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The Jin Saotome Street Fighter 5 Extra Battle costume campaign for Ryu is live — grab the first piece now

The latest Street Fighter 5 Season 4 Extra Battle costume campaign is now live. Fans can begin the process of turning Street Fighter poster boy, Ryu, into Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness' own Jin Saotome.

Jumping into Extra Battle will let you play out the first challenge in the crossover costume's set of missions. As with all of these special costumes, players will have to complete all four challenges over the course of four subsequent weeks in order to unlock the costume.

Each time you play one of the Extra Battle costume challenges, it will run you 2,500 Fight Money. Fortunately, the opponents are never that difficult to beat, so you likely won't be spending more than 10,000 FM in total for the crossover costume (2,500 per week).

Jin made his debut in Capcom's 2D mech fighting game, Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, back in 1995. If you've never played that, though, you probably recognize Jin as the guy who takes off his clothes with his taunt in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

On top of the first crossover costume challenge being available now, fans can also opt to clear a separate Extra Battle mission that rewards you with Cyberbots background music. Your opponent will also be Jin Ryu here, and each attempt will run you 1,000 Fight Money.

Though the costume won't be officially available until early February, PC savvy players have already mined the costume's colors and Easter egg variation, which you can see after the jump. Yes, the Easter egg is inspired by the MvC2 taunt.

Jin Saotome crossover costume missions image #1 Jin Saotome crossover costume missions image #2 Jin Saotome crossover costume missions image #3
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Birdie very high, Kage super low and 'it's like Rashid took Cammy's spot' - Vesper Arcade shares his early tier list for Street Fighter 5 Season 4

We've yet to see any competitive play from the Capcom Pro Tour yet, but the Street Fighter 5 community has been intensely investigating the game's updated balance for Season 4 for a full month now.

As such, we're starting to form early ideas of what the tier list might look like for 2019, and Vesper Arcade is ready to offer up his.

Right from the get go Vesper acknowledges that we don't have all the data and that this list will likely change in coming months. That said, he does have some pretty thoughtful explanations as to why M. Bison, for instance, didn't quite make the top three, and why Birdie is much higher than most would think.

We also get a good amount of commentary on Abigail, perhaps the most nerfed character from Seasons three to four. He finds himself in the largest tier group, but it isn't in the top 15.

Unfortunately for newcomer Kage, extremely weak neutral and low health offset his powerful damage and mix ups to the point that he's one of the absolute worst characters in the game according to the prominent FGC streamer.

You'll catch the video with details and specific breakdowns after the jump, but those that don't want to wait can check out the image here to see Vesper's list in full:

Vesper Tiers image #1
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One change you should know for every character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 — part two

The second half of the Street Fighter 5 cast is under the microscope today as we reveal the findings of our Season 4 research for characters Karin-Zeku.

Just as with last week, Steven "Dreamking" Chavez joins Catalyst and I to offer at least one (we almost always have more) significant change for each character under the game's new balance.

Things are looking especially good for Zangief these days as he's gained some pretty great tools in his neutral, damage and okizeme. The same cannot be said for Vega, however, as it seems that Capcom has given him some buffs that are nice, but won't likely move him up the tier charts.

You've likely heard that M. Bison is a candidate for top competitor in the game right now, and we really don't disagree. Catalyst explains why the evil dictator will be even more of a headache than in years past.

Ryu and Sagat both became better zoners, but were their improvements enough to bump them up to the next tier brackets? You'll have to listen to hear what we think.

Of course, if you haven't already heard part one, you should probably do that at some point as well. There we cover the first half of the cast up to Juri.

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'Perfect... let's kill each other' — Kage has unique intro dialogue against Ryu, Akuma, and himself in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

In Season 2 and Season 3, a few characters received some interesting quirks that really highlight their personalities. While these don't actually do anything for gameplay, these details are still pretty fun.

For example, when Menat scores a perfect round against an opponent, she'll incorporate a unique dialogue that showcases her mimicking her master — Rose — while accidentally bonking herself on the head with her crystal ball.

In the case of Kage, he actually has unique intro dialogue with Ryu, Akuma, and himself. Strangely, the subtitles are all wrong in these scenarios.

Kage will mock Ryu for stating that the "answer lies in the heart of battle." He'll state that "the answer lies in destroying everything."

To Akuma, he claims that he is the "one true Hado." This is most certainly in reference to Akuma's usage of the Satsui no Hado.

When facing himself, the first Kage will just say the normal dialogue that he does with the rest of the cast. The second Kage will say "perfect... let's kill each other."

