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Three things to lookout for during this weekend's North American Regional Finals for the Capcom Pro Tour in Street Fighter 5

The 2018 chapter of the Capcom Pro Tour is slowly winding to a close with Capcom Cup now less than a month away and the final Premier event going down this weekend at Red Bull Conquest.

Being the final Street Fighter 5 Premier event for the year plus the North American Regional Finals means that we'll have our final line up of 32 players battling for the cup in December, but what should we be watching out for during the action this Saturday and Sunday?

Almost every Street Fighter player on or just below the current point bubble will be in attendance since this will be the last opportunity to earn points to solidify their spot or snatch one up at the last second. Some notable pros just inside said bubble will not be in attendance which will put their spots in jeopardy, however.

On top of that, the North American Regional Finals will also be going down after the open Premier to decide which player will guarantee their spot although that could also benefit some players lower on the list as five of the top eight players currently are not in the top 26 in points.

This weekend is also likely going to be our first tease from Capcom about what's going to come next for Street Fighter 5 in Season 4, and we'll get into why after the jump.

Let's start things off with a look at the current Capcom Pro Tour standings to see who's sitting pretty with points and who needs to have their best showing at the Red Bull Conquest Premier. It was revealed today that Infiltration will not be attending, and so the qualification line on the Global Leaderboards moves to the 27th position, currently held by Liquid|Nemo.

Capcom Pro Tour almost final standings image #1 Capcom Pro Tour almost final standings image #2

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Infiltration has been released by Panda Global and has voluntarily withdrawn from the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 and 2019 seasons

Panda Global announced today that they have released fighting game player Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo from their roster. The South Korean competitor has also stated he'll be voluntarily withdrawing from the rest of the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 season as well as the 2019 season.

According to Alan Bunney, CEO of Panda Global, "the findings of Panda Global's investigation directly contradicts the majority of the claims against Infiltration." However, Panda Global reports that back on October 22, 2017 "there was an altercation between Infiltration and his ex-wife, which led to a two week temporary restraining order on Infiltration."

Lee was arrested on October 22nd, 2017 following said altercation. The woman involved in the dispute received a medical note from a local hospital, diagnosing her with bruising as well as a wrist injury. A restraining order was placed against Infiltration until November 3rd, 2017, and he was charged a fine (which he paid) of 700,000 KRW (about $630 USD).

Infiltration was charged with the U.S. equivalent of a misdemeanor battery. Recordings and more information about this situation came to light earlier this year and the investigation by Panda Global resulted in their taking disciplinary action against Infiltration.

Allegations first arose online back in September of this year and Panda Global withdrew Lee from the fighting game events he was scheduled to attend while investigations were ongoing. Lee also voluntarily withdrew from streaming and social media during this time.

Lee also commented on the matter today, "I want to explain that I did not assault my wife and I am innocent, but that I made this decision myself because I could not do any more damage to my team and the FGC." You can view the statements from both Panda Global and Infiltration here. The statement from Capcom as well as a video release from Panda Global are included below.

PG Infiltration image #1 PG Infiltration image #2
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Top tier and extremely well rounded, but does Guile actually need any nerfs in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5?

Despite being easily Street Fighter 5's strongest zoner, Guile is somewhat of a jack of all trades in the sense that he's pretty great from just about any range on the screen.

Often regarded as a top five character, the Sonic Boom-happy American is designed in such that way that he does what he wants to do extremely well. Indeed we see a fair amount of Guiles in tournament action with the likes of CYG|Daigo, Ghost|NuckleDu and Rise|Caba.

As we near the end of the year as well as Capcom's yearly balance patch, we have to wonder what will happen to the long time Street Fighter. While it's likely he won't be receiving any buffs, we're actually having something of a hard time calling out potential nerfs.

Vesper Arcade and stream partner Mir are in a similar boat as they continue their Season 4 wish list series for the SF5 roster with Guile. As proficient as he is, it doesn't seem as though anything the character has is game breaking.

"He's a better Ryu than Ryu and a better Nash than Nash," Mir points out, alluding to Guile's ability to rush opponents down or stay back and zone with great efficiency. With the added bonus of an invincible reversal in EX Flash Kick, it seems he's got all of his bases covered.

