Street Fighter 5 stories

'You know what? Let's not blame SpongeBob, it's just a bad match up' — Alex Myers and Vicious team with Smug to take the latest SF5 characters online

E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison are the latest characters to join the fight in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. We're already starting to slowly get an idea about their potential.

Recently, Tempo|Alex Myers and Vicious uploaded their newest entry in their Run It Back series. They've teamed up with Rise|Smug in order to earn a better ranking while using these newer combatants.

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Raging Demon or Raging God? - See Kage's new Asura costume in action with his new Street Fighter 5 trailer

Fighting game fans have been asking for an Asura's Wrath character to make the jump to their genre, and we've finally gotten that opportunity to see that... as best as we'll get to for the foreseeable future at least.

Kage's new crossover Vajra Form Asura costume missions have officially started in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, and Capcom released a new trailer to show it off in detail as celebration.

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Here are all 10 colors for M. Bison's Street Fighter Alpha 'Psycho Miasma' costume in Street Fighter 5

Update: This costume is not currently available in Fighting Chance. It was erroneously posted as such on the Street Fighter Twitter account.

Earlier: From Halloween outfits to swimsuits and crossovers, there have been a ton of new costumes added to Street Fighter 5 lately. M. Bison adds one more tick to that counter with his Psycho Miasma look from the Street Fighter Alpha 3 series.

These threads are more or less the same idea as Nostalgia/Classic Bison, but with the addition of a cape. As simple as that may seem... admit it, you're a sucker for the cape. We all are.

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You can begin unlocking the Asura's Wrath crossover costume in Street Fighter 5 today

A new costume is entering the ring for Street Fighter 5. After a four-week Extra Battle crossover campaign, fans will be able to transform Season 4 newcomer Kage into Asura from Asura's Wrath.

The first mission in this set is now live today, so if you're looking to add this alternate costume to your collection, you'll want to get started right away.

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This Evo moment #37 recreation in Street Fighter 5 was nearly perfect... until it wasn’t

EVO moments are some of the greatest treasures in the fighting game community. Every clip is something that was so memorable it is ingrained in the community forever.

In particular, EVO moment #37 is as timeless as it gets. Watching CYG|Daigo's Ken perfectly parry Justin Wong's super with Chun-Li never gets old. This moment was nearly recreated in Street Fighter 5 by MDZ Jimmy until... watch the video and see.

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The infamous handshake, Poison's arrest, demonic E. Honda, Scarface Sagat, Abigail Gump... Quasimodox's Street Fighter art is both cute and clever

We're back with yet another intriguing fighting game art gallery from the very talented Quasimodox.

In the gallery we've put together today, we see that the artist is able to capture attention equally efficiently via thoughtful scenes and striking appearances. For instance, image one sees a beautiful scene wherein Lucia arrests Poison while a guilty Abigail flees, but this contrasts with the sixth image which depicts a demonic-looking E. Honda posed in the shadows.

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'You're a total jerk if you play these characters!' - we explore robbery characters in Street Fighter 5, option selects in Mortal Kombat 11 and more

It's looking more and more like Street Fighter 5 is going to continue for at least another season or two, and that means we should the discussion going about any gameplay changes we'd want to see after Season 4.

The concept of robbery characters (specifically with regards to their V-Triggers) has been on our minds recently and so we decided to delve into the concept further in this week's podcast.

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Which characters have the most 'robbery' V-Triggers here in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5? Here are the results

Update: The results are in. Check out which characters came out on top in this poll after the jump.

Earlier: For those of you who didn't jump straight to the poll and/or comments, welcome to the calm before the storm. We here at EventHubs have been mulling over this topic for a good while now, and wanted to turn the question over to you readers: Which characters' V-Triggers too often leave you feeling like their win wasn't earned and you were cheated out of an opportunity to counter? In other words, who have the most "robbery" comeback mechanics?

The community first started talking about robbery V-Triggers around the time that Season 2 kicked off. It was widely thanks to Urien, Laura, and Balrog that we began discussing this matter as these three fighters seemed to be able to decide the outcome of many rounds based almost solely on their very powerful, 50-50-based V-Trigger sequences.

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'Building a plan for Sagat is different from building a plan versus the player' — Bonchan details why his Sagat is so formidable in Street Fighter 5

RB|Bonchan has been on a tear as of late and is showing no signs of stopping. Part of his run of dominance is Karin, but another big part has been his Sagat usage in Street Fighter 5.

With that in mind, what exactly makes his Sagat so formidable? There has to be something since he's the only one achieving significant results with the fighter. How does he go about doing it?

