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Street Fighter 5 stories

'We wanted her to be more dignified and have an air of coolness' - Street Fighter 5 Director on Rose's evolving character design

What's the one thing you hear Menat talk about more than anything else in all of her Street Fighter 5 lines of dialogue? That's right, her master: Rose. The fortune teller from Street Fighter Alpha will be joining her apprentice in short order, and Capcom has been focusing quite a bit on developing DLC characters to have as much spunk and personality as possible.

While fans will have plenty of expectations for the legacy fighter this time around, it's always interesting to see what kinds of tweaks and slightly new directions developers take their avatars in. Street Fighter 5's Director, Takayuki Nakayama, offered some insight on this front during a recent chat with Inven Global.

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New player conduct guidelines for social media, harassment, and community image added to updated Capcom Pro Tour rules

The fighting game community faced more trials and tribulations in 2020 than perhaps any other year in it's existence which tournament organizers and game makers are still grappling with in terms of how to proceed with their next events.

Capcom released the new ruleset for the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 season wherein the company added a slew of personal conduct policies that apply to how players act in tournaments and even on social media channels.

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Phenom overextends for a split second in Street Fighter 5 Season 5 and his opponent makes a read no one could see coming

Overextending in Street Fighter 5 Season 5 can be a huge mistake and can often lead to you completely losing a game you already had in your pocket. Due to the high damage potential of things like Crush Counter and V-Trigger, one misplaced button might very well mark the end for you if you're not careful.

Unfortunately for Phenom, the top player was reminded of this lesson during an online match against a Kage player who, in Phenom's defense, made a read that no one could have seen coming. Despite a conscious effort not to overextend, Phenom's Karin still managed to get clipped by... a raw EX Tatsu in neutral.

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Here is our prediction on when Rose will be releasing for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition based on the timing of the Spring Update stream

Earlier today, it was revealed that the Spring Update stream is scheduled to showcase upcoming content for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition on April 6, 2021. New details about Rose and Oro are expected to be revealed during Capcom's broadcast.

During the Winter Update stream that debuted on February 11, 2021, we learned when Dan Hibiki would be made available as a playable character. As such, it's highly likely that Rose's release date will be revealed during the Spring Update stream.

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Guile's iconic sweep seen from the opponent's perspective in amazing animation

Although Guile is generally known for only having two special moves with the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick, he really stands out from the rest of the Street Fighter roster thanks to his fantastic normals.

ShoRyuBarbie has recently uploaded an animation depicting Guile's sweep from the perspective of the opponent. The animator reports that this was a painstaking process, but the effort and skill definitely show up in the animation.

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More than 20 successful parries go into making this ridiculous comeback against a Street Fighter 5 shadow boss

The special boss fights in Street Fighter 5 can be especially tricky as these enhanced versions of the game's fighters tend to gain a ton of unique buffs along with ability to read the inputs of the players trying to best them. It can truly seem like some of these fights are all but impossible until you (or someone online) finds a hole in the AI's game plan.

Shadow Nash recently popped up in SF5's challenges and the ever-positive, ever-energized Sunshine-OU has very clearly figured out a winning strategy against the enhanced super opponent with Alex. The trick? Let him whittle you down, activate V-Trigger 1, and go absolutely crazy with parries.

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Rose and Oro information en route via Capcom's Street Fighter 5 Spring Update live stream scheduled for April 6

New information is coming down the Street Fighter 5 pike as Capcom has just announced a Spring Update live stream in which they'll be offering new details about upcoming characters Rose and Oro.

This is slated to take place next Tuesday, April 6 at 3 p.m. Pacific Time on the Capcom Fighters stream. You can view the announcement tweet below.

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Winter Clash 2021 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a fighting game event today which is open to enter for people from certain Central American regions as well as a few U.S. areas, namely Winter Clash 2021.

Players set to compete include Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, DR Mandrake, AAA|Kusanagi, SB|Doomsnake, GOT|DR Ray, Crossover, TMM|LuiMan20, RR|Mono, TMM|Lilo, SpaceBoy, Crescent|NovaSpec, Hermes Venatori, RAPTR5|Jazdero, RH|Zeromex7, GranTodakai, Zaferino and many more.

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'Hear my roar' — Ryu's V-Trigger 2 combo comically gets shut down by a banana peel during Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

Ryu's V-Trigger 2 received a substantial buff in the patch that made Dan and V-Shift available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. While it previously only acted as a cinematic counter that allowed for a follow up, Ryu is now able to spend V-Gauge to tack on additional damage after specials.

