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Justin Wong isn't interested in new V-Skills, but his Crush Counter change sounds perfect; check out his Street Fighter 5 Season 4 wish list changes

Though Capcom hasn't said anything official quite yet, the Street Fighter 5 community is all but expecting a whole new update and fourth season for their game.

Capcom Cup-qualified FOX|Justin Wong has come forward with a change wish list video with some very insightful ideas to make the game even better than it currently is.

These ideas range from general mechanic tweaks to new character introductions, but do not go into details of specific character balance changes. Perhaps the Echo Fox rep will do a follow up video that focuses directly on that subject.

For now we discuss things along the lines of Crush Counters, the V-System and DLC fighters. Wong's take on Crush Counters I found to be especially intriguing since they still seem to be a bit too strong despite the fact that Capcom has already done some CC nerfing.

Justin proposes that Crush Counters send foes back farther upon contact, making it so that characters like Urien, Birdie and Guile can't perform full combo follow ups without using any meter.

Hear all of what the storied competitor is hoping for in Season 4 by checking out the full video below. As always, let us know if you agree or not after you've watched.

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Complete 'It's Only Missile Disarmament,' nab part one of Juri's new Mech costume and earn 3,400 Fight Money in this week's Street Fighter 5 missions

Even if you don't play Juri you still probably want to spend the Fight Money on her slick new Mech attire. The femme fatale is getting her android on, and the first piece of the latest Extra Battle outfit is available for a week starting today.

If you are planning to get Mech Juri then you'll be spending a good 2,500 FM to kick off the process this week. You can offset that by completing the new weekly missions that are now available.

The largest of these is "It's Only Missile Disarmament," which we've detailed on how to finish after the jump below. That and the other three missions, which are fairly straightforward in nature, will net you 3,400 FM.

There is no special Shadaloo Soldier battle this week, so your overall FM haul won't be quite as large as usual. You can still aim for Nash's new Cannon Spike costume by going for Fortune Tickets, however.

We've grabbed a few screen shots of Mech Juri to remind you just how slick this new costume is. Continue on after the jump to see instructions on how to finish the missions.

Missions 11/23/18 image #1 Missions 11/23/18 image #2 Missions 11/23/18 image #3 Missions 11/23/18 image #4
Click images for larger versions

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'G is not strong or consistent, but he is unpredictable and scary' - Nemo talks buffs for G, nerfs for Rashid and prepping for Capcom Cup

The popular opinion when it comes to Street Fighter 5's Season 3 characters is that they're fairly underwhelming in terms of actual game play strength, but then that G is perhaps the lone exception.

With very explosive and varied offense, the President of the World seems more capable of putting away foes than any of the other 2018 newcomers. He also happens to have attracted the attention of one of Japan's strongest players, Liquid|Nemo.

BornFree scored an interview with Nemo at Red Bull Conquest this last weekend and asked the Capcom Cup bound competitor a handful of questions related to G.

It seems as though Nemo doesn't think G is quite as strong as others do. He notes the character's intimidation factor, but ultimately feels that his extreme lack of defensive options hinders the character more than his offensive options help him.

Nemo also discusses his preparation for Capcom Cup, why he'd like to see Rashid (the character his teammate Liquid|John Takeuchi uses) nerfed and plenty more in the interview.

We should also mention that BornFree has become a regular streamer and quite an entertaining one at that. If you'd like to see him play online, perform live interviews with FGC members such as James Chen or you just like hearing his intriguing English accent, be sure to check out his channel over at BornFreeTwitch.

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Five characters I absolutely do not want to see in Street Fighter 5 Season 4

The smell of Street Fighter 5 Season 4 is in the air, and as we draw nearer to the big show in December fans are anxiously awaiting the next big reveal for Capcom's mainstay fighting title.

Right now is the time of the season where Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition fans are actively discussing what they want to see added to the game. From their favorite characters as DLC to balance changes they want made to their main, there's a lot of talk of things to come.

In recent times, I've put together pieces about important changes I want to see made to two of my characters: Abigail and Zeku. I also went ahead and made a case for why Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's Dudley would be a perfect fit in Street Fighter 5.

Today I'm taking a different route; I'm going to list the five characters I absolutely do not want to see in Street Fighter 5 Season 4. This won't just be a mindless hit list, as I will be providing reasoning behind why I'd prefer these characters don't make it in this time.

