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Street Fighter 5 stories

Could an Akira Kazama tease be waiting for us during the upcoming Spring Update stream for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?

New information about Rose and Oro in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be unveiled during the upcoming Spring Update stream that will debut on April 6. It's very likely that we'll get the release date for Rose during the presentation.

Last time towards the end of the Winter Update stream, we were provided with a sneak peek at Oro and his iconic Tengu Stone (which is very likely one of his V-Triggers). Could Capcom be preparing a similar sneak peek at Akira Kazama, the character that should be releasing after Oro?

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Rose's voice actor gives special fortune reading to fans ahead of the Street Fighter 5 Spring Update

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition made the jump to Season 5 with Dan just under two months ago, and now we're on the cusp of getting our fortunes read by the next character to join the roster.

To help fans get pumped up for the Spring Update event next week, Capcom has released a special message from Rose's voice actor.

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Pro Street Fighter 5 players are attempting a crazy challenge to get 11-game win streaks with Eleven 3 times in 24-hour punishment stream

Eleven provides players a truly challenging experience as the pure random select character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, but what's going on right now might be described as something even tougher than just a challenge.

Pro players RB|Bonchan, BST|Fuudo and HG|Moke are currently taking part in a 24-hour "punishment stream" where they can only go home if they manage to reach 11-game win streaks in ranked online with Eleven three different times, but they're finding out they may have bitten off more than they can chew in terms of difficulty.

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From balancing turtles to multiple Critical Arts, here's what we might see from Oro in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 fans are excitedly looking forward to next Tuesday's Spring Update stream during which Capcom has promised new information on Season 5, Rose, Oro, and more. While the Italian fortune teller is surely the main focus since she's due to release next, we thought a speculative look at what we'll likely be seeing for Oro is in order.

It's been a long time since we've seen the 140 year old Japanese hermit, and we've really only his Street Fighter 3 appearances to judge his potential fighting style by. That said, Oro's history paired with SF5's development around him can surely give us some insight on what's coming down the pike.

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This is hands down the greatest use of V-Shift in Street Fighter 5 we've seen yet

The fighting game community continues to explore the impacts of Street Fighter 5's new game mechanic, V-Shift. This evasive maneuver requires careful thought to pull off, but successful dodges come with big rewards that can help turn the tide of battle.

While we collectively still try to find our V-Shift footing, impressive implementations of this mechanic are starting to surface, and a clip shared by i_amDaniA on Twitter showcases what is hands down the best use of V-Shift in Street Fighter 5 we've seen yet.

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Rose's official Street Fighter 5 Season 5 character artwork released

Rose is almost here. Street Fighter 5 Season 5 is gearing up for the major showcase and upcoming release of the game's next DLC character, and Capcom has been unleashing a steady stream of content for fans to enjoy.

Slowly, but surely, we're learning more and seeing more about the Street Fighter Alpha series alum, and today we get our first look at her official character artwork. The piece shows a fully fleshed out version of the fortune teller complete with her stage in the background.

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This great anti-Aegis Reflector tech for V-Shifts will save you some rounds and headaches in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Urien's Aegis Reflector remains as one of the best mixup tools in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition due to how simple it is to set up and how long it lasts though the game's newest mechanic can help mitigate some of those mirror-related headaches.

Fighting game player StopResetPlease recently released a handy, short V-Shift guide focused on how to get around countering Urien's most common setups.

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Street Fighter 5's Online Tournament Mode was supposed to launch a year ago, so where in the heck is it?

Just over a year ago, the fighting game community changed as we knew it from the coronavirus pandemic, and Capcom seemed poised to weather the storm with a very smart online feature until it didn't happen.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Online Tournament Mode was originally scheduled to launch last Spring, but we still can't use it even after the Season 5 update.

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From a Project X Zone fighting game to a smelly Guilty Gear, here's the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC

April Fool's Day is a tradition that most people tend to either love or hate depending on which side of the pranks they find themselves on, and the fighting game community certainly isn't immune to the shenanigans.

From dream crossover titles to Wi-Fi only tournaments, we've gathered together the best April Fool's Day jokes from around the FGC.