I'd say that Capcom did an excellent job at incorporating this new functionality as it almost never misses its target. However, it appears that there is a way to cancel out Ryu's V-Trigger 2 follow up as Birdie — and it was pretty hilarious to see this happen in a clip uploaded by Noonches.

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Why strong neutral has become more important than ever in Street Fighter 5

A new season with a brand new mechanic very likely means a shift in the meta of Street Fighter 5, and while we're only a month into exploration of the evolving SF5 landscape, we certainly are beginning to see and feel some tangible change.

While the more obvious and immediate effects of the V-Shift mechanic manifest simply as more effective escapes from some of the game's most dire situations, downstream effects are starting to take form and it seems those who are best able to thrive and manipulate foes in the neutral are going to see the largest benefits.

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'V-Shift killed command grab characters and all my characters' - Xian and FChamp put together their Street Fighter 5 Season 5 tier list

Just how shaken up have things gotten in Street Fighter 5? Now that we've had some time to start seeing and feeling the rather large changes implemented in February's update, players from around the community are beginning to come forward with early thoughts and tier lists.

Filipino Champ has teamed up with RZR|Xian to navigate through SF5's entire 41-character roster in an effort to determine the overall order from strongest to weakest.

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New Rose motion capture clip shows how an old staple of the fortune teller's moveset was brought back in Street Fighter 5 Season 5

With the dust settling on Street Fighter 5 Season 5's most recent content release, fans are starting to look toward the release of the next DLC character, Rose, and are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Capcom is likely aware of this, as the company has been consistently sharing bits of information and glimpses at the upcoming fighter on social media as a means to appease the masses while they wait.

In their latest Rose-centric tweet, Capcom gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at the motion capture work that has been done for one of the Street Fighter Alpha series contender's most important moves. This time, we are shown how Rose's Soul Spiral was recreated here in Street Fighter 5.

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'I'll be taking a step back from competitive play... I have no drive' - Street Fighter 5 pro Punk is changing gears until offline events return

Panda Global's Victor "Punk" Woodley hit the Street Fighter 5 community with some somewhat somber news today as he announced a kind of hiatus from competitive online play.

This is specifically not a retirement, however, as "The Alpha" plans to still stay very much connected with the community. He is now looking into contributing to the scene in significant other ways while waiting for offline events to return.

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Modder adds Street Fighter 5's Menat to Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 by giving I-No a killer makeover

PC modders continue to produce impressive creations using their know-how and any game that is capable of being tweaked. Adding guest characters to a fighting game by using an existing combatant as a base and altering them is nothing new, but when it's done right it can be seriously cool.

A modder by the name of Dr-BlankPLS recently dipped into Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 to change some things around. What we have now is an awesome mod of rockin' fighter I-No who has been transformed into Menat from Street Fighter 5.

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Here are Seth's new Capcom Pro Tour costume colors and Easter egg

The all new Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle for Street Fighter 5 Season 5 is officially available and in the hands of those who opted to purchase it. With it comes three new costumes (one of which to be revealed later), a new stage, and a whole assortment of extra goodies.

Today we're taking a closer look at Seth's new CPT costume. We'll look all 10 colors, as well as its Easter egg variation.

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How V-Shift might be the perfect answer to the problems that have ailed Street Fighter 5

Now that we're starting to get a more vivid idea of which characters seem to be top tiers in this latest version of Street Fighter 5, we can simultaneously begin to articulate with greater detail the broader effects of V-Shift.

Seeing the likes of zoners and space control characters like Menat or Guile near the top of the mountain makes enough sense with the introduction of a defensive mechanic, but why then are we hearing that very different characters like Balrog, Abigail, and Cammy are also among the most powerful?

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'Genei Jin' type attacks like Rose's Soul Illusion tend to be very powerful in Street Fighter titles which forecasts good signs for Rose in SF5CE

Rose's Soul Illusion was showcased recently on the Street Fighter Twitter account. This move debuted back in the Street Fighter Alpha series, and it was one of the most dominant moves Rose has ever had, so the fact it's coming back to the latest entry is interesting.

Capcom has already said that Rose's Soul Satellite (orb) is going to be a strong move, and it will build V-Gauge, enabling Rose to get to her V-Trigger faster. The combination of these two things might make Rose very good from the start, as characters who are able to quickly attain V-Trigger have fared very well in Street Fighter 5.

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