While both Vesper and Mir don't have a long list of demands, they do share a few nerfs that they feel would ultimately make the character a bit more fair in the right places. Continue on to see what they said.

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Schoolgirl R. Mika, Sakura and even Lili... Amala's fighting game cosplay is playfully gorgeous

We venture all the way to Berlin today to share with you a collection of charming photos from a passionate cosplayer by the name of Amala.

The German player/cosplayer gave us a bit of her backstory along with some of her plans for the not too distant future. "I've enjoyed fighting games since I was a child, and started with Street Fighter 2 and Dead or Alive 2," she shared.

"I've cosplayed since I was eight years old, usually making them by myself like in the case of Sakura and R.Mika. At the moment I am working on some more fighting game cosplays. Menat from SF5 is almost finished, and more R. Mika, Tekken 7 characters and even one BlazBlue will follow soon."

You'll notice in many of these that not only do Amala and her talented photographer, Icecatty, snap quality shots, they often place these characters in appropriate settings as Mike explores a shopping mall after school and Sakura poses in a Japanese garden.

You can see more of Amala on both Twitter and Instagram. Check out more of Icecatty's photography on her Instagram.

Amala Gallery 01 image #1 Amala Gallery 01 image #2 Amala Gallery 01 image #3 Amala Gallery 01 image #4 Amala Gallery 01 image #5 Amala Gallery 01 image #6

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Two important Street Fighter 5 Season 4 balance changes I want to see for Zeku

As we draw nearer to the end of the Capcom Pro Tour next month, fans await information on the next Season of Street Fighter 5. Though Season 4 has not yet been confirmed, history dictates that another batch of DLC characters and balance changes is inbound, and the expectation is that we'll learn more at Capcom Cup 2018 on December 14th through the 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today we're putting aside DLC character requests and delving into what kinds of balance changes could potentially take shape if/when the Season 4 update arrives.

Last time, I discussed two important balance changes I'd like to see made to Abigail in Street Fighter 5 Season 4. This time I'm tackling another one of my characters — Zeku.

While Abigail is a character that I can admit is in need of some nerfs — in my article I included one nerf and one buff I think he should see — Zeku is a bit of a different case. In this piece, I will be talking about two buffs that I feel should be given to the stance-changing fighter.

Generally speaking, Zeku isn't considered high up on the Street Fighter 5 tier list — personally, I think he's around mid-tier and a handful of players have been seeing success with him in tournament as of late. That having been said, I believe mainly buffs are in order for this character.

Let's dive right into the changes!

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It's time to stop shaming online warriors and start teaching fighting games properly; plus Bonchan fibs, the Murderface has his own demon and more

Well that headline is the most social justice-y thing I think I've ever written and I'll be promptly taking a long shower after this, but there is some valid discussion to be had about the way fighting gamers view online warriors.

Catalyst and I further that conversation on the latest episode of the EventHubs Podcast and get to a myriad of other topics as well.

I expand more upon my recent article regarding the way fighting games widely fail to teach players true fundamentals and how that very well could be a significant reason why this genre fails to keep up with others in the eSports world.

FOX|Tokido is by far and away the most consistent Street Fighter 5 player this year, but it seems Mouz|ProblemX has his number as the reigning EVO champion has made quick work of the Murderface on multiple occasions now.

There are more than a few other topics we tackle, and you can find timestamps below if you want to jump around. Enjoy the 25th episode of the EH Podcast (thank you so much for supporting us thus far) and please drop your feedback in the comments after you give it a listen.

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Menat's performance has dramatically improved while Ryu retains his most used character title in the month of October for Street Fighter 5

In the month of September, we saw Ryu reclaim his spot as the favorite character from Sagat in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Notably, Sagat was the most used fighter for the month of August despite Ryu maintaining the title as far as we can remember.

Ryu is once again in the top spot for the month of October. Following him is fellow shotos, Akuma and Ken. Guile, Cammy, and Sagat come after them.

What's particularly interesting about October's stats is Menat's sudden improvement in performance. Month after month, the match up chart would consistently put her in the bottom five.

This time, Menat's performance against the rest of the cast as placed her closer to the middle. Out of 34 characters, her match ups place her in the 20th spot.

