Street Fighter 5 stories

Is Lucia strong enough to affect the meta of Street Fighter 5? Vesper breaks down her strengths and weaknesses to find an answer

Vesper Arcade has made the grind with the brand new Lucia in Street Fighter 5 and taken the character from Rookie to Diamond rank online. During his battles, he was careful to take note of the Metro City cop's strengths, weaknesses, and general abilities relative to the rest of her SF5 brethren.

Now that the research is done, Vesper shares his findings as he reviews Lucia publicly. What are her pros, what are her cons, and just how strong of a fighter is this newcomer?

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No one draws Chun-Li quite like Akiman

No matter how many times different artists from around the globe draw the now-iconic characters from the Street Fighter universe, there's a certain touch that only Akira "Akiman" Yasuda can put on them.

That's probably because Akiman was the one to first put pen to paper when it came to the Street Fighter 2 World Warriors all the back in the early 1990's. Though he hasn't been with Capcom since 2003, he still cranks out gorgeous works of fighting game art as a freelance artist.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Asia East results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

We're almost at the very end of the online portion of the Capcom Pro Tour, and this weekend's event focuses on East Asia.

Players participating include Rohto|Tokido, CYG|Fuudo, YOG|Machabo, UYU|OilKing, CYG|Daigo, RB|Gachikun, FAV|Sako, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Liquid|Nemo, CYG|GamerBee, UYU|NL, Liquid|John Takeuchi, CO|Dogura, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, Mago, Talon|HotDog29, RRQ|Moke, Humanbomb, Verloren, BC|Tachikawa and many more.

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The Shadow Lady boss is straight up a Marvel vs. Capcom character put into Street Fighter 5 and it's pretty busted

Boss characters in fighting games are nothing new especially to the Street Fighter series though you typically expect them to follow the rules of the rest of the cast most of the time. Capcom appears to be having a little extra fun with that concept at the moment, however.

The developers have resurrected Shadow Lady, a cybernetic Chun-Li, for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle mode... and boy is she extra considering the dark fighter is still a Marvel vs. Capcom character through and through.

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E. Honda's sweep hits both in front and behind him in Street Fighter 5 which may actually help him in cross-up situations

E. Honda is one of the latest DLC for Street Fighter 5. As such, many players are trying to determine whether he will be good or not in his latest incarnation.

Something recently realized by players was that his crouching heavy kick doesn't just hit in front of him. It covers both in front and behind. What could this mean for the returning world warrior in SF5?

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What's the average time window between major Street Fighter updates? We were surprised to find it's actually shorter than we suspected

During this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast, Catalyst brought up some particularly interesting research he did regarding Capcom's Street Fighter timeline. He went back and noted the release years for all of the numbered title entries and their major updates and found the average time that it takes Capcom to produce a new SF update is 1.87 years.

Enthralled by this idea, I pledged to take things one step further and calculate the same values on a monthly scale. Having gone back and noted the release dates for every game and update between Street Fighter 1 and Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, (not counting the EX or crossover titles) I have an answer with accuracy down to the month.

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The upcoming Shadow Lady Chun-Li Boss Battle in Street Fighter 5 is insanely hard and will apparently feature new specials and Critical Arts

A new Extra Battle is slated to go live in Street Fighter 5 at 9 pm PT, and we're hearing a lot of emphasis on how exceptionally hard it will be to complete.

Shadow Lady Chun-Li was revealed by Capcom today on Twitter, but she was actually revealed by data miner X-Kira over a week ago.

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He was homeless at age 18, won a trip to Japan, and became the Ryan Hart we know now; hear Hart's inspiring story in this BornFree interview

He currently holds no less than four Guinness World Records and is one of the greatest multi-fighting game players to have ever competed, but Ryan Hart's story and approach to his passion is just as intriguing as his impressive resume or seeing him on the sticks in realtime.

Hart sat down with BornFree at EVO this year to share some of that story as the two engaged in an in-depth chat covering topics such as Street Fighter 5's Sagat, Hart's humble beginnings, integral moments during his fighting game journey, and plenty more.

