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Street Fighter 5 stories

Solo Abigail user Itabashi Zangief beats down the competition at Topanga Championship 2's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Abigail in Street Fighter 5 is no doubt the largest character in the game. Back in Season 3, the former enforcer for the Mad Gear Gang was a hot topic as many players believed him to be grossly overpowered before inevitable nerfs.

Since those nerfs, Abigail users have become a little less common at high level play. However, DNG|Itabashi Zangief was recently able to win Topanga Championship 2 as a solo Abigail. Evidently, it's best not to underestimate this gargantuan tank of a fighter when controlled by Itabashi Zangief.

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Update: What should Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new battle mechanic be?

Update: Voting in the poll has come to a close, so you can see the results of what the EH community would like to see as Street Fighter 5's new mechanic in the original story below.

Street Fighter 5 players have known what's coming in Champion Edition's final season for over four months now which may finally bear fruit in the very near future.

With Capcom scheduled to make a special announcement tomorrow evening, this may likely be the last opportunity to discuss and speculate as to what SF5's new battle mechanic could / should be for Season 5.

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Why does mashing DP still work on frame disadvantage in Street Fighter 5? HiFight breaks down the oddity and how to play around it

We've probably all faced the situation in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition where we have our opponent locked down in a blockstring only to be hit with a Shoryuken to the face which doesn't make sense on paper looking at the frame data.

Fighting game content creator and highlight compiler HiFight recently released a handy little guide breaking down why you can still get hit with a non-EX reversal when you're +3 and how to play around someone trying to mash out the DP.

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Topanga Championship 2 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The time of Topanga is upon us once more and this time it's the Topanga Championship 2 which is happening and the game of focus is the newest installment in the Topanga series' most classic series, namely Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

24 players will be participating in this extravaganza and they are BST|Daigo, Rohto|Tokido, RB|Bonchan, BST|Fuudo, RB|Gachikun, FAV|Ryuusei, SNB|Fujimura, FAV|Sako, Victrix|Momochi, Liquid|Nemo, GyoGun|Moke, DNG|Nauman, CO|Dogura, GyoGun|Mago, GyoGun|Machabo, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, SNB|Higuchi, GRPT|Pugera, HB|Kawano, Nishikin, YHC-Mochi, Youshikibi, CYANOTYPE|Anton and Zabeth.

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Here's how the 20 qualified competitors will be grouped for Capcom Cup 2020

It was recently revealed that Capcom Cup 2020 will take place in February 2021 at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. With RB|Luffy securing the final Capcom Cup 2020 slot via the fan voting nomination, we now know all 20 players that will be competing at the big event.

By taking a closer look at the Capcom Pro Tour rules, it's possible to establish how players will be grouped for the tournament. All 20 players are being divided into one of four groups to decide the eight players (two from each from) that will move on.

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Daigo Umehara as Akuma matches up against the EVO 2019 champion but wishes he was playing... F.A.N.G?

Earlier this week, we took notice of BST|Daigo Umehara's practice session with Akuma in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Funnily enough, Daigo admitted that he had underestimated the Shoto. He previously thought of F.A.N.G and E. Honda as strong characters, but Daigo's newfound experience with Akuma has now challenged that notion — though Daigo was likely half-joking about that.

While continuing his practice with Akuma, Daigo ended up running into an unexpected opponent. Street Fighter 5's matchmaking had pitted him up against the EVO 2019 champion, RB|Bonchan.

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KK's Lady Raptor and Donnavan are gorgeous, but they also have the creepiest Oro we've ever seen

We're sharing a Japanese artist today who deserves more followers. We came across KK's art and thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into, but as you surely noticed from the banner, he's got a few different styles of approach.

Gender bent Darkstalkers characters like Lord Raptor and Donovan, square-jawed cartoon Dan Hibiki, and a particularly haunting version of Oro from Street Fighter 3 give you an idea of the various directions this artist takes. The good news is they're all pretty worth exploring.

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Ryu is at the point to master both light and darkness in Street Fighter 6 which may create the most powerful version of the warrior yet

Ryu is not just the poster boy for Street Fighter but also for fighting games as a whole which has led to his appearance and fighting style staying largely the same for the past 30+ years though the original Shotokan seems to be showing some signs of progress lately.

From Street Fighter 4 to 5 to 3, the world warrior is given a pretty solid arc from trying to conquer the Satsui no Hado inside of himself to potentially ascending to become a sage, and it is very likely going to have a big impact on Ryu's gameplay and story going forward into Street Fighter 6.

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Happy or not about Dan in February, Capcom is communicating with their fighting game fans more than they used to

Capcom gave us some simultaneously exciting and disappointing news yesterday when they revealed that the first batch of Season 5 content for Street Fighter 5 would be releasing some time in February of next year.

Communication practices between the company's fighting game department and its fans have been widely frustrating, and the fact that we were led to believe we'd be seeing something before the end of the year (yes, this idea deserves more exploration and we'll get into those details) has some of us worried Capcom hasn't learned their lesson. That said, progress clearly has been made in the communication department with fans, so where exactly do we find ourselves now?

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Luffy has officially won the final spot in Capcom Cup 2020, here's the full list of competitors

We learned just yesterday that Capcom Cup 2020 would be taking place this February in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, but it wasn't until today that the last of the 20 finalists spots was finally decided upon.

Last year's Capcom Cup participants were immediately entered into a poll in which fans could vote them into Capcom Cup 2020, given they didn't win one of the 18 online qualifiers, and as voting ended today the man on top was none other than EVO 2014 champion: RB|Luffy.

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Takamura's Raging Demon reactions are ridiculous and almost superhuman at this point in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Akuma's Raging Demon continues to be one of the most iconic and hype Supers in all of fighting games, and those who can bust it out in surprising ways will probably always be celebrated / applauded.

Takamura has been recognized as one of the best Akuma players in the world for years now in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, even defeating the likes of Rohto|Tokido in the mirror match, with a lot of success coming through his wild reaction speed and quick thinking. This is still pretty nuts though.

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Capcom Cup 2020 scheduled for February 2021 in the Dominican Republic, Dan Hibiki to be released in Street Fighter 5 in February

During today's Street Fighter League stream we were told the date and location of this year's Capcom Cup: February 19-21 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It's at that place and time where the top 20 Street Fighter 5 competitors in the world will meet to battle for the title of Capcom Cup Champion.

This wasn't the only bit of enticing information dropped during the stream, however, as Street Fighter 5 Producer, Shuhei Matsumoto, announced that the first Season 5 DLC character, Dan Hibiki, would also be released in February of 2021.

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Will this Thursday's SFL announcement be Dan? What are the biggest lessons learned from Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 5?

Capcom hit us with some intriguing news this week as they directed our eyes to Thursday's episode of Street Fighter League for "a special announcement." Given we're now fully into the "Winter 2020" season, the Street Fighter 5 community is very much wondering when Dan and the game's new battle mechanic will be dropping.

We've yet to get any kind of specific date for Mr. Hibiki, but could this special announcement have something to do with him? Catalyst and I discuss what we think we'll see, and one of us is a bit more optimistic than the other.

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Luffy maintains first place as both he and Zenith double their votes since last week, we're approaching the end of the Capcom Cup 2020 fan nomination

December 18, 2020 is now rapidly approaching. We'll soon know who will be the 20th and final competitor locked for Capcom Cup 2020 via the community vote being held on

Last week, we saw RB|Luffy taking the lead from TUQ|Zenith with Rohoto|Tokido and PG|Piunk trailing behind. With just two days remaining, the competition is heating up between Luffy and Zenith as Tokido and Piunk fall further behind.

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Capcom reveals special announcement is coming during this week's Street Fighter League

It's been about six months since Capcom first revealed that Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition would be receiving one final season of DLC content, and now it's time of arrival may finally be at hand.

Capcom recently revealed that a "special announcement" is happening during this week's run of Street Fighter League which likely means we'll learn more about Dan and Season 5's launch for SF5.

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Daigo is trying out Akuma in Street Fighter 5 and has concluded that he underestimated the Shoto

Though BST|Daigo Umehara is a Guile main in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, he's recently been putting time into F.A.N.G and E. Honda. Notably, this has caused him to realize just how weak Kage was and has since given up on Ryu's shadow.

One of FGC Translated's latest videos now showcases Daigo experimenting with Akuma. It seems that Akuma might be a fair bit better than Daigo initially believed.

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Stunning Akuma with just one combo is possible with both Menat and Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Akuma is the glass cannon of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. In other words, Akuma has the lowest life and stun values in the game.

For the most part, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is designed in such a way that it should take at least two hits before being able to stun an opponent. Since Akuma only has 900 stun, Ryu and Menat are capable of forcing him into a stunned state with just a single combo.

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