Street Fighter 5 stories

Street Fighter 5 director unveils scrapped design for Gen's apprentice which went on to influence Seth's new incarnation

Gen is quite literally one of the oldest characters in the Street Fighter lore having appeared in the very first game on top of being quite aged even back then, and now we can add another year to the mix since today happens to be his birthday.

To help celebrate the occasion, Street Fighter 5 Director Takayuki Nakayama revealed an unused design for Gen's young apprentice had she actually appeared in the fighting game as a playable character.

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Three quality of life improvements we'd like to see made to Street Fighter 5's online experience

Street Fighter 5 has come a hell of a long way down the road of improvement, but while the game is almost certainly in a better state than at any other point in its four years of existence, troubles with the online experience (an increasingly integral part of the general fighting game experience) continue to hold back its true potential for fun and enjoyment.

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has noted that the SF5 development team is both examining current and open to additional community feedback so as to continue to level the game up to meet expectations. We've come up with three quality of life issues that we feel would help out a lot in this particular avenue.

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You don't need a lag switch to make your opponents drop combos; Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition masher causes strategic lag with excessive inputs

Especially with the start of the Intel World Open growing near and the start of the Capcom Pro Tour delayed, online Street Fighter 5 play is garnering more and more of the community's time and focus.

A recent post from Japanese player KJ_guile is getting a bit of traction as it shows off an example of what you might call an "online combo breaker," a phenomenon that could lead to a change in the way players will approach the meta of Street Fighter 5.

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Punk demonstrates a methodical Seth against MastaShonuff, Shazyy, SnakeEyez, Dankadillas, and Dee Ancer in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Punk is well regarded as being one of the best competitors in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Notably, he came in second place at Capcom Cup 2019 while only losing to iDom.

This is a player that's generally known for his super patient and methodical play while using Karin. His ability to play footsies is undoubtedly among the best in the world.

Recently, SFV Fan uploaded a number of videos that highlights Punk using Seth, the latest character to join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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Saltmine League #6 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Saltmine League is back again this week, continuing on with its ongoing season.

Notable players participating are Hurricane, Broski, Boltstrike, Will2Pac, The4philzz, Shaquille, NastyNas, fhASSA, Rikemansbarnet, Mopuulapo, Valwing, Mana and more.

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Updated Capcom Pro Tour 2020 rules ban certain Street Fighter 5 costumes and colors from tournament play including poor Blanka-chan

The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 season has already seen faced big changes with cancelling their first three events due to coronavirus worries, and now some apparently new restrictions have been added to the mix.

As of the end of February, Capcom updated their CPT rule set to v 24.1 which introduces an additional section that states well over a dozen different Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition costumes and specific colors are banned from use.

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Daigo: I can't help but think V-Skill 2 was given to Guile to beat Dictator in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Among the new V-Skills added to the Street Fighter 5: Champion Update, Guile's V-Skill 2 is widely considered to be among the strongest. Needless to say, it's looking highly likely that Daigo Umehara will be sticking with Guile throughout the 2020 Capcom Pro Tour season.

Thanks to the efforts of FGC Translated, we have an idea of Daigo's opinion on Guile's V-Skill 2 in regards to how it functions in certain match ups.

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Seth can do a ridiculous amount of chip damage with V-Trigger 2, Poongko shows us how in this Street Fighter 5 clip

We saw Seth's V-Trigger 2 showcased when the character was going through his initial reveal stages, but it's really been V-Trigger 1 that's seen the lion's share of play since Seth was released last month. That might not be the case for too much longer.

The most successful Seth competitor from the days of Street Fighter 4, Poongko, has been exploring his old main for almost a month and has started showing off some pretty interesting tech with the less commonly seen V-Trigger 2. A recent clip reveals just how powerful this attack can be when it comes to chip out situations.

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More amazing Street Fighter art from Maddestmao

We have a Street Fighter 5 gallery to share with you today, (with a special guest appearance from Street Fighter 4's C. Viper) all drawn up by the learned hands of Maddestmao.

