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Poll results: Who are your biggest villains in Street Fighter 5?

Update: The results are in. Hit the jump below to confirm that Rashid is the biggest villain...

Earlier: Street Fighter 5 has a wonderful cast of characters that features several massively popular world warriors who fans have grown to love over the 30 years of Street Fighter history. Despite that, many of these same characters totally get on our nerves sometimes.

With any fighting game, it's common to find yourself uttering the phrase, "I hate fighting this character." Today, we want to know which characters in Street Fighter 5 have this effect on you — who are your biggest villains?

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This Nightmare Before Christmas and Street Fighter crossover is perfect for Halloween

We're less than 24 hours away from the spookiest day of the year, and as folks everywhere prepare their ghoulish makeup, lay out their Stranger Things and Fortnite costumes, and ready their candy bags for the big night, we continue to indulge in all of the Halloween content that we can.

We've looked at fighting game Halloween costumes you can purchase in real life, the scariest Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11, and even some eerie created stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Today we're checking out some fan art from Remy2FANG that combines two awesome things together just in time for the holiday: Street Fighter 5 and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Capcom may have shown off Teppen's early prototype as an April Fool's Day 'joke' over a year before the game was officially revealed

GungHo's mobile card game Teppen became instantly popular among fans of older Capcom titles including many in the fighting game community though we may have seen a hint at the project long before anyone actually knew what it was.

Back in 2018, Capcom did as it tends to do by releasing an elaborate April Fool's Day prank with a digital card game they called Hado Stone — an obvious play on Blizzard's popular Hearthstone title.

Taking a closer look at that joke game, however, reveals that it looks a hell of a lot like what Teppen would eventually become except very rough around the edges.

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Nearly half of last year's Capcom Cup competitors aren't currently qualified for this year's finals

We're down to the wire here as we enter the final chapters of the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour, and while a good bit can change thanks to the final two events (Canada Cup and the North American Regional Finals) we're already getting a decent picture of who will make Capcom Cup this year.

As the community prepares for the final pieces to fall into place, we thought it'd be interesting to see how the 32 2018 Capcom Cup finalists are doing at this late stage. We've done the research so you can see who will be back for certain, who is fighting to make the cut, and who will need to win the Last Chance Qualifier for a repeat appearance.

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'I don't think Mr. Sakurai likes Blanka very much' - Yoshinori Ono comments on the world warrior's potential to show up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Capcom has some of the biggest representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a third party company with Mega Man, Ryu and Ken all part of the playable roster alongside a number of additional Assist Trophies and stage bosses as part of the biggest crossover ever.

Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono always carries around a small toy of Blanka wherever he goes, so one fan took the opportunity during a recent Q&A session to ask if the electric fighter ever had a chance of making it into Smash.

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Shibasaki's voice actor has a special message for Punk from Karin's butler following First Attack victory

Victor "REC|Punk" Woodley has had himself a hell of a year in 2019 breaking the record for most Capcom Pro Tour points ever won within a single season following his big win at First Attack this past weekend.

Karin Kanzuki's English voice actress gave Punk a special shout out earlier this year, and now her trusted butler Shibasaki's voice actor is giving his own congratulations to the top Street Fighter 5 player as well in fairly comical fashion.

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This V-Skill cross up setup with G in Street Fighter 5 is just all kinds of dirty

G in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is one of those fighters that's armed with some rather powerful tools. Thanks to his damage output, he's often regarded as a "robbery character."

Recently, Gorou34649 released a clip that showcases an impressive sequence that involves G. If the opponent reacts too slow to this cross up situation, they'll surely be taking a lot of damage.

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Punk has officially broken the record for most Capcom Pro Tour points acquired in a season for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Over the weekend, REC|Punk was able to secure an impressive victory at First Attack 2019's Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournament. This was an open premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour, so this meant he was awarded an additional 700 points for the season's global leaderboard.

Even before this event had transpired, Punk was already ranked number one in terms of points. Still, this was a remarkable achievement as it marks the first time in the fourth season where a player was able to break the record set by Rhoto|Tokido in the third season.

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Street Fighter's most popular character has not won a top 8 Capcom Pro Tour match since late 2016, is en route for 200 top eights without a victory

A community member by the name of Thegametwok has developed a very useful CPT match up index that can be used to search for specific character and player stats.

The creator of this index has shown off an intriguing example of what it's capable of by tracking the stats for Ryu as he's appeared in top eight Capcom Pro Tour matches. The findings: Street Fighter's poster boy has an impressive streak of not taking down any wins at all in final tournament brackets. In fact, he hasn't won in this particular arena since the 2016 North American Regional Finals.

