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'In order for Ryu to be higher than mid-tier, he'd have to be imbalanced' - Vesper on why Ryu's buffs were simultaneously great and not enough

We've talked about Ryu's low status in Street Fighter 5... a lot. The reason behind that is because he's such an important figure to the franchise, and it's kind of crazy to have had him so far down the tier lists for so long.

Here in Season 4, Capcom obviously made some direct efforts to bump their poster boy up the charts a bit, but even with better fireballs, better okie, better damage and better mix ups, Ryu sort of finds himself in the middle of the pack at best, and still amongst the bottom tiers at worst.

Looking at Ryu's patch notes, he's obviously become a much more solid character than he has been, and that's surely going to translate into more wins than before. Indeed CYG|Daigo Umehara has sung a few praises for Ryu on his live stream, and we're seeing more and more players give him a go.

In a recent video Vesper Arcade and Mir put the Tireless Wanderer under the microscope yet again to see if they can figure out what problems still linger.

Vesper seems to hit the nail on the head when he articulates that "In order for Ryu to be higher than mid-tier, he'd have to be imbalanced," calling back to the fact that most of the strongest characters in SF5 get to the top by having broken tools.

There's quite a bit here to unpack, so give the video a watch and let us know if you think Vesper is on to something here. We'd also be happy to know where you put Ryu on the S4 tier list, as that seems to be a bit of a disputed topic at the moment.

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Capcom is leveling up their Pro Tour in some pretty significant ways, especially if you live in Latin America

While we were very excited and happy with the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour overall, there were certainly some aspects that just didn't work as well as the rest. We can only see the future on paper right now, but already Capcom has shown they're making changes that should level up the CPT experience for everyone.

Street Fighter's development company has released their 2019 Pro Tour schedule for the world to see and get hype over, and it seems they've made some pretty significant improvements after listening to fan feedback.

Last year the 66-event Tour felt a little over saturated, and has been reduced to 55 events this time around. What's more, these events have been further divided as the all new "Super Premier" category has been added.

The overall prize pool has also grown by $100,000, meaning more cash flow for the victors. The $500,000 of the last two Tours wasn't ever regarded as a low number, (especially for fighting game eSports) but an additional 100k on top is surely a welcome bonus.

We're expecting a bigger, better and more refined competitive circuit here in 2019 for all four of the recognized regions. While things are already looking up across the board, they are especially bright for one region in particular: Latin America.

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Ranking events buffed, Super Premiers added, no more single point placings — here's how Capcom Pro Tour point payouts have changed

The Capcom Pro Tour is entering its sixth official season as organizers look to roll into 2019 by simultaneously building upon victories and smoothing out bumps in the road. Part of this relatively new eSports venture boils down to a "learn as you go" endeavor, and one particular avenue where this can be most obviously observed is in the Global Points distribution model.

Capcom has been tweaking and updating how they divvy out points since day one, introducing different tiers of events, offering (and eventually rescinding) auto-qualification spots for Premier wins and always adjusting award totals for general placings.

Last year, for instance, there was some concern about lower totals for Ranking events. After some community discussion on social media, Capcom's Michael Martin addressed this as well as the infamous single point for lower placings.

This year the rules have been amended a bit further as Capcom has introduced the all new "Super Premier" status events that have their own point totals similar to what EVO alone received during previous Tours. There are three of these Super Premiers, EVO included, but they actually offer significantly fewer points this time around.

The general gap between EVO (Super Premier), Premier and Ranking tier events has been shortened as players will garner 200 points for Ranking event wins (50 more than last year). What's more, the dreaded single point placings have been increased by 500%.

You can conveniently view the distribution models for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Pro Tours by clicking the image below. Let us know if you think it's better than ever here in 2019, or if you believe further changes should be made and/or rescinded.

CPT Points image #1
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JB: Rashid's core tools give him everything he needs to be successful in Street Fighter 5... but you have to be disciplined to win with him

He jumped onto the competitive radar by holding his own in one of America's strongest Street Fighter scenes, and has since continued to level up by jumping into another. Jonathan "SB|JB" Bautista has proven himself in both New York and Los Angeles, and shows no signs of slowing.

We caught up with the Rashid player back at Capcom Cup to ask him about his recent ventures in Street Fighter 5, specifically his appearances on the ELEAGUE shows and then his thoughts on his main character.