Unsurprisingly, M. Bison maintains the best match ups. Unlike September, Sagat is now the second worst performing character instead of the worst. Poor Sakura is now ranked 34 out of 34.

Feel free to draw comparisons to our Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tiers section.

Street Fighter 5 October 2018 stats image #1 Street Fighter 5 October 2018 stats image #2
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Source: CFN.

Playing fighting games without learning footsies is like jumping in the ocean with just floaties on, and it's a partly why players don't stick around

Not only is it possible to skip over the fundamental first steps of learning a fighting game, it's often exactly what winds up happening as newcomers try their hands at this classic gaming genre.

Tutorials and training modes for fighting games have been leveling up over the years, no doubt, but they often still fail to teach greener players the foundational basics that most everything else will be built upon.

Most of the time tutorials will teach you about a game's signature comeback mechanic and have you go through a handful of special moves and combos with each roster member. That's all necessary and good, but it doesn't equip the trainee with cornerstones they'll need to form a sturdy approach.

You use your special moves and your knowledge of combos to build upon the foundation that is made up of an intimate knowledge of your (and all other characters') basic attacks. It's normals, it's spacing, it's footsies, and it's something too many people run right past en route to learning how to throw fireballs and wake up with Dragon Punches.

Rushing out into competition like this is similar to running out into the ocean with floaties on, leaving your solid and sturdy ship behind. You'll be fine for a little bit, but soon the waves swell too large and you won't survive for very long.

It's not hard to see why such a situation would lead to players burning out and deeming fighting games "just too hard to get into." Perhaps if there were more of a focus by both developers and community members to better communicate the groundwork that will lead potential community members to more success as well as their sticking around for more.

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'Autopilot' is one of the dirtiest words in the FGC... here are five quick tips to help you level up your awareness while playing Street Fighter 5

Tyrant and Packz are back for another one of Frame Advantage's incredibly helpful "Speedrun Specials" that can help you level up your game no matter what your level of skill.

Today the UK competitors are looking at five quick tips to sharpen your awareness in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Let's be honest, even the slightest misstep in this game can lead to a quick round loss if you're not careful.

A big part of capturing and maintaining a lead simply falls on making sure to dot your 'i's and cross your 't's. Some of these are quite obvious once articulated, but how many times have you failed to take specific notice of your opponent's recovery habits and wound up choosing the wrong offensive option as a result?

Have you ever accidentally ripped a Critical Art just after stunning your foe because you weren't paying attention to the stun meter? This video is for everyone, believe me.

Fighting games call for constant refreshers and awareness of even the most simple concepts, and Tyrant and Packz do a particularly good job of sharing not only what we should be continuously mindful of, but also why it's so important.

Continue on to see their quick video with all five tips and let us know in the comments if this was helpful to you in any way.

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G is the third strongest Season 3 character according to Javits, how would you rank Street Fighter 5's six latest DLC newcomers?

We've had the entire Season 3 DLC roster for Street Fighter 5 for a good three months now as both G and Sagat dropped back in early August, and community members are beginning to rank the strength of the six newcomers now that we're decently familiarized.

Javits Arias, known as something of a Street Fighter scientist because of how much time he spends researching Training Mode tech and sharing it online, has come forward with his own tier list as he orders Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G and Sagat.

It's no secret that the earlier characters have widely been viewed as somewhat lackluster, and Sagat and Cody have been deemed mid tier by the general masses. G, on the other hand, is often regarded as having incredibly high potential because of his offensive tools and high octane V-Trigger 1.

Javits, however, is not quite convinced that the President of the World is as strong as the community has made him out to be, claiming his lack of an invincible reversal hurts him significantly.

The New York player also notes that, "Season 3’s DLC is definitely the weakest compared to S1 and S2," the latter of which both produced top 5-ranked characters at various points in the game's life.

Check out Javits list by clicking the thumbnail here and then let us know if you agree in the comments. Be sure to share your own ordering of the S3 characters in terms of tier strength as well.

Javits' S3 tier list image #1
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Peer inside the mind of The Beast if you dare... HiFight breaks down Daigo's hair raising comeback at Red Bull Kumite

The anxiety that comes with playing in a high stakes tournament like Red Bull Kumite never really goes away, but players BST|Daigo have experience to the point that they are able to still execute their high level game plans despite the constant pins and needles.

