Street Fighter 5 stories

Ono directly stated that Super Street Fighter 4 would be the game's final version, but we're ultimately glad he wasn't quite telling the truth

To this day I still find myself confusing unique aspects of the numerous editions of Street Fighter 2, and indeed the fact that Capcom likes to traditionally roll out a plethora of versions of each Street Fighter game seems to have been quite a significant hindrance for them in the past.

When the franchise finally exited the darkest part of its timeline with the flourishing success of Street Fighter 4, Producer Yoshinori Ono was wary not to make the same mistake the company had in the past... at least that's what his words to Official Xbox Magazine said in a 2010 interview. Here in 2020, we all know SF4's ultimate story would not be all that different from the entries before it.

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Street Fighter 5 lesson in 'cutting movement' will immediately help your footsie game and give you new eyes for spotting trends and scoring hits

Street Fighter 5 players may or may not have heard of DOOM|Hoji yet, but there's a really good chance his will become a regular name in final brackets as he and his Cody are beginning to make waves in the scene.

Most recently the Ultimate Grand Master ranked player made it to fifth place in the Capcom Pro Tour Online North America East 1 event with an absolutely stellar display of both knowledge and execution. He's been sharing bits and pieces of that knowledge on his YouTube channel, and a recent upload focusing on footsie play is quickly becoming required text for those wanting to level up their game.

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Steam Summer Sale brings in the best fighting game discounts including Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for the first time and all EVO Online games

Fighting game players finding a home on the PC platform have grown exponentially over the past decade or so, and now they're in for a big seasonal treat for the next few weeks.

Steam is now running its annual Summer Sale starting today which includes some of the best deals for fighting games that we've seen in quite some time including the first notable discounts for Street Fighter 5: Champion Editon, all EVO Online titles and dozens more of the big names.

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Idom and NuckleDu's grand finals NLBC run being talked up as one of the greatest Street Fighter 5 sets ever including a Double KO at tournament point

Idom and NuckleDu represent some of the best Street Fighter and fighting games have to offer as Capcom Cup champions, and their recent bout proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

During the recent NLBC Online Edition 14 tournament, both players brought their absolute A game to grand finals in what many are describing as one of the greatest Street Fighter 5 sets ever.

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What went wrong with the CPT Online and how to fix it - ChrisG gets dropped from Evil Geniuses for 2017 social media comments

The second Capcom Pro Tour Online event played out last weekend as members of the eastern half of North America battled both each other and latency for a spot in Capcom Cup. While there was some drama at the start stemming from reigning Capcom Cup, iDom's, decision to enter, there was even more by the end.

Both iDom and El Chakotay wound up forfeiting in top eight while playing against a particularly laggy opponent. This naturally caused quite a stir in the fighting game community and we have a handful of thoughts on the matter.

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Broski shares Dhalsim Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match-up chart

Dhalsim is a character that isn't seen too often in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, especially at high levels of play. Those who typically do play the character tend to be masters of their craft, but he often stands as a fighter that your average player doesn't know all that much about.

Broski, the UK's #1 ranked Dhalsim player online, recently shared a match-up chart for the stretchy combatant in the latest version of Street Fighter 5. Here's how one of the world's best Dhalsim players feels the fiery fighter stacks up against the rest of the cast.

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Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade adds new Boss Rush Mode

Street Fighter 5: Type Arcade finally released over a year ago after being a missing component in Capcom's flagship fighting game for quite some time, and now it seems to be receiving its own unique mode.

Capcom announced Type Arcade will be seeing its update to Version 2.30 today which will add in a new Boss Rush Mode for a limited amount of time.

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Here's what we've found consistently causes lag while playing Street Fighter 5 online

While a topic of general discussion for years now, the issues that come with online fighting game play have been brought to the forefront of the FGC in more recent times thanks to sheer necessity as COVID-19 continues to make offline play widely impossible.

The Street Fighter 5 community saw a good bit of netplay-related drama over this last weekend as the first Capcom Pro Tour Online North America East event played out, and so we decided to do a bit of exploration to get a more refined idea of what specifically seems to cause latency to occur most consistently.

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Poll results: Who are the current top five characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition now that we're six months into the season?