Rashid has been one to bring frustration to many as he's designed to be not only incredibly strong on offense, but also boasts very good movement and escape options. JB doesn't beat around the bush at all as he comes straight out with the fact that the character was clearly overpowered in earlier seasons.

He also gives us a bit of insight into what it was like working on a reality television show with the likes of Low Tier God, Gllty and RobTV. Be sure to follow him on his Twitter after you check out our exclusive interview here.

Catalyst: What was your ELEAGUE experience like? Being on the reality television show, was it "what you saw is what you got," or was there more to it?

JB: I got to see what it is that goes into making a TV series. More or less, yes, what you see is what you get aside from a few little things. I got to see things about production that were really cool and it was a nice experience to learn those.

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Tokido has parted ways with Echo Fox

Tokido has announced over Twitter that he is no longer "FOX|Tokido." That is to say, that his contract with Echo Fox has expired.

It doesn't appear that Tokido will be renewing his contract with Team Echo Fox. The departure appears to be on good terms as Tokido thanks Echo Fox for everything and stated that it was a good experience.

Most notably, Tokido is often regarded as one of the greatest Street Fighter players in the world. His favorite character, Akuma, was never regarded as a top tier in Street Fighter 5 until Tokido won EVO 2017 with the fighter.

Earlier this month, Justin Wong also announced his departure from Team Echo Fox. This came after Momochi, REC|Punk, JDCR, Scar, Saint, Choco Blanka and Theo also leaving the team.

It isn't just Echo Fox's fighting game division that is seeing these cuts. They also previously released their entire Gears of War team and their League of Legends head coach back in October.

As far as fighting game players are concerned, their remaining members are FOX|MKLeo, FOX|Dekillsage, FOX|Mew2King and FOX|SonicFox.

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren. Sent in by: Arrancar.

Capcom Pro Tour 2019 schedule and trailer released; updated with multiple tournament date corrections

Update: Capcom has updated their page with a few tournament date corrections and we've since updated the dates in the schedule posted below.

Earlier: Capcom has released a schedule and details for the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour. A trailer has been provided on Capcom's YouTube channel.

As with every new year, Capcom has made some changes to the rules for these events. One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that there will be 32 competitors qualified by the end of the year. One of them is guaranteed to be RB|Gachikun due to Capcom Cup 2018 champion title.

Last year, events were separated into three categories. They were ranking events, premier events, and EVO. This year, EVO has been replaced with the "super premier events."

While winning EVO awarded 1700 points previously, first place finishes at super premiers will now grant players 1,000 Capcom Pro Tour points.

There are currently three super premiers that players will need to be aware of. They are EVO 2019, the Japan Premier, and the North American Regional Final. Note that the Asia, Europe, and South American Regional Finals are premier events, not super premiers.

It was also declared that there will be less online ranking events in 2019 as opposed to 2018. However, Capcom is also redistributing some events for better coverage across different areas. Regions like Australia and the Middle East are now able to compete despite not being able to before.

Capcom Pro Tour 2019 details image #1 Capcom Pro Tour 2019 details image #2
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Why the Dragon Ball FighterZ leak got less heat than Street Fighter 5's did, Team Ninja jabs Capcom, Smash drama at Genesis and more

Yet another episode of the EventHubs Podcast is live and ready to make your longer car rides seem not quite so long as we delve into all things fighting games.

Almost any time you check out a tournament story here on the site you're viewing the handiwork of Mr. Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor, our tournament coverage extraordinaire.

Seeing as we had the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals play out with no less than four last chance qualifiers followed by an incredible top eight and then capped off with reveals, we thought it'd be a good idea to rope Nick in this week as he watched it all go down live.

Hear how he, Catalyst and I sing praises to CO|Fenrich for his insane weekend, and get an earful oo how we think Dragon Ball FighterZ will change with these recent patch notes.

Bandai saw a similar hiccup to Capcom as both of their respective big tour finales were a bit spoiled by early leaks of their upcoming reveals. While Capcom was hounded fairly heavily about it, Bandai seems to have gotten off with little more than a smack on the wrist. Why?

We also delve into the penguin-themed seeding drama leading into Genesis 6 this weekend, and try to predict when we might hear some Season 4 news about Street Fighter 5.