Said anxiety has multiple points of entry during a match wherein it can creep up and start distracting. Just sitting down against a reigning EVO champion like Mous|ProblemX is the first of these entry points, but finding yourself at a major life deficit is another, and getting started on a comeback can often lead to a player thinking more about said comeback than the fact that they're -2 after certain blocked moves.

There was one round in particular at Red Bull Kumite 2018 that saw Daigo showcasing his mastery of fighting game play even when things were at their most intense.

We actually featured this moment in our highlights recap, but now we'll do you one better. Fighting game enthusiast HiFight has singled out Daigo's RBK for his latest "Just Frame Analysis" video, giving us both a more nuanced look at the series of decisions The Beast made and a new appreciation for why this was all so impressive.

Prepare to have your hair raised yet again by this awesome display, unless you haven't seen it before, in which case you're in for a real treat.

You can view the clip by itself by clicking the thumbnail right here, then jump to HiFight's Just Frame Analysis video below to see the subtle nuances and decisions that made this astounding sequence possible:

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'He pops off, looks at the crowd, but there's no one cheering for him' - Top 5 moments from the Latin American Regional Finals for Street Fighter 5

Red Bull Kumite may have just wrapped up this past weekend, but the last Capcom Pro Tour Premier event was in Brazil for the Latin American Regional Finals where multiple Capcom Cup spots were solidified.

Capcom Fighters recently uploaded their top 5 moments from both the open Premier with Versus Fighting and the Regional Finals top 8, so we got two grand finals for the price of one.

The first big finals match would come down to just Mago and FD|Haitani sitting atop the open Premier though their set would get a bit nutty with multiple dropped Critical Arts and Raging Demon set ups, but only one could come out the victor.

Perhaps a more surprising / unexpected grand finals run was SB|Crossover starting the weekend ranked 71st for overall points in the Capcom Pro Tour and eighth for Latin American standings where he would defeat the likes of SB|DoomSnake, RES|Pikoro and Furia|HKDash to punch his ticket to Capcom Cup.

Crossover's run did not go as smoothly in the open Premier, however, as the Akuma player ran into trouble against DNG|Itabashi Zangief's Abigail. The Japanese legend would teach him why you shouldn't throw a fireball at the fully stocked behemoth.

You can check out the highlights from Haitani and Mago's wacky grand finals set in the clip below and the full top 5 video after the jump.

Click images for animated versions

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This weekend may tease a new Street Fighter 5 DLC character, here's why it could be Rose, and when it's likely to happen

If history is a clear indicator, we'll be seeing a hint at who the initial Season 4 DLC character will be for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, this weekend at Red Bull Conquest.

Rose is my personal favorite fighting game character of all time — and even with admittedly a ton of bias — I still think the (tarot) deck is stacked in her favor over most other characters.

There have been a ton of allusions and hints to Rose, even before X-Kira revealed what he was able to data-mine. As such, I wanted to go back and recap as much as I could find from the various plot threads Capcom has released.

While there's nothing absolutely conclusive that states Rose will be the first DLC Season 4 character, or that she's a 100% lock to begin with, there's quite a bit out there that has me excited and thinking she's the likeliest candidate at this time.

Let's explore why.

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Zangief needs buffs, but grapplers can easily turn into overpowered monsters; Vesper discusses how he'd change Zangief in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5

Considering the Red (Iron now, I guess?) Cyclone is one of the absolute worst characters in Street Fighter 5 right now in terms of tiers, audiences are expecting Capcom to buff Zangief a good bit in Season 4.

While it's apparent that Gief needs better tools, it may not be so quickly obvious how to go about giving those to him. Grapplers can be especially sensitive when it comes to fighting game balance because they tend to have a fairly one dimensional game play: get in, clean house.

As a developer you have to grant grapplers ample once they earn their way in, but give them too easy of a means to get close and they quickly become an overpowered problem. As such devs seem to often try to err on the side of caution, but they were clearly a bit too cautious with Zangief in Season 3.

