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Street Fighter 5 servers going down for maintenance on November 25 to fix 'Holly Jolly Beatdown' stage shop issue

Street Fighter 5 recently saw the addition of a new batch of holiday-themed content. Three alternate costumes and a new stage were added to the game via the November 18 patch, but if you hopped into the shop to try and get everything you might have noticed that the new "Holly Jolly Beatdown" stage was nowhere to be found.

The SFV Server Status Twitter page sent out a tweet this morning letting fans know that servers will be going down next Monday, November 25, to make the stage available to everyone.

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Lucia's new Holiday costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 just got itself a fresh batch of holiday costumes, and in case you're on the fence about purchasing Lucia's Christmas bunny outfit, we're taking a closer look at all 10 colors.

You can get your hands on this new look for just $3.99 USD, but you can also nab these (along with over 200 other costumes) by purchasing the Champion Edition of SF5.

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Here's every costume and stage Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's upgrade comes with right now

We have a fairly large update coming to Street Fighter 5 as the game will evolve into Champion Edition come February 14. This new version will bring with it most of the DLC content SF5 has accrued over the last four years, which means 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes.

Considering this will be a $30 purchase, ($25 for those who already have the game) we figured it'd be a good idea to list out all the stages and costumes so we can see just how much bang we're getting for our buck.

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Gill has 1,000 vitality and 1,000 stun, plus a ton of moves in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Gill was recently announced as the next character that will be coming to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition (and Champion Edition). We're expecting the character to drop sometime next month in December.

If you're interested in playing Gill when he finally becomes available, it might be helpful to get a head start on understanding how the character works. Capcom has recently released some information about Gill's stats and move list.

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Who are the main characters of Capcom Cup 2019? Here's a breakdown of the primary fighters used by the 31 qualified competitors

With the conclusion of the North American Regional Finals last weekend, we now know all but one of the participants for the 2019 Capcom Cup, and thus the analysis and speculation for the big dance in December can begin.

While we can't say exactly which characters the competitors will end up choosing when all the cards are down, we can take a look at the trends and get an idea of the main character representation that we'll likely see at the climactic Pro Tour event. We've gone through and identified (to the best of our ability) the current mains of the 31 players headed to SoCal.

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Gill's V-Skill 2 can be canceled into V-Trigger for some gnarly punish potential; Capcom gives us yet another glimpse at 'Blocking'

Capcom continues to roll out quick V-Skill 2 showcases as they've posted a new clip of Gill using his Third Strike parry-esque Blocking technique.

We already know the basics about this parry in that Gill users can perform either a high or low version to negate incoming attacks and leave themselves with better frame advantage when compared to standard blocking. The head-turner in today's footage is surely the fact that we see the Third Strike baddie cancel this move into V-Trigger.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition introduces brand new artwork for initial 16 characters

A new Street Fighter update usually entails a balance patch, additional characters, new content, and fresh artwork. Capcom recently announced Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, and the latest installment in the now four-year-old fighting title features all of that.

Though we've seen the updated official art piece showing newcomer Gill, Ryu, and Chun-Li, Capcom has also released new character artwork for the entire Street Fighter 5 launch cast. From Ryu to F.A.N.G, we've got all 16 for you to check out here.

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Here are G's new Holiday costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5

Just this week, Street Fighter 5 saw the addition of a fresh batch of costumes. As we see every year, Capcom is celebrating the holidays with specially themed outfits for a handful of fighters.

G, Poison, and Lucia have all received their Holiday costumes, which are available for purchase right now. Today, we're going to take a look at all of the colors and the Easter egg variation for G's new Santa Claus look.

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How will Gill work in Street Fighter 5, what new V-Skills can potentially do for the game, and the case for a new title reveal at Capcom Cup

It's been feeling a little dry in the Street Fighter 5 realm as of late, but a massive downpour finally hit this last weekend as Yoshinori Ono announced that Gill, second V-Skills, and a new Champion Edition update were all en route to the game.

