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Street Fighter 5 stories

UnCAGEDgamez: If the whole Mortal Kombat movie is like the first 13 minutes then this is going to be amazing

The upcoming Mortal Kombat movie will be hitting theaters on April 16, 2021. UnCAGEDgamez recently revealed that Warner Bros. provided him with a sneak peek of the first 13 minutes of the movie.

Obviously UnCAGEDgamez is unable to show the footage on YouTube, but he is apparently allowed to talk about his impressions. It appears that UnCAGEDgamez is extremely impressed with what he saw during the 13 minute sneak peek.

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New visual glitch for Akuma introduced with the Ring of Galaxy stage to be fixed next month in Street Fighter 5 though still no word on the Danfinite

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition received one of its coolest stages to date with the Ring of Galaxy though it seems to have also brought a bug with it that looks not as nice.

Capcom has announced they are aware of a new visual glitch involving Akuma on the Premier Pass stage and are planning to address it next month โ€” though still no official word on the 'Danfinite' combo still in the game.

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'Evo is open to all platforms still' โ€” Tekken 7 at Evo this year will run on the PC while other games will allow crossplay

It was recently announced that the Evo Championship series was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment and RTS. As such, there have been a few concerns that the Evo Championship series will only allow for games on Sony's consoles going forward.

In the minds of many hardcore gamers, this could present a serious problem since Sony consoles have a tendency to have more inherent latency compared to Microsoft consoles and the PC.

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New motion capture footage of Rose's Soul Piede command normal in Street Fighter 5 shows how impractical the attack is in real life

We have a fairly good idea on how Rose will work in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition when she is released as the second challenger of Season 5. One of Rose's staple command normals, the Soul Piede, will be making its return along with her. The Soul Piede is an attack that Rose has used since the Street Fighter Alpha series.

During the Street Fighter 5 Winter Update showcase, we were briefly shown a motion capture recording session that sought to recreate the Soul Piede in real life. Earlier today, Capcom released additional footage that better showcases this scene.

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Tokido and Pugera are collecting a ton of wins with Balrog by swinging for the fence using Turn Around Punch and V-Skill 2 damage in Street Fighter 5

So, remember how I said a few days ago that we shouldn't expect to see final Turn Around Punch combos to KO at full health in actual matches? Well, it seems as though that's almost exactly what some of the Japanese pro players are currently trying to do with Balrog in Season 5.

Rohto|Tokido and Pugera are those attempting to break the damage scale in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition by playing the boxer with a different gameplan in mind for how to achieve success.

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G's new Capcom Pro Tour DLC costume colors and Easter egg

Capcom recently announced an all new Capcom Pro Tour online circuit last week that came alongside a fresh batch of DLC. The new CPT bundle features three new costumes (one to be announced later), an all new stage, and a slew of other perks for those who choose to purchase it.

Today we're taking a closer look at G's new CPT costume. We'll walk through all 10 colors, as well as its Easter egg variation.

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Desk turned Dan's Street Fighter 5 infinite combo into a music video and it's the coolest thing you're going to see today

When we see Desk's awe-inspiring combo videos, the primary creative focus is usually on the combos first and music second... but that's not exactly the case this time around.

Having discovered an infinite combo for newcomer Dan Hibiki, the very musically-minded Desk has imagined something of a music video utilizing Dan's theme song and based around the beat of the repetitive infinite. The result is a ton of fun.

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Balrog's Season 5 damage buffs make it possible to KO Rashid in 1 combo without the need for stun in Street Fighter 5

Balrog quickly became something of a problem in Season 2 of Street Fighter 5 with the crazy damage he could unleash off of one conversion, but now he technically only needs one conversion to take an entire round.

After getting hit with the nerf bat in Season 3 and not seeing much success since, Capcom decided to make the boxer punch even harder in Season 5, and tech scientist Javits recently discovered multiple ways to use that extra damage to KO Rashid from full health in one combo.

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Urien goes straight up Third Strike in newly possible juggle combo showcase in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

One thing that Capcom add for pretty much every year for Street Fighter 5 is the ability to do new and more combos with each major upgrade to lead the game into a much more varied state than when we first got it in 2016.

This year's push to Season 5 may go down as one of the most significant though, and while the juggle opportunities are often easily overlooked, HiFight recently showcased something new in that category for every character in the game.

