Street Fighter 5 stories

Akuma had a strong impact at Street Fighter 5 events this weekend — here are the character usage stats for CPT Online, GOML 2019, and BAM 11

It's been an interesting weekend for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition viewers of the tournament scene. Get On My Level 2019, BAM 11, and the Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Latin America West event features Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition tournaments over the weekend.

As a result, we're going to be looking at which characters brought about the most success over this weekend. We'll be seeing the character usage stats for the top 32 of BAM 11, the top 16 of Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Latin America West, and the top eight of Get On My Level 2019.

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Get On My Level 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Get On My Level 2019 is happening this weekend, and it's bigger than ever. As usual, it's happening in Toronto, Canada.

Players set to attend include Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Leffen, FOX|MKLeo, C9|Mango, PG|Plup, NRG|Nairo, Ally, TSM|Tweek, PG|Zain, Liquid|Dabuz, PG|MVD, Wizzrobe, Tempo|Axe, CLG|SFAT, VGBC|aMSa, HLC|S2J, BC|LordKnight, OG|Swedish Delight, Tamim, DIG|Lucky, n0ne, DIG|HugS, PG|Cosmos, BC|Mr. R, Westballz and many more.

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Stunfest 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, Stunfest is taking place in Rennes, France. While it may not have Capcom Pro Tour status this year, it's still got a ton of fighting game action coming your way.

Some of the notable competitors set to fight it out in their respective main titles are PXP|A Foxy Grampa, SNB|Abadango, Solary|Glutonny, FNATIC|Akainu, SST|Shuton,|Shenzo, Will2Pac, HappyPow, VGIA|Shanks, EnVyUS|Layo, Tominaga and Genki, though there are of course many more present as well.

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Capcom transforms the best Street Fighter 5 players in the world into baby versions of themselves

The gender-swapping camera filter has been all of the rage for the past few weeks on Snapchat, but we're not going to subject you to that here — unless you follow us on Twitter. Instead, we're going to get a little more wholesome with the fighting game community.

Capcom Fighters recently posted a collage online of nine of the best Street Fighter 5 players in the world transformed into babies assumedly using the baby filter on Snapchat, and the results will assuredly put a smile on your face — if you do indeed have a soul.

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BAM 11 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, we have BAM — Battle Arena Melbourne — 11 taking place, and it's of course happening in Melbourne, Australia.

Some of the players set to compete at this event are THY|Chikurin, Rangchu, RZR|Xian, UYU|OilKing, JDCR, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, PBE|Doujin, RB|Bonchan, Liquid|John Takeuchi, Yamasa|Take, Yamasa|Nobi, COOASGAMES|Noroma, CYG|GamerBee, Mago, EQNX|Dimeback, Fate|Ulsan, iG|Jiewa, Rise|K-Brad, ALUS|Yang Mian, Yamasa|Yuu, YOG|Machabo, SIN|Brandon and Somniac though there are obviously many more.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2019 Latin America West results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Capcom Pro Tour Online circuit continues this weekend, with the Latin America West Ranking event taking place.

Some of the notable competitors fighting it out in this event include SB|DoomSnake, Kusanagi, ElTigre, AZE|Maximof and RH|Zeromex7, as well as many more.

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Capcom is looking to add more value and immersion to the Street Fighter brand while developing multiple new video games using the RE Engine

MT Frameworks quickly became the backbone engine for most of Capcom's video games during the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation which still saw use as recently as Monster Hunter World and Mega Man 11, but it appears as though the company may have found a worthy successor in the RE Engine.

Capcom is continuing to release new materials from their highly profitable fiscal earnings reports and projections including a Q-and-A session between the company and its investors to discuss future prospects including Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and the RE Engine.

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Inside the minds of three great players, G is better than Catalyst thought, James Wan's Mortal Kombat film, scary characters at Combo Breaker and more

The way FOX|SonicFox practices, the way Rohto|Tokido plays, and the way RB|Bonchan talks give us useful glimpses as to how these genius fighting game minds work. We take a minute to appreciate some of the recent examples of these players' brilliance.

It wouldn't be a 2019 EventHubs Podcast without some G discussion, and Catalyst has a few updates to the way he has perceived the character in recent months.

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Black Mirror season 5 trailer features glimpse at Street Fighter-like fight scene

A new season of the critically acclaimed Netflix series Black Mirror is on route and a trailer for the upcoming fifth season was released earlier this week. If you're unfamiliar, this science fiction show takes a close examination of modern technology and provides viewers a look into where things could go if society continues to advance — often times with a scenario that's more grim than anything.