Characters like Urien, Poison, Juri, and Cammy strike poses and get into funny situations as Mad shows off her ability to make our favorite fighters look amazing through a variety of approaches.

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I'm convinced Street Fighter 5 is a better game this season, but there's one potential wrench that's still unaccounted for

With three months of testing and exploration under our belts, we've had some ample time to get to know Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition in its fifth season form, and I've been cautiously but increasingly excited that developers have finally brought the game's general meta to a good place.

The first checked box came in the form of EVO Japan where DNG|Nauman was able to take home gold with Sakura and the latter portion of the bracket boasted a variety of characters we've not seen in some time. Footage of Topanga 2020 has offered even more hope as longer rounds and a greater emphasis on neutral play further evidence positive change. As the caution wanes, there still is one particular stone I'd like to see turned before I begin to celebrate, and it has to do with a certain President of the World.

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'We’re not sure about CPT schedule yet' - Ono posts statement concerning potential coronavirus effects on Capcom Pro Tour

With the threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreading into more and more countries we're seeing cancelations of many upcoming events so as not to encourage the grouping of too many people at once.

The fighting game community has already begun feeling these effects as a growing handful of major tournaments have been either reduced in size or canceled altogether. Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has posted a tweet acknowledging the matter in terms of the 2020 Capcom Pro Tour.

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10 combos that will never actually happen in a real Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

We've all seen those long, impractical training room combos in fighting games that require very specific circumstances to perform. Guile throws a slow Sonic Boom, then both characters dash all the way to the other end of the screen together to let the lab monster pull off some crazy interrupt sequence.

When it comes to the difficult and situational stuff, there may be no one better at coming up with them than Desk. Here we have 10 combos that you can expect to never see actually happen in a real Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match.

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Alex uses Dhalsim's own V-Trigger 2 against him to create a combo in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition that should only exist in training mode

V-Triggers in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition often give a character access to their best options. Depending on your character, however, these tools can sometimes be used against you if you aren't careful.

Of course, some players like iXA|Gunfight aren't afraid to use a combatant's own V-Trigger against them. This is precisely what Gunfight did in a recent online match.

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'Capcom doesn't understand Ed' - Cory Bell talks about the underrated aspects of Season 4 Ed, why Samurai Shodown hasn't seen stronger support

We have yet another chat from a skilled fighting game competitor as Victrix|Cory Bell took some time between Street Fighter 5 and Samurai Shodown matches to speak with us about both titles.

The San Diegan player's skills in both the arenas of competitive fighting play and creative cosplay have helped earn him a sponsorship with Victrix. The discussion starts in with an interesting examination of one of Street Fighter 5's less popular characters: Ed.

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Yoshinori Ono suggests another update may likely come to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's matchmaking, responds to netcode adjustment feedback

We're now a few weeks removed from Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's netcode adjustment, and everyone still seems to be unsure of how much it actually benefited the playerbase... even Capcom itself.

Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono this morning took to his social media to discuss the update, the community's feedback and where they may be going from here — including a potential future patch.

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Has a major shift in Street Fighter 5 happened right under our noses? Plus Raptor feels online competition isn't ready for fighting games and more

The picture is becoming more and more vivid in terms of how Street Fighter 5 will be played here in 2020, and it seems as though the gameplay has undergone some very significant changes for the better.

The transition to Champion Edition appears to have brought with it a greater emphasis for neutral and footsie play, evidenced by longer rounds and a diminished frequency of "unga bunga" tactics, but what exactly are the main contributors to this?

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'I want the team to continue going forward' — Daigo Umehara regarding the future amidst Cygames Beast sponsor release

Earlier this week, it was announced that Cygames would no longer be sponsoring Cygames Beast as far as eSports are concerned due to conflicts with developing Granblue Fantasy: Versus. In other words, Daigo Umehara, PR Balrog, Infexious, Fuudo, and GamerBee were being released.

Daigo noted that he was actually aware that this was in the works since January 2020. FGC Translated has translated Daigo's thoughts about the future.

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