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Street Fighter 5 stories

Even as a joke, Dan Hibiki started out as a Street Fighter character with an intriguing and high-stakes story, but that went away in Street Fighter 4

You wouldn't think a character primarily inspired by petty copycat practices would end up with a rather rich and intriguing backstory, but Capcom's Dan Hibiki has proven to have a tendency to surprise from time to time.

Dan is slated to be the next DLC character en route to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition later this year, and so we figured a look over his canonical history would be fairly apt at the moment. We'll kick things off, however, with a brief recap about why Capcom decided to make a fighter who was bad on purpose in order to rib their rivals at the time: SNK.

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IDom shares Laura and Poison Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition match up charts

Capcom Cup 2019's champion iDom hopped on Twitter last night to share match up charts for his main Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition characters. We learned how this top contender feels both Laura and Poison stack up against the rest of the playable cast.

From what we're shown here, it looks as thought iDom feels that Poison is a better character overall than Laura. The Season 4 fighter sits with less bad match ups and more good match ups on her list.

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Professional boxer fistfights cult leader to earn father's car back

The Street Fighter franchise is filled with a colorful cast of memorable characters that fans all around the world know and love. From top-notch designs to classic special moves that are as iconic as the fighters themselves, it is no surprise that the world warriors are both strong in combat and in their appeal.

I wish the same could be said for Street Fighter's plot lines. Even taking some of the more well-known story arcs from the franchise and explaining them at base level, they sound a lot like the crazy headlines you'd see on tabloid magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket. Dudley's story and his involvement with Gill is no exception.

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Street Fighter great Daigo Umehara puts on pristine performance while only half paying attention to the game

RB|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara has been living and breathing Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition for the last few years as the storied professional has continued to perfect his craft in an effort to stay relevant in today's increasingly competitive atmosphere, and it's clearly paying off.

During a recent streaming session in which he was devoting half of his focus to a live question and answer session with his chat followers, Daigo proceeded to play a nearly perfect round of Street Fighter 5, threading the needle with immaculate timing, spacing, and natural reactions to seemingly everything his opponent threw his way.

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Seth regains popularity points while Birdie racks up wins in Street Fighter 5's new August character battle statistics

Capcom is one of the only fighting game developers around right now that releases their player data consistently to the general audience which helps us all see what kind of state Street Fighter 5 is in at pretty much any given point.

Now, the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute website has updated with the official August character statistics for SF5 Champion Edition with some shake up to the norm.

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You haven't fully appreciated the art of Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, or Soul Calibur 6 until you've seen these gorgeous high-res stills from Re:play

I've been looking at Street Fighter 5 virtually every single day since it dropped back in February of 2016, but seeing the absolutely gorgeous stills captured by Re:play helped me take notice of details I hadn't previously been aware of at all.

Using a free roaming camera, high definition captures, and a good bit of color correction, Re:play have taken characters from Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and other beautiful games and put them into lights that make us feel like we're meeting them for the first time.

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Major balance changes coming to Street Fighter 5 just before Capcom Cup will have a significant impact, how will the community react to them?

We don't quite have a full schedule, but with the roadmap that Capcom has given us it seems as though this year's Capcom Cup will take place relatively shortly after Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition receives both a new major balance update as well as an entirely new game mechanic.

Given we're in the era of DLC and ongoing development for eSports titles, fans and pro players have already become somewhat accustomed to the idea of game evolution in the midst of competition, but changing things on such a substantial level does raise red flags... especially for competitors who may be using top tier characters to get to Capcom Cup but find themselves with nerfed versions of their mains once their at the big dance.

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'Within several days, I will officially leave Capcom' — Yoshinori Ono adds additional statements about his departure

Over Twitter, Yoshinori Ono has revealed that he'll officially depart from Capcom in a few days. This statement comes about one month since Yoshinori Ono first announced that he'll be leaving Capcom after having been with the company for 27 years.

Ono notes that while it's usually standard for employees to announce their resignation after the fact, he was apparently given special permission from Capcom to make the announcement one month before the event took place.

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Crossover releases his latest Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list

Bandits|Crossover_RD recently released his tier list for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. This is a player best known for qualifying for Capcom Cup 2018 with his victory at the conclusion of the LATAM regional finals using his Akuma. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to see Crossover compete at Capcom Cup that year due to visa issues.

In Crossover's tier list, characters are divided into five different groups — S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, and D tier.

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Eight Rival Schools characters besides Akira Kazama who very much deserve a comeback in the near future

With Akira Kazama from Rival Schools set to join the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition roster at some point next year for the game's fifth and final season, it brought me to revisit Rival Schools as a whole and spend some nostalgic time with the game I hadn't played at all since my childhood. In doing so, I was fondly reminded of the vibrant and fantastic cast of characters present in the game's world. While some of them were already alive and well within my memory banks, I also had a few new ones that I regained newfound respect and admiration for in my older years.