Back in August, we ran a poll asking our readers who they would hate to see join Street Fighter 5 in Season 4. Spoiler alert: people really hate Street Fighter 4's El Fuerte.

Now it's my turn! Your main / favorite character might not be safe from my wrath... You've been warned!

Let's just jump right into the five characters I don't want to see in Street Fighter 5 Season 4.

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Let's talk about the Infiltration situation, how Cammy is even better than she was a month ago, how sponsorships are rapidly dissolving and more

We're thankful for the thousands of faithful listeners that tune into the EventHubs Podcast week after week. Many podcasts sputter out after 25 episodes, but we're happy to say we've reached out 26th, so thank you so much.

There was no shortage of news this week as Catalyst and I delve into a handful of topics starting with the curious confetti at the Red Bull Conquest/North American Regional CPT Finals this weekend.

Was this another hint at a new character, or did Ono just troll us with some odd Twitter pictures? Speaking of Red Bull Conquest, the event ran into problem after problem and left audiences with a particularly sour taste in their mouths.

While the execution of the event wasn't all that great, the play that we did get to see was. CJ Truth and his Cammy were on fire, and lead us to believe that Cammy is actually even more effective now that Street Fighter 5's input lag has been reduced.

Echo Fox has dismissed most of its fighting game roster, and Chris T has parted ways CYG... though perhaps not in the most graceful of manners.

We also go through a good bit of Panda Global's findings after their investigation involving Infiltration, who has chosen to take the rest of 2018 and 2019 off from competitive fighting games.

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Data-miner X-Kira claims Shadow Lady from Marvel vs. Capcom and even more Resident Evil costumes will be coming to Street Fighter 5

Reported information from data-miners and leakers should always be taken with a grain of salt, but X-Kira's track record has been spot on in recent months after correctly posting about a number of costumes and modes that have made it into Street Fighter 5.

This week's new holiday costumes for the Season 3 cast plus the Resident Evil costumes for Cammy, Urien and Kolin were all leaked months ago by X-Kira along with the previous Mech F.A.N.G and Juri outfits as well as the addition of Dojo Mode to the game.

After posting that Nemesis and William Birkin costumes will be coming to Street Fighter 5 next year, X-Kira also tweeted that even more Resident Evil crossovers are on the way with Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield are also in development — which wouldn't be too surprising given Resident Evil 2's remake launching in early 2019.

Alongside the Resident Evil postings, the avid data-miner also stated that Shadow Lady will be an upcoming Extra Battle boss / costume. Shadow Lady is actually a brainwashed Chun-Li who is under the control of Shadaloo, and she first appeared in the original Marvel vs. Capcom game though a similar fighter was also part of the Street Fighter 2 V anime. She even has her own entry on the Shadaloo CRI website.

A new offline mode may also reportedly be in the works which could let players use the NPC characters in SF5 in versus matches like the Shadaloo Dolls, Decapre and maybe even everyone's favorite policeman, Peter.

Again, none of this is official, so it should be taken with a grain of salt even with his recent hot streak. You can check out X-Kira's latest posts in the gallery below.

More X-Kira leaks for Street Fighter image #1 More X-Kira leaks for Street Fighter image #2 More X-Kira leaks for Street Fighter image #3 More X-Kira leaks for Street Fighter image #4 More X-Kira leaks for Street Fighter image #5 More X-Kira leaks for Street Fighter image #6
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Urien appears to have a Street Fighter 4-like option select to defeat V-Reversals

Option selects have been an unintended feature in fighting games for years, but they were popularized for many in Street Fighter 4 for their variety of uses to avoid or exploit hit situations.

They accomplished this by inputting the movements for multiple attacks in rapid succession, and the game would then select one of those inputs to output depending on what the opponent did in response.

These types of set ups, which could essentially allow players to play both rock and scissors at the same time in a game of rock-paper-scissors, are something that Capcom wanted to avoid in Street Fighter 5. Some have still managed to slip through the cracks, however, as SF5 still featured inputs like the throw tech option select that was fixed in an update.

Twitter user PR3DA recently found another possible option select for Urien in Street Fighter 5 which allows him to avoid many V-Reversals in the game. To accomplish this, a player needs to hit Urien's standing heavy punch and then immediately hold down-back after inputting the punch. Once the punch has hit the blocking opponent / once the move is charged, input up-back and kicks for his Violence Knee Drop.