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Dan's taunt V-Skill can be an effective way to evade and punish V-Shift-Break in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Dan is generally considered to be the joke character of the Street Fighter series. While it's possible he could be a weak character in Street Fighter 5, he undoubtedly has some redeeming qualities โ€” like an infinite in the corner.

By hitting Dan's light Dankukyaku as a meaty (it has 9 active frames), Dan can actually pressure opponents decently well in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. However, this move can be easily punished by the V-Shift-Break mechanic. NurseLee recently released a clip that showcases how Dan can work around this mechanic and turn the tables on the opponent.

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Akira Kazama schools the younger world warriors in Free Comic Book Day issue which may point to her release timing in Street Fighter 5

Akira Kazama's too cool for school design will finally be making its way out of Rival Schools with her inclusion in the last season of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition DLC, and fans will be able to get reacquainted with her in another visual medium around the same time.

Udon Entertainment recently revealed their Free Comic Book Day 2021 issue for Street Fighter will star Akira, and it's release date could very well be closely tied to when we'll be able to take her into battle too.

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Here are Juri's new 'Spider' Street Fighter 5 Season 5 costume colors

Two of the most recent costumes added to Street Fighter 5 Season 5 have made their way in as a result of Capcom's costume design contest that was held last year. Two winning designs were chosen via community votes, and now both are in-game and playable thanks to the latest update.

Today we're putting the second-place winner's design under the microscope to check out all 10 of its colors. Here we have Juri's new "Spider" costume, courtesy of artist Gar.

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3 important lessons we've learned about using V-Shift effectively in Street Fighter 5

When we got our very first glimpse of Street Fighter 5's latest mechanic, V-Shift, the potential felt almost overwhelming. Was it something that would completely change the way the game was played? Would it only be useful to escape pressure? How effective might it be on offense?

Now we've had this new ability for nearly a full month and while more answers are surely to come, we've started garnering a reasonably vivid idea of what V-Shift truly means for Street Fighter 5. While it doesn't seem to be the catch all some of us feared it would be, it's certainly altering decisions and commitments in the heat of battle, and we've hammered down a few useful truths to help you better wrap your mind around V-Shift.

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Gorgeous Juri, girl next door Kolin, and the cutest Poison you ever did see; take a look at Saikusa Hinoru's fighting game art

We've featured the work of Saikusa Hinoru on the site a few times before, but the Japanese artist has been hard at work producing even more wonderful fighting game images, so here we are, yet again, for another showcase.

Today's gallery features, as per the usual with this artist, all ladies as characters from Street Fighter and Guilty Gear strike some awesome poses and tempt us to fall even deeper in love with them.

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This might be the best Ed combo I've ever seen in Street Fighter 5 and apparently it's tough as hell to perform

Psycho-powered puncher Ed has always been capable of pulling off some impressive combos in Street Fighter 5. However, the sequence we're looking at today that takes place in Season 5 might be the best I've seen yet.

Old school combo creator and fighting game veteran tragic uploaded a combo that punishes Seth hard for a blocked EX uppercut. Using V-Trigger 1 and a string of impressive juggles, it's no wonder the creator says that this is one of the hardest combos they've ever filmed.

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Here are Juri's new 'True Boss' Street Fighter 5 Season 5 costume colors

Two of Street Fighter 5 Season 5's latest costumes have been added as a result of Capcom's costume design contest that was held last year. Two winning designs were chosen via community votes, and now both have made their way into the game with the latest update.

Today we're taking a closer look at the palette of colors that come included with Juri's new "True Boss" costume. Taking inspiration from none other than main Street Fighter 2 antagonist M. Bison, Juri's new digs are looking pretty boss.

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Street Fighter 5's upcoming 'mystery' Capcom Pro Tour costume might be for the game's final character

Capcom surprised Street Fighter 5 fans yesterday with a sudden announcement of an online Capcom Pro Tour for 2021, and while the biggest draws there come from the hype and excitement of top level competition across the globe, a new Tour also means new DLC content.

To help bolster prize pools, Capcom has traditionally developed 3 extra Street Fighter 5 costumes and a new stage every year. One of said costumes has always been a "Champion's Choice" that's imagined by the previous year's Capcom Cup winner, but with no official Cup in 2020 we've simply got a "mystery costume" en route this time.

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