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Okay, this M. Bison combo into Psycho Crusher mix-up in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is absolutely filthy

It's pretty great that we're still seeing new things four years into Street Fighter 5's lifespan. The implementation of a second V-Trigger followed by a second V-Skill feels as though it's done a solid job of opening things up further and allowing players to express themselves more.

I've seen a lot of M. Bison in my time playing the game, but this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition combo into a mix-up shared by Pochoclo23 is definitely something I had never witnessed previously. I absolutely didn't block properly watching this.

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Poll results: Do you want to see another season of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition DLC characters?

Update: Check out the poll results after the jump.

Earlier: From before its launch in February of 2016, Street Fighter 5 was described by developers as an ongoing service in the sense that it would see new content and continued development even after it hit shelves.

Capcom has kept that promise for the last four years as they have added new modes, a ton of costumes, and most notably new characters. The game's roster has grown from 16 to 40, and we're now unequivocally beyond the promised time frame for support.

This naturally changes the relationship between SF5 developer and consumer from what it's been, and it might be worth asking fans what they're hoping to see in 2020 and beyond.

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Insane chip damage potential for Dhalsim demonstrated by Broski for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Dhalsim in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is generally well regarded for his ability to zone and fight from a long range. Most players probably don't look at Dhalsim as some sort of chip damage monster.

Recently, Broski posted a clip that showcases a sequence of Dhalsim dishing out non-stop chip damage. Dhalsim is armed with V-Trigger 1 and V-Skill 2 during the clip.

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Tokido's emotional victory over Daigo Umehara during Topanga Championship 2020 feels like the perfect conclusion to their powerful Kemonomichi 2 set

RB|Daigo Umehara and Hajime "Rohto|Tokido" Taniguchi have been two of the most prolific Street Fighter players in the world dating back multiple games / decades where their rivalry has evolved tremendously — especially in recent years.

The pair of fighting game legends faced off in the final set of the Topanga Championship 2020 earlier this morning where their matches almost seemed to echo their memorable Kemonomichi 2 games — though this time going in the opposite direction.

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The4philzz's Grand Master Falke faces off against Ken, Akuma, and Juri users in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Although Street Fighter 5 has historically been known for encouraging offensive strategies, Falke tends to be more of a neutral focused character. Rather than bursting opponents down in a few combos, she has to play slowly and methodically.

SFV Fan recently uploaded footage of The4philzz using Falke in sets against Ken, Akuma, and Juri. Notably, The4philzz was able to come in second place at Saltmine League 6 using Ed and Falke.

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Saltmine League #7 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Saltmine League is back again this week, continuing on with its ongoing season.

Notable players participating are Hurricane, Broski, Boltstrike, Ryan Hart, RASS, JeSTeRPoWeR, fhAssa, LoHii, Rikemansbarnet, Manxas, TomBUK and more and more.

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Former Capcom Cup champion goes back to his roots with MenaRD's first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate major performance at CEO Dreamland

Bandits|MenaRD was only 18 years old when he won Capcom Cup 2017, and before that he competed at a handful of other fighting games in his home country including Super Smash Bros.

Though the Dominican Republic native had been putting most of his focus on Street Fighter 5 these past few years, Mena's spending some time showing off his Smash Ultimate progress with a good performance at his first major for the game this weekend at CEO Dreamland 2020.

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Topanga Championship 2020 results

Update: This story has been updated with day 9 results, standings and battle logs.

Topanga has returned, and although it's largely retaining its classic League Format, it's now called the Topanga Championship 2020 and will be going on for a select few days this Spring.

The players participating are all big names who have had great success in Street Fighter 5 so far — they are Rohto|Tokido, SNB|Fujimura, Victrix|Momochi, Mago, FAV|Sako, CYG|Fuudo, CYG|Daigo, RB|Gachikun, Liquid|Nemo, YOG|Machabo, AZ|Kichipa-mu, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, Liquid|John Takeuchi, CO|Dogura, DNG|Nauman, FAV|Ryuusei, Moke and Kawano.

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'I feel like we're getting slow-mo matches instead of those frame skipping matches' — Nemo and Daigo comment on laggy matches in Street Fighter 5

Before Seth was made available in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, an update was launched that was intended to address concerns about the online experience. As a result ,there have been some mixed reactions regarding the improvements to the game's netcode.