Update: The results are in. Check out how our readers voted after the jump.

Earlier: We recently posted a story highlighting three Street Fighter 5 characters who we feel could really use a few nerfs should Capcom decide to roll out a mid-season balance patch along with their upcoming DLC, and hot damn did our readers have some input to give.

The tier ordering of the 40-character roster is in a bit of an obscure place right now as the community doesn't have much in the way of professional offline tournaments to see top players flesh out the potential of the game here in Season 5, but we have had a reasonable amount of time (over six months now with the exception of Seth, whom we've had for four) to explore things for ourselves via play at home.

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Seth drops, Urien rises, and top four are all shotos; Street Fighter 5 online popularity and win rate stats for May are in

Capcom has posted the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition online statistics for May 2020 so we can now see not only which characters are most popularly chosen during network play, but which win the most as well.

Ryu has been, and seemingly always will be, top tog when it comes to popularity. This makes sense for the franchise's poster boy, but we were intrigued to find that the top four most popular avatars are of the shoto fighting style.

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Tencent's Street Fighter: Duel mobile game receives new teaser trailer ahead of larger showcase

The Street Fighter series has seen great representation in mobile gaming lately with a prominent role in the popular card game Teppen and beyond though there's something else in the works focused solely on the world warriors.

Tencent, the company that owns Riot Games and has major stakes in tons of other developers / publishers, is finally ready to show off Street Fighter: Duel beginning with a new teaser trailer ahead of its upcoming games conference.

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Ryu user nearly took down Caba's Guile during online Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament in an epic showdown

The Road To First Attack online was a Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament that took place over this past weekend. A winners semis set ended up being particularly interesting for spectators.

Although Street Fighter 5 has not really been kind to Ryu beyond Season 1, a player using Ryu that goes by the name of Strangehail8 ended up giving Bandits|Caba a real run for his money. Notably, Caba is often looked at as one of the best Street Fighter 5 Guile users in the world.

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Are non-training stages in Street Fighter 5 causing lag online? MDZ jimmY's tests show this appears to be a myth

Story re-posted: This article originally appeared on EventHubs December 8th, 2019. We're showcasing it again due to the topical nature of this subject.

So called "laggy stages" are nothing new in the fighting game space — and even for the Street Fighter series — though one of the most heavily criticized titles in recent years has been Street Fighter 5.

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Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 North America East 1 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend sees the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 season continue with its first North American installment.

Players participating include iDom, NuckleDu, Rise|Smug, DR Mandrake, DualKevin, END|Shine, Terrence, EQNX|Brian_F, CJ Truth, Rise|K-Brad, ElChakotay, Dramatik|Burkish, TPC|RobTV, iDrop, PANZER|Magnegro, Joey, Justakid, SYN|Undrscore87, DeAnthrax, THG|Ogyawn and more.

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Two competitors quit during top 8 of CPT Online Street Fighter 5 event citing latency issues

The Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 North America East 1 is the online Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition event that's transpiring over the weekend. Unfortunately, internet connection issues has caused the Capcom Cup 2019 champion to drop out of the tournament.

Initially, it looked like iDom's Poison was efficiently controlling the pacing of the match against MetroM's Vega in the top 8. Eventually, MetroM ended up securing a lead with a series of command grabs.

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80% of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's roster saw usage in the top 64 of Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 North America East 1

Although there were over 350 competitors registered for the Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 North America East 1, there are only eight players remaining.

Let's take a closer look at the characters used in the top 64 of this tournament. In total, 32 out of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's 40 character roster — or 80% — saw usage by this point in the bracket.

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Punk's insane confirms vs. Samurai's incredible clutch... this high-octane Street Fighter 5 set will have you on the edge of your seat

Victor "PG|Punk" Woodley need no introduction in the fighting game community these days as he emerged as one of the world's greatest Street Fighter 5 players back in 2017 and has widely maintained that status ever since.

Miky "XSK_Samurai" Chea and his exceptionally disciplined Akuma have been making waves with undeniably strong performances at major tournaments and Street Fighter League and caught the attention of "The Alpha" as a worthy challenger. The two duked it out during one of Punk's recent streams in a very entertaining first to five set.

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