Before we get into all of that, we want to share that we're kicking off another EventHubs Podcast contest that could land you a shiny new $300 Amazon or Steam gift card right in the middle of this holiday season. You'll find more details below.

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Ken's V-Skill 2 can hop over fireballs, lead to combos, and is frame advantage on block if charged in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Yesterday, Capcom provided a fairly in-depth breakdown of Ryu's V-Skill 2 for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and Champion Edition. As they'll be releasing information about various fighters' second V-Skills in the coming months, information about Ken's Ryusenkyaku has now surfaced.

The Ryusenkyaku is a wheel kick that is shown to have quite a bit of utility. For one, it's probably going to be even more difficult to zone against Ken when he's armed with this new V-Skill.

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Save your Fight Money! Blanka's Nergigante Monster Hunter costume is included with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, here's its colors and variant

Although Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will not be fully available until 2020, current owners of the game can upgrade to most of its offerings right now including almost every costume and stage available... even some that technically aren't out yet.

While looking through all of the costumes that the upgrade unlocked for me, I noticed that Blanka's crossover costume for Nergigante from Monster Hunter was selectable despite its missions in Extra Battle not starting until Friday this week.

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First full match footage of Gill shown off in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition during Capcom TV stream

Gill is still likely around a month away from releasing in Street Fighter 5, but Capcom is giving fans a near constant stream of new information about the inner workings of the SF3 final boss.

During this morning's Japanese Capcom TV live stream, the company showed off our first look at a full match of Gill in action taking on M. Bison in the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition update.

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Who is 'Pyron' and why does Gill have a crossover costume of him in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

The Street Fighter 3 Third Strike boss character, Gill, is making his grand return as a playable character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. He is slated for official release next month, though he will also be included with Champion Edition's launch in February 2020.

Gill's reveal trailer showed three alternate costumes that are coming along with him, with the final being a "Pyron" costume. Who or what is Pyron? And why would Gill crossover with this character? Let's talk about that.

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Ryu's Thrust Strike functions more like Kolin's first V-Skill rather than another parry — here's a breakdown of Ryu's V-Skill 2 in Street Fighter 5

With the reveals that Gill and the Champion Edition update are on the horizon, we're now well aware of the fact that every character in Street Fighter 5 will be receiving additional V-Skills to select from. Although we already know a few snippets of information about some of these new V-Skills, it appears that Capcom intends to provide a more detailed breakdown on many of these abilities within the coming weeks.

First up is Ryu's Thrust Strike. Initial impressions made it easy to assume that Ryu was simply getting a third parry. Luckily though, there's a bit more to this technique than what many first hypothesized.

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See Gill on Street Fighter 5's character select screen in this gallery of high resolution screen shots featuring the game's newest character

Whether or not Gill was at the top of your list for Street Fighter 5 DLC hopefuls, you'll have to agree that the character's design, as well as the awesome new stage that's coming along with him, are both pretty spectacular.

We've been gawking at Street Fighter 3's antagonist via his reveal trailer, but we've also come across some high resolution stills that give us a chance to appreciate the finer details.

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Here's everything we know so far about the way Gill's V-System works in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Street Fighter 5's 39th character was revealed just last night as Capcom showed off Street Fighter 3 big baddie, Gill, as part of the North American Regional Finals closing ceremonies.

Gill has the traditional V-System mechanics that we've become accustomed to, but this is the first SF5 trailer in which we see the addition of a second V-Skill. The rest of the roster will be getting the same treatment shortly, but for now, let's jump into the particulars of what Gill has to offer here.

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new color EX 10 for all characters revealed

Capcom concluded the Capcom Pro Tour North American Regional Finals last night with a couple of major Street Fighter 5 announcements. Next month, the game will be seeing the addition of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike boss, Gill, as a playable character.

The company also introduced the world to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which is an all-new version of the game that brings in new V-Skills and balance changes, as well as rounds up much of the title's content from over the past four seasons all into one package. Those who pre-order Champion Edition, though, will also receive a special color EX 10 for every character, and we now get to see what that looks like for everyone.

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