Street Fighter 5 stories

Tokido reveals his Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list, continuing the push that Seth is one of the best characters in the game

Without the usual major tournament circuits going on this year, it's been more difficult for everyone to get a grasp on how their fighting games are continuing to develop at a high level, but that doesn't mean the meta has stopped moving forward — especially for the professionals who need to stay on top of changes.

Rohto|Tokido appeared on the most recent Topanga stream to break down and discuss his Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list alongside BST|Fuudo and HIVE|Moke to pick his brain on the rankings.

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Balrog's combo into Critical Art ends in hilarious disaster during Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

Unlike most other Critical Arts in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Balrog's Critical Art is just one big hit. This means that all of the damage is dealt immediately upon hit after expending all available meter.

It's typically used at the end of a long V-Trigger 1 string. While it does have invincibility, you certainly want to make sure that there isn't a projectile waiting for you once that invincibility ends.

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Seth can get a tick throw set up from full-screen away in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

The possibilities of Seth's V-Trigger 2 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition continue to be further realized as more players spend more time with the game's latest DLC fighter.

In a recent clip, Broski shows us that the boss character is capable of creating scary tick throw situations, even if the opponent is full-screen away.

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Nauman's Sakura takes on Johnny's G in this battle of Grand Masters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Ever since his victory at EVO Japan 2020, DNG|Nauman has become one of my favorite players to spectate in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. With Sakura as his main, Nauman incorporates a patient footsies style in a game where one or two bad sequences can cost you the round.

Nauman recently went up against Johnny's G during a first-to-three online set. SFV Fan has uploaded the video that features the two going at it.

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Packz releases his Cody match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition in rebuttal to Hoji's recent rankings

Cody's strength in Street Fighter 5 is perhaps the most highly contested aspects of the character two years after his release because even though he's got damage for days and some nasty setups, we don't often get to see them play out in the actual outcome of matches.

Recently, DOOM|Hoji released his character match up chart for Cody in Champion Edition, following his top 5 finish at the North American Capcom Pro Tour Online tournament, but fellow Cody player and Frame Advantage co-founder Packz didn't really agree with his rankings and decided to create his own list.

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These cinematic retellings of Street Fighter 5 matches are made epic thanks to the unique angles set up by Kirbcen

We've seen our fair share of amazing Street Fighter 5 matches over the years. However, it seems that there might be a way to make these matches even more epic from a spectator's perspective.

Kirbcen has uploaded number of GIFs that feature sequences from Street Fighter 5 matches. What makes these clips so special is that they are captured from unique angles.

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HiFight's run to Grand Master rank with Blanka in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition was both hilarious and informative

HiFight was recently able to make it into Grand Master rank in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. For those that aren't in the know, HiFight is generally well-regarded for providing in-depth analyses of high level gameplay. Needless to say, HiFight has a real talent when it comes to providing play-by-play breakdowns.

In his recent video upload, HiFight provided some insight on what was going on through his mind as he took on opponents during his Road to Grand Master video.

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I've been hesitant to accept Alex as the worst character in Street Fighter 5 but this hilariously sad clip from Twisted Rivera has made me a believer

There just doesn't seem to be two ways about it... Alex has been deemed irredeemably bad in Street Fighter 5. The Street Fighter 3 character is plenty popular amongst fans and gets a healthy amount of usage online, but is widely deemed the worst character in the game.

I've personally been a bit hesitant to accept this as Alex can hit pretty damn hard and seems to have some very useful tools, but a recently posted clip from a very competent Alex player (Twisted Rivera) has won me over.

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Capcom's digital sales jump to 80 percent over physical with plans to grow to 90 in the future and develop longer life spans for games

Digital sales in the video game industry are rapidly on the rise and have been for years which is now really starting to make a big impact on larger publishers and developers around the world.

Capcom revealed such a case to be true for them, as they announced that they're digital downloads currently make up almost 80 percent of the game sales ratio which is an almost 30 percent jump over last year.

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Ryu's the best performing Shoto, but he doesn't even crack the top 30? Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition June online statistics released

The Shotokan-based characters will likely always be the most popular among fans and players of any entry into the Street Fighter series, and Street Fighter 5 certainly is not the exception to break that rule.

Capcom released the June online character statistics for June 2020 which shows Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Kage are still the most popular fighters in Champion Edition though none of them are doing particularly well in terms of wins and performance.

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Be it hints, silhouettes, or something else entirely, I really hope Capcom takes advantage of the opportunity to do Street Fighter 5 DLC reveals right

Street Fighter 5 fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Capcom isn't quite done with DLC characters as the company announced back in May that plenty of new content is still en route.

We're most certainly grateful simply to be getting a new season's worth of DLC, but have to wonder how much advantage Capcom plans to take of this opportunity to reignite some fires and inject some late-game hype into SF5. Already we've seen some evidence of community members beginning to twiddle thumbs and tap feet on social media, and we'd hate for the excitement in the air surrounding the new reveals to be replaced by frustration and impatience (as it has in the past).

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Rashid's 'Sporty' costume may have looked a good deal different had Capcom gone with one of these early design choices

The July 21 deadline for Capcom's Street Fighter 5 costume design contest is now clear on the horizon as some of the more artistic members of our community are prompted to show off their skills and submit their own SF5 costume creations, two of which will wind up in the game.

To help stir up continued interest, Capcom has posted a handful of Rashid's Sporty costume designs that didn't make the final cut to their official Twitter page.

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Hoji releases his Cody match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and it's not looking the best for the mayor

Cody's reveal during the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition announcement was one of the coolest the game has seen by reforming him into the mayor of Metro City, but players have been kinda all over the place with how they feel he can do in an actual fight.

DOOM|Hoji's been on the Cody grind for quite some time now to the point he was able to crack the top 5 of a recent Capcom Pro Tour Online qualifier, and now he's released his match up chart for how the Final Fight star is shaping up in Champion Edition.

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PC Mods: King K. Rool duking it out with Waluigi in Street Fighter 5 looks amazing

There's something really special about seeing Nintendo characters duking it out in fighting games. Although King K. Rool is playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he is currently only able to interact with Waluigi when he's summoned by an Assist Trophy.

However, a clip posted by Spindashur on Twitter shows King K. Rool taking on Waluigi... in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Indeed, this is the result of another amazing mod.

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Sagat's low fireball speeds have a significant difference between Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is typically known for encouraging rushdown playstyles over zoning. As a result, you really need to be on the top of your game if you want to see success with a character like Sagat.

Sagat's ability to control the pacing of a match feels heavily diminished compared to his Ultra Street Fighter 4 incarnation. The reason for this has to do with the overall effectiveness of Sagat's fireballs.

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Capcom shares more concept artwork for Ibuki's design in Street Fighter 5

Capcom is currently running a costume design contest where fans are able to submit their own ideas for potential costumes in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. In honor of this, the official Street Fighter Twitter account has been sharing concept artwork from the game's design team that provides insight into the thought process that went into making the characters come to life.

This time, the Twitter page has shared a handful of different concepts for Ibuki's default costume in Street Fighter 5.

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What's scarier than Abigail running at you following behind a tire and a fireball? Nothing... nothing is

Abigail is the largest character in Street Fighter history and is a towering giant in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. When he gets to running at you with his Nitro Charge special move, it can be pretty intimidating.

With the addition of V-Skill 2, Abigail now has the ability to summon a spare tire that rolls across the stage toward the opponent, and when Abigail runs in behind it the intimidation jumps up to the next level. However, apparently there is nothing scarier than when Abigail is running at you following behind not only a tire, but the opponent's reflected fireball as well.

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