Street Fighter 5 stories

Capcom Cup 2019 and Street Fighter League World Championship venue revealed, will not be returning to the eSports Arena this year

This December 13-15 will be jam-packed with Street Fighter 5 action as both Capcom Cup and the Street Fighter League World Championship will be playing out in Los Angeles.

The end of the competitive circuit has jumped about a bit in the last few years, previously being held in San Francisco, Southern California, and Las Vegas. This year the KOs will be happening at The Novo, an indoor club in LA.

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'I don't think Honda is weak at all' - Daigo explores Street Fighter 5 Honda for the first time and shares his reactions

We've got a new video from FGC Translated that gives us a glimpse into the way CYG|Daigo Umehara explores brand new characters.

The Beast tackles the all-new E. Honda in Street Fighter 5, and goes through a handful (ha) of basics as he forms his first impressions. He specifically looks at the characters' movement options, V-Skill, headbutts, butt splash, anti-airs, and his V-Trigger 2.

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MOV stays on offense forever, Bonchan's Sagat does work, Kichipa-Mu pops off hard, and more; Capcom's top 5 Street Fighter 5 moments from EVO 2019

We're still reeling from all the action over EVO weekend, but it's time to relive the hype as Capcom Fighters has produced their five top moments from the Street Fighter 5 bracket.

Some of these stem from the amazing top eight finals wherein players like RB|Bonchan and NASR|Big Bird showcased amazing skill and mettle as they continued to perform under immense pressure, but others come from earlier bouts that still left our jaws agape.

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Street Fighter 5 finally surpasses its predecessor's sales numbers... unless you count in all of Street Fighter 4's expansions of course

Capcom has certainly seen an uptick in success over the past two years with titles like Monster Hunter World along with Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5, but Street Fighter 5 is still managing to hold its own as well.

Street Fighter 5 has now sold over 3.7 million copies as of June 30, 2019 according to Capcom's updated Platinum Titles rankings placing it ahead of Street Fighter 4's base sales as well as making it the company's 14th best-selling single release — plus potentially its second top-seller of the quarter as a whole.

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We explore how good the new Street Fighter 5 characters are, discuss Riot's upcoming fighter, talk EVO reveals, results, that Snake joke, and more

The dust is finally settling from the absolutely action-packed weekend that was EVO 2019 and we, as a result, have a LOT to talk about.

The first half of this week's EventHubs Podcast is a big dive into the three new characters for Street Fighter 5: E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia. We've been exploring all three newcomers quite a bit, and welcome both DreamKing and MajinTenshinhan to talk about what we think of them thus far.

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Here are all of Poison's costume colors and Easter eggs in Street Fighter 5

Poison was recently announced as a playable character for Street Fighter 5, along with E. Honda and newcomer Lucia. The three contenders have sparked excitement among Street Fighter fans everywhere.

With Poison and her own special outfits now available for purchase, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the various colors you can choose for each of her alternate costumes. Featured here we have colors 1 - 10 (15 where applicable) for each additional costume, as well as the Easter egg variations.

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Desk's Lucia turns opponents into hacky sacks with projectile juggles for days, ridiculous fireball sequences, and more

Lucia was widely unexpected for a Street Fighter 5 reveal but seems to be holding her own relative to E. Honda and Poison as the SF5 community is finding her to be quite a flashy and efficient character in these early stages of exploration.

At least when it comes to combos, no one figures these fighters out faster or more intricately than Desk. The stylin' and profilin' YouTuber has produced a video showcasing Lucia and the crazy and flashy potential she has.

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Esports Festival Hong Kong premier event removed from Capcom Pro Tour 2019

One of the stops on the Capcom Pro Tour this year was the Esports Festival Hong Kong later this month, which would act as a premier event for the tournament circuit. Unfortunately, this CPT event has been removed from the tour.

Capcom announced that the festival would no longer be a part of this year's Capcom Pro Tour due to the civic unrest currently taking place in Hong Kong. In a new blog entry over on the Capcom Pro Tour website, the company explains that the safety of the players is being considered.

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Lucia has corner-to-corner flashy combos, E. Honda has deadly wake up pressure, and Poison's reach gives her a lot of versatility in Street Fighter 5

It's been a couple of days since E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison were made available in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. It's still way too early to understand what type of impact these three new fighters will ultimately have on the Season 4 meta.

As you can imagine, many community members have been hard at work when it comes to breaking down their potential. We've got a roundup of tech concerning these latest characters.

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Hundreds of hands, hits, and headbutts; Desk makes it look like he got to write his own frame data for E. Honda in Street Fighter 5

The last of the World Warriors has finally made it onto Street Fighter 5's character select screen, and that means an all-new combo video from Desk.

While most of us are still trying to figure out how to adjust to four-input Hundred Hands Slap, Desk has already figured out some ridiculous trade combos, cancel sequences, and other crazy ways to beat up people in style with Honda.

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Missed EVO 2019? Here's all the fighting game announcements that were made over the weekend

Over the weekend, one of the largest fighting game tournaments of the year, EVO 2019, played out. As this event gets larger and larger, fighting game developers have become more interested in making announcements here.

This year was obviously no exception. For those that missed out on some of the reveals, we've got a review of everything that happened right here.

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Karin was the most popular choice in the top 128 of EVO 2019 and was used to win the entire event — Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition character stats

The Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition grand finals at EVO 2019 has already played out. There were close to 2,000 entrants competing for this particular event.

We've got another set of character stats to take a look at. This gives us an idea on how the meta has been progressing. Let's dive right in.

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New Street Fighter 5 character story modes features E. Honda teaching others proper bath etiquette, Lucia investigating the Mad Gear Gang, and more

E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison are already available in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. With them comes new stories to entertain players.

Although there are typically only about two or three fights during a character's story mode, there are usually some fun images that give us some insight on the personalities and interactions of our favorite Street Fighter combatants.

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Bonchan has jumped up 2,400 points since CEO, and for the first time in a long time Punk's status as Pro Tour top dog is being threatened

The early chapters of this year's Capcom Pro Tour were more or less defined by Victor "REC|Punk" Woodley's absolute domination, but the vast point chasm he placed between himself and the rest of the Street Fighter 5 competitive scene has been all but closed by Masato "RB|Bonchan" Takahashi.

Punk's three Premier event wins (as well as two second-place finishes) and strong Ranking event performances catapulted him deep into first place, but his former 1,000+ point margin has been reduced to a mere 185 as Bonchan has set out on a streak that's already arguably hotter than Woodley's.

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E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia now available in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Ver. 04.070 patch notes released

Street Fighter 5's latest DLC characters are now available for purchase. E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia have officially entered the ring.

Along with the three new warriors, the Ver. 04.070 update has been implemented which adds changes to Training Mode, bug fixes, and more. There are also numerous new costumes, a new stage, and more in-game as of today.

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EVO 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The biggest weekend of the year for the FGC at large is here. Of course, that means EVO 2019 is happening, in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

There's really no point in listing the notable players present, since practically everyone is there for the games present. There are probably a few exceptions, but it's safe to assume that anyone who's anyone will be there.

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Official character introduction videos for E. Honda, Poison and Lucia in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Matthew Edwards is back with more introduction videos for the latest Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition characters, E. Honda, Poison and Lucia.

Edwards is the Community & Esports Manager at Capcom, and his videos not only serve as an introduction to the new fighters, but some of the combos and tactics he outlines are known to serve as a terrific way to get your hands dirty.

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