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Street Fighter 5 stories

Streamer prematurely walks off thinking Akuma's super KO'd Zangief in Street Fighter 5, the chat tries powerlessly to stop it

You really hate to see it happen... and if any of us say it's never happened to us, we're lying. So many times can I recall an instance where I've landed a super to close out the game, shifted my attention over to my phone or got up to get something, and panicked when I found out that the game wasn't actually over.

Now this same thing happened to Street Fighter 5 Akuma player, StackBradford, who shared a clip of a big cinematic super to close out a game against a Zangief online. Thinking the round was over, Bradford popped up and walked away from the set up, but unfortunately didn't realize Zangief lived despite the chat's attempts to inform.

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Steam Deck showcases what Street Fighter 5 looks like in motion for the first time on the hybrid handheld

After months if not years of speculation and rumors, Valve finally unveiled the Steam Deck in July to compete with the Nintendo Switch and portable gaming market space.

Now, fighting game fans can get a taste of what Street Fighter 5 looks and plays like on the Steam Deck in motion thanks to a new, literal hands-on video.

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Who are the upper mid tiers of Street Fighter 5 right now? EventHubs Season 5 tier list part 3

The bottom half of the roster has been discussed, now it's time to see which Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition characters are strong, but not quite top tier, here in the game's fifth season.

Which of last year's heaviest hitters, if any, have fallen from their previous places of glory? We've seen a few opinions from notable players place Akuma around the middle of the pack – will either of us put him anywhere outside of the top 10?

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Here is a behind the scenes look at how Street Fighter 5's new Breast Cancer Research costumes were designed

Capcom recently released a set of new Street Fighter 5 DLC costumes that were designed in honor of breast cancer research. The proceeds of the sales (with a minimum commitment of $25,000) will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and if you're hoping to contribute to the cause, you can still do so right now (at the time this was written).

There are two alternate outfits here, one for Ryu and one for Chun-Li, and today Capcom has shared a behind the scenes look at how each was designed. What we have here are a few pieces of concept artwork that provide a closer look at the individual parts of each costume.

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A rare Street Fighter 5 moment that ALMOST makes us feel bad for Akuma...

With air fireballs, amazing footsie tools, a highly efficient V-Trigger, and plenty more, Akuma is one of the most privileged characters in all of Street Fighter 5 (as well as most of the many other titles he's appeared in). While these advantages often see toss up situations go in the demonic fighter's favor, it seems he doesn't always have the last laugh.

Stack Bradford is both a skilled competitor and an entertaining streamer as we've spotted him and his Akuma decimating foes in Street Fighter 5 more than a few times over the last few years, but this time he's on the wrong end of an interaction you'd think would go his way.

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Here are 10 fighting game characters that had to be banned from tournaments as covered by Jmcrofts

Fighting games haven't always been known for being balanced. This was especially true during the era before online patching became a more common practice. While new arcade releases acted as a sort of patch for fighting games at the arcades, these still couldn't be released as fast as the patches of today.

At this point, most fighting game fans probably already know about Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo's Akuma. The other characters in the game just weren't equipped to deal with air fireballs, which allowed Akuma to completely dominant the rest of the cast to the point where he had to be banned from tournaments.

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Dedicated Street Fighter fans show up to AEW show with sign demanding SF5's release for Xbox

The crossover between fighting game players and wrestling fans is unsurprisingly fairly large, especially when you look back at some of the CEO events over the past five years.

It's still not every day we see the connections outwardly apparent, however, which is why it's fun to see that some dedicated Street Fighter fans came to a recent All Elite Wrestling show with a sign of demands in tow.

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Daigo faces off against Japan's best Dan and has the pseudo infinite performed against him during Street Fighter 5 session

BST|Daigo Umehara recently practiced some sets against Japan's best Dan player, Moruto. Considering Moruto's success at tournaments, he might just be the strongest Dan user in the world.

When Dan Hibiki was first released as a DLC character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, he had access to a rather powerful infinite. Although Capcom initially believed it to be fine to leave alone due to the intense amount of execution required to pull off the infinite, they eventually implemented a unique type of nerf.