If the opponent tries to V-Reversal the punch, Urien will use the knee drop to avoid the attack and likely hit the opponent's recovery. If the opponent simply blocks, the knee drop will seemingly not come out after the punch. Knee drop will also not come out if the punch connects according to the clip, so Urien can continue his combo after the fierce.

This should work against most characters who use a striking V-Reversal like Balrog and Ryu, but it may leave Urien wide open for a punish against fighters with a side switching reversal like Nash and Rashid. You can take a look at this reported option select in Street Fighter 5 in the clip below.

Click images for animated versions

Guess which character is the most popular main going into this year's Capcom Cup?

We have 31 of 32 players confirmed for Capcom Cup 2018 and so now it's time to start analyzing every last bit of information as we try to pass the next three weeks as rapidly as possible.

Tonight we're taking a look at the main characters for the 31 qualified competitors to get an idea of just how many Cannon Strikes we'll be seeing come December 15th and 16th.

For this breakdown we only took current main characters into account, which are not all exactly represented on the Capcom Pro Tour main page.

For instance, we have RB|Bonchan listed as a Karin main even though he used to use Nash a bit more often. NASR|Big Bird has been using more Rashid than Ken lately, so he's counted as a Rashid main.

There are a total of 17 different characters represented between the 31 players, though who knows what secret pocket characters may be laying in wait to take unsuspecting opponents by surprise.

Continue on to see the full breakdown which also clarifies how many DLC fighters are projected to be used as well as which seasons they hail from.

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Why are people so willing to turn a blind eye to Akuma, but complain about Cammy? Vesper shares Season 4 wish list for the Street Fighter 5 demon

There's a very real argument to be made about Akuma being the number one character in Street Fighter 5 right now. Cammy's name will inevitably come up in that conversation along with perhaps a few others, but the demonic fighter has certainly proven he has the tools to get the job done.

Akuma has almost always been an extremely strong character in all of his numerous fighting game appearances, and SF5 is no exception. His frame data, damage output, general resources and mobility are all top tier, leaving the character's only real weakness his low life.

Outside of his EX Demon Flip, it doesn't really feel as though any of Akuma's tools are misplaced. He's one of the game's undisputed best, but it almost seems as though he's balanced in such a way that makes players respond with "yeah, well, someone has to be on top, right?"

Enter Vesper Arcade and his stream partner, Mir, as they continue their Season 4 character wish list series with the Satsui No Hado specialist.

They widely share the same sentiment from above, but highlight the fact that it's really only been FOX|Tokido that has seen much success with this character. He truly is a glass cannon, capable of outrageous feats, but also very fragile and in need of expert handling to see results.

With that in mind the two offer up a few specific changes they'd like to see to make the character fit just a little bit better in SF5. Continue on to hear the specifics of what they had to say.

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X-Kira claims we'll be getting a double reveal at Capcom Cup, also says more Resident Evil crossover costumes are coming to Street Fighter 5

Brazilian data miner X-Kira has become our one stop shop for upcoming Street Fighter 5 content as he's been leaking his findings for quite some time now, and one after one so many have come to fruition.

We covered a handful of his more recent predictions just yesterday, which included the Resident Evil crossover costumes that Capcom revealed earlier this afternoon. No sooner had those been announced than the leaker jumped back onto Twitter for more.

Today he posted a new pair of Resident Evil crossover costume potentials featuring what looks to be Cody crossed with the G-Virus infected version of William Birkin. He also included a more straightforward shot of Nemesis with the caption "Crossover Costume: 2019."

Most were happy enough at the prospect of more crossovers coming from one of Capcom's most beloved franchises, but one Twitter user decided to take the opportunity to straight up ask if X-Kira knew any of the characters that will likely be revealed at Capcom Cup next month.

The miner gave a direct answer, stating that there will be a "double release," which is probably what he meant a while back when he claimed about "two queens" joining the roster. He also made his Twitter banner and profile picture C. Viper and Rose during this time, drawing our attention to those two in particular.

None of this is official, of course, but we can't not bring it up given X-Kira's red hot track record. You'll see the Resident Evil images he shared in the first thumbnail below (we included the image of William Birkin for comparison's sake) and then his tweet about the double release in the second:

Moar X-Kira Stuff Vol. 2 image #1 Moar X-Kira Stuff Vol. 2 image #2
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Resident Evil crossover costumes to bring Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Ada Wong to Street Fighter 5

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how X-Kira's data mining leaks pointed at Resident Evil costumes in Street Fighter 5, and now we're reporting that we'll soon have Resident Evil costumes in Street Fighter 5.

Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Ada Wong crossover costumes are now in the queue for Cammy, Urien and Kolin respectively. These three are some of the most iconic characters from the RE franchise, though we do admit that Kolin as Ada is a bit of an odd choice.

Capcom announced the three additions earlier today on Twitter and specifically noted that these will not be Extra Battle items, but will be accessible instead simply through direct purchase.

We don't have any information on pricing at the moment, but if Capcom follows tradition then they should run for about $3.99 a piece.

You can view a few stills of the new outfits in the gallery right here. You'll find the trailer highlighting the RE characters in action after the jump:

Resident Evil image #1 Resident Evil image #2 Resident Evil image #3 Resident Evil image #4 Resident Evil image #5 Resident Evil image #6 Resident Evil image #7
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Sako is so good at combos that he can just stand there as Menat's orbs do all the work in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

HORI|Sako is one of the best Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition players around right now. A veteran in the world of competitive fighting games, Sako is known best for his exceptional execution and creativity when it comes to combos.

Currently, Sako is playing probably the most technical character in all of Street Fighter 5 — Menat. With her V-Trigger 1, the apprentice of Street Fighter Alpha series alum Rose is capable of pulling off intricate, stylish, and damaging combos on her opponents.

It feels like it's almost a weekly thing to see a clip on Twitter of Sako devastating his foes with yet another amazing combo, each time somehow upping the ante. Today we've got another that takes on a "less is more" approach.

During one of his recent streams, Sako caught an opponent with a tricky V-Trigger 1 orb set up that got the party started. From there, Menat fired into a quick combo that used Soul Spark to explode and launch the Laura into the air.

Sako decided to juggle Laura by firing the last three orbs he had stocked, all the while dash backing and forth hitting no physical attacks. For the last two hits, in fact, Sako just stood there motionless. The final orb resulted in KO as Sako's combo broke the damn swag meter.

Thanks to HiFight, we have the clip to check out.

Click image to view the clip

Source: Sako.

Densetsu's piano only rendition of Karin's theme is a work of beauty and may make you want to pick up the instrument to up your Street Fighter skills

Musical covers and renditions have been around since at least the invention of what we know as modern music, but there's always something special about great fighting game tracks getting broken down in simpler forms to show off their great compositions.

Piano Densetsu may be known more in the fighting game community for his Street Fighter streams and appearances on fgc match compilations for his crazy good Urien play, but he's a grand master of the piano too as his name suggests.

The fighting game player musician recently uploaded a piano only rendition of Karin's theme from Street Fighter 5 which will likely give you a new appreciation for the piece and perhaps the soundtrack as a whole.

Seeing this may make you want to pick up and learn the piano to possibly increase your own fighting game skills which could help in areas like memorization and flow, but Densetsu is a piano instructor and claims to have been playing said instrument for over 20 years — so don't expect to be playing Moonlight Sonata right away or anything.

Piano Densetsu has a number of other fighting game musical covers on his YouTube channel including the themes of Cody, Ken, Rashid, Alex, Guile, Sakura and Dr. Doom among others.

This current rendition of Karin's theme is just over a minute long, so it's a quick listen and well worth the time too. You can check out Piano Densetsu's cover in the clip below along with Karin's Street Fighter Alpha 3 and SF5 themes after the jump.

Click images for animated versions

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Three major takeaways from Red Bull Conquest and the Capcom Pro Tour North America Regional Finals

The roller coaster of hype was real at this past weekend's Capcom Pro Tour North America Regional Finals as an absolute ton of fighting game tournaments played out.

Red Bull Conquest saw its ultimate stage play out and we worked through two final Street Fighter 5 brackets to conclude the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour regular season.

Eyes were voraciously checking up on the CPT standings as the event's happenings would fill in the final qualification spots for this year's Capcom Cup, save for the Last Chance Qualifier in December.

There was also a certain sense of North American pride on the line as invaders from other parts of the world showed up to try to nab last minute points, but we're happy to report that US representatives came out on top across the board.

While there were so many noteworthy happenings this weekend, we're recollecting three in particular that we felt were especially noteworthy.

Read on to see our three major takeaways from Red Bull Conquest and the Capcom Pro Tour North America Regional Finals.

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Today's Street Fighter 5 holiday costumes were called by X-Kira; he's also reported future content involving Rival Schools, Resident Evil and more

First of all, the 2018 Holiday pack for Street Fighter 5 looks especially well done as Capcom hit the nail on the head with each of their four characters this year. Speaking of hitting the nail on the head, data miner X-Kira gets to claim another "W," having called out today's reveal months ago.

