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Street Fighter 5 stories

Capcom pretty much confirms a Summer Update event is coming, information on 5th mystery character for Street Fighter 5 likely included

Capcom seems to have finally hit their stride in terms of how to communicate with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's fanbase with their seasonal update events, and there looks to be more coming in our near future.

The company has pretty much outright confirmed that a Summer Update stream is planned for the coming months where we'll likely learn more about the fifth and final DLC character for Season 5.

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Our thoughts, reactions, hopes, and fears following the Spring Update and all of the wild stuff Capcom showed during the Street Fighter 5 stream

Capcom hit the Street Fighter 5 community with plenty of exciting new content on Tuesday as the Spring Update stream was a resounding success. We received some enticing new looks at Rose, Oro, and even Akira, which means Catalyst and I have plenty to say on this week's podcast.

We've got comments, reactions, questions, and just a hint of trepidation concerning the incoming characters as well as Capcom's newly established means of communicating with fans.

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Capcom wants to hear from fans about how much they enjoyed the Spring Update event for Street Fighter 5 and what they'd like to see changed

The general feelings for many in Street Fighter 5's community appears to have shifted more and more positively since Capcom began running their seasonal update events, and they want to hear about what kind of job they've been doing with their changes in communication.

Following the conclusion of the Spring Update stream yesterday, Capcom asked fans for their direct feedback regarding how much they enjoy the new announcement format and also what should be changed going forward.

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That's not actually Mai in the King of Fighters 15 silhouette - Street Fighter 5 Director shares funny sketch for his choice, who's a pretty big deal

SNK's recent endeavor to start teasing their new King of Fighters 15 reveals with silhouettes has been successful in catching some fans off-guard with characters like Yashiro, but this week's looks to be pretty clearly Mai Shiranui โ€” but what if it's not?

Street Fighter 5 Director Takayuki Nakayama shared a special illustration sketching over the newest silhouette with his own comical fighter choice, who hasn't been seen in the series for quite some time.

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This season of Street Fighter 5 wasn't supposed to happen, but Capcom says fan feedback surpassed what happened in prior years

Saying Street Fighter 5's existence has been a wild ride would be a understatement.

It shipped with minimal single player content in 2016, and the story mode, which was promised at launch, came about 6 months afterwards as a free update. The game wouldn't receive a proper arcade mode till nearly two years later.

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That alternate dress costume shown for Rose is actually a cool reference to Street Fighter Alpha 2

Everyone had their souls overloaded with new Rose information for Street Fighter 5 yesterday in the Spring Update stream, and there's quite a few details we didn't even catch our first time watching.

Capcom revealed one of Rose's alternate costumes to be a more traditional dress that many may have assumed was simply an updated version of the outfit from Street Fighter 4, but it goes back much further to the fortune teller's second appearance ever.

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Here's everything we know about Rose's gameplay in Street Fighter 5 so far

Rose was showcased today during the Spring Update for Street Fighter 5, and Shuhei Matsumoto, who's a producer on the game, noted that the latest character has a variety of ways to play. He added that the team is still discovering new things about Rose every day.

Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 5's director, said that Rose is a very technical character, and they proceeded to showcase some extensive combos and setups that this fighter now has available to her. A number of Rose's attacks have been heavily reworked, and she's going to play a fair bit differently than how she has in past titles.

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Rose's brand new Critical Art looks like it came straight out of Dragon Ball Z

Today served as probably the most exciting day for Street Fighter fans in a long time with Capcom showcasing Rose, Oro and Akira during the Spring Update stream, but there's definitely a lot of details placed within that were easy to overlook.

Perhaps chief among them was Rose's new Critical Art that was shown off at the very end of her gameplay matches, and it looks like she straight up pulled it out after watching too much Dragon Ball Z.

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Professional costumes revealed for Vega, Juri, and Seth in Street Fighter 5

Along with a ton of footage for Rose, Oro, and Akira, Capcom showed off the next batch of fresh costumes coming to the game as a new Professional pack will be releasing alongside Rose on April 19.

Juri becomes a nurse, Vega slips on what looks like a private investigator's overcoat, and Seth heads back into his Street Fighter 4 closet to put on the vest, slacks, and button we saw in some of his story mode sequences.

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First in-game look at Rival Schools' Akira released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Akira Kazama remained as one of Capcom's arguably best character designs that's went unused for two decades at this point, but she finally got her chance to graduate to the big leagues.

Capcom revealed the first teaser clip for Akira's new incarnation during the Spring Update event for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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Rose's release date announced for April 19 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

One of the most heavily rumored and requested characters for Street Fighter 5 for years of the game's life was Rose, and now we know when her return to the grand stage will be coming.

Alongside her big gameplay showcase at the Spring Update event, Capcom also announced Rose's official release date for SF5, and she's coming within the next few weeks.

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Oro's Street Fighter 5 showcase reveals plenty of old attacks along with a few intriguing new twists

We got our first real showcase of Oro as he'll appear in Street Fighter 5 today during Capcom's Spring Update stream. Like many legacy characters added into SF5, the old hermit's movements and style are a nice blend of familiar and novel.

Many of his attacks return here in Street Fighter 5 as he's able to perform his double jump, both backwards and forwards, and retains many familiar normal attacks. Many of said normals don't look too fast, but some hit multiple times while others cover various angles and distances.

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Update: Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Spring Update stream is now live

Update: The Spring Update stream for Street Fighter 5 is now live. Come watch the action with us below.

After less than two months since Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition hit the scene alongside Dan Hibiki, it's once again time to see what the developer's have been cooking up in the meantime.

Capcom will very shortly be holding their Spring Update live stream event for SF5 where they've confirmed we'll be getting a full breakdown of Rose as the next DLC along with more glimpses at what lies ahead.

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E3 2021 confirmed for online only event with Nintendo, Capcom and Warner Bros. confirmed to have announcements

After months of speculation and rumors surrounding what exactly is going on with the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year in terms of how it will take place, there's finally some concrete answers for fans of big video game reveals.

The Entertainment Software Association confirmed today that E3 2021 will be an online-only event this June spanning four days along with which game developers / publishers have already signed on to present their upcoming titles.

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Punk hosted an Eleven only Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament โ€” Here are the highlights in a single video

PG|Punk recently hosted a tournament in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition where all entrants were locked into using Eleven โ€” a character that essentially functions as the game's random select feature.

To be truly successful at this event, players had to be lucky in addition to being skilled at the game. Even if a competitor rolled a character that they were comfortable with, there was still a possibility that they could get a less optimized V-Skill and V-Trigger combination.

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Phenom pulls off a triple shimmy with backdashes then laughs maniacally as he punishes the opponent during Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

Pulling off a shimmy in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is a powerful thing. Not only do you open your opponent up for a big punish, but you also send them a message that lets them know that you're in their head.

As such, NVD|Phenom uploaded a clip that really showcased him unraveling his opponent by using backdashes to shimmy his opponent. This happened three times in a row.

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Everything we expect to see in Street Fighter 5's Spring Update live stream tomorrow

It's kinda crazy to think that we're already almost two months into Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and maybe even more so that the next big showcase for the game is coming tomorrow.

In less than 24 hours, Capcom will be holding their Spring Update live stream event, and here's everything we expect to see show up from Rose to other new content.

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