Since it's been all too long since we got any title in the Rival Schools franchise or any love for the characters of the game in general — the last time we saw something notable for the series before Akira's Street Fighter debut was when Batsu Ichimonji joined the cast of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for its arcade release back in 2008 — I decided that it was high time to bring attention to a few characters that need to see a comeback.

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The community is exploring more of Seth's V-Trigger 2 in Street Fighter 5 and it's starting to look damn scary

I'm not saying it's going to reach the heights we saw with Menat's V-Trigger 1 in Street Fighter 5's third season, but Seth's V-Trigger 2 is proving to be more and more of a monstrous comeback and outright domination tool.

The character is fairly technical and only seven months at this point, so we're not all that surprised that it's taken this long for the ridiculous sequences to start being posted with more frequency. The dam seems to have broken, however, as creative lab monsters such as vCreez_Ren and Javits Arias have started to tap into Tanden Maneuver.

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Tachikawa releases Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list with Zangief in his own rank

BC|Tachikawa is probably more well known as one of the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players in the world though he's consistently competed and placed highly at Street Fighter 5 events for years as well.

This week's Topanga TV stream in Japan featured Tachikawa as a guest alongside BST|Fuudo and HV|Moke where he'd created and broke down his current tier list for SF5 Champion Edition.

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Japanese artist draws beautiful versions of Street Fighter and King of Fighters characters

We came for the Akira but we stayed for the SNK. That pretty much sums up our experience with Otsudou, a Japanese artist and fighting game fan who is currently developing a portfolio.

We've put together a brief gallery of some of Otsudou's work including the aforementioned Akira, who hails from Rival Schools but is now slated to guest star in Street Fighter 5 next year, as well as Ibuki, Rock Howard, Benimaru, Terry Bogard, and Kyo Kusanagi of King of Fighters fame.

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Haitani lands an incredible punish against Ryuusei's EX Shoulder Tackle in this Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tournament clip

The official Rage Street Fighter League saw a bit of pre-season action take place over the weekend, and one of the match ups gifted us with an astonishing Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition clip that you'll definitely want to check out.

With Haitani's Akuma taking on Ryuusei's Urien, a punish of one of the biggest thorns in the side of those who ever fight Urien surely dropped the jaws of viewers. Reacting to and stopping EX Shoulder Tackle in its tracks is by no means an easy task, but Haitani was able to do exactly that in a tournament setting, making it even more of an impressive feat.

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Daigo's Guile struggles more against these 7 characters than any others in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's ranked play is the primary way most competitors are improving these days, and with a giant shift in our community to PC, away of the PlayStation 4, we're seeing some interesting trends emerge. Quick access to granular data has never been easier in a Street Figher title than it is now.

Doing a deep dive on BST|Daigo's CFN account, I noticed he struggled with seven particular match ups in Street Fighter 5 more than any others. He started a new account on PC a ways back, and he's already gotten up to Ultimate Grand Master ranking, with over 1,300 matches played on that CFN profile. The sample size is high enough to gain a pretty good understanding of the match ups Umehara is currently having the most difficulty competing against.

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What might Akira's Rival Schools stage for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition be? Some past rejected stage concepts gave me an interesting idea...

About a month ago, we got some big reveals for Capcom on what's coming up for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition in the future. Four of the five upcoming characters in the game's final season were revealed to be Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro and finally the Rival Schools alumni Akira Kazama. We didn't just find out about the characters though, but we also got a handy roadmap from Capcom which detailed how many costumes each character will be getting, what stages are coming up and rough release windows for each of them.

Through this roadmap, we can see that there aren't actually that many new stages left coming to the game. We have two Capcom Pro Tour arena stages coming up — one for 2021 and another for 2022 — but outside of these, there are two specific stages mentioned, one for Rose and one for Akira Kazama. Since Akira is joining the roster from one of Street Fighter's lesser known sister series Rival Schools, it seems fairly obvious that she'll have a stage with ties to that franchise. I recently spent a good amount of time re-familiarizing myself with Rival Schools by playing the first game in the series, and while the locales present in the game aren't all that exciting, they made me remember something which just could come to fruition for Akira's stage if we're really lucky....

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If Capcom attends to only one thing with their next Street Fighter 5 balance patch, my hope is they'll further reevaluate problem V-Triggers

I find myself these days routinely stating just how far Street Fighter 5 has come in terms of general game balance, but that's because it truly has made leaps and bounds from the days of heavy input lag, throw loops, anti-air jabs, and some of the nightmarishly strong past versions of characters.

While there surely are still clear areas that could use some tidying up when it comes to making gameplay feel like it offers more reward for skill than luck, I think the most efficient avenue for change that players would almost immediately appreciate would be none other than the game's comeback mechanic: V-Triggers.

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