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Street Fighter 5 servers back online, 04.010 patch notes released

The Street Fighter 5 servers are back online and patch notes for this latest update have been detailed over at the Shadaloo CFN page.

Said notes indicate only that there have been bug fixes along with the introduction of the Resident Evil DLC special savings bundle and two Fighting Chance costumes.

Though we're not seeing any balance changes here on the surface, we've seen Capcom slip some silent changes to such patches as this before. We'll be keeping an eye out for such edits, and will surely let you know if and when we come across them.

Continue on to see the full list of notes below.

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In celebration of Resident Evil 2 remake Capcom releases bundle for Street Fighter 5's Resident Evil costumes

You've probably heard of a little remake of Resident Evil 2 that Capcom released just last week. With a complete revamp of the graphics, fresh content, and a new spin on the classic Resident Evil controls that is more akin to what we saw with Resident Evil 4, the venture back into the world of RE2 is making waves across the gaming world and in the fighting game community.

In honor of Resident Evil 2's launch, Capcom has decided to release a bundle for the Resident Evil-themed Street Fighter 5 costumes that was saw added to the game a few months back.

Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, and Ada Wong were all brought to life in Street Fighter 5 through Urien, Cammy, and Kolin, respectively. These DLC outfits were made available separately, but for a limited time you can scoop them all up together for a reduced price.

You'll find the Resident Evil costume bundle on PlayStation 4 and Steam with a price tag of $7.99 USD. Originally, these costumes would run you $3.99 each, so you can look forward to saving a few bucks if you haven't purchased them already.

There's no word on how long this bundle will be live for, so be sure to strike now before the zombie hordes carry it off... never to be seen again.

You can check out all of the colors and the Easter egg variations for each Resident Evil costume in Street Fighter 5 below, as well as the trailer showing them in action. Easter egg variations are on the P1 side of the first three images in this story.

Resident Evil costume colors and Easter eggs image #1 Resident Evil costume colors and Easter eggs image #6 Resident Evil costume colors and Easter eggs image #11

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This 40-hit Urien combo that uses 12 headbutts in Street Fighter 5 Season 4 is THE fighting game video you need to see today

If you've never visited Ambassotter's Twitter page (formerly Ambassador Foxx), you're going to want to change that as soon as possible.

As one of the fighting game community's resident lab monsters, Ambassotter consistently shares intricate combos and set ups on social media — much of the time focusing on Urien.

The latest from this headbutt loops specialist sees Urien landing a whopping 40-hit combo in Street Fighter 5 Season 4. It's worth noting that this is achieved without using his multi-hitting Critial Art.

This epic combo is crazy stylish, as it uses a series of headbutt loops — a technique unique to Urien that allows him to hit multiple headbutt special moves in one combo by landing them from the perfect range that sees them hit meaty — and of course, V-Trigger 1.

If the swag isn't enough for you, it's also worth pointing out that this sequence deals 633 damage total — again, without the use of Critical Art.

For those of you looking for your Street Fighter 5 fix for the day, look no further than Ambassotter's top-notch Urien combo. It's the fighting game video you need to see today.

Click image to view the clip

Street Fighter 5's servers will be going down for 7 hours tomorrow and may come back with a new Fighting Chance costume

Update: As some commenters have pointed out, the original translation could be interpreted a different way which suggests that DLC could be coming following the maintenance backed up by the fact that the Fighting Chance campaign for M. Bison's classic costume ends tonight, January 28. The original story has been updated to reflect these possibilities.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's last update came over a month ago with the introduction of the Season 4 patch containing Kage and big balance changes though Capcom has gone largely silent on the fighting game front ever since.

The online servers for Capcom's flagship fighting game title are going to be going offline for up to seven hours tomorrow, January 29, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. PST though the developers have not commented on the purpose of the maintenance on their English channels.

Shadaloo Combat Research Institute's Japanese website, however, does provide more details as to the main reason behind taking the service down which may point to more DLC or something far less exciting.

Under the work details section of the Japanese maintenance page, Capcom appears to state that the reason for the maintenance is to tackle bug fixes in Street Fighter 5's DLC delivery services though it could be interpreted another way.

The comma separating DLC and bug fixes could also indicate that they are different issues being handled, so we may actually see a new Fighting Chance costume appear since the current campaign for M. Bison's classic costume is coming to an end.