The Russian wrestler can do great damage with his command grabs and short combos, but is just too easily kept out by a good majority of SF5's cast.

Vesper Arcade continues his Season 4 Wish List series today with this long time Street Fighter character, offering a handful of suggestions to get Gief out of Abigail's shadow.

Perhaps S4 will see the return of the iconic grappler to competitive play, and hopefully we'll get to see the world's most famous Gief players, DNG|Itabashi Zangief and RB|Snake Eyez, venture back to the character everyone used to associate them with.

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Gal Gadot Kitana, Hulk Hogan Hercule, John Cena Captain America, LeBron James Akuma... BossLogic imagines celebrities as fighting game characters

Prepare to be floored by the incredibly realistic fighting game art of BossLogic as he fuses some of our favorite characters with famous celebrities.

There are some absolutely wonderful images in our gallery here today, some of which may make you laugh while others simply introduce your jaw to the floor.

We'll run down the list just to clarify in case you're not familiar with some of the pop culture figures. Tom Hardy as Vegeta, LeBron James as Akuma, Kevin Hart as Krillin, Gal Gadot as Kitana, Dove Cameron as Android 18, Hulk Hogan as Hercule, John Cena as Captain America, Tom Hiddleston as Cell, Malcom McDowell as Dr. Gero, Jason Mamoa as Broly, James Harden as Freddy Krueger and Donovan Mitchell as Spider-Man.

We recently featured one of BossLogic's creations when he made The Rock into Sagat, and have seen his artwork on EventHubs multiple times in the past.

These capture our gazes for multiple reasons as they're both entertaining and pretty profound in terms of execution. While it's not the prettiest of the bunch, I have to say that Hulk Hercule got the biggest laugh/reaction out of me personally.

Check out the gallery here and share in the comments which were your favorites. Be sure to visit BossLogic's Twitter page (linked above) for even more of his wonderful art.

BossLogic Gallery 01 image #1 BossLogic Gallery 01 image #2 BossLogic Gallery 01 image #3 BossLogic Gallery 01 image #4 BossLogic Gallery 01 image #5 BossLogic Gallery 01 image #6

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Gunfight's Alex vs. AngryBird's Zeku at Red Bull Kumite 2018 was a nonstop highlight reel — HiFight breaks down the Street Fighter 5 action

There were a slew of amazing matches to see at Red Bull Kumite 2018 this past weekend, but if I were forced to choose only one set to watch from the event, it would have to be AB|Gunfight vs. NASR|AngryBird.

If you're unfamiliar with these players, both are known for being exceptionally skilled with characters that don't often see play deep into tournaments. So you could imagine how refreshing it was to not only see Alex and Zeku on the big stage, but to see two of the best players with their respective characters — Gunfight being Alex and AngryBird Zeku.

The best way to describe this set at Red Bull Kumite, honestly, is "nonstop highlight reel." You can barely go a few seconds without gasping, cheering, or screaming here, as both players kept up a pace and demonstrated a skill level that was truly remarkable.

Fighting game community highlight master and content creator HiFight put together a new Frame Advantage Analysis video that breaks down most of this incredible match up.

In this analysis, we're given a closer look at and explanation of several of the set's biggest and most important plays, as well as a bit of the mindset behind them. HiFight also includes on-screen frame advantage and disadvantage of various normals and special moves to give viewers a better understanding of how each player aimed to control the match and impose their offense on the other.

Be sure to check out HiFight's video for more insight into this spectacular Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition set, and if you haven't caught it already, you can check out the full set below as well.

Click image for animated version

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Three major takeaways from Red Bull Kumite 2018

Red Bull Kumite 2018 was another major Street Fighter 5 happening in the fighting game community. With most players being invited to compete at the event in France and the others making their way in through the last chance qualifier, today we saw several of the very best the game has to offer right now go at it.

As such, this tournament provided another great look at the landscape of competitive Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. With Capcom Cup 2018 right around the corner, things are truly heating up.

If you didn't get a chance to catch the two days of exciting tournament action this weekend, and you're looking for a rundown of what happened at the event, fear not! We here at EventHubs got you covered.

Tonight we're talking three major takeaways from Red Bull Kumite 2018. Spoilers inbound (obviously).

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