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First Attack 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

First Attack 2019 is happening this weekend, and it's taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Some of the notable players set to compete are REC|Punk, CYG|Fuudo, UYU|OilKing, RZR|Xian, CYG|Daigo, ASM|Wawa, NuckleDu, EG|NYChrisG, SB|801 Strider, iDom, VGIA|Shanks, AZ|Kichipa-mu, UYU|JB, Rise|Smug, RB|Luffy, Bandits|MenaRD, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, FOX|Dekillsage, BC|ApologyMan, RRQ|Moke, CYG|GamerBee, BC|Tachikawa, SB|DR Mandrake, Zenith, ASM|MisterCrimson, RES|Pikoro, Umbrella|Dark, END|Shine, SB|DoomSnake, W2W|KnowKami, EF|ElTigre, Keoma, Supernoon, Flux, F3|Lilo, WGH|EnergieMarduk, MGR|NovaMage, EG|Ricki Ortiz, though there are of course many more as well.

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Street Fighter 5 entrant numbers for every 2019 Capcom Pro Tour Premier event broken down by region

We've seen this be one of the biggest Capcom Pro Tours in history. Attendance has been strong overall from all sides of the board, and viewership has consistently been high.

Here is an in-depth look at the entrants at all the notable events. We can look further at which regions have had the best turnouts as we near the end of this year's Tour.

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Dhalsim just as popular as Rashid and Karin while G players toss in their presidential bid: Street Fighter 5 First Attack character usage statistics

Rashid, Akuma and Karin have certainly had themselves a good 2019 in the hands of the world's best Street Fighter 5 players, but regional players still have their favorite fighters that tend to shine through no matter what.

This weekend brings us to the Latin American Regional Finals of the Capcom Pro Tour, but before that, the world warriors had to go through one of the last remaining Open Premiers at First Attack 2019.

Action for said premier just wrapped up, so let's break down the most popular fighters in the top 64 with a nice breadth of representation.

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LOOK AT THE DAMAGE... we had no idea Poison could hit THIS hard in Street Fighter 5

We just finished singing the praises of CYG|PR Balrog's Lucia, speculating that she may be the strongest of the three newest Street Fighter 5 characters, and iDom goes and pulls off a pretty incredible sequence with Poison.

In his winner's side bout for top eight berth at First Attack 2019 against REC|Punk, iDom made the surprising choice to go with his new Poison instead of his traditional (and extremely formidable) Laura. The ending of their first game featured a sequence wherein Punk's life bar was nearly filled one moment and then gone the next.

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'She's cheap' - PR Balrog offers thoughts on Lucia in Street Fighter 5, then backs it up with this stellar sequence

Of the three newest characters in Street Fighter 5 it seems Lucia is seeing the most momentum in terms of competitive ability, and the latest example of this has to be from Eduardo "CYG|PR Balrog" Pérez and his early showing at First Attack.

Despite his affinity for Balrog, Pérez has been using Akuma for the bulk of his recent Street Fighter 5 ventures. It seems he's ventured out into new waters, however, as he showed off what looked like a very solid Lucia during pool play earlier today.

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How great would Dudley be as the next DLC character in Street Fighter 5?

We're just over three weeks away from the Capcom Pro Tour North American Regional Finals where the Street Fighter 5 community expects another major reveal, quite possibly of a brand new DLC character.

While we've certainly heard our fair share of rumors floating about the internet as to the potential identity of the game's 39th character, we're approaching this particular speculation more based on who we think would fit the game and bring the hype. Few Street Fighter characters check those boxes better than Dudley.

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Geirrod Van Dyke's daguerreotype-style drawings are hauntingly good

We're excited to highlight the unique fighting game art of Geirrod Van Dyke, an artist who draws his subjects in a very realistic manner, as though they were created with the daguerreotype.

For those of us who have never heard of the daguerreotype, (or at least don't remember it from that Film and Modern Art class back in college – sorry professor Jenkins) it was the very first publicly available photographic process invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre in France in 1839.

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Poison's new Devil May Cry Lady costume campaign is now in Street Fighter 5's Extra Battle Mode, see the outfit in action here

Street Fighter 5 is seeing a new costume becoming available soon. Extra Battle missions for Poison's upcoming Devil May Cry Lady crossover costume begin today.

As always, this costume unlock will be a four-week campaign seeing a different mission each week until it runs its course. The official Street Fighter Twitter account has released a video for this outfit giving us our first glimpse of it in action.

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