Ryu's Jin Saotome crossover costume has entered its second week in SF5's Extra Battle, and we now know that Balrog's Guts Man outfit will follow it — though that's pretty much all Capcom has said about the game aside from the fact that they're doing things differently for Season 4. You can check out Street Fighter's server status tweet below and the full translation for the maintenance after the jump.

SF5 server maintenance image #1
Click images for larger versions

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WWE Superstar Zelina Vega cosplays as Street Fighter's Vega at women's Royal Rumble

WWE ran their 2019 women's division Royal Rumble over the weekend in which 30 female superstars took to the ring to slug it out and be the final contender left standing.

If you're a fighting game fan and tuned in to catch the action, you probably noticed a pretty big nod to one of our beloved fighting franchises — Street Fighter.

Thea Trinidad, known in the ring as Zelina Vega, was the 20th wrestler to run into the Royal Rumble match, and viewers quickly noticed that she was dressed as the claw-wielding Spanish ninja, Vega. Zelina came out fully decked out in Vega's trademark mask, claw, and even donned an outfit with similar colors to the classic Street Fighter character.

Zelina Vega is certainly no stranger to the world of video games, and fighting games at that. Earlier this month, we saw Zelina as a special guest at the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal event in Los Angeles, where she cosplayed as Jade.

With "Vega" in her name, it only makes sense that Zelina would represent the Street Fighter 2 sub-boss in the ring. The getup looked great, and here's hoping this WWE superstar brings more of our favorite fighting game characters to the big stage in the future.

WWE's Zelina Vega as Street Fighter's Vega image #1
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Source: WWE. Image credit — WWE Australia. Sent in by xShonuffx and iShoryucant.

Daigo spends nearly three rounds almost never moving forward, then pulls out the rope-a-dope; here's a glimpse inside the brilliant mind of The Beast

He's been spotted playing Ryu, Kage, Guile and Zeku, and so we're not all sure what to expect come tournament season for CYG|Daigo "The Beast" Umehara.

We can say that after watching HiFight's latest Just Frame Analysis! video, we wouldn't be at all saddened to see Daigo go with the somewhat seldom seen Season 2 fighter: Zeku.

HiFight breaks down just a single game from a recent online bout against an Akuma, but there's a plethora in the way of smart reads, conditioning and brilliant plays.

Daigo is known for spending first rounds downloading his foes, and this match is no exception. He spends almost the entire fight spaced away from his opponent, zoning and anti-airing with decent (though by no means perfect) success.

HiFight does a good job of highlighting the exact moments where the pieces come together and The Beast springs the traps he's so cleverly formed in his unsuspecting victim's subconscious.

The slowed down sequence in the middle of round one wherein Daigo uses V-Trigger 2 to surprise the Akuma player gave me goosebumps. Let us know if it had a similar effect on you after you watch.

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Smug underestimates R. Mika's fully charged command throw, crazy Zangief comeback with virtually no health left, and more: WTF/Lol Moments Volume 11

Playing Street Fighter 5 online usually results in me hitting the Share button on my PlayStation 4 controller and capturing at least two or three epic moments that I may or may not share on Twitter shortly after the session is through.

Fighting games often generate crazy and funny moments that you wouldn't believe unless you saw them, and with the ability to grab a clip and toss it onto the internet in mere minutes, we are treated to more and more of these instances as the years go by. Because there are so many moments to behold, YouTube users like Xuses put together compilations with some of the best clips for our viewing pleasure.

Today we have the 11th volume of the Street Fighter 5 WTF/Lol Moments series, and this installment does not disappoint.

Featured here, you'll find RISE|Smug involved in a "speech-off" as his G and an R. Mika player both let their characters' full speech rock. Smug gets a little cocky and allows Mika to command throw him after a fully charged V-Skill, thinking he'll survive, and well...

You also have some great comebacks here, including Danny Pham scoring a miraculous victory with only a sliver of health left, as well as some Abigail V-Trigger 2 goodness.

Below is just a clip to get you started.

Click image for animated version

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The Cool Kid93 shows off Cody's new Season 4 Guile-esque buffs by strutting all the way across the screen alongside his own fireball

Cody was certainly a decent character when he launched last year, but he would never become truly scary in a match until he tapped into his V-Trigger and pulled out the pipe. Like many of the Season 3 DLC fighters for Street Fighter 5, Capcom saw fit to heavily adjust Cody's moves and buff a number of aspects of his game in Season 4 including his walk speed and fireballs.