In the new Black Mirror trailer, we get a glimpse at the three new stories that are inbound, and one of them appears to feature a fighting game scenario that seems to be akin to Street Fighter.

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What do you think Street Fighter 5's next big announcement is and when do you think it'll drop? EventHubs round table discussion

It has been exactly five months to the day (December 16th of last year) since Capcom officially revealed and made playable Street Fighter 5's latest newcomer: Kage. Kage came with a balance update for the entire roster as well as the following text on the Capcom Unity blog post:

"Kage is only the beginning of the next season of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition! We’re doing things differently this year, so we’re eager to share the details with you soon! Thank you for all the continued support. We can’t wait to show off what’s next in 2019!" Needless to say, five months with no official reveal has led fans to a rather perturbed state, but a recent message from Yoshinori Ono has given new hope.

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'I can't do what Punk does' - Bonchan has his sights set on Punk this Pro Tour season, but isn't all that sure he can best him

It's not every day that we get insight into what top Japanese Street Fighter 5 players are thinking when it comes to strategy, rivalries, and the intricacies of game play, but today is unlike most others.

Thanks to the translation from FGC Translated we get a peek into three great Street Fighter minds as RB|Bonchan, CYG|Fuudo, and Ponos|Moke chit chat about the player to beat right now: REC|Punk.

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NuckleDu wants to personally sponsor 3 players to go to EVO 2019

Du "FOX|NuckleDu" Dang has found great success in the professional world of Street Fighter 5 after winning the first Capcom Cup for the game in 2016, but he has not forgotten his roots and ties to the community at large.

In 2018, NuckleDu sponsored a few lucky / talented players to go to EVO last year on his dime, and now Du is stepping up to provide assistance for players hopeful to make it to EVO 2019 but lack the means to go otherwise.

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PC Mods: Early glimpse at Falke's Breath of Fire 2 Katt costume in action for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

As most of us are probably aware of, players can now begin collecting Falke's Breath of Fire 2 Katt costume gems through Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle mode. In other words, it's going to require another four weeks before most of us can use this purrrrfect costume (I'm sorry, but not really).

Of course, there are some who have already gained access to the Katt costume. Thanks to Street Fighter 5 being available on the PC, modders can play with Falke in her Katt outfit right now.

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Ono states that new Street Fighter 5 content is on the horizon, we talk what it might be, when it might happen, and how hard it will potentially hit

On Sunday evening Capcom's Yoshinori Ono came forward with a few tweets promising more Street Fighter 5 content in the future. While this isn't necessarily new information given general expectations, it does give us a much needed buoy to grasp while we continue to hold out for information.

We've decided to do a quick take podcast entry to further discuss the implications of Ono's messages, specifically looking at the what, when, and overall weight in regards to this upcoming reveal.

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Shotos continue to dominate while G flies up the character usage ranks in online Street Fighter 5 stats for April 2019

Capcom has released the updated Street Fighter 5 statistics for online play. This time around, we're given a look at how each character performed in the month of April 2019.

As always, the company shared character usage and combat stats over on their Shadaloo C.R.I. website. There have been some changes since March, so let's dive into what we're seeing now.

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'Next time we meet, let's watch Blanka's Pockets with smile ;D' — Yoshinori Ono on Street Fighter 5 new content

It's been nearly five months since Kage was released for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition back in December. Since then, we've heard nearly nothing about future content as far as Season 4 is concerned despite the fact that we're now fast approaching E3 2019.

However, it seems Yoshinori Ono is well aware of the concerns about Street Fighter 5's future. He's taken to Twitter and said some very interesting things that Street Fighter fans may want to pay attention to.

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Texas Showdown 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend has a big event taking place in Houston, Texas and it's featuring a ton of different fighting games.

Some of the notable players set to attend include Mouz|Problem X, RB|Anakin, EG|NYChrisG, FOX|NuckleDu, NRG|HookGangGod, Teresa, LostSoul, CJ Truth, Rise|Smug, PG|MarlinPie, W2W|Toi, CoolKid93, 1UP|PepperySplash, END|Shine, BjornSonOfBear, TGS|CeroBlast, Supernoon, Tempo|Alex Myers, AN|KizzieKay, NG|Obscure, FOX|Dekillsage, EQNX|Brian_F, Denial|JB, Crescent|Doza, Terrence, WG|Abegen, EG|Ricki Ortiz, Rise|K-Brad, Danslip, TGS|ElChakotay and of course many more.

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