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We're not sure if Menat's V-Trigger 1 still counts as 'robbery' or not, but it definitely robbed Lucia in this visually-jarring Street Fighter 5 clip

We used to see a lot more Menat in Street Fighter 5 before she was nerfed here in Season 4, but the fortune-telling zoner still does pop up from time to time, and her V-Trigger 1 is still a force to be reckoned with.

A player by the name of ATK|YUKiInari is keeping sharp with Rose's apprentice, and recently had a particularly jarring interaction during a tournament bout with a Lucia player.

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We're not saying Ono is hint-tweeting about crossplay, but Ono might be hint-tweeting about crossplay

As is per the usual when it comes to these kinds of messages from the highly eccentric Yoshinori Ono, our lead here is a seemingly innocuous but oddly-placed tweet from the Street Fighter series' Executive Producer.

More than a week after it was initially posted, Ono shared a tweet from Xbox that dates back to National Video Games Day on September 12. Said tweet depicted controllers from the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and then a PC keyboard along with the text "No matter what you call it, one thing that unites us all is the X button." We'll let slide the fact that Sony technically calls their button a "cross," (because of course they do) and move right on to what Ono had to say.

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Guilty Gear girls hit the beach, Android 21 strikes a pose, and Hotdog29's Bison gets a literal interpretation via Phamoz's gorgeous fighting game art

The fighting game community is filled with creative types and today we're highlighting one fighting game fan who enjoys taking characters out of their usual combat-fueled atmosphere and imagining them in more recreational arenas.

Phamoz is a very talented artist from Hong Kong who can not only recreate our favorite fighters with a beautifully soft style but also adds to their character by sometimes placing them in unusual settings.

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Daigo: We need gameplay like Momochi's to make us dream in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, this is a player we need

Although Victrix|Momochi won the super premier Street Fighter 5 event at the Tokyo Game Show, he was only allowed to take home a small percentage of the prize since he did not have a pro gamer license. While CYG|Daigo has previously commented on Momochi's decision to not obtain a license, he also recently took part in an interview that looked past this and just focused on the skill that Momochi demonstrated at TGS.

Once again, FGC Translated was kind enough to translate the contents of this discussion for us English speakers. Notably, Daigo had quite a bit of praise ready for Momochi.

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Dhalsim just cannot catch a break against Akuma in Street Fighter 5

You know, Catalyst and I here on EventHubs have played a lot of Street Fighter 4 in our day, and we played so much that at some point we started running "Random" sets where we either picked random characters that we somewhat knew how to play or just straight-up hit the random select button. Whenever Dhalsim would come up, we'd always call him "Charlie Brown" because no matter how well one of us usually did with him throughout the course of a round, somehow things would always fall apart and that player would lose — not unlike Lucy pulling the football away at the last second before the kick.

We recently witnessed a clip in Street Fighter 5 where Dhalsim tried to anti-air an Akuma using his Critical Art, only to end up losing to the Shoto's EX air fireball clean. Another similar moment has surfaced, and I can't help but hear Charlie Brown's famous scream ringing in the back of my head.

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Here's an early look at Kage's Asura costume colors in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

The Extra Battle missions for Kage's Asura costume in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is scheduled to begin on September 27. By October 24, players should be able to obtain all the pieces necessary to assemble the costume if they kept up with the missions.

Despite this, it appears that images of the Asura attire has surfaced on the internet. This gives us an early look at the colors that Kage can don while wearing the Asura alternate.

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'I don't think young players will have to go through the things we went through' - Daigo weighs in on Momochi's decision to refuse pro JeSU license

The competitive landscape of fighting games has been changing and evolving over the past number of years, and that's especially true in Japan where strict gambling laws restricted how much money players could earn for tournament wins. That is until the Japanese eSports Union began working with gaming publishers in 2018 to issue professional licenses though they have also caused some controversy within the community.

Former Capcom Cup champion, Victrix|Momochi has taken a stand against the JeSU for the past two years which cost him nearly all of his prize money from winning the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Premier last weekend. Now fighting game legend CYG|Daigo Umehara has given his thoughts on the situation feeling he can understand where his rival is coming from, but he also doesn't see the JeSU as something they should be fighting against right now.

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Why is Karin so strong in the current version of Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition?

Karin has proven her worth amongst the cast in Street Fighter 5. She's getting amazing results across a number of different players. Even CYG|Daigo Umehara is having problems with her at majors.

With that in mind, what makes her so good in SF5? What tools does she have that is making her so formidable?

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