The Cool Kid93 was mainly known for doing work with Abigail in 2018 though he also has a mean mayor which he recently uploaded a clip of showing off how Cody can do what Guile could by walking right alongside his EX Tornado Sweep.

In an online match against a Nash player, Cool Kid appeared backed into a corner down to his last chunk of health. Being in neutral, however, he threw out Cody's EX fireball and caught up to it by simply walking since Capcom sped up his movement and slowed down the attack.

This basically gave the mayor a shield as he walked his way across the screen. The Nash tried to chuck his own Sonic Booms to cancel out the impending tornado, but its number of projectile absorbing hits also increased from two to three in Season 4 — though this execution wasn't perfect since Cool Kid got a little too far ahead of his attack and had to block a Sonic Boom himself.

Unsure of what to do to counter the situation, the Nash player backed himself into a corner which left him in the prime position to be put into Cody's V-Trigger 2 vortex of command grabs and rock tosses that melted away the opponent's life and stun after only a few mixups.

Walking alongside your fireball may only be useful in situational set ups, but it's something we've seen Guile do in Street Fighter 5 for a long time in tournaments plus it also looks like one of the most fun things to do with Cody now along with his V-Trigger shenanigans. You can check out Cool Kid's cool clip below.

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Nintendo handled delivering terrible news about Metroid Prime 4's development to fans perfectly today and other gaming companies should take notes

Next to outright cancellation, a delay for a major video game's official release has to be the worst thing a developer and company can face. After years of working on creating the game and the massive amount of anticipation built for the fans, I can't even imagine how rough it is to have to tell the public that the product they've been waiting patiently for won't be hitting its initial release mark — even worse if it's a major delay.

Nintendo has come face-to-face with such a situation as Metroid Prime 4 on the Nintendo Switch has been delayed. Earlier today, the company released a video featuring Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinya Takahashi, delivering the unfortunate news.

Not only has the highly anticipated next installment in the Metroid Prime series seen a shift in its launch date, but the project is actually being restarted from the beginning with a different company aiding in the development — Retro Games, who is based in the U.S. and developed the previous Metroid Prime titles.

The main reason Nintendo came to this decision was due to the progress of the game's development. Apparently, the next Metroid Prime game just wasn't living up to the company's expectations. "The current development progress has not reached the standards we seek in a sequel to the Metroid Prime series," Takahashi explained in his message. "Nintendo always strives for the highest quality in our games; and in the development phase, we challenge ourselves and confront whether the game is living up to that quality on a daily basis."

Takahashi delivered a clear message with sincerity and a level of realness that fans were compelled to appreciate. The video didn't beat around the bush or pull punches, it gave us the bad news straight, explained what was really going on, and told us what was being done to move forward and make things better with full transparency.

As one of the many fans who has been very much looking forward to Metroid Prime 4's release, Nintendo's video resonated with me because of the way it simply leveled with me. Takahashi's words were honest and powerful, and though it can be difficult to lay it all out for someone, today really reminded me how effective doing so can be — and how other gaming companies should really take some pointers from Nintendo.

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Balrog's Guts Man Extra Battles start on February 15th in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

It has been revealed that Balrog will be able to gain access to a Guts Man costume from the Mega Man series. Like many other crossover costumes, these will have to be earned through the Extra Battle mode.

The first battle will become available starting on February 15th. This means that those that collect all four gems will be able to acquire the costume starting on March 8th.

Guts Man served as one of the bosses of the very first Mega Man title. Like Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man, Guts Man was built by Dr. Light.

Although Dr. Wily repurposed the robot to serve his evil ambitions, Guts Man was originally intended to be a construction machine. Upon being defeated by Mega Man, he gained the ability to pick up large boulders — square shaped — and toss them at foes.

Oddly, Dr. Wily keeps paying homage to Guts Man in later titles. This, despite the fact that Dr. Wily would eventually build his own Robot Masters in future confrontations against Mega Man.

Remember that each Extra Battle attempt will require 2,500 Fight Money. You must defeat Balrog in the Guts Man costume to acquire each gem necessary to complete the set.

Guts Man crossover costume for Balrog image #1
Click images for larger versions