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Why Rashid is STILL top tier, 3 blondes you should be scared of, and more; Problem X shares his Street Fighter 5 Season 5 tier list

We recently got to hear the Street Fighter 5 tier list opinions of RZR|Xian thanks to the efforts of Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez and his Fighting Game TV YouTube ventures, and now we're getting the thoughts yet another Evo champ as it's Europe's Benjamin "Mouz|Problem X" Simon turn in the spotlight.

The top M. Bison player on the planet sat down with Champ for a live stream session recently during which they hammered out a character ordering for SF5's updated Season 5 meta, detailing which fighters are likely among the best as well as which seem to stand little chance of consistent victory.

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When did Dan's Street Fighter 5 theme get so funky? When Alex Moukala put out this killer bass cover is when

Street Fighter 5 saw the addition of its first Season 5 character back in February. Dan, the Saikyo master himself, returned to the stage with a whole bunch of new tricks up his sleeves and an updated theme song.

The song itself is great, but what happens when bassist Alex Moukala takes a crack at covering this classic Street Fighter tune? Well, the funk is amped way up and who ever would have thought that Dan's theme could get this funky?

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Here's what the new Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle color looks like on every Street Fighter 5 character

One of the awesome perks that comes included with Street Fighter 5 Season 5's new Capcom Pro Tour 2021 DLC bundle is a brand new, special color for every character on the roster. Unlike the new costumes for G and Seth, which you can purchase individually, only those who opt to snag the whole bundle will be treated to this alternate palette.

Today we're going to take a closer look at what Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's new color EX 12 looks like for each of the game's world warriors.

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Tips to help you play Street Fighter 5 from the fresh perspective it deserves and build effective strategies

What used to be the best plans of attack in Street Fighter 5 have shifted (first time you've heard that one, we're sure) but honing in on just how to dance with the game's updated meta isn't exactly an easy process.

With V-Triggers and overwhelming offense getting nerfed a bit, room for other strategies has emerged. While we're not claiming to be experts a mere month into Season 5, we have been taking some notes on this front and have a few tips to help you out with.

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Gaps in nearly 20 common block strings highlighted for Street Fighter 5 in 2 minutes

Throughout the years, Street Fighter 5 has been noteworthy for being more offensive compared to most other entries in the series. Because of this, being able to identify and exploit the gaps in an opponent's offensive block string is extremely important in this game.

Recently, LPN has started a new YouTube channel that appears to be focused on Street Fighter (and possibly other fighting games). One of his first videos showcases how to interrupt the gaps in nearly 20 common block strings, and it's all shown in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

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Neco Drop 2 released as Street Fighter 5's new April Fool's Day game with more cute cat world warriors from Season 5 to collect and added features

It's officially now April 1 in Japan which means that everyone should be extra wary of announcements, but also that we get another free Street Fighter mini-game to play around with.

Capcom has released its new April Fool's Day game for Street Fighter 5, Neco Drop 2, a sequel to the previous entry featuring Season 5's characters turned into adorable cats along with a story mode and more goodies.

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Street Fighter 5 Seth vs. Street Fighter 4 Seth? Fan puts these two versions of Seth against one another using Mugen

Seth underwent a dramatic change during the transition from Street Fighter 4 to Street Fighter 5. Since his body was destroyed towards the end of Street Fighter 4's story, he was forced into the body of "Doll Unit Zero."

Which version of Seth is superior? Violin Ken has went through the trouble of putting both versions of Seth into Mugen. They recently released a video that has pitted them against one another.

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Rare footage of Momochi actually salty? Renowned Street Fighter 5 pro gets visibly tilted after soul crushing flub in online bout

To call Capcom Cup 2014, Evo 2015, and Evo Japan 2019 winner, Momochi, stoic and perpetually composed is all but an understatement, but even the Japanese gods of fighting games show their human sides sometimes.

The incredibly accomplished pro player has been keeping his Street Fighter 5 skills sharp with regular play, and pulls of crazy feats like his galaxy brain use of V-Trigger 2 and 41-win streak with Eleven, the game's random select character, on the regular. Today, however, we're looking at a stream clip that very much did not go in Momo's favor.

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