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Could Daigo's Season 4 character be Zeku? He's been playing him a lot in Street Fighter 5 lately

Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition has been available for a month now. Some top level competitors may change their main character this season as a result of the buffs and nerfs.

Initially in Season 1, CYG|Daigo Umehara was sticking to the character he's best known for, Ryu. After the character was heavily nerfed, Daigo then switched to Guile in Season 2 and Season 3.

It looks as though Guile has received a number of nerfs to his overall gameplan. His Sonic Booms now have an additional two frames of recovery while the light version of the special will now travel faster — this will make it more difficult to secure free pressure.

Though it was quite the treat to see Daigo return to Ryu during his online conquest, it's possible that he may have his eyes on another character for Season 4. Notably, he's been playing quite a bit of Zeku lately.

Like many other Zeku players, Daigo appears to have an affinity for the young variation of Zeku rather than the old form. This is the more "in your face" version of the character that plays very similarly to Guy.

Having said that, Daigo has shown that he's not afraid to quickly switch back and forth between forms in order to maintain advantages and keep the opponent guessing.

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Ken can essentially do a touch of death combo against Abigail for over 900 damage thanks to a special property of his V-Trigger

Abigail has the highest amount of health in Street Fighter 5 though he was better known as the fighter that could make opponents' health evaporate in 500 damage chunks or more — that shoe is on the other foot now it seems, however.

A Street Fighter player by the name of Mase / Sympothetic recently took to Twitter to show off a combo using Ken that can kill Abigail using only a throw and an extended combo doing over 900 damage thanks to the truck's nerfed stun gauge in Season 4 plus a little trick with his fiery V-Trigger.

Beginning with a back throw in the corner, Mase then backdashes and jumps at Abigail using his enhanced heavy air Tatsumaki. Surprisingly, it hits the massive fighter three times before landing for a quick 300 damage and 450 stun. Following that up with crouching heavy punch into light Shoryuken to heavy Shoryuken leads to the crazy fast stun.

If you rinse and repeat that same sequence with the air Tatsumaki and cancel the second uppercut into Critical Art, Abigail will get KO'd having taken over 930 damage before the screen flashes.

We were not able to replicate the three-hit Tatsumaki — though we could hit two, but Mase says that the set up requires very specific timing and spacing to work properly using backdashes and general manual spacing.

Other tall characters like G, Sagat and Birdie can reportedly be hit twice by the spinning kicks, but this set up is obviously highly situational at best and fairly impractical. It's still interesting to see, however, how Abigail's size can essentially break certain aspects of SF5 and its combo system. You can take a look at Mase's full zero to death clip below.

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Justin Wong no longer with Echo Fox, currently looking for new sponsor as free agent

And just like that, the Echo Fox team grows even smaller as fighting game legend Justin Wong announced his departure from the team early Tuesday evening.

"I’m here to announce I am currently a free agent and I have not resigned with @echofoxgg," he tweeted. "They are an amazing team and wish them the best but I want to see what other opportunities are out there. DMs are open for everyone. Please spread the word would love to find a new home."

Justin was one of the three remaining fighting game players under the Echo Fox banner after they parted ways with the majority of their acquired players last year.

Momochi, Punk, JDCR, Scar, Saint, Choco Blanka and Theo were amongst those whose contracts were not renewed by former NBA star Rick Fox's eSports team last year. In addition, Echo Fox also released their entire Gears of War team and their League of Legends head coach in October.

Echo Fox sprung into the fighting game scene with a massive acquisition back in January of 2017 wherein they sponsored some of the absolute best competitors in Street Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat X, Super Smash Bros. Melee and then Tekken 7 at a later date.

We have yet to see anything on the matter from Echo Fox, which now retains FOX|Tokido, FOX|MKLeo, FOX|Dekillsage, FOX|Mew2King and FOX|SonicFox for their fighting game team. You can view Justin's tweet by clicking the thumbnail here:

Jwong leaves Echo Fox image #1
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GamerBee explains how life has changed for him the last few years, if he'd switch to Adon in Street Fighter 5 and more

We're going on four years since the incredibly intense finals of Street Fighter 4 at EVO 2015, a set that was filled with an exceptional display of the highest level play in the world, but also an incredibly unfortunate hardware malfunction that will forever leave a bit of an asterisk on SF4's final EVO hurrah.

