Street Fighter 5 stories

This Street Fighter 5 clip from the past features the most ridiculous rollback I've ever seen

If you've played Street Fighter 5 online before, you've probably experienced a few matches of questionable quality. Although Street Fighter 5 uses rollback netcode, things can go horribly awry if the connection is unstable.

I recently came across a clip that was uploaded by Oryx back in 2019. Please note that this clip originated during an era that came before Capcom's patch that addressed the game's online.

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This might be the longest Street Fighter 5 perfect ever

We've seen some long Street Fighter 5 perfects in our day, but this one just might be the longest to ever be recorded in a real match.

In a clip from Iquita, a Warlord Dhalsim player in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, we see a perfect round against a Zangief that goes all the way down to the wire. Only two seconds remain on the in-game clock when all is said and done.

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Three characters who are still too strong in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and how we'd nerf them to make the game more fun for everyone

With a successful Champion Edition update and a surprising announcement that even more DLC characters are en route, Street Fighter 5 is currently rolling along with a good bit of momentum. That said, it could still use a bit of tweaking when it comes to its top tiers.

The massive change of schedule COVID-19 has caused has taken away a large piece of the puzzle the community uses to assess which fighters are too powerful for the game's own good, but we've had CE for months now and are beginning to clearly see this particular part of the puzzle even without the helpful examples major tournaments provide.

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This Fatal Cutie Terry Bogard PC mod for Lucia in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is among the best we've ever seen

Lucia quickly became quite popular among the Street Fighter 5 playerbase following her launch in 2019 which has in turn led to the modding community also taking up the torch to do great work with her.

The latest in that trend is among the best we've probably seen as PC modder BrutalAce is putting together a Fatal Cutie Terry Bogard costume for Lucia.

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Fighting game legends Tokido and Dogura forge a new rivalry in Tekken 7 with this epic first to 10 exhibition set

Rohto|Tokido and CO|Dogura have remained among the best fighting game players in the world for a long time, and though their paths have been tied to the realm of 2D games for the most part, the realm with an extra dimension called out to them.

Earlier this week, Topanga in Japan brought in Dogura and Tokido for what they called a concept match in Tekken 7 featuring a first to 10 exhibition set that's both fun and exciting.

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Xian's new Ibuki mixups are so ridiculous he apologizes to opponents after destroying them in Street Fighter 5

We've seen Ibuki mixups before, we've seen RZR|Xian pull off mixups with Ibuki before, but that seems to have virtually no effect on how surprised and impressed we were after watching even just the first few clips in LiangHuBBB's latest compilation video.

It's been a while since we've seen much Xian action thanks to the halt on offline FGC majors, but the EVO 2013 Street Fighter champ has very much been active and exploring the new potential in pairing Ibuki's V-Skill 2 caltrops with her V-Trigger 2 Fuma Shuriken. You're not ready.

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We discuss why Street Fighter X Tekken tanked in many respects, plus Capcom secrets and unlikely fighting game lessons learned from Risk

Recent releases for new Capcom titles have been excellent... with the stark exception for its fighting game division. On this week's podcast, we blast back eight years into the past to reexamine the tumultuous tale that was Street Fighter X Tekken, knowing that the development company likely has a new major release somewhere on the horizon.

This is in no small part inspired by a recent research project posted by Matt McMuscles as he sheds light on some of the project's poorer decisions that we'd hope aren't repeated.

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'I just want to play the game like the rest' - Reigning Capcom Cup champion responds to criticism for entering Capcom Pro Tour Online

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused major changes to occur for the Capcom Pro Tour in the 2020 season. While certainly not a perfect system, Capcom has restructured this year's Capcom Pro Tour to be entirely online until Capcom Cup 2020 at the end of the year.

In total, there will be 20 competitors that will compete at Capcom Cup this year. 18 of them will earn their spots via online regional qualifiers. Another fan favorite from Capcom Cup 2019 will also be decided later. Finally, iDom — the Capcom Cup 2019 champion — is automatically qualified to compete at the yearly event.

