barrage, and Brian F recently uploaded a Street Fighter 5 Season 5 video of a set between him and Zaferino's Sagat where he used a thumbnail that resembled those terrifying Rainbow Edition encounters. Then a PC modder made it a reality...

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Click Burgundy pays homage to Yoshinori Ono with Street Fighter-Fate/Grand Order crossover piece

It was just a few days ago that we received official word that the former face of Street Fighter development, Yoshinori Ono, had been hired on as the new President of DelightWorks Inc.

As they tend to do, Click Burgundy has stayed topical with some of their nearly constant stream of high quality art production by creating a bit of a hybrid piece that features Saber of DelightWork Inc.'s Fate/Grand Order dressed as Street Fighter's Chun-Li and holding Ono's trademark Blanka doll.

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Who are the three worst characters in Street Fighter 5 right now?

The Street Fighter 5 community has now had a healthy two months, and while there's surely still plenty more to learn about new characters and updated meta, we figure it's about time to start discussing things like who the worst characters in the game currently are.

The majority of this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast was dedicated to reviewing the new Mortal Kombat film, but Catalyst and I closed things out with a talk about who we each feel are the best candidates for the bottom most part of the tier list.

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