The bout in question featured Yusuke Momochi and Bruce "CYG|GamerBee" Hsiang, the latter of which we caught with at Capcom Cup this year. While Hsiang has seen some success in the last few years of Street Fighter 5, we haven't seen him perform with the same frequency or level of success as in his SF4 days.

There's a reason for that, as the Taiwanese player is focusing more on giving back these days. As he explains in the interview, Hsiang is spending more time building his home scene with tournaments both big and small, and regularly streaming on his Twitch channel to help anyone willing to watch.

Catalyst: Why are you traveling less on the CPT this year as opposed to previous years?

GamerBee: I'm trying to do more things to help my community such as hosting tournaments and streaming. It takes a lot of time and energy, so that makes it hard to travel sometimes.

Catalyst: What kind of things have you been doing on those fronts?

GamerBee: First off, I have a weekly stream where I talk about Street Fighter 5 every Wednesday. We have a weekly event every Thursday night so people can play face to face, and then we have a big tournament called TW Fighter Major that I'm the organizer of. We have to spend a few months beforehand getting that ready.

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There are local fighting game scenes outside of WNF and NLBC and Justin Wong is getting to know them personally, starting with Vancouver

While he's not looking to travel to as many international events in 2019, professional fighting game player FOX|Justin Wong will still be making the rounds as he hops from event to event on this year's Capcom Pro Tour and beyond.

He's also shining some light on the local scenes in his new series "Locals Worldwide" wherein he visits as he records interviews and views of venues where pockets of the FGC grind week in and week out.

Episode one of Locals features none other than the Vancouver community. During his trip up to Canada Justin is met by a wide array of welcoming players that make the machine go, and then speaks with head organizer, Kenny "Air" Lam.

Air is known for being one of the strongest Ryu and Poison players from back in the Street Fighter 4 days, but has since re-channeled his focus from being a world warrior to growing his home scene.

He tells his story as to how he got into running events, how he grew things from a 20 person average turn out to over 100 and more.

Continue on to see what the Vancouver FGC has to offer, and stay tuned for more of Justin's travels as we explore this less-viewed side of the community.

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EVO Japan's prize pools reach over $90,000 for the mainstage titles with Tekken 7 payouts larger than the World Tour Finals

EVO Japan is returning for its second year with the action starting a month from now, and it appears as though Tekken, Street Fighter and other mainstage game players have even more reason to check out the free major this time around.

The prize pools for EVO Japan 2019 have now been revealed for Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, The King of Fighters 14 and Soul Calibur 6 where a total of 10 million yen or around $92,000 will be available for players to take home for placing in the top 8.

All games at the inaugural tournament featured a base 1 million yen prize pool — except for Nintendo's titles, but both SF5 and Tekken 7 have been majorly bumped up this year to 3 million yen — $27,600 — which is actually larger than the Tekken World Tour Finals' pay outs for 2018.

The Tekken World Tour Finals last year featured a $20,000 prize pool where first place took home $7,500 though the money was split between each of the top 20 competitors instead of just top 8. Grand finals winners for both Tekken and Street Fighter will each take home over $13,000 — which is higher than the standard Capcom Pro Tour major winnings of $7,000 but less than EVO's now $20,000 for SF5.

Each of the other four mainstage titles will feature 1 million yen prize pools like 2018 though Soul Calibur 6 and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle are new titles for this year in place of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, BlazeBlue: Central Fiction, and ARMS.

There are two notable titles that have been left off of EVO Japan's roster with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate not making the cut for unannounced reasons though DBFZ has faced some cancelled events in recent months.

A big venue change has also occurred for EVO's expansion as it has moved over 670 miles from Tokyo, Japan down South to Fukuoka where numbers have seen an apparent decline for attendees from 2018 though that could still change. EVO Japan is scheduled to run from February 15–17 at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center, and you can take a look at the full prize pool breakdowns for the six mainstage titles after the jump.

Evo Japan's Tekken pay outs image #1 Evo Japan's Tekken pay outs image #2
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Bonchan training his Sagat, Nemo using Kolin and Momochi exploring Birdie? Here's who the Capcom Cup finalists are using in Street Fighter 5 via CFN

The Street Fighter community is currently in in something of a Hyperbolic Time Chamber mode as we're now in the off season, still reeling from the action at Capcom Cup 2018.

Just after (or perhaps a bit before) Capcom Cup concluded, we got a whole new balance patch as well as a brand new character, effectively sending us into an all new chapter of Street Fighter 5.