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Filipino Champ banned indefinitely from all Capcom events including the Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League

Capcom has announced that Filipino Champ will be banned from the tournaments they run in the future.

"Ryan 'FChamp' Ramirez is hereby banned indefinitely from all Capcom-owned and/or operated events including Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League for violating the player code of conduct," said the issued statement. "This is a global ban, meaning it applies to tournaments and events in all locations throughout the world."

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Concerning online experiences, what do we want from fighting game developers moving forward?

The fighting game community finds itself at a pivotal point right now as we face two unignorable truths that, while not necessarily new, have moved very high up the priority hierarchy: quality of online fighting game play is integrally important, and quality of online fighting game play is not where it needs to be.

With new consoles on the horizon and the next chapter of fighters more than likely in development, it's highly important that the community clearly voice not only the issues that perturb us, but also the specific changes we want to see.

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If C. Viper were to join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, could she take cues from her Omega Street Fighter 4 version?

Five characters are slated for release in Season V of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. While we don't know which five characters will be joining the fight yet, C. Viper seems like a solid guess since there are numerous scenes that feature her during the game's story.

How might C. Viper play if she did indeed join the Street Fighter 5 roster? Let's take a look at her Omega Street Fighter 4 version for potential clues.

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Four out of sixteen players used G at Blink All Star Challenge West Coast's Street Fighter 5 event but only one made it to the top eight

Blink All Star Challenge West Coast was one of the online Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournaments that took place over the weekend. A total of 16 top level competitors were invited to compete for $5,000.

Although there were only 16 players at the event, a total of 18 different characters were used. Aside from G, no character was used as a main by more than one competitor.

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Samurai's last game, last round, last hit, full-screen walk up on Dhalsim is one of the boldest moves we've ever seen in competitive Street Fighter 5

How many down-to-the-wire rounds have you thrown away because of pressure? How many easy anti-airs or punishes have you been too clammed up to perform because you're more worried about not losing than you are about winning?

It's very difficult to continue to play with a level head when the instinct to simply survive kicks in, but Miky "XSK_Samurai" Chea recently gave us an incredibly hype example of what doing so looks like in the heat of a very stressful situation.

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'There's a lot of hidden talent online — I came from online' — Punk talks Karin nerfs and online play after winning Blink All Star Challenge

This past weekend the Blink All Star Challenge West Coast took place, inviting several top contenders to compete against each other online in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. PG|Punk was among those who played in the event, and his sharp Karin play earned him the victory, defeating Samurai's Akuma in the grand finals.

After the event, Punk sat down to chat with commentators IFC Yipes and Tasty Steve to talk about his win, among other things. From Karin's nerfs to the online experience, there's quite a bit to dig into here.

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I had no idea Urien's Critical Art can hit OTG against downed opponents in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and neither did MDZ Jimmy

OTGs — moves with "off the ground" properties — exist in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, but they are exceedingly rare. Since they hardly come into play, it's easy to forget that they are even a thing.

MDZ Jimmy was recently matched up against a Urien user and had them trapped in the corner. Things took a turn for the worse when Urien managed to land a Crush Counter sweep on Jimmy's Ryu.

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Blink All Star Challenge West Coast results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another installment of the Blink All Star Challenge is happening this weekend and this time it's focused on the West Coast. You can find the East Coast tournament results here.

Players invited who will be participating in the event are PG|Punk, UYU|JB, 801 Strider, XSK Samurai, Alex Myers, RAD|Commander Jesse, EG|NYChrisG, Dankadillas, Nephew, Chris Tatarian, Mildom|PR Balrog, RB|Snake Eyez, BDG|LPN, BlarrLad, ChrisCCH and C|DoctaAfrikan.

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Nemo: I'm scared of Smug because of the buffs to Balrog in Street Fighter 5

In a recent video uploaded by FGC Translated, Liquid|Nemo ran into a Balrog (Boxer) user while playing as Gill. He noted that this was an extremely difficult match up for Gill.

"By the way, this match up is extremely bad," stated Nemo. The opposing player was able to give Nemo quite a bit of trouble during their set together.

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