FGC Translated has recently uploaded some footage that highlights Liquid|Nemo and Daigo's thoughts on some matches that were experienced online.

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MenaRD talks about why he performed so well in 2017 and how NuckleDu dropping out was big for his Capcom Cup run

Saul Leonardo "Bandits|MenaRD" Mena II was not a name that almost anyone had heard of within the Street Fighter 5 community before 2017, but that quickly changed once he began traveling and then once he started winning.

The then 18-year-old went on a near miraculous run during Capcom Cup 2017, dropping the best players from around the world, and we got to catch up with MenaRD two years later at Capcom Cup 2019 to talk about what made that first year so special, the response to the Dominican Republic scene's excitement and where he wants to go from here.

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M. Bison sure does allow players to be creative with their anti-airs in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

M. Bison has typically been considered to be a top tier threat throughout the history of Street Fighter 5's seasons. Although we're still in the infancy of Season 5's meta, chances seem fairly good that M. Bison will still be a tournament viable character for the Capcom Pro Tour.

Needless to say, M. Bison is not a combatant that struggles when it comes to anti-airing opponents. Recently, Psychona uploaded a series of clips that showcase Mouz|Problem X blowing people up with M. Bison's anti-airs in a number of... creative ways.

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Seth was the most popular and weakest character for February according to CFN's online Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition stats

During the month of January 2020, it was noted that E. Honda and Vega were the most successful characters for Street Fighter 5's online modes. In addition, Ryu and Kage were the most popular combatants.

Since then, Seth has been released as the 40th character to join the roster of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Interestingly enough, Seth has been available since February 14 which gave fans most of the month to experiment with him. This had a very notable effect on the character usage stats and match ups.

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Gootecks' idea for community funded and run online tournaments may be the key to success for network fighting game competition in 2020

One of the most innovative minds in the fighting game community belongs to Cross Counter's Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez. The Excellent Adventurer seems to always have his sights set on the horizon, ready to dive into the next fighting game venture and put his unique mark on it.

I was fortunate to be able to spend some time with Gootecks over Capcom Cup weekend and had a few conversations about one of his latest endeavors: the online fighting game space. I've voiced my hesitations for us to explore this space before connections catch up to the generally precise requirements of fighters, but Gootecks feels the time for action is already here.

Cross Counter has a vision for online fighting game tournaments that doesn't aim to recreate the experience one might get at something like a Capcom Pro Tour event. Instead, they're trying to meet people where they're at and give them what they might be looking for online: a lower-stakes way to compete for a few extra bucks.

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Topanga launches eSports team GyoGun signing pro Street Fighter and Dragon Ball FighterZ players Mago, Moke, Machabo and Mizuha

Topanga has been a big player in the Japanese competitive eSports scene with its fighting game leagues and streams on the production side of the table, and now they're stepping in to a new role in promoting players.

The company announced yesterday they are starting their own eSports team named GyoGun by bringing on some of the biggest or up-and-coming unsigned players in Mago, Mizuha, Moke, Machabo and a card game player by the name of Chomosh.

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Teppen's new Haunted by Memories expansion continues the trend of having fantastic artwork this time focused on characters with shady pasts

Teppen has been available in the hands of Capcom fans for well over half a year at this point, and the game just recently saw its latest expansion Haunted by Memories release alongside one of the developer's most-beloved robots — Zero from the Mega Man X series.

Like the previous packs released for the mobile game, Teppen's new cards continue to impress with their original artwork which includes some of the most popular but some of the most obscure characters from series like Street Fighter and Darkstalkers.

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How is the coronavirus currently affecting the FGC? Plus what we can do to help expedite the growth of Street Fighter 5's netcode and more

The threat of the coronavirus continues to disrupt larger gatherings across the globe and the fighting game community has been no exception.

In this week's podcast episode we take a look at some of the particulars of what has happened thus far as well as some of the potential longer-lasting effects this could have on tournament organizers.

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I learned to make fewer stupid mistakes in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition by simplifying my offense

How often do you kick yourself for screwing up seemingly easy stuff in fighting games?

For as many tournament matches as I've watched, played, and analyzed, I should surely have had enough first and secondhand experience to intricately understand when and how to implement routine tactics in Street Fighter 5. When push came to shove, however, I still too frequently found myself underperforming when it came to making the right basic calls while applying rushdown pressure or trying to block mix ups.

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