Many of us are currently preparing for the Capcom Pro Tour and the 2019 season, but surely none so much so as the pros. We thought it'd be interesting to track down the 32 finalists of last year's finale and see who they are currently practicing with on their CFN accounts.

We were able to track down 28 of the players' online accounts to see who it is they're using at the moment, and some of the results caught us by surprise.

It should be stated that these observations are not necessarily indicative of what we'll see come Pro Tour time, as it very could be that any of these players are simply messing around, practicing a secondary we'll never see or even allowing friends over to play on their accounts.

That said, we might be seeing more Sagat from RB|Bonchan soon, perhaps some Kolin from Liquid|Nemo and maybe some Birdie from Momochi. Continue on to see which characters the Cap Cup finalists are currently using (we put the characters they used at Capcom Cup in parenthesis).

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Rewards for throwing fireballs, heavily buffed Donkey Kicks and plenty more, but will it be enough to get Ryu back into the competitive scene?

There's a very significant portion of the answer to the question "Did Ryu get enough?" that won't be clear until we see how he starts faring in major competitions, but even without that part of the puzzle in play there's a lot we can already see.

We've spoken plenty on how the Tireless Wanderer all but needs to be part of the viable tier of Street Fighter 5 simply because of his status as franchise poster boy, and it seems Capcom has heard community outcry loud and clear as Ryu's bullet points in the Season 4 patch notes (included below) are filled with buffs.

Street Fighter's most recognizable face (not to be confused with most infamous face) is now able to convert into more damaging knock downs thanks to buffs to his Donkey Kick. This implies a greater reward for actually earning a hit, something he desperately needed since Season 2.

The change that could affect the character the most comes in the buffs to his zoning game. Ryu's fireballs are now more versatile, the speeds from light to heavy Hadokens are even more varied than before, they recover more rapidly and the knock back on blocked fireballs is farther.

The two frame recovery reduction sounds fairly minute, but it's actually quite significant. This isn't even on a subconscious "you have to be looking for it to see it" kind of level, but rather something you'll feel immediately when facing off against the character.

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Kage may have been the second most played character but he performed the worst — Here's December's character statistics for Street Fighter 5

With December and 2018 behind us, Capcom has released December's character usage stats and match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Notably, December was the first month that Season 4 and Kage were available to the public.

Not surprisingly, Ryu has retained his number one spot in terms of being the most played character online. Despite the buffs, Ryu was only able to place 27th out of 35 characters when it comes to win rates against the rest of the cast. Given, Ryu's buffs only kicked in after half the month was over with.

Meanwhile, Kage has continued the trend of being a popular DLC character on release but with a poor performance online. Kage was the second most popular fighter for the month of December but lost the most matches.

It looks like M. Bison was not able to hold on to his throne. Although he is normally at the very top when it comes to match ups, Urien ended up beating him by 0.002 points this month.

Sakura, Cammy, Akuma, and Menat have consistently stayed within the bottom 10 portion when it comes to win rates. Once again, you'll need to scroll down to the bottom in order to see their match ups.

Keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily gauge where a character is on the tier list as Cammy, Akuma, and Menat were considered to be very strong last season.

SF5 December character stats image #1 SF5 December character stats image #2
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Contributions to this story were made by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills.

Birdie can do some surprisingly cool yet impractical juggle combos with his can in V-Trigger 2

Street Fighter is not a series that's best known for big juggle combos, and SF5 is no exception unless you want to count things like Urien's Aegis Reflector shenanigans — though there's actually quite a bit more than that too.

Norwegian pro Street Fighter player NVD|Veggey recently shared some interesting Birdie tech using his V-Trigger 2, Birdie Time, that is about as practical as your typical Desk combo yet still something that many probably overlooked.

Instead of getting red-hot spicy, Birdie uses his chains to better effect with the ability to pull opponents in and trip them up, but they can also make the food loving warrior's can bounce around.

Once hit along the ground by the chains, the can will begin to continuously jump its way across the stage which can actually juggle opponents that land on it and opens the door to a ton of new combo potential... that we'll likely never see in an actual match.

To pull this all off, Veggey throws down a can and immediately hits it with the chain while pulling Zangief in. The can is now bouncing behind the grappler as he is Crush Countered by Birdie's standing heavy kick before being launched by a Bull Horn.

After the juggling can hits, Birdie can then follow up with a number of his specials like another Bull Horn, Bull Head, a Hanging Chain command grab or even finish off with Critical Art. You can check out the possibly most fun thing about Birdie in Veggey's clip below.