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Rikemansbarnet showcases combo with Menat involving juggles during revolving dance and taunt at Street Fighter 5 tourney

It's often said that Menat in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is one of the most execution intensive characters in the game. This is mostly as a result of her V-Trigger 1, which requires precise button releases to properly perform her combos.

Despite this difficulty, some players are so comfortable with using Menat that they like to add a bit of style. Notably, this is exactly what happened earlier today at the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Nordic/Baltic event during a match between Rikemansbarnet's Menat and LoHii's Urien.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Nordic/Baltic results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Pro Tour is back yet again this weekend and this time focusing on my own home region, the Nordic parts of Europe, as well as the Baltic area.

Notable players set to compete include 00|Phenom, 00|Veggey, Rikemansbarnet, Atrosh, LoHii, DrGulag, Ixion and more.

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New 'robbery tier list' for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition created by Smug, Kami, Psycho and Shine

Offense is key to success in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. There's never been a title in the Street Fighter series that emphasizes aggression to the extent that Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition does.

As such, it really helps when a character has "robbery" aspects to their gameplan. In a recent video upload, Smug collaborated with Kami, Psycho and Shine to create a "robbery tier list" for Street Fighter 5.

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Who are the lower mid tiers of Street Fighter 5 right now? EventHubs Season 5 tier list part 2

We're back with the second installment of our EventHubs Street Fighter 5 tier list for Season 5. Catalyst and I both shared our bottom tiers in part 1, and now each come forward with our next batch of lower tier fighters.

Here we're starting to see characters that a decent bit of juice in a few categories, but often just don't seem to be able to make things come together effectively enough to garner consistent wins. While it's not necessarily true for everyone we talk about in this segment, one of the qualities holding some of these characters back: they're just too honest.

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Ken freestyles with the Aegis Reflector on Urien leaving even the player behind the combo impressed during Street Fighter 5 match

The best kind of fighting game combos are the ones that just happen spur of the moment. I'm referring to those combos that sort of happen without prior practice.

This is exactly what happened during one of Kami's online ranked session for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. During one particular match that pitted Kami's Ken up against a Urien, something amazing happened.

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Why does it feel like Street Fighter 5 doesn't have much wind in its sails right now?

Despite an uphill climb for the majority of its life, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition now stands proudly as Capcom's main eSports title with a 44-character roster (soon to be finalized at 45), a relatively balanced flow, modes for all types of players, and yet... it really doesn't feel like there's a proportionate amount of wind in the game's sails.

Street Fighter 5 is by no means dead as there are still tournaments being played and live streams being watched, but now that the game is in a place where it feels like we can fully enjoy it without (most of) the long list of previous ills it's been commonly associated with, the kind of fervor one would expect a fully fleshed out Street Fighter title to have just doesn't seem to be there.

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Who are the worst characters in Street Fighter 5 right now? EventHubs Season 5 tier list part 1

It's been a while since we hunkered down and came up with one of our Street Fighter 5 tier lists, but Catalyst and I are back at it here in this later stage of the game's fifth season.

We've hashed out the entire 44-character roster and come up with our own orderings (which we did not share with one another before filming) to debate and discuss across four YouTube installments. Continue on down to see the first.

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Daigo Umehara adapts a new strategy when experiencing a 2 bar connection for the first time during Street Fighter 5 match

Because Japan is a smaller country than the United States, laggy online matches aren't quite as common in Japan. Fiber internet also tends to be very helpful in mitigating lag-filled experiences.

During the Pentagon Cup event, BST|Daigo Umehara had to face off against Chris Wong, a player in Hong Kong using Nash. As one might expect, the great amount of distance caused issues within the game. Umehara noted that he had never experienced a 2 bar connection before during his stream.

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7 Resident Evil costumes we're still waiting to see in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 has dozens of crossover costumes available at this point, but Capcom has so many iconic characters that there's still dozens more who deserve a spot — especially their most popular horror franchise.

With the recent tease of more Resident Evil-related announcements coming and Halloween right around the corner, we figured now is the perfect time to explore the zombie hunters and Biohazard monsters that are still waiting for their chance to fight and who would best portray them.

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