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'I think Lucia could be just below the top 10' - Daigo offers his thoughts on Street Fighter 5's new law enforcement official

One of the latest instlalments from FGC Translated visits the one and only CYG|Daigo Umehara during a recent streaming session wherein he both plays and commentates on Lucia.

Of the three newest Street Fighter 5 characters Lucia seems to be the front runner when it comes to general strength, (though it certainly is early) and The Beast feels she is currently just outside the top 10 range.

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Spinning Duck Kick! - Street Fighter-themed cosplaying rubber ducks revealed and available for pre-order

Street Fighter merchandise has seen almost endless support in forms of clothing, shoes, statues, controllers and pretty much everything else you can think of which now also includes rubber ducks.

Capcom and Tubbz revealed the world warriors will soon be available in duck form alongside other franchises like Batman, Borderlands, Destiny and Crash Bandicoot among others — and they surprisingly look pretty nice.

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E. Honda and Lucia's Street Fighter 5 virtual trading cards released by Capcom

Capcom continues their Street Fighter 5 virtual trading card collection with the additions of E. Honda and Lucia.

Released over on Twitter, these cards show stats for two of the three newest DLC characters. They also feature awesome gameplay clips.

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New characters bring new life to Street Fighter 5, sexual assault accusations hit the FGC, Street Fighter 6 predictions, and Rose players are liars

We're back with this week's episode of the EventHubs Podcast and while we're excited to finally have some thoroughly positive reports on the status of Street Fighter 5, another rain cloud has made its way into our atmosphere.

Sexual assault allegations have begun springing up in alarmingly high numbers in our community this week as both parties on both the victim and victimizer fronts have come forward with allegations/confessions.

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Leah 'Gllty' Hayes banned indefinitely from Capcom events for violating player code of conduct

Capcom has just announced the ban of professional Street Fighter player Leah "Gllty" Hayes from their events following recent violations of their player code of conduct. The ban will be in effect for any Capcom owned and/or operated events, and will stay in place until further notice.

Over the course of the week, several members of the fighting game community have come forward to share their stories of harassment and sexual assault. Among the people mentioned was Hayes, who took to Twitter herself to admit to some of her wrongdoings.

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Here are all of Lucia's costume colors and Easter eggs in Street Fighter 5

If you haven't had a chance to try out Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's latest combatants, you should do yourself a favor and scoop up that Summer bundle of characters. But hey, if you'd prefer to window shop first, there's nothing wrong with that either.

Poison, E. Honda, and Lucia are available in-game now, and each new fighter came along with a handful of alternate costumes that can also be purchased. We've already taken a gander at what Honda and Poison's look like in Street Fighter 5, so today we're finishing things off with a look at all of Lucia's costume colors and the Easter egg variations she has.

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Here's how to avoid E. Honda's V-Trigger 1 guard crush in Street Fighter 5

E. Honda was part of the trio of characters to drop for Street Fighter 5 just after EVO 2019. He's already looking to be a powerful addition to the cast.

His V-Trigger 1 showcases some of his better tools gaining access to a stronger Sumo Headbutt that can guard crush, but it can also be countered.

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'I've given up on seeing Viper in Street Fighter 5' - Sherryjenix talks SF5, getting Arslan Ash to EVO, the Women of the FGC EVO panel, and more

One of the more recognizable faces in fighting games today, VP|Sherryjenix sat down with BornFree at EVO this year to talk a whole lot about fighting games.

Sherry has garnered more and more notoriety through her consistent traveling to events, appearances on eSports productions such as ELEAGUE's The Challenger and the upcoming Street Fighter League Season 2, and her community work through her eFight Pass program.

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Here are all of E. Honda's costume colors and his Easter Egg in Street Fighter 5

The final World Warrior from Street Fighter 2 has made his way into Street Fighter 5 in style as E. Honda has updated both his bathhouse and wardrobe for 2019.

We've gone through and captured images of Honda in all four of his currently available costumes (Standard, Battle, Story, and Nostalgia) so you can see each and every one of his potential looks before you purchase them.

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