Click images for animated versions

In case you forgot, Click Burgundy's fighting game art is still absolutely top tier

It's always a good day when you realize you haven't perused Click Burgundy's art page in a while and get to see all the new pieces he's done as of late.

Today we see more than a few new fighting game illustrations featuring characters like Baiken, Menat, Ibuki, Sodom, Mai, Kage and plenty others.

The characters showcased hail from all parts of the fighting game realm as Marvel vs. Capcom, Street Fighter, BlazBlue and even Super Smash Bros. are represented amongst others.

I'm especially intrigued to see how people respond to Alpha Ken, who is well made but does seem a little bit odd for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps I can no longer see Ken Masters without the scarring stare of Street Fighter 5 Ken piercing through?

In any case, please give the gallery below a look through and let us know which of these beautiful works are your favorites and why.

Click Burgundy Gallery 3000 image #1 Click Burgundy Gallery 3000 image #2 Click Burgundy Gallery 3000 image #3 Click Burgundy Gallery 3000 image #4 Click Burgundy Gallery 3000 image #5 Click Burgundy Gallery 3000 image #6

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G has even better offensive pressure in Street Fighter 5 Season 4 and here are the two moves you should be looking out for to take advantage of it

G was given better offensive pressure in Street Fighter 5 Season 4, and there are two moves you're going to want to be mindful of in order to properly utilize that improved pressure.

As one of the EventHubs staff members who worked on getting Street Fighter 5 Season 4's patch notes onto the website, I can tell you that there were a whole lot of changes that were made to the characters and gameplay. We continue to dive into what alterations were put into effect from Season 3.5 to 4, and the more we do, the more we learn.

I recently joined the EventHubs Podcast to discuss one change for each character on the roster that people should be focusing on in Season 4. This past week, we made our way through the first half of the roster: Abigail through Juri (though Necalli and R. Mika were not addressed due to remaining virtually unchanged in Season 4).

If you listened to the podcast this week, you probably know that I recently decided to make G my main character in light of the plethora of changes made to Abigail. As a result, the portion of the podcast devoted to the Season 3 newcomer was handled by yours truly.

One of the main ways G saw his offensive capabilities improved this season is through the changes made to his crouching heavy kick (sweep) and EX G Smash Under (low rush punch). Both of these attacks were given less recovery on hit, which now allows G to move sooner after he lands these hits successfully and gain more ground on the opponent.

You're definitely going to want to keep an eye out for these attacks and keep them in mind when playing G, as they're very useful tools on his tool belt. Let me tell you why.

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Chun-Li transforms into the Ghost Rider while Zangief becomes his old pal Darun Mister in these Street Fighter 5 PC mods

The modding community for Street Fighter 5 has been among the strongest and most talented in the fighting game community if not PC gaming as a whole which shows no signs of slowing down for a title going into its fourth year on the market.

PC Best Mods is a YouTube channel that we've featured many times on the site for their work in showing off some of the latest and coolest mods from around the internet, so of course we're going to be taking a look at their two newest videos.

The first of these videos is dedicated to a new costume for Chun-Li — since Capcom haven't released enough official ones themselves — that turns her into the Marvel hero Ghost Rider... though her head isn't actually on fire for it unfortunately.

It does, however, come with three variations for the first lady of fighting games dressed in spiky leather where she'll wear a biker helmet featuring a skull similarly to the Rival Schools character Akira. A different version of the costume has her wearing a partial skull mask over her face while the third features no mask but a different hairstyle instead.

A different recent video from PC Best Mods features Zangief transformed into another grappler who was first introduced in the Street Fighter EX series before coming back in last year's Fighting EX Layer, Darun Mister. The similar build and physical — muscular — features between the wrestlers makes this a near perfect 1:1 character swap.

You can find the Ghost Rider Chun-Li mod on Khaledantar666's DeviantArt page — but be wary of possible NSFW content — while the Darun mod is currently a Patreon exclusive costume for THEJAMK's subscribers. You can take a look at both outfits in action in the videos after the jump.

Ghost Rider and Darun Mister PC mods for Street Fighter 5 image #1 Ghost Rider and Darun Mister PC mods for Street Fighter 5 image #2 Ghost Rider and Darun Mister PC mods for Street Fighter 5 image #4 Ghost Rider and Darun Mister PC mods for Street Fighter 5 image #5 Ghost Rider and Darun Mister PC mods for Street Fighter 5 image #6 Ghost Rider and Darun Mister PC mods for Street Fighter 5 image #7

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