We wrote up an article back in early October detailing some of the proposals from the Brazilian miner. Here's a quick excerpt from that article about content that had not yet been revealed:

"As for the new costumes, X-Kira has reportedly found data for new classic and nostalgia costumes for Ryu and M. Bison, brand new "Mech" costumes for Juri and F.A.N.G, a Cannon Spike costume for Nash, as well as a currently unnamed set for Cammy, Urien and Kolin.

This year's roster for holiday costumes was also shared by X-Kira with Sakura, Blanka, Falke and Cody reportedly receiving some holiday cheer in a few months and maybe dressing up like Santa."

Those Mech costumes for Juri and F.A.N.G were revealed on October 22nd and the Cannon Spike Nash was revealed on October 23rd. Here we are in mid November with all four of the characters that were previously named now en route to having Holiday threads.

As he adds yet another check mark to his resume, we figured we'd highlight a few other X-Kira prophecies that haven't come to fruition yet. First off, he claims a second general story as well as an expansion to Arcade Mode are still in the works.

Moar X-Kira Stuff image #1 Moar X-Kira Stuff image #2
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M. Bison shouldn't be changed at all in Season 4 according to Vesper Arcade, here's why

With the highest win rate percentage online and an EVO 2018 victory, it's no wonder that M. Bison gets a ton of hate from frustrated Street Fighter 5 players. While few, if any, would argue he's amongst the game's top five characters, the evil dictator does seem to excel in being particularly nettlesome.

With Season 4 of SF5 en route, many would ask that certain aspects of this character be toned down in one way or another, but not Vesper Arcade. Both Vesper and his stream partner, Mir, think Bison is exactly where he should be.

Normals that seem to offer him positive pressure forever, a throw range to augment them, a crouching jab anti-air and one of the most robbing of V-Triggers are some of the more common items on complaint lists. Vesper and Mir are well aware of these, but still stick to their guns.

They go down the list of commonly heard qualms and explain why each one technically works given where Street Fighter 5 is currently at. They also note that if weaker characters are buffed and stronger characters are nerfed around him, Bison will remain in a relatively balanced place.

If I can offer my own two cents, I would still alter Bison's V-Trigger one so that dashing removes chunks from his gauge and lessens the time his Trigger is active. I argue this because his dashes in VT1 are so fast that they not only trick players, but "trick" the game as well as your character will often attack in the wrong direction as Bison zips about the screen.

The Trigger turns the game into a guess fest that's very much in Bison's favor and very much saps the fun out of the experience. Check out the video and let us know if you'd change the dictator at all in the comments.

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Yoshinori Ono is hinting at a potential Street Fighter 5 announcement for Capcom Cup 2018

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is hinting at a potential Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition reveal at Capcom Cup 2018. Doing what he's very well known for doing, Ono released a tweet this morning with a cryptic message and a photo of his trademark Blanka toy.

"Thank you all your support for #CPT2018 season. I can't thank you enough for always helping me," Ono wrote on Twitter. "Blanka and I'll leave Washington D.C soon. We're going to be making preparation for Capcom Cup 2018 at Las Vegas! How's Blanka's pocket? hahahaha ;P"

If you're unfamiliar with the whole "Blanka's pocket" thing, this is something Ono has used in the past to signify a Street Fighter 5 announcement is inbound. Essentially, he's saying that he and the Blanka toy will be at the upcoming event, and Blanka has something to present to fans waiting in his pocket.

Ono and his Blanka were in attendance at the Capcom Pro Tour North American regional finals this weekend in Washington, D.C., and despite this event being the platform for a teaser of what's to come for Street Fighter 5 the last two years, this year fans were disappointed to see that no teaser or hint was unveiled by the tournament's end. We did see blue and yellow confetti dropped from the ceiling when the tournament ended and Ono was tweeting about it, but it did not appear to represent anything about Street Fighter 5's future that viewers could decipher.

Now, Ono is hinting at something for Capcom Cup 2018 — taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 14th - 16th.

While I don't think too many folks are surprised about a possible reveal at Capcom Cup, this might actually be the first hint at a potential Season 4's existence for Street Fighter 5. Fans are expecting another year of content for the game, but now we have a Capcom representative pointing at what might be the next installment.

Ono hints again image #1 Ono hints again image #2
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