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Street Fighter 5 stories

Ed player accidentally performs ridiculously dirty mixup that confuses even himself during Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

Ed is perhaps one of the most interesting experimental characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and while he's certainly never topped any tier lists, the former M. Bison body back up has a dedicated crew who enjoy what the boxer brings to the table — especially when he's serving out stuff like this.

Street Fighter player Laughing Coffin recently shared a clip of an Ed mixup he performed in a match that is somehow confusing, hype and dirty to the point that he didn't even know where / how it hit.

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How does Daigo stack up against Japan's best F.A.N.G in the mirror match for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

Though BST|Daigo Umehara is widely recognized as a top Guile user in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, he's been spotted putting time into F.A.N.G. Despite this, it's expected that Daigo will be running with solo Guile during his Capcom Cup 2020 run. His recent interest in F.A.N.G is likely just for fun.

Daigo recently faced off against Japan's best F.A.N.G user, Motchan, in a mirror match set. How well was Daigo able to hold his own against the more experienced F.A.N.G player?

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Katsuhiro Harada can't get Yoshinori Ono to pick up the phone, Street Fighter producer loves Megan Thee Stallion and BlazBlue creator wants more

This year will go down as one of the most turbulent in modern history, but there was still plenty to enjoy in terms of media with more to look forward to in 2021.

Japanese publications Famitsu and 4Gamer recently released their end of year / New Year's messages from game developers including many in the fighting game scene like Katsuhiro Harada, Daisuke Ishiwatari, Toshimichi Mori, Yasuyuki Oda, Shuhei Matsumoto and others sharing their favorite things from 2020 while talking about what's coming next from their teams.

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Click Burgundy recaps the latest fighting game announcements and tournament victories in amazing artwork form

The fighting game scene has had a surprisingly lively fall / winter season so far despite everything going on in the world between character announcements like Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a number of big tournaments.

Click Burgundy works to often times transform these big events into artwork, and we've collected some of their best portraits showcasing the season's reveals and victories.

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Newly posted Dan voice clips for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tell you everything you need to know about Saikyo

Capcom has livened up our Monday mornings a bit with a post offering a few lines of Dan's English voice audio for his upcoming Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition appearance.

This nine second clip hears Mr. Hibiki give us three separate deliveries of one line concerning his patented Saikyo fighting style and how cool it is.

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Daigo Umehara faces off against the highest ranked player on the Capcom Fighters Network in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Anyone who has looked at Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's leaderboard in the last few years is probably aware of who Trash Box is. With over 1.2 million points earned, Trash Box is currently the highest online ranked player in the world.

If you've ever wondered how Trash Box would stack up against BST|Daigo Umehara or vice versa, a recent video uploaded by FGC Translated features the two going up against one another.

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The world warriors are taking a snack break — Street Fighter 5 X Pocky is back with a new competition and awesome official artwork

The Pocky KO exhibition during Capcom Cup last year was certainly unexpected considering it showcased a different version of Street Fighter 5 that hasn't been made available since though the crossover is back and going much further now.

Capcom and Glico recently revealed the special Pocky KO Grand Championship along with Street Fighter-themed Pocky products that all feature some nice official artwork of the world warriors munching on the snack.

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G's status as a Street Fighter 5 boss character still makes no sense but Capcom could change that with Season 5's upcoming content

I am not exaggerating when I say that every Street Fighter 5 fan on earth was surprised to learn that Season 3 newcomer G is one of the game's boss characters. This information was not relayed to the public when the character was first announced/released back in August of 2018, but instead thrown in as a liner note in a blog published in February 2020.

According to the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition development team, G helps round out the "legacy boss characters," which is all the more confusing considering G is a brand new fighter in the series. This important detail, as well as his backstory, have not been expanded upon much at all, but Capcom still has an opportunity to do so with Street Fighter 5's upcoming Season 5 content — specifically its characters.

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That awkward moment when your own successful cross up combo costs you the entire round

There are so many circumstances in fighting games that you'd never think to test or practice until it happens in an actual match, which can often orchestrate the tools of our own destruction built by those same hands pressing the buttons.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition player Kenta recently ran face first into one of those situations where their own successful post-stun combo cost them the round thanks to the move that creates them the most in the game — Urien's Aegis Reflector.

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Mysterious Q, angry Haggar, curious Cammy and others round up more beautiful fighting game art from KK

We've rounded up yet another stunning fighting game art gallery from the talented KK. The fighters on display today hail from all over the Capcom universe as Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, and Marvel vs. Capcom all see some representation.

We wound up having a somewhat hard time choosing which images to include in the banner as there were so many strong ones, but dark alley Q, curious cat Cammy, and that take on Tiffany Lords wound up winning.

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Dhalsim has advantage over Akuma, absolutely destroys 3 characters, but loses hard to others according to Arturo Sanchez's new SF5 Sim match up chart

In many respects, Dhalsim's is somewhat of a unique case in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as the extra long-limbed character fights a good bit differently than virtually anyone else on the roster.

His slow speeds and less than stellar defense naturally usher us toward feeling that he's a matter of fact lower tier character when tossed into the high octane offense that Street Fighter 5 so favors, but Sim has consistently surprised us over the last few years and has proven more formidable than many felt. One of the most experienced Dhalsim players around, Arturo "TS|Sabin" Sanchez, has put together a current match up chart for the Yoga master and we see he's not too shabby.

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Predicting the top 5 winners of Street Fighter 5's next major balance patch

Though we thought we might find Dan and a new Street Fighter 5 balance update in our Christmas stockings, it seems we'll actually be waiting until February for such gifts. That said, now feels like a good time to start speculating as to what we'll see when said balance patch hits in terms of the biggest winners and losers on the roster.

Catalyst and I have come up with individual top five lists compiled of the characters we think are most likely in line to be the biggest beneficiaries of SF5's next major update, and found there were a total of eight different fighters between the two of us.

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Huge fighting game discounts are here in time for Christmas with PlayStation and Steam Winter Sales featuring Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate and many more

The season of giving is upon us now with the crazy holiday shopping season which is also the perfect time to present the gift of good fighting games to your friends and family.

Said gift giving is made much easier on the wallet right now with both Steam and PlayStation running their own winter sales right now which includes new titles like Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate (plus Kombat Pack 2), games that rarely go on sale like Samurai Shodown and many, many more.

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Fan asks for vague hint about Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new mechanic and receives clip of anime car

Many Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players were hopeful they'd receive Dan Hibiki and the Season 5 update in time for Christmas, but we know now that won't be happening until after Valentine's Day next year.

That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't some potential clues to try and unwrap this holiday season.

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Punk releases Karin match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition in which she loses to almost half of the roster

It's hard to argue against Karin being one of the best / most consistent characters in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition dating back to Season 1 with a strong foundation built around footsies and big damage off of conversions.

You couldn't really tell that, however, by looking at Panda|Punk's latest match up chart for his long-time main where he has Karin losing to almost half of the cast.

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Artist imagines Guile if he were much older – would you want to play as the silver fox version of this Street Fighter?

Guile has been a household video game name for nearly 30 years and given his birth date of December 23, 1960 (happy birthday in a few days), the American hero is technically 60 years old now. While none of us are too worried about whether or not character ages are exactly represented according to the technical timeline, it would be interesting to see how Guile might look these days.

An artist by the name of Tekkotz has imagined just that as they've posted images of their version of the Street Fighter 2 character clearly aged far beyond what we normally see in games.

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MDZ Jimmy's son 'sabotages' him with Ryu's V-Skill 2 and V-Trigger 2 during online Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match

Ryu's V-Skill 1 and V-Trigger 1 in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition are generally seen as the superior choices over V-Skill 2 and V-Trigger 2 at high level. In any event, it definitely appears to be MDZ Jimmy's preferred loadout for Ryu.

Recently, MDZ Jimmy's infant son made a brief appearance on stream and "encouraged" his father to use Ryu's other options to vary up the gameplay a bit. Hilariously, Jimmy did not take notice of this event as his son was planted on his arcade stick.

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