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Street Fighter 5 stories

Pixel artist creates beautiful image of Rival Schools' Akira imagined as a Street Fighter 3 sprite

We have a good while to wait for Rival Schools' Akira Kazama's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition debut, but one fan is helping pass the time with some gorgeous Street Fighter 3 style art of the character.

Simon "Snakepixel" Andersen set out to simply create a pixelated sprite of Akira, but found that his momentum was a bit too strong once he'd finished. The resulting product includes two Akira figures as well as a fully fleshed out pixel locale, namely the Taiyo High Rooftops.

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What are the top five V-Triggers in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition? Frame Advantage reveals their thoughts on the matter

A V-Trigger can make or break a character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. It can be argued that some characters are top tier almost entirely because their V-Triggers have a ton of utility.

Frame Advantage recently released a video that discusses their thoughts on the top five V-Triggers in the game. If you're familiar with Street Fighter 5's meta, then you probably won't be surprised at their picks.

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HiFight challenges you to improve your defense in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition in only 2 minutes with latest helpful guide

It's easy to see that HiFight has been one of the FGC MVPs this past generation by compiling and sharing cool moments throughout the scenes and tournaments, but he's started doing more and more original content creation recently.

After tackling the Japanese-only normal move names in Street Fighter 5, HiFight's latest guide is meant to improve defensive knowledge and prowess in Capcom's flagship fighter in just two minutes or less.

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Let's analyze Akira Kazama's different moves from Rival Schools and how they might translate to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Like anyone who follows Street Fighter or fighting games in general is most likely aware, we got an unveiling of four new characters for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roughly a month ago. The characters are going to be Dan Hibiki and Rose from the Street Fighter Alpha games, Oro from the Street Fighter 3 series and the crossover character Akira Kazama from Rival Schools, a Capcom franchise which has been officially sharing a universe with Street Fighter since it came to be but hasn't yet bridged the gap both ways until now, with Akira's impending Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition debut.

As mentioned in a few of my previous pieces, I recently got my hands on the original Rival Schools via the Japanese PSN on PlayStation 3 and spent a few hours playing it to reacquaint myself with this charming series and its mechanics. I spent a previous article talking about what kind of unique gimmick Street Fighter 5's directors may have been talking about in relation to Akira, but in this one I'm going to focus more on the general moveset of her and how it might translate to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. As a Capcom-developed fighting game, she has some familiar things but also a few that could bring some unique flavor for her Street Fighter inclusion. Let's take a look at how Akira fights and what special moves she has in her arsenal.

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Winners of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Costume Design Contest officially revealed

After receiving hundreds of submissions and tens of thousands in voting, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Costume Design Contest for the fans came to a close at the start of this week. Now we know the official results.

Capcom has now revealed both of the winning selections of the costume campaign with JnXC and Gar's designs now being developed for the fighting game — both of which are for the same character, Juri.

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Taunting and baiting the boss version of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Gill to super is a new level in Sunshine-OU's parry game

We've seen Sunshine-OU taunt online opponents in the past and fully parry their attempt to stop him. Apparently, the magic of his parrying abilities has elevated beyond simply human opponents and has now extended into the boss version of one of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's characters.

In this new montage, we are treated to Street Fighter poster boy, Ryu, parrying a variety of different online competitors and punishing them hard for their troubles. To kick things off, though, Sunshine actually manages to bait the boss version of Gill into performing a super, then parries it all and punishes it for the win.

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Capcom gave Seth a bunch of obviously powerful tools in Street Fighter 5, do these break the character or make him exactly what we want from DLC?

There's been quite a bit of communal discussion surrounding Seth, the latest DLC addition to Street Fighter 5, as a particularly powerful character. This fairly technical fighter has been rapidly surpassing others when it comes to public opinion, stirring up interest and getting more and more people interested in investigating him.

Some are rating him as the best in the game on tier lists while others are pointing more to his frame data to highlight his power, and while there's no question that Seth is surely in the upper echelon of the game's roster, one has to wonder if this is exactly what we want from a DLC figure in Street Fighter 5.

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Smug releases his current Street Fighter 5 tier list

RISE|Smug, one of the strongest North American Street Fighter 5 players around right now, has teamed up with a few friends to share his current tier list for the game.

The Balrog main recently enjoyed major success and a yet another Capcom Cup berth when he took first place in the Capcom Pro Tour Online North America East 2 event, and has enlisted the help of Lee Chung, Sanford Kelly, and Verse to order every one of Street Fighter 5's 40 roster members according to overall strength.

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Artist pays homage to all 12 Street Fighter 5 costume contest finalists by creating pixel art versions of all their submissions

Editor's note: Correction: HienKong has identified themselves as the "brother" of the winner of the contest, JnXC.

Though Capcom has not officially announced the winner of their Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition costume contest, the voting process is over and we can clearly see that HienKong and their wonderful "Boss Juri" got the most love by a full head and shoulders.

In a motion to say "good game" to the rest of the 11 other finalists, Hien paid a little tribute to each of them by recreating their entries in pixel art form. Most all of these are top tier ideas, and translate beautifully into more Street Fighter 3 era looks.

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What 'unique Rival Schools mechanic' will Akira be bringing to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition? I replayed the classic fighter to try and find out

Roughly a month ago, Capcom had a presentation for the future of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and presented a basic look at what we had to expect from its fifth and final season, including concept art and unveiling of four of the season's five DLC characters — Dan Hibiki and Rose from the Street Fighter Alpha series, Oro from the Street Fighter 3 games and the surprising yet highly anticipated Akira Kazama from the cult classic Capcom franchise Rival Schools, finally officially bridging the gap between the two fighting game series by crossing over both ways after Street Fighter's Sakura made a guest appearance in the first game of the Rival Schools franchise.

When talking about Akira Kazama and her impending Street Fighter debut, it was mentioned by Street Fighter 5 series director Takayuki Nakayama in homage to the Rival Schools franchise that with Akira's inclusion they were looking at how the battles in Rival Schools "have something unique about them that we also want to incorporate". As a fan of the Rival Schools games from when I was just a kid, I decided to re-obtain the first game via the Japanese PSN on my PlayStation 3 and sit down to spend some time with it to try and figure out what this uniqueness they wished to bring to Akira could be, and I have a pretty good idea about what they're looking at, though there are a few different possibilities available.

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Is Street Fighter 5's latest character the standard we should see for future DLC releases? Is Dragon Ball FighterZ's new rage quit penalty too harsh?

We've seen more and more discussion in recent times revolving around Street Fighter 5's 40th character, Seth. This DLC fighter is the latest to join the roster, but seems to be garnering attention and encouraging exploration in a way most other post launch additions have not.

We ask and proceed to discuss particulars regarding whether or not Seth serves as a stellar example of what fighting game DLC characters should accomplish, especially in terms of character strength.

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Starting today, Street Fighter 5 is one of the free games in September 2020 for PlayStation Plus subscribers

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then you can get access to free PlayStation 4 games from the PlayStation Store on a monthly basis. Starting today, the free games for September 2020 are Street Fighter 5 and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. As long as you download them by October 5, they'll be free.

Do keep in mind that this is the vanilla version of Street Fighter 5, not Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. However, you'll still be able to play against Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition users as the updated version only gives access to additional characters, stages, and costumes that can also be acquired individually in Street Fighter 5.

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Capcom's Tokyo Game Show lineup revealed with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and Resident Evil Village headlining, promises to deliver latest info

Although the traditional Tokyo Game Show 2020 was cancelled this year along with pretty much everything else, the event is carrying on digitally where its full schedule has now been revealed.

Capcom this morning announced their own TGS 2020 lineup which will focus heavily on Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and Resident Evil Village with the company's flagship fighting game headlining one of the weekend days.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Costume Design Contest final rankings

After building up all Summer, the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Costume Design Contest has officially come to an end with voting wrapping up last night.

The final ranks for these fan-designed costumes fighting to make their way into the game are now available which show a tight battle for second place that came down to fewer than 1,000 votes overall.

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A very popular character hasn't been added to the current Street Fighter game, but I think she's a strong candidate for the next

Capcom released their popularity poll about two years ago that they conducted during the heart of Street Fighter 5's lifespan, and one character's omission has stuck out like a sore thumb... or well — maybe more like an upwards pointing fist.

Makoto was well known for doing massive damage on a single setup in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, which could lead into another setup into death — but many people forget that the Street Fighter 3 series was often labeled as boring by the player base at the time. Makoto served a distinct role for the developers back when she was added in 1999, to include a highly explosive character to the roster that would bring the fireworks in a game that lacked them.

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Fan-made front runner Juri costume for Street Fighter 5 contest gets a beautiful pixel art makeover from yet another fan

We're in the final hours of Capcom's Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition costume contest that will see two fan-designed outfits added to Street Fighter 5 in the coming months, and it's already fairly clear as to which of the finalist designs will come through as the number one pick.

The 12 final designs are currently being voted on via Twitter likes, and one piece in particular, "boss" Juri from Steven "JnXC" La, is leading the pack with 17.8k likes, a full 2.5k ahead of second place. JnXC's captivating image has already started receiving love from other fans as one has produced a gorgeous pixel art version.

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One of HawaiianShirtMan's immaculate Zeku clips gets the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Just Frame Breakdown from HiFight

When it comes to hype Zeku highlights in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, it generally doesn't get more hype than HawaiianShirtMan (HSM). Not only is his level of play impressive, but the excitement and sheer joy he exudes with every move that is performed is second to none.

Now, we get to see what one of HSM's clips is actually comprised of. HiFight shared a quick Just Frame Breakdown for one of the Zeku player's highlights